30 Days of Firefly (or possibly 30 Days of the Tam Siblings Appreciation Society)

First of all, yes, I am on a "30 Days of [Insert Show]" spree, lol. Second of all, I was saddened to see that this was only on Tumblr and Facebook (when did those become the primary fandom interaction spaces? :CCC) and decided that needed to be remedied immediately. Third of all, I tweaked some of the questions because they were stupid. Fourth of all, let's go!

Day 1: One Reason Why You Love This Show
Because it's one of the best representations of family that I've ever seen - both the family you're born with and the family you make/find for yourself.

Day 2: Favourite Canon Ship
Mal/Inara - wicked chemistry, wicked funnies, and they angst ever so prettily. I also loved Zoe/Wash and Mal/Nandi, and if ever there was an OTP I have no intention of resisting on principle, it's Mal/Serenity.

Day 3: Favourite Villain
Saffron, hands down. With an honourable mention to Badger, "Sad Little King of a Sad Little Hill" - smarmy bugger that he is <3

Day 4: One Reason Browncoats Are Awesome
They got the movie in the air. Also, Bedlam Bards!

Day 5: Character You Most Relate To
River. We are connected by our deep love for cows :p

Day 6: A Possible Idea for a Sequel
A sequel? A sequel? Meme, what do you mean by "a sequel"? Look, I loved Serenity the movie to bits, and yes, I'd take another movie over nothing, in a heartbeat. But what I really want isn't a measly sodding sequel - what I really want is the six other seasons that Joss had planned, and I don't need to provide any "possible ideas" for them, I just want to see the ones that already existed. (My entitlement, let me show you it). But yes, there are things that I would hope to see, such as: I would love to see Saffron (calling her that for convenience's sake; "YoSaffBridge" is a bit unwieldy) join the crew and how that would upset the balance and aggravate the trust issues within the group; I would love to see the other pirate crew from Out of Gas take on a more prominent role; I would love to see what happens the day Jayne sells out for good. I would love to have a Reaver as a central character and have them explore if it's really a condition that is beyond redemption. I would love to learn more about the government's agenda with the gifted kids, and I would love to find out what became of Earth-that-was and what happens when they fly there and stumble right into The Hunger Games. I would love to see a thousand storylines about these characters and it makes me very cranky that I never will, so I'll move on now, kthxbai.

Day 7: How Did You Find Out About Firefly?
[info]alsha's boss in Toronto, who has excellent taste, lent us the DVDs with his recommendation. My first reaction on seeing the set was "this looks incredibly cheesy/lame." (Back then I had not seen Buffy either and was only marginally aware of the Joss Whedon phenomenon.) IIRC, we had them lying around for several weeks until we were bored one night and Alsha suggested we give them a go. Then we woke up from a Blur of Awesome several days later with our minds sufficiently blown and have been pimping it out to everyone since with a zeal otherwise only found in door-handle-polishing Jehovah's Witnesses (although we do usually try to disguise it as an off-handed kind of "oh, you should watch this show, it's, uhm, quite good" sort of thing).

Day 8: Best Scene Ever
Mal and Jayne playing a couple. And Mal's "I aim to misbehave" speech.

Day 9: Favourite Song from the Soundtrack
Although The Man They Called Jayne has a tendency to wriggle into your brain and stay there like the horrific earworm it is, my favourite is River's dance in "Safe":

I love how you can see her work out the steps within seconds and how her face lights up when she throws herself into it. And I loved Simon staring at her in wonder, and the choreography with Mal & Co's shoot-out and how well the music goes with it all. And I MASSIVELY adored the young guy who is all "wheeeee, dance with me, pretty girl" and just sweeps her with him, because it was so lovely and natural and River so rarely gets to feel normal.

Day 10: One Unresolved Story/Secret That You Wanted to See Revealed
I know a lot of people wanted to know about Book, but he's the one I'm least interested in (there are enough hints that he worked for the government as some kind of assassin and then Something Happened and Things Changed; the mystery isn't that mysterious). I want to know more about Saffron and what exactly went down when she left Durran; where she goes and what she does when she isn't conning and whether she has an ultimate plan. I want to know more about Mal's past and why Jayne is more afraid of the Reavers than anybody else is. I want to know how Zoe and Wash got together, lol. And I want to know everything there is to know about Inara. I know it was confirmed at DragonCon 2008 that Inara was dying (which gave her abrupt departure from Serenity that much more poignancy because MUST NOT GET ATTACHED) but I want to know of what and how soon and I want to see her/them deal with it. GIEF.

Day 11: Favourite Episode
That's haaaard. I really love the pilot because it sets it all up so well (and I still can't believe they aired it last. WTF). My all-time favourite, though, is probably Ariel, for all the betrayal and layers of guilt and fear and the uncertainty of just at what point Simon figures it out; it's all just delicious. And the scene at the end with Mal and Jayne ("Don't tell 'em what I did") was all sorts of revealing.

Day 12: Favourite Non-Canon Ship
Simon/River for tender lovin' incesty goodness (although, okay, those two pretty much WERE canon, lol). Simon/Jayne for the funnies and the sparky mutual loathing/grudging respect. Kaylee/Inara because I'm sorry, my brain just turned to goo. Also Saffron with Everyone, Ever. Mrooow.

Day 13: Favourite Male Character
Simon. I loved how he struggled to maintain his sense of self in an environment that was completely alien to him, clinging to conventions that everyone else thought were ridiculous but that helped him stay grounded. I loved how utterly uncompromising he was in his determination to keep River safe, and how he needed her as much if not more than she needed him. I loved him when he was dorky, when he was deadpan, when he was in cool, competent medic mode, in the rare moments when he was relaxed and happy, and I lovedlovedloved the moments when he showed that there was steel under all the stuttering and fumbling and awkwardness.

Day 14: Favourite Female Character
River. My kinda crazy. (Look, I wish I had more variety in this meme, I truly do. But I would be lying and I don't do that. Because It's Wrong.)

Day 15: Least Favourite Male Character
Of the crew, Book. He just didn't really hook me. Of the side characters... obvious pick but Rance Burgess. Ugh ugh. I wish they'd killed him harder. Where's Dark Willow when you need her?

Day 16: Least Favourite Female Character
Hm, I have no least favourite among the leading ladies because they all rock. Of the side chars, Rance's wife and the fact that she knew exactly what he was doing and approved creeped me the fuck out, but she's so minor it barely counts.

Day 17: Favourite Outfit Worn By A Character
Obviously this:

Kidding. I meant this:

Also, well, everything ever that Inara wears, but especially this:

AND I love Zoe's standard outfit but that may just be because Zoe is in it:

Day 18: Favourite Slang Word or Chinese Saying
"Shiny" and "gorram" <333333

Day 19: Recommend One Thing
I'll recommend two:

1) The Firefly gag reel ("Can't... sentence... properly.")

2) The River Tam Sessions. Creepy awesomeness.

Day 20: Funniest Scene
The one in Jaynestown where they art-critique the clay statue. lololol.

Day 21: Best Friendship
Kaylee and Inara still give me the warm fuzzies. Also Nandi and Inara. Also Kaylee and Mal. Also those scenes where they have dinner or play basketball and put all their differences aside for a moment and it's just wonderful and turns me into a total sap.

Day 22: Most Badass Moment
Okay, there are SO FREAKING MANY. Stuff like River killing all the Reavers is kind of a no-brainer because it's easy to be badass when you're River, or Zoe, or Jayne or Mal. So I'm going to go with one that I love because it's from Simon - a character whose badass is very unlike all the cool hero types around him, very quiet and restrained and somehow all the more menacing for that. Also because I'm a total sucker for punchlines that take your expectations of where something was going and kick the ground from under them:

(Also because of how shippy it is. Also because River.)

Day 23: Craziest Escape
The one where they brought the entire Reaver colony down on the Alliance fleet and finally made the Operative lose his calm.

Day 24: Most Interesting Character Backstory
Drawing a blank here. I think mostly the same ones as in Day 10, I just want to find out more about them, lol.

Day 25: Best River Quote
"They weren't cows before. They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see sky and remember what they are."
-"Is it bad that what she said makes perfect sense to me?"

Day 26: Most Interesting Place in the 'Verse
That planet where they juggle geese, obviously. Can we go visit? Oh, and Mr Universe's hub. I bet he has the fastest download speed and ALL the good porn.

Day 27: Biggest WTF Moment
The part in Objects in Space where River pretends she's become part of the ship and I bought it for a moment, lol. (Sometimes I am very dumb.)

And speaking of Objects in Space, wtf was this?

Day 28: Favourite Heist
A tie between the hospital infiltration in Ariel ("We applied the cortical electrodes but were unable to get a neural reaction from either patient!" - the prep montage is a riot) and the Lassiter con in Trash (the part where they were playing Saffron all along made me squeal with joy).

Day 29: Most Horrific Death
Not Wash's because I was honestly expecting Joss to go out with a bang and kill everyone, lol. In terms of emotional impact, yes, Wash's was worst. Most horrific as in worst way to go, though, was the scientist lady in the recording on Miranda in Serenity... that would not have been a slow or clean way to die, and it chills me to the bone everytime I see it - I also think it's more effective because we never see it happen but we know all too well what Reavers do to their victims. Every time I watch that scene, I irrationally hope that this time she manages to shoot herself before they get her :CCC

Day 30: Saddest or Most Emotional Scene
The moment where Zoe keeps loading her gun (which is also the moment where I want to strangle everyone who wants to know why she's not crying or breaking down, because omg how can you be that stupid and not get it, FFS).

And an honorary mention to the scene where they bury Tracey in The Message, when they knew they were burying the show as well. Gaaaah.



Actually, I don't know if I will do it, my answers are too similar to yours. Mal/Serenity OTP 4ever!!! With a big WORD to your answer for #6. Why is there so much CRAP on tv that lasts dozens of seasons (One Tree Hill I'm looking at you) and we only have one short season of something so excellent? I will go to my grave bitter about that.

Hahahah your introduction to the show is quite similar to mine. Amazing how many fast you can go from "cheesy/lame" to "OMFG!!!!!"

Yeah, loving all your answers, just nodding along, cheering all the YoSaffBridge love. Only my favourite episode would have to be Out of Gas because guuuuuuuh. How it's filmed, how it's so desperate, how every piece of bad luck lines up against them but like always they squeak out of it with not a moment to share, and most of all how their loyalties made them disobey captain's orders because, well, they're a family and that's what families do.

Ooooh I approve of your "badass" moment! Simon had power, he just found himself in a world where he couldn't wield it as he had. I love this little moment of reclaiming that. As for the most horrific death and saddest scene, oh yes, I'm woobieing over both of those right now. Great choices!

Yeah, I don't know about answering this meme myself. Although I might do. Because I'm whimsical like that.
Yes, I am oppressive like that. MINE IS AN EVIL LAUGH!

Gah, don't get me started on all the crap that stays on telly while the good stuff gets cancelled. Fuckwittage.

Ooooh yes, Out of Gas is amazing! So masterfully shot and heartbreaking and best ensemble ep ever. And the flashbacks are just stunning.

Seriously craving a marathon now. Must. Make. Time.
DUDE YOU ARE KILLING ME. I have no ability to resist memes. *opens "post" in another window* Also EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Inara is/was dying? *falls into a pile of wibble* So, did she know that through the whole show, or just the movie? Because that is going to add a whole new level of UGLY HOARSE SOBBING to my marathon. (Which, ya know, GIEF. Because obviously yes, ALL THE PAIN PLS.)


I agree with pretty much every ship that could happen on this show (with the obvious and hilariously disproven example of Mal/Zoe... have I mentioned I love these actors more than most of my actual family? Because I do.)

Ok, off to throw my own meme in the ring. Thanks for providing hours of procrastination and endless Joss/Firefly/Buffy love! <333333333333333333
So, did she know that through the whole show, or just the movie?

Pretty sure she knew all along, since there are hints throughout the show - the syringe in Out of Gas (that Joss says in the commentary is not for suicide), the supposedly standard annual physical exam in Ariel, and the throwaway line "I don't want to die at all" (also in Out of Gas) that has spawned a lot of fan theorising, including a theory proposing that Inara is actually hundreds of years old (cue the syringe as some kind of rejuvenation therapy and Nandi's slightly-more-than-just-astonished line "You haven't aged a day" in Heart of Gold). Dunno what to think of that but it's certainly interesting. And the knowledge that there is some terminal condition involved definitely gives rewatching an extra nuance. ALL THE PAIN YES.

You'd never seen the River Tam sessions? Eeeeeeeeee. Yes, Summer is amazing. And I love how creative these people can be with such minimal means - I mean all that's there is a camera and a desk and two people talking and it's so short but it fleshes out canon and just makes it all even more intriguing and stabby.

haha, I am way late to the party here! I just wanted to say that reading this made me realize how long it's been since I watched any Firefly, and now I'm thinking about a re-watch. I just don't know when I'm going to fit it in! And as much I adore the idea of the show coming back with Saffron as a permanent crew member, Christina Hendricks is currently being COMPLETELY AMAZING on Mad Men and is therefore unavailable (although I must admit they're not using her nearly enough over there at AMC so she probably has some free time) and the idea of anybody else playing Saffron is impossible to contemplate, so there's that.

And speaking of which, my personal favorite episode is Trash, just because of Saffron. I adore her.

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