Icons, icons, icons (Robin Hobb, Elisabeth, Lucifer, and assorted others)

The lovely [info]spaghettitoes has organised this icon challenge for all the shiny new fandoms flying around the Igloo. I picked Robin Hobb because apparently I love to make my life difficult, lol.

Christine, I TRIED to match your categories but there were some that just really don't work for this fandom (and also my brain fails at this specific organisation thing), so this was more of a "make icons first, approximate categories later, skip the rest" approach, I'm afraid. But I made you priest icons and went cosplaying for you, so you can't tut at me ;)

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously since Robin Hobb's works are not exactly picture books, I had to find material elsewhere. I have two primary sources: 1) cover artist John Howe's paintings; 2) a selection of fantastic fanart from DeviantArt that their creators have given me their generous permission to use. If you take any of these icons, PLEASE credit these artists for their work. The relevant info plus links to DeviantArt galleries (with lots of more gorgeous stuff) is beneath the respective icon panels. I think crediting John Howe is probably optional since he already has ALL the fame and money ;) (here is his portfolio, though) but please do credit the fanart creators where indicated.

Robin Hobb's books (Farseers, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man and Rain Wilds Chronicles trilogies, plus a couple of Windsingers ones)
Elisabeth the musical
Elisabeth the historical figure
And some miscellaneous things.

Okay! Categories!

We'll all ignore the fact that I am legitimately terrible at iconing, okay? Awesome.

~ This Year's Love ~

Who are the OTP? If you support them you can have up to five icons of them.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

No. 2: Art by EmberRoseArt (find artist's gallery here)
No. 3: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 4: Art by Enife(find artist's gallery here)
No. 5: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)

~ Shipping News* ~

Up to five pictures selling us your ship.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

(*For the record, I don't remotely ship Vivacia/Paragon but I HAD to because it's a shipping category and they're ships, ok? YES, I am that easily amused.)

No. 1: Art by A6A7 (original pieces here and here, artist's gallery here)
No. 2: Art by FloorSteinz (original pieces here, here and here, artist's gallery here)
No. 3: Art by Enife (find artist's gallery here)
No. 4: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 5: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 8: Art by FloorSteinz (original pieces here and here, artist's gallery here)
No. 12: Art by Athenaenvy

~ Three from the top, two from the bottom ~

Anything, absolutely anything for five icons as long as the focus for three is at the top of the icon and two are focused at the bottom.
1 2 3
4 5

No. 5: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)

~ Wonderful Words ~

Two icons containing or focused on words; quotes, names, random flail....
1 2

No. 2: Art by Enife (find artist's gallery here)

~ Recreational Activities ~

Show the characters relaxing or doing whatever counts as relaxation/having fun in their world. Up to three icons.

1 2 3

No. 1: Art by Enife (find artist's gallery here)

~ Hired Killer ~

What is it about your choice that just kills you in the best way possible? Up to five icons to showcase this.

(I decided to interpret this literally. It IS a world with assassins and various chomping beasties, after all.)

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

No. 3: Art and title by starving-designer (find artist's gallery here)

~ Simply Gorgeous ~

Show off all the pretty you can....in no more than five icons. (...or maybe a FEW more :p)

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28
29 30 31 32
33 34 35 36
37 38 39 40
41 42

No. 2: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 4: Art by dragonladych (find artist's gallery here)
No. 8: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 10: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 13: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 17: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 18: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 19: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 20: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 26: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 27: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 28: Art by FloorSteinz (find artist's gallery here)
No. 30: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 31: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 37: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 38: Art by A6A7 (find artist's gallery here)
No. 42: Art by Athenaenvy

~ Crack Me Up ~

Make the crackiest icons your choice inspires. Up to three icons allowed.

1 2 3

~ It's AU Wonderful Life ~

Create an AU from your choice in a tableau of up to four icons. Gloating points if the icons work as a story and individually.

(Uhm, ok, Christine, this is where you get your cosplay icons. With some major embarrassment squick, I might add.)

1 2 3 4 5

Ok, my icons for list 2 suit their categories even less, lol, so this is where I give up and just go by fandom instead. But here, [info]spaghettitoes, have some priestly types from random fandoms (hm, I meant to put Wintrow in here too. Oh well. My brain is dead.)

~ Priests! ~

Editor’s Choice: I get whatever I want so create an icon inspired by the title “Father Forgive Me” – you can interpret this any way you like but Priests are encouraged ;)
1 2 3
4 5 6

~ Elisabeth ~

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

~ Lucifer ~

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17

~ Revenge ~

(a.k.a. shameless Gabriel Mann fangirling)

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

~ Miscellaneous ~

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

/omg insanitycakes.


Second time commenting here. *shakes fist at internet gods* I'm still just as overwhelmed as I was before - so many beautiful ones here!

And I distinctly remember starting my original comment with "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Seems a good place to begin now, too.

I am wallowing in all the pretty Fool/Fitz! This is making me want to dive into the Tawny Man even more! I can't believe you found all this art, it's incredible! (And yep, Emun Elliot is Fitz, no doubt about it. I would LOVE to see you cast this, btw. In your free time, obvs.)

Heee! Althea's quote is perfect for that image! She looks as angry as I ever imagined her too. Wow, this is really making me wish I had some artistic talent! Or at least some musical talent, so I could compose an epic ballad! (Or any talent at all, I guess is what I am trying to say.)

And I absolutely love Young Fitz with his pup! He looks so innocent, it makes me want to growl at Burrich. And huh... just looking at the hired killers section, and that gorgoeus wolf moon, I only now realised that this year has been all about the wolves in so many different incarnations. I'm slow sometimes.

But not as slow as the assassins who kidnapped Malta. WTH! Brilliant icon BTW! <33333333

Your cosplay icons are MADE OF WIN. I don't think I could use them, it would be far too weird, but I bet they will make a gorgeous photo collection. Also, I love the idea of you exploring the Others' isle.

PRETTY ELISABETH ICONS! *paws them all* They're all really well done, but my favourite is definitely #8, bored now. Perfect expressions are perfect. I am going to snag it and use it on everything!

OK, I think that covers most of all I had before I lost internet. If I'm missing anything, just assume that I loved it. HOW DID YOU MAKE SO MANY ICONS? HOW? Especially when you had NO SOURCE MATERIAL and had to pull them from all over the universe. YOU ARE AMAZING!
Thank you so much! I treasure this comment doubly for you having to retype it.

Fool/Fitz are love. I was so impressed with everyone's gorgeous art about them. And everyone's gorgeous art in general. Hahahaha, I don't think I can use the cosplay icons either, but I certainly had a lot of fun doing it. The day was perfect for it too, all stormy and dramatic.

Yes, the wolves have definitely been A Thing this year. Imagine if there were wolf-crossovers? Nighteyes and the direwolves would get on like a house on fire, and Viradechtis would have even more goywolves to shamelessly flirt with, lol. Also if she had a fling with Nighteyes, Fitz and Isolfr would have to shag and oh the awkwardness would be hilar.

Hahah those dudes who had Malta captured. What WAS that?? I love Robin but she needs to research how childbirth works.

So glad you like! *bounces madly*
...that would be "boywolves", obvsly.

I love all the Hobb one's I recognise (and some I don't). I'm definitely reading Assassins next - this has made me decide. Otherwise I might not notice when Malta has a baby in front of them!

I LOVE the one about composing the first world problems ballad. All the lols.

Your cosplay ones are so gorgeous. You make a stunning Amber! *hoards the pretty*

Priest Christian Slater! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Elisabeth icons! WIN. The bored now one is amazeballs! And all the Rudolf/Der Tod ones.

I've got a long way to go through Sandman before I can start on Lucifer but this is a great teaser! Especially, omg, what's going on in #16 it looks heartwrenching!

Oh look who's here slipping in a bit of Spartacus: Blood and Sand! Original Naevia is bloody gorgeous. *pets*

Fantastic fantastic job Aldi!

Ahahaha I felt a bit guilty for that malta one because it's spoilery but it was about the single crackiest event in a RH book and I could not resist. (It takes place in the Rains Wilds Chronicles books, not the Assassins ones, but there are assassins too. It's confusing. But yes, read the Assassins ones next so you can meet the *other* set of awesome characters.)

You will love Lucifer, it's so fucked up. 16 is one of its epically messed up pairings. They're kind of tangential but omg issues. I love them.

Thrilled you like them! <3333333333333333333
OMG OMG I NOW HAVE TO GO ON MY LUNCH BREAK (it took my brain a while to activate and then I looked at these for so long) BUT


I will return from lunch with sensible comments and stuff from the shop! *buys all the things*
*gurgles appreciatively*




*paws everything*
Heeeh. thanks! <3333333333333
*paws all the pretty icons*
Agreeing with everyone above - your cosplay-icons are wonderful! And Gabriel Mann - *saves*
Thank you! Gabriel Mann is way too pretty and ageless for his own good.
Oh, and I love your reading fool! And then I noticed why!
Do we have to credit David Bowie as well? ;-)

Hahahah, I hadn't noticed it, but now that you mention it... wonder if that was intentional.
That picture, that is! And not that he's looking *like Bowie - it IS Bowie! And today that photograph was on my tumblr (I didn't find it when I first commented so I thought I might have imagined it)!!!!

Bowie reading

So, yeah, "probably" intentional!
OMG OMG OMG! That is so cool, hahahah. (Also it's entirely likely that the artist had that in his/her notes somewhere and I missed it, lol /descripreadingfail)

Such a cool find! <33333333333333
Oh Aldi *clutches you* I want to put lots of very smart things in this comment but I just keep scrolling back and forth looking and pawing with big glazed eyes all drooly.

These are fab, even the ones I don't know about are just so lovely. Would you be weirded out if I actually used the cosplay ones as icons? I'd really love to use the mirror one but TBH if you approve I wanna print them off and add them to my wall of interest that is currently the main decoration in my flat, I'd put you near the joyriding nuns!

But guh, the Kennit/Wintrow one! I loved that moment and he said it like it was so easy/obvious but it was something Wintrow so needed to get inside his head! And Elisabeth in the hat! All the rainwilders!!! I especially love the middle Wicked icon and just *flails* all the awesome, everywhere!!! *loves this entire post*
Yaaaaaay! Thank you so much, darling - I'm so happy you like them. I had oodles of fun making them, even if lots of them are just really random, hahaah.

Guh, Kennit and Wintrow. It was so fucking wrong but omg I love them. And yeah, that moment will stick in my head forever. So powerful.

Of course you can use the cosplay icons, I wouldn't have posted them if I had a real issue with them - I was just a bit "aaargh omg it's ME, this is weird", lol. I don't know how printable the icon size will turn out to be - do you want some of the original pictures? If so, I can email them to you. (Alsha went a bit bonkers with the camera and took like 600, lol - wading through them all was interesting.)
oooh bigger versions of the you!icons would be amazing! I hope you had a good time, they're definitely awesome and I am just so gobsmacked that you did it!!! *Cuddles you*
I had a fabulous time. I love dressing up anyway, just not that used to sharing the results with the world, lol. But yes, it was good times :D

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