This is the best thing ever.

(NSFW. Contains ALL the badsex from ALL the badfic.)


Oh. My. God. That's actually published? That's... both a sad state on the literary world and happily encouraging too.

And yeah, I thought pleasure splash was a compound noun too.

Also, there is an entire community called "weepingcock"? That's kind of awesome. ;)
(I just caught the phrase "my own liquid desire" and died a little.)
I know completely off topic but just had to jump in and say how much I love your Pride & Prejudice icon!
Ahem..........that is all.....will just head back to my corner and try to resist another rewatch of the entire series ;)
Resist re-watching? Whyever for? Pride & Prejudice should be obligatory viewing for all discerning young ladies of a certain age.
When I say resist rewatching I don't mean completely! I do however try to limit my number of rewatches in a year - and I say rewatches because there are several of them (already) ;)
Discerning young ladies of a certain age shold attempt to demonstrate some sort of restraint!
sigh clearly certain discerning young ladies should also learn to type :S ........should not shold
I was wondering where you have been the last few days and now I know!

If I hadn't personally witnessed the evolution of That Fic, I wouldn't believe that real people actually write these things and think that they are good. Sometimes I just have to assume that it's a troll in order to maintain any sort of faith in the future of the human race.

Oh gawd, I just read The old saying was that if rape was inevitable, then enjoy it! and IDEK what to think about the world anymore.
LOL. I just noticed that the comments in that community are called "throbbing members." Awesome.

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