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Just a bit of LotR fandom nostalgia...

All this Hobbit madness has inspired a massive dose of renewed LotR love in me - I won't say how many hours I spent yesterday just wading through some of the old classics, cast interviews, spoofs, memes and easter eggs, and general fond remembrance *shifty eyes* It was thoroughly enjoyable, though, so I thought I'd share a random selection.

Do You Remember:

1) The Fellowship of the Pants - origin of the famous "Gondor has no pants! Gondor needs no pants!" line that can be adapted to absolutely any fandom or situation;

2) The Very Secret Diaries, which may be the only thing of actual interest Cassandra Claire ever wrote;

3) They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard! (warning: you will be singing this ALL FUCKING DAY);

4) Dom's prank interview with Elijah! (oh Lijah - your porpoise laugh is still adorbs);

5) Ahahahahah, My hed iz pastede on yay (bless you, Fandom Wank);

6) Billy & Dom & lots of penis jokes;

7) Everyone snarking on Orlando's broken rib;

8) Billy's account of how Viggo snogged him;

9) The best behind-the-scenes love story: Viggo and the horses (I still cry at that story of him buying the horse for Jane);

10) BAGENDERS!!! Still possibly my favourite bit of LotR fanfic 'verse - kind of the LotR version of The Shoebox Project <333;

11) No wonder everyone was so much into RPS. I mean, who could blame them? It was everywhere. Like a big shiny orgy;

12) Barrel-riding! (Poor Daisy Wenham and his $200 horse. And Miranda!); and

13) That spoof with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar!

There's tons more, of course, this really is just a random sampler. I totes need another rewatch of the trilogy (when I'm not huddling in a makeshift Arctic tent in a public park, lol!)

I also went on an extended hunt for the portraits that Viggo took of some of the LotR cast back when they were shooting. And... it proved nearly fucking impossible to find the damn things. I remembered loving them back when I first saw them, and I also remembered that for some reason they weren't widely circulated even back then, possibly because Viggo is so insanely talented at everything that some of his accomplishments don't get all the attention they deserve.

Instead of one handy link, I had to chase the portraits down all across the internet (curse Tumblr and its consistent lack of source links or credit!), so I wanted to gather them all in one place - for myself to paw at, mostly, but also to share with anyone interested! I still think I'm missing a few but these were absolutely all I could find.

1) The "Te Anau" portraits of Elijah, 1999

Photobucket Photobucket
(click thumbnails for full size)

I love these so much - Elijah's expressions, the snow, the intriguing contrast of starkness and softness. WHY SO TALENTED, VIGGO?

2) Portrait of Dominic


I... didn't know I sort of loved bare feet in the snow until I saw this photo. And I adore how that interfering snowflake becomes a giant Santa beard for Dom.

3) Aloof, Unavailable Elf Prince:


The faraway expression, the juxtaposition of bandana and elf costume - win.

4) "Legolas, 2000"


My favourite of the series. The blurry sepia colour is amazing but what really moves me is the moment captured - there's something so private, focused and vulnerable about it that it makes you feel almost like an intruder. I wear contacts myself so this makes me relate, concentrating on that mundane but essential action, that split second when the plastic settles lightly on your eye and the blurry mess around you comes into sharp focus. (Obviously Orlando was putting in the blue Legolas contacts, not a vision aid, but art is what it makes you feel.) It has softness and intensity, vulnerability paired with resolve, and I love it madly.

Whilst hunting for more portraits (these are the only ones I found, and I can't remember if there were more), I also came across this shot of Liv, which as far as I know is not by Viggo but I'm adding it here anyway because it seems to capture a similar spirit:

(click for full size)

It's another one of those mundane moments (continuity make-up FTW) captured in a meaningful way. I love when art makes you feel moved by ordinary things.

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