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on May 25th, 2011 at 02:18 pm

Ducks, Injuries, and Goodbyes

Various and sundry updatey stuff:

In case you missed me going on (and on and on and on) about it on Twitter, a duck was stranded in my backyard for a few days. It was sitting in my tiny creek and seemed incapable of leaving. It was full-grown but young-looking and seemed very confused. It would just sit in a trickle of water and occasionally quack to bring the neighbourhood down, sounding distressed. When I first went to investigate, I figured, "Huh, a duck. Carry on." Then it turned night and the duck was still there, caterwauling, so I went back down there in the pitch black to check if it was injured. The duck let me pick it up with no fuss, which... yeah, not normal duck behaviour. I briefly brought it inside the house to check for injuries. ([info]lilithilien and the cats were very bemused.) Didn't find anything. Put it back in the creek because, uhm, do not want a duck permanently installed in my bathtub.

The next day, the duck was still there. I took it some bread and tried to encourage it to fly. It didn't seem willing or capable. Called the SPCA to ask what to do. They were like, "Hm, maybe it's lost or super-tired. Feed it carrots and apple and bring it in if it's still there tomorrow." Great. The SPCA is just up the road from us but I still didn't really fancy trecking up there with a distressed duck under my arm. Left carrot & apple mush for her. Later on, there was more loud quacking, so Lil and I went down to check. Duck was preening and eating. Seemed happy, though still uninclined to leave. Whilst climbing over the fence to the creek, I managed to scrape my arse. Thought nothing of it until I went back inside and checked to find nasty-looking deep gash and blood streaming down. Yes, on my bottom. Fun! Thanks, duck.

Duck continued on in the creek, stumbling about, looking confused, and attacking rocks. Yes, rocks. Began to refer to it as the Simple Duck. When I picked it up, it would gently nibble at my fingers and burrow into my hair. Briefly wondered if it might be someone's escapee tame duck, but IDK. Looked like normal pond duck, if a bit whacked in the head.

Yesterday morning, the duck was finally gone, after eating another huge bowl of food and leaving a dirty leaf in the bowl. (? Duck way of tipping?) When I checked the gash on my arse, the cut had magically become surrounded by huuuuge bloodred horrid-looking bruise covering half my arse, which makes sitting interesting. I swear it's one of the more impressive-looking injuries of my life. Extremely sad that I can't randomly walk around showing it to people without getting arrested for indecent conduct. Thanks, duck. Very relieved I don't have to take it in to SPCA, though. (The duck, obviously, not my bottom.)

[info]lilithilien left today, after being my housemate for the last three months. I'll see her again in two weeks when I go to Europe, but it's still odd to be alone in the house now. We did manage to finish our novel (except I still have to go through all the edits, Lil's already done her share of editing) and generally had a fabulous time. I will miss joined dinner plots and interhouse Tweets!

When we went to the airport today, we got the oddest bloke for a cabbie. He was chatting all the way about this and that and when Lil mentioned that she was going to London, the following dialogue ensued:

Cabbie: You should go to Westminster Abbey.
Lil & Aldi: Oh?
Cabbie: Yes, go and look at my plaque there.
Aldi: ...?
Lil: Right. What does your plaque say?
Cabbie: It's where I died.
Lil & Aldi: ...??
Cabbie: The first time.

I swear I am not making this up. He then went on to chat merrily about Melbourne and how his wife had gone there to do some shopping for the grandkids. Now I want to write a story about a reincarnated cabbie who once was buried at Westminster Abbey. Dibs on that, f-list.

Anyway. It's a cold and stormy day and I am once again in the process of getting over Show. I've been having a few sad days but I'm also kind of in the process of reinventing my attitude, because I'm sick of being bitter, and I'm trying to aim for "goodbye, bitch, I kind of hate you right now but maybe one day we can be friends have a toast to the old times." As if to assist with that, on my walk back from the airport, a bunch of songs came on my MP3 player in laughably eerie/appropriate order (I had it on shuffle). Now granted, I did have the DeRo 3.0 Master List of Woobie Music on there, but I did also have a lot of other, completely non-Show music on it, so I was equal parts amused, saddened and touched by the ones that got picked, as they sort of illustrate my ups and downs re: Show over the past nine months perfectly. They're nothing new or special really, but I decided to make a silly break-up mix of them because, heck, why not. Someday I will be done reacting to this whole Me/AWZ thing like a 13-year-old who just got dumped for the first time ever, I swear. Voila:


And here's the download (~74MB).

Off to write fic and curl up with cats. Rainy winter is rainy.

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