Random winter picspam

(That doesn't mean snow. We don't get snow. I don't even know what snow is anymore. In my mind, snow is warm and fuzzy and tastes like vanilla now.)

I was doing laundry today, which involved the obligatory shivering and bitching about the cold whilst hanging stuff on the clothes line, and how winter sucks and how I'm going to ban it, etc. etc.

Then on my way back I discovered that my otherwise stark & hibernating rosebush has randomly decided to grow a single winter rose. And suddenly winter was magical.


Also [info]lilithilien has completely infected me with her bread-baking frenzy, to the point where I'll probably need an intervention soon because I currently have four different batches of bread dough sitting in my fridge and it has NEVER EVER happened that I went to the store to buy flour, let alone more than one kind and WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

But have some bread, because it's seriously yummy.


And also have some kittens just because there always need to be kittens.




That rose! It's so absolutely perfect - for some reason I picture it completely encased in ice, and if you breathed on it, it would melt and wilt. I know it's not, but it's that way in my head.

I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH YOUR BREAD! And still amused by your complete conversion to breadmaking. That looks so delicious - is that just the regular dough?

And kitties, awwwww. You have the prettiest boys!! They're just so wonderfully fuzzy. And I'm loving how Flash is growing into a coat that's the exact perfect mix of them both. She's like their lovechild, except for that they're siblings and all, but maybe they moved to somewhere far away where nobody knew who they were and adopted a little orphan girl kitten as their daughter...

OK, I'm going to stop shipping your cats now. *hides*
Ooooh, I should see what the rose is up to in the early morning when there's frost. If it were all rime-encrusted, it might be PERFECT.

THE BREAD-MAKING IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I still can't believe how simple this recipe is, lol - still feels like I'm cheating somehow! Yep, that's just regular dough. I LOVE having control over how brown/crispy I want the crust to be! In general the bakeries' bread around here is pretty good but often you can tell they whisked it out of the oven as soon as there was the faintest browning because god forbid people should have to use their teeth. MY BREAD IS GONNA HAVE A REAL CRUST, DAMMIT.

lololol, incestuous cat shipping. At least you went the adoption route and not MPREG *coughs* Although even the adoption story would have lots of drama with Caspian deciding they moved too fast and he's not really ready for parenthood after all, and Sev growing resentful of him because all the actual parenting falls to him and Caspian just gets sulky and they never have time to kiss and cuddle anymore oh god stop me now.
Gah, everything is so pretty!

Such a perfect rose! I want to paw it, but I'm afraid to touch it; Lil's right!

Aaaaaah, KITTENS! I need a cat. I could get a Miss Kitty Fantastico and keep it in my dorm room, y/y? THEY'LL NEVER KNOW.

Also, bread. Delicious. Now I'm hungry. Maybe dinner is in order. Meh. CBF. Bread and coffee will do, right? Good.
Yes, you should totes have a stealthy kitten in your dorm room! Just make sure there's no unfortunate crossbow incident like the one that Dawn mentioned that one time OH MY GOD WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO MISS KITTY! :CCCCCC

*uploads bread* You did eat something other than coffee sometime this month, right? *suspish*
Hahaha, I will lock my crossbows carefully in the highest cupboard. Promise.

And yes, I also promise that I've eaten more than coffee, haha. A lot more. My res is catered, so I eat two or three meals a day (or at the very least one). I eat probably more than I should.

Next year when I'm living alone will be the time for concern, haha.
What a beautiful rose! And those pretty cats! It's so great to have Eskicats on IJ, non-allergic and I don't even need to clean their litter-box. ;-)

In contrast to the cats, the bread-picture would be better if it were not so virtual. I can almost smell it! Mmmh!
Swap you some bread for a Duplo?

Thankfully my cats go outside, so no litter-box cleaning usually. But here's the 100% allergen-free version:


(poor Sphinx cats are so fugly. But they're supposed to be really sweet.)
But they're so fugly, they're adorable. I mean. Look at those cats. That's just ridiculous. A friend of mine used to have one, and he really was a sweet cat, if a little antisocial.

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