The Best and Worst of AWZ 2010

So I haven't posted on GoDT in yonks and honestly I have no desire to. But I did always enjoy the yearly round-ups of the best and worst storylines, so I've rudely appropriated the template for personal use *whistles*

Best Storyline: The entirety of the DeRoMarc storyline, with several mini-arcs deserving special mention: the 30th birthday debacle with all the yummy layers of conflict and doubt and misplaced gestures of commitment, wounds bursting open and temporary resolution; the ice show period and the constant delicious angsty pull-and-push of resurgent feelings-you-can-feel; the coming of Egon and Florian and utterly brilliant unravelling of Roman's very foundations, and the heartbreaky backdrop those revelations provided for Roman's relationship dilemma; and the brilliant handling and acting of the HIV scare plot. And, you know, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarc! Earlier in the year, I also really liked DeRo's long-distance relationship plot, because it was convincingly portrayed and solidly acted.

Worst Storyline: Ugh, so many to choose from and I've just been voting them all down. Swingplot and Quiz mit Biss were just awful, unfunny and embarrassing and I felt so bad for André and Ulrike having to act that shit. Stella's roadkill & wheelchair plots were ridiculous, especially with her mopey entitlement about everyone giving her their life savings for her surgery, but at least it provided great mocking potential and the canvas for the grand Olars romance ;) MaJe and their slow and torturous final demise were painful to watch, and not the good kind of painful. Katja had a never-ending series of retarded plots, entirely too many of which revolved around falling on the ice because of Ben or asserting that Graffiti=Twue Wuv. And on that note, I think the worst arc all year was the ongoing merciless flogging of the BeKa romance in all its trite, hypocritical, rehashed, tiresome, more-than-borderline-offensive non-glory. Not only is it a storyline entirely propped up by stereotype and anvils, it's also utterly devoid of charm, daring or novelty, and worse, it's completely sucked all the appeal out of two formerly fresh and promising characters. Nie war mehr Scheiße als jetzt.

Best Actor: Yeah, uhm, there is no way I can choose. Dennis, Igor and Timo all knocked it out of the park.

Best Actress: Silvia Maleen for her gutting portrayal of Jenny's goodbye to the ice. Unfortunately that's the only really good material she got this year, apart from a few good scenes of comic relief in the early days of the Axel/Jenny alliance. She's spent too much time all year just drifting around sadly like a ghost of her former self :( Julia Augustin also gets a mention for being the only one whose portrayal of grief for Jenny really hit me hard, and for the lovely friendship scenes she had with Deniz.

Actor or Actress Most In Need Of Acting Lessons: I'm done with getting on Nadine's case over Stella; the character was just fail from top to toe and it wasn't her fault. Julia Engelmann has seemed a bit wooden on occasion but she's still new and really young so that's understandable. Is it too soon to say Andrea Cleven? Good grief, she may be the least convincing doctor I've ever seen on screen.

Best Supporting Character: Keule, for being the only one from Deniz & Roman's circle of friends who didn't massively fail at some point or other during the Marc era. He seriously moved me to tears with his quiet air of non-judgemental support and "there, there, it'll come right" attitude. That scene when Roman was deciding to leave Essen and was at the fry stand with his resignation letter and Keule asked if he wanted coffee and Roman said no and then immediately changed his mind, only to find Keule had already made it for him anyway? TEARS. FROM MY EYES :C I also had high hopes for Florian initially and I loved that fraught, slow period of connection between him and Roman, and the very decent way he was handling the Marc drama and the DeRo breakup period; but honestly, lately he's been getting more than a bit on my nerves.

Worst Supporting Character: Hmph. Ingo. Still holding a grudge over his passive-aggressive wankery towards Marc, complete ugly lack of empathy towards Roman, and the fact that he didn't *once* check in on Deniz, thereby not even getting the benefit of the "well, he's Deniz's friend too" card. Nosiree. Versager auf der ganzen Linie.

Best Friendship: Roman and Annette had a lot of good moments... despite Annette's general difficulty with the whole shades of grey concept, at least she was there for him, unlike Ingo everyone else. And it was wonderful to see Deniz and Vanessa rekindle their friendship. Wish they'd had more scenes.

Worst Friendship: Roman/Ingo and Roman/Jenny for the sole reason that they weren't friendships when they really should have been. Also, BeKa's constant "let's just be friends!" affirmations followed by weeks/months of making cow's eyes at each other GRATED.

Biggest Missed Opportunity: Again, too many. 1) Actually exploring the RoMarc relationship as more than one or two 5-second shots followed by an unexplained "soz, picking Deniz now, bye." 2) ACTUALLY DEALING WITH THE AFTERMATH OF THIS MASSIVE BETRAYAL THAT WOULD IN NO WAY, FORM OR FASHION JUST BE FORGOTTEN AND HAVE EVERYTHING BE MAGICALLY OKAY. SHEESH. 3) Actually doing something interesting with Flo & Frank, like a real genderbender or a genuine sexuality conflict or even just A STORYLINE THAT DIDN'T IMPLICITLY APPROVE OF BULLYING GAY TEENS FFS. 3) Actually trying something new with Katja and Isabelle rather than warm up the same old crap for the fourth time. 4) Actually acknowledging the fact that Marian was being an emotionally abusive fuckwit (instead of playing it like he was a good man hard done by by a manipulative bitch who Would Never Change). 5) Actually giving Jenny something more appealing to do than float around like a bitter shadow. 6) Actually giving Isabelle something more interesting to do than try to impersonate Jenny. 7) Actually letting Roman in on the plot about HIS BEST FRIEND SUPPOSEDLY DYING. 8) Actually doing something interesting with Deniz's new career options, like a) a sex shop or b) cop school.

Best Chemistry: DeRo were/are still utterly breathtaking and magical. Roman and Marc were sizzling off the screen. Marc and Deniz had some intriguingly intense moments also. A THREESOME WAS SO OBVIOUSLY THE PERFECT SOLUTION. Also, Ben's chemistry with Vanessa is crazy, I still demand that they retake that paternity test. Ben also had mad sparkage with Tom, Ingo, Max and - disturbingly - Richard. Generally, he should just be banned from dating people outside his family.

Biggest WTF? Moment: Vanessa's summary of the Extremely Revisionist DeVa History ("we dated, we made out, then wham, there was Roman, and Deniz turned gay." Uhm, NO.) Also, Katja standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE at Ben & Isabelle's wedding, making wet eyes and trying to ruin their moment. Whut. Teh. Efffffffff.

Biggest Waste Of Time (character or storyline): The endless back and forth over the stupid company shares, both before and after Jenny's disappearance. Those company shares have spread their legs for everybody and their uncle. AND their aunt. Seriously, nobody cares anymore. Also, babyplot, never a good idea.

Best Song Moment: Tough one, DeRo 3.0 had so many good ones. I'm going to go with "Set Your Sights" (Steve Reynolds) for Deniz's agonised storming out of the apartment after catching Roman and Marc kissing; "Uhr ohne Stunden" (Thomas Godoj) for Roman's stabby flashback retrospective at the fry stand; and "We Might As Well be Strangers" (Keane) for Roman & Marc's desperate comfort shag in the locker room. I did really love Christina's "Juniherz" for the DeRo reunion, but felt that the moment itself was too submerged in the rest of the scene to give that one the top rating.

Worst Song Use: Everything previously used for DeRoMarc that was lazily reused within a couple of months for BeKa, especially Enno Bunger's "Warum muss alles nur so kompliziert sein". And Glen Hansard for Richard/Celine (UGH, thanks, Show).

Best Storyline Twist: The revelation that most of Roman's history had been fabricated, and why. It could have gone so wrong, and it worked so perfectly. The new nuances it lends to DeRo 1.0 are shivery awesome!

Worst Storyline Twist: Isabelle getting horrifically burned. "OH, THEY MEANT SWINGING, OMG!" Richard's bare arse=plot.

Best New Character: Claudia Bergmann. Someone get the woman some decent plot. Also, Tom Reichenbach. Again, plot please. (DUDES. Claudia/Tom! MAKE IT HAPPEN.)

Worst New Character: Jessica/Cheyenne/Dr. Hooker, MD is highly, highly unnecessary. Despite all the Mantonio shipping frenzy, I'm also underwhelmed by Rafael, I have to admit. He doesn't actively annoy me like Dr. Hooker does, but I just don't care.

Best Line/Dialogue: Oh, there were loads. I think I'm going to go with the political choice and say THANK YOU, SHOW, SO MUCH, for the following exchange:

Oliver: Have you ever had unsafe sex before?
Deniz: *looks at Roman* No, never.


(And okay okay, Roman's roses speech gets a shoutout because seriously... best apology ever.)

Oh oh, and also, can we have a best fandom line? Originally courtesy of (I'm fairly sure, but correct me if I'm wrong) the lovely [info]samedy: "The past (gross)."

Worst Line/Dialogue: Every shitty homophobic line out of the hockey team's mouth that wasn't smacked down by the authority figures present. Every increasingly cringe-worthy "just be patient, you're meant for each other" pep talk Annette gave to Katja whenever she was moping over Ben. Especially the "fairytale" story of evil evil Isabelle and poor poor Katja.

Most Shocking Moment: Deniz spitting in Roman's face. Whenever I have to go into that ep to look at a comment, I still scramble for the pause button so I don't have to see - or worse, hear - it every time. It's... visceral. One of the gutsiest, most affecting pieces of acting I've ever seen. Egon slapping Roman was chilling too but nothing affects me quite as much as the spitting did.

Least Shocking Moment: Stella's attempted suicide. The only shocking thing about it was that she'd honestly do that on Deniz's - her supposed best friend's - watch so if she'd actually succeeded, he'd have gotten blamed by everyone (including, especially, himself) until the end of days for letting her scrawny arse die. If they were going for sympathy, they so very much failed.

Favorite Kiss: The bittersweet spur-of-the-moment kiss in 994, hands down. Deniz forgetting everything and just going for it with all that pent-up desperate longing, and Roman hesitating at first like he doesn't dare believe it and then when he finally does just give into it, Deniz wakes up and remembers that We Don't Do This Anymore. And the fingertips touching and letting go. Just beautiful, and painful.

Most Enjoyable Show: Show, Show :D

Most Disappointing Show: Show, Show :C

What do you hope for in 2011 for your favorite pairs (no spoilers): ...I am no longer Stupidly Optimistic Girl.


May I just say "DITTO" ?!?

Except for "Best Song Moment".
For me this was "Halt Mich" by Philip Poisel in the last scene of episode 993, for the relieved hug. The line "weil bei dir mein Bauchweh aufhört..." always gets me. It fits the scene (first time ever I actually squeed in front of the TV) perfectly.
That was a really great song moment too, agreed. I could basically list most of the songs from that era, they did a great job with the music (which is why it makes me so miffy that they're now reusing so many, grr).

I was totally going to steal this from you and do it because YAY MEME! until I realized that every answer I gave would be "What Aldi said." :/

Instead I'll just say WORDY MCWORD WORD WORDERSON and be done with it. <333333
Noooooooooooooo, you must do it too! *oppresses* I wanna read your answers! *g*
Also, Katja standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE at Ben & Isabelle's wedding, making wet eyes and trying to ruin their moment. Whut. Teh. Efffffffff.

Something about that moment sent shivers down my spine. It was just so damn creepy. Creepier than the talking doll I saw on Passions that one time. God that still sits with me. Ugh.

Aww. Reading this was like living through the whole DeRoMa arc again. Remembering all the moments that I loved about it and all of the shit that frustrated the hell right out of me takes me right back to the comment spamming. And I couldn't agree more with the Most Shocking Moment. I remember having to go back and catch what I missed because I was too shocked to pay attention to what had happened afterwards. In a way, that is one of my favorite scenes (despite by squick for spitting ewwww.) It wasn't violent but it was worse than a punch in the face and the impact it had. Guh. I think I appreciate it more now than I did when it happened.

HAHA That was me who said the past was gross! It still is, by the way.

I undersign practically everything you wrote, and would like to add 2 songs to the mix: "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy for one of the MaJe breakups (I know! I can't believe I would choose anything MaJe, but this song made me bawl uncontrollably at the time and it is so JENNY! I just wish she would have actually stuck to the song's lyrics and said goodbye to him forever) and the lovely stabby "Hurt" by Johnny Cash for Jenny's end-of-skating-career moment.

Also, also: Claudia/Tom?!?!?! I THINK SHE'S USE HIS BLOOD OR SPERM OOR TEARS OR SMTHG FOR HER ANTI-AGING POTION!! (and yet I am curious to see this pairing! O.o)
As you know,I'm infamous for my overlong, spammy comments, but here I can only say word, word and word again.
And big big hugs for your Keule love, I'm totally with you on that, including the tears.
As I am with the rest. So wonderfully true and so terribly sad. :-) and :-(

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