Fic: Slayer – Love Hurts (And Then The Mop Goes Into The Dragon) (DeRo, Marc, Isabelle, Tom; NC-17)

The reveals for HoFest went up, so I can finally claim & repost this leviathan fic! On Archive of Our Own, mind, because it's way too long for IJ. FTR, I've done some final tweaking on it because I was looking at it during HoFest and found a few mistakes so this is a slightly cleaned-up version.


Title: Slayer – Love Hurts (And Then The Mop Goes Into The Dragon)
Author: [info]aldiara
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Roman Wild, Deniz Öztürk, Marc Hagendorf, Isabelle Steinkamp, Tom Reichenbach, Vanessa Steinkamp, Florian Wild, Marian Öztürk; Deniz/Roman, *Roman/Marc, Marc/Tom* [highlight for hinted-at other pairings]
Summary: Being an account of what transpired at the Öztürk/Wild household and elsewhere after certain events inconveniently recalling the recent past. A story involving ice musicals, skating games, bitchy skaters, clueless computer nerds, stage drama, porn, dragons, horses, untimely revelations, need for closure, questionable likelihood of attaining closure, and Many Many Issues.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Excessive musical cheesiness. Defilement of sacred kitchen appliances.
Word Count: 44,000
Author's Notes: Originally written as a gift for [info]ktbob (<3333333333) during HoHoHo Fest on [info]no7_awz and posted here. Diverges from canon sometime past episode 1020, although Jenny's disappearance still happened. For the purposes of this fic, Katja never returned from Halle, and the Frank=Franziska reveal took place earlier than in canon. All ludicrous flaws regarding descriptions of skating, localities and ice show production belong to author.
Special thanks: 1) To my wonderful brainthird [info]lilithilien for agreeing to beta this monster and offering some incredibly useful and necessary suggestions. 2) To DG, for the dragon, for the musical plot (modified by me, because every GBWI story needs a totalitarian overlord complex bitch queen), for the title and the inspiration. 3) To [info]alsha, for the cheerleading, for helping with that dratted scene, for a dragon named Yuri. 4) To [info]ktbob, for ranting in the comments of ep915 that the only acceptable answer to the question "What changed?" should have been "I did."


Read "Slayer" here @ AO3

Aaaaaaaand here's the playbill, lovingly designed by the fabulous [info]lilithilien! *explodes in spontaneous bursts of squeeeeeeeeee and love*

(ETA: My IJ layout doesn't love it as insanely as I do because it has no taste *pouts* See the full thing here or on AO3!)





Ok, I did my comment spamming about your epic fic already over at hofest, but with these new additions to the wonderful, I had to come back for more.
I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible to add even more magic to your work, but Lil’s super cool playbill and DG’ s beautiful artwork did just that. So much love for both of these.
And just as much love for you for creating Queen Eltara. You know, when I first clicked on the link to read „Slayer“, and setting out to read it, I scrolled down to the very bottom, just to get an idea about how long exactly it would be and got stuck on your description of the musical numbers. And while I thouroughly enjoyed the story of Kerrick and Yuri including all the little hints and jabs that were hidden between the lines, I never doubted for a moment that Eltara would be he star of the show. And my first idea was Jenny!
The part seemed to be absolutely tailor made for her. I saw a tall dark mysterious queen. (And I’m still convinced that when Marc and Roman were brooding over the original script, they had nobody else but her in mind) And then I read your story, and Isabelle taking over Queen Eltara’s part and I pictured her with a sort of aloof , cool, icey beauty about her, and it made just as much sense to me. And you’re so right, neither the musical nor the fic would have been complete without a beautiful, strong, complicated princess. Genius!
Isn't the dragon just gorgeous? I love it so much! *paws all over it* Very happy I got permission to post it, because I've been wanting to share ever since I first saw it. And Lil was sneaky and totally surprised me with the playbill! They make such lovely additions.

And I love what you said about Eltara, and am extra touched by it because creating her, and making Isabelle an essential part of the story by having her play Eltara, was one of my favourite parts of developing this story. I left the musical plot pretty untouched from what it had been originally, but the original only specified "a tyrant" and I immediately knew that I wanted to flesh that out and make it a more complex Jenny-type character instead. And I'm thrilled that it worked out :D Thank you! *cuddles*
I already commented on Ho-fest that I enjoyed your fic so much!!! I printed it out and spent a whole afternoon reading it.

But now I must tell you (and everyone involved) how much I love the artwork. I don't really like musicals, but I would buy a ticket for this one!!!!
Yay thanks! I'm really happy I got permission to share the artwork, as it definitely should be seen! I love that dragon so much.

And thanks for your comment on the fic at the time, too :) Made me so happy.

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