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Snurched from [info]amo_amas_amat, because yeah, Goodreads is not enough! *piles stacks of books everywhere*

What are you reading now?
As usual, several things!

1) A Very Bad Book, lol. It's a tie-in novel from the Buffy verse called Oz - Into the Wild by one Christopher Golden. I got it because a) it was $2 in the bargain bin and b) it tells the story of Oz's journey after he leaves Sunnydale and how bad can that really be?? Well, the writing's pretty atrocious, so we'll see if the story can save it. I'm not very far in.

2) Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper. It's the first in a new-ish fantasy trilogy that sounded intriguing - it's got a music-based magic system and an evil church and a fairy realm. I like what I've read so far but it's been slow going because I haven't really clicked with anything yet and keep getting distracted by other books.

3) Broken Fortress by Ginn Hale, 6th installment in a 10-volume fantasy series that's thoroughly bizarre. No really, it's all so odd that 6 books in, I honestly still couldn't even tell you if it's good or just bonkers, lol. There's timey-wimeyness with multiple timelines and different incarnations of characters and the world-building is really interesting, but it's all a bit like the writing was heavily influenced by mind-altering substances. I'm enjoying it but it's e-books and I don't have a reader so it's a bit annoying having to read it on the laptop.

4) 25 Chapters of My Life, the memoirs of Olga Alexandrovna, who is my favourite Romanov. (She was Czar Nicholas' younger sister who was forced into a marriage with a prince she didn't love, became a nurse during WW1, fell in love with a commoner, got a divorce and married him despite the Czar's wishes, and managed to escape from Russia with her husband and two tiny kids before the Bolsheviks got a hold of them). Just started this the other night and am very much looking forward to the rest of it.

What did you just finish reading?
Robin Hobb's Blood of Dragons. IT WAS PERFECTION. *flails*

What are you reading next?
So many options, I don't even know! I need more Robin Hobb so it's a good thing I've got her short-story collection The Inheritance lying around and still have never read it. I am seriously contemplating going back to the Farseers books and reading aaaaaaaall the series chronologically (that way when I get off the devastation that is Fool's Fate, I could dive straight into Dragon Keeper and not be all lost and bookless). But I also want to start reading Mike Carey's Felix Castor novels, and I just got Finding Everett Ruess by David Roberts, which I've been wanting to read for ages, and I meant to read A Room With A View, and also I still haven't started The Cosmonaut Who Couldn't Stop Smiling about Yuri Gagarin, and I've been meaning to read Code Name Verity as well, and ack. I need more hours in my hours.

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OMG, that picture! The book witch and her house. So pretty! I want a house like that too! But even more than that I want more reading time. There's just too many stories and too many subjects that are worth diving into.
Your fascination with the Romanovs reminded me of a time during my teens where I devoured everything about the last Tsar and his family. Which was small wonder because growing up in my part of the country, the Grand Dukes of Hesse and by the Rhine were part of every school curriculum,and many a school trip took us to places that were closely related to Princess Alix's early years, and which impressionable school girl would not be fascinated and moved by her life story and dark fate. Bit like Sisi for Austrians, I would think.

And Robin Hobb! I'm in the middle of the Tawny Man trilogy right now, and already wibbling because of your sort of spoilery remark on 'Fool's Fate'. Don't worry you're not the first one. Still sort of scared of going there...

Who am I kidding, of course I can't wait for my heart to be broken again.

And then more dragons. Oh man, why could we not introduce a reading week once a month for every working person?
I'm sure it would me a very sensible contribution to making the world a saner place!
and that should read 'be' not 'me'! Damned spell check, why can't you read my mind?
Awwwww *cuddles* Trust me, that was not a spoilery remark, unless you consider "Robin Hobb is very good at heartbreak" a spoiler, but surely you already knew that! ;) But it definitely wasn't for a specific event.

why could we not introduce a reading week once a month for every working person?

THIS IS THE GREATEST IDEA OF ALL TIMES. OMG that would be so brilliant. And yes, I bet it would do wonders for the human race. I WANT I WANT I WANT.

Ah yes, the Romanovs. Such a treasure trove of fascinating history and personalities! I need to read more about Alix, she comes off as such an interesting and tragic figure. Like you said, so little time! You're welcome to come join me in my book house, I like to think it's like Hermione's tent inside and infinitely extendable, lol.

hahahaha oh yes how much do I subscribe to the "what am I reading now, probably easier to tell you what I'm *not* reading" school of thought.

Olga Alexandrovna sounds freaking awesome!!!

And ugh, yes, reading whole books on the laptop feels so much harder than the happy hours I could spend reading fic on my laptop, why is that??

Gosh, The Golden Fool is pain enough for me at the moment, I can't imagine what Fool's Fate will be like, *quakes*. But yes, I do have Dragon Keeper waiting in the wings as well, like some kind of reassuring safety net.

I love A Room With A View. It's a dinky book and a little slice of perfection in my view. Heartily recommended! As is the adaptation starting Rafe Spall. <333

The Cosmonaut Who Couldn't Stop Smiling is the best title ever. :DD

I keep struggling with Code Name Verity. I didn't realise at first that it was a YA book and the tone of it as she describes all her torture was making me quite uncomfortable but I can understand that a bot more now I've realised the age range it's aimed at. Not that I usually consider YA to need a certain tone. But it's been recommended to me really highly by a friend whose judgement I usually trust a lot so I think I shall persevere. I'm also just not in the mood these days to come home from work and read more about torture. Unless it involves Fitz of course, because my heart is already in that one utterly and completely and also the writing is superb.
Hahaha, our interests are varied and cannot be contained! *hogs all the books, simultaneously*

I was thinking the same thing about fic reading vs. book reading on the laptop! It's so funny how one is a chore and the other just not a problem at all. Brains are weird.

All of Tawny Man is just paincake, argh. Delicious, delicious paincake. Robin owes me so much therapy money. *cuddles the poor tortured characters*

Aw yes, Room with a View will need to happen soon. It's sitting right there on my coffee table, beckoning. (Alas, so are 24 other books, I just counted. And one coffee table leg is coming loose. Woe.)

Huh, I hadn't known Code Name Verity is YA either - I basically got it because everyone was going on about how brilliant it is and I am a sheep, lol. That actually makes me more hesitant about starting it, though, because sadly most of the YA I've given a try lately has turned out a disappointment. And I'm with you on the torture - not super-keen. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. La la la.

Btw I was listening to your Farseers mix again the other day. YOU ARE SO FUCKING EVIL ARGH. It is beauteous <333

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