That icon meme

Nabbed from [info]lilithilien, because I've got so many new icons I've already forgotten half of them and need every opportunity to memorise them, lol.

01. How do you feel right now?

( is a COMPLEX mood, ok?)

02. What's your favourite pastime?

(hahaha, I wish!)

03. Do you consider yourself a strange person?

04. What's your main fandom atm?

I don't have a "main" one at the moment but am enjoying (re-)wallowing in a whole bunch:

05. OTP?

Let's see.

06. How do you describe yourself?

07. What's your favorite icon to use that's not default?

08. Do you have an icon of your future husband/wife?

Must I marry them? Can't we all just live in a big polyamorous commune? But fine:


(double pack, please!)


(hey, why not. She marries *everyone*.)

09. Do you have a WTF icon?

(apparently I foresee lots of WTF-ness.)

10. How do you feel towards love?

Again, complex?

11. Sexiest icon?

No idea, I don't really go for the sexy ones. Maybe this:

Or these two in combination:

(I want to put them in a Snow White AU where Evil Queen Erica totally whoops Pure Princess Allison's arse.)

12. Happiest icon?

13. Crackiest icon?

Kinda short on good crack these days. Have a cranky serpent:


Wow, that took a while.


All the pretty!! I love your shippiness and all your OTPiness. And the crack!

And you have Em & Naomi icons now! \0/ I love them with their adorable helmets on!!!

What is that hanging in the background behind Luna? It looks like bras...

Also I need that AU Snow White in my life right now.
Emily and Naomi rock. I need to rewatch the first 4 seasons of Skins! So much to watch/read/etc, it's glorious.

Hahaha, the things with Luna are seashells, from Bill & Fleur's seaside cottage.
SEASHELLS! Of course! (They looked like the hanging laundry that Hedwig makes her way through when she and stupid boy first have sex.)
So many greats!

I love seeing a bit of Billy Elliot in there!

And omg your Allison/Erica Snow White AU. YES PLEASE!!

Billy Elliot is the wins!!

hahaha, oh god. Apparently I need to work some pr0n into that Snow White AU and adapt for BBTP. I got nuthin'.

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