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Insert the usual flailing about how IJ is too neglected etc., yadda blah blah introcakes.

Stuff I've been up to lately mostly involves telly and reading and then some more reading, and also a whole lot of hating on the concept of winter. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT SHIT. I want to be warm again, please! And yeah, I know, winters where I live are ridiculously mild, but that doesn't really help when all the houses are built like we're in the tropics and everyone around just shrugs and goes, "Eh, put on an extra jumper, you'll be golden." I DO NOT WISH TO BE GOLDEN IN AN EXTRA JUMPER. I WISH TO BE GOLDEN IN A TANK TOP WITH THE HEAT ON HIGH WITHOUT MY POWER BILL LEAPING BY 5000%.

Ahem. Yeah. Winter Is Not Hot.


A while ago, the lovely [info]alsha had three overdue weeks of leave, which was awesome. We spent the entire time holed up on the couch doing a massive AWZ marathon. Yes, the ENTIRE three weeks! I was pretty nervous about it because I wasn't sure if I was ready and whether 2+ years had been enough of a break, but actually? It was freaking awesome. It was really, really cool to rediscover how much I loved this story and these characters, and why; also it was the first time ever that I've sat down and watched THE WHOLE DAMN THING in one go. Well, I lie - we skipped the crappy Days of Fluff playlist, and stopped at 1269 for It Is Perfection. Even so, it took up almost a month of watching 6-8 hours every damn day, which proves that those people who used to jump into the final playlist and crow that they'd just watched ALL THE EPS EVER in three days were such fucking liars, lol.

Highlights included rediscovering that DeRo 1.0 still bloody rocks, that the Dark Years are actually one of my favourite eras ever and anyone who skipped them missed out on so much good stuff (nggggggghhhhhh, Jenny/Lars. You and your utter fucked-upness may actually just be my favourite canon pairing ever), and that my *actual* favourite era, obscure as it may be (about the early 600s to early 700s, i.e. early pair-skating plot up to just before DeRo 2.0 took off, when we had no idea what would happen but everything had just started to *feel* really really good again and Show was cracky and secretive and lovely and undefinably promising) is still made of gold. Also ran: Katja used to be honestly adorbs; AxelAxelAxel; Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike; Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarc; BWAHAHAHAHAH COITAL THEFT GUY HALLO; Randy! Bulle! Leeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaa; REICHENSIBS, YOU BREAK ME.) And much more. Suffice it to say, it was awesome. Oh, gah, and the last one shattered me, again. Took me a bit to get over that (again); not planning to go back anytime soon. But: gold medals.

One other thing the marathon brought home is how very rare it is for me to develop a genuine, lasting fandom obsession. It's not like I've been exactly fandom-less since my investment in AWZ ended - on the contrary, I've burned through a vast number of shows/books/films since then that I genuinely loved. That's the thing, though: I burn through them. I watch/consume, I enjoy while it lasts, and then we're DONE. Recently, I was madly into Fringe for a few months and felt genuinely obsessed while I was watching it; but as soon as I'd finished the finale, BOOM, OVER. No longer interested. Then I had a flashfire renewed romance with Kommissar Rex (for reasons that shall remain a mystery forever, it's HUGELY popular in Australia, so DVDs with subs are fairly easy to come by), watched 4-5 eps every night for weeks, and now... yeah, I think we're done. I'm not particularly bemoaning this because genuine round-the-clock total-immersion obsession is exhausting, but sometimes I do miss the way it would engage my creativity and critical thinking (as opposed to "CONSUME, ENJOY, DONE"), and the kind that lasts is rare for me. Apart from AWZ, there's probably only ever been 2 or 3 fandoms that held my attention in that permanent way.

Actually, this interests me - let's have a poll, Y/Y?

Poll #7224 Very Important & Scientific Fandom Behaviour Poll
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

How many fandom irons do you tend to have in the fire at any one time?

View Answers

Just one (all or nothing, baby)
4 (33.3%)

Two or three so I can vary it up a bit
3 (25.0%)

Up to five (keeps things interesting)
1 (8.3%)

More than five (fuck yeah, fandom orgy)
1 (8.3%)

It varies. Don't make me define my shit.
3 (25.0%)

Thinking about "your" fandoms, do you tend to be equally active in all? ("active" meaning engaging in discussions with other fans, producing fanworks, meta, etc., as opposed to just watching/reading regularly)

View Answers

Did you not listen, bitch? I only have one, so yeah, I manage to be equally active in it. Amazeballs.
0 (0.0%)

I usually have one or two primary fandoms where I'm more active and dabble in others
7 (53.8%)

I'm equally engaged in all
0 (0.0%)

I dabble in all but am not super-active in any
1 (7.7%)

I watch/read regularly but don't engage
2 (15.4%)

What is this active/passive shit, is your name Mike?
1 (7.7%)

None of the above but I'll tell you in the comments
1 (7.7%)

None of the above and I won't tell you in the comments but I wanted to tick a button anyway
1 (7.7%)

Earl Grey with milk. Thoughts?

View Answers

2 (16.7%)

Balderdash and chicanery! Well, I suppose you can have it how you like if you must.
2 (16.7%)

Ew, milk in tea is vile. Sugar for me!
4 (33.3%)

Huh, what's wrong with that? *clutches milk*
4 (33.3%)

No milk, no sugar, and no sissy lemon. Straight up!
2 (16.7%)

2 (16.7%)

So yeah, kind of between fandoms at the moment. Fringe and Rex are ebbing, Teen Wolf is cracky fun but I'm not really feeling this season so far, and otherwise... eh, we'll see. I have been reading like a fiend, though, so I'm not exactly wailing at my devastating first world problem of not being madly in love with any telly shows atm.


Right! The other thing the rediscovered AWZ love seems to have triggered is I have randomly been poking at fic. It's been a long time since I've felt like writing anything, so it's a good thing I have a lot of old barely-begun-but-never-finished-or-did-anything-with-it things lying around. A file with a couple hundred words in it isn't as daunting as a blank page, especially when you reread the couple hundred words and 1) have no recollection of having written them, and 2) discover they're not entirely awful. So I've been kind of... edging back into it, not feeling up to anything original or super-ambitious, but I have been wrapping up a few old bits and bats and it feels good to write.

Some of it is AWZ fic and I realise most of my f-list is over that, but that's okay, it's primarily practice and/or for myself :) Still, a quick round-up of newish things:

Title: Family Ties
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles was zählt; Deniz, Alkim
Word Count: ~1600 words
Rating: G
Warnings: Set during ep 1256, so there's That Thing.
Summary: Faced with the task of championing a little brother, Deniz decides to reach out to his own.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to RTL.
~ Family Ties ~

Title: Nobody's Side
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles was zählt; Roman, Randy
Word Count: ~3300 words
Rating: G
Warnings: I made a .GIF
Summary: Only in Essen do you run away from not one, but two painful break-ups in short succession just to have your escape vehicle chauffeured by yet another old fling.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to RTL.
~ Nobody's Side ~

Title: Someone Else's Now
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Maurice; Maurice/Alec
Word Count: ~4100 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rough sex with no fainting couch nearby. Also excessive butchery of E.M. Forster's style.
Summary: It wasn't like he doubted Alec's feelings, not truly. Sometimes, though – like now, when the whole world was already in turmoil and devotion of any kind too risky a gamble – he wasn't certain that he could be certain of anything.
Disclaimer: I regret nothing.
A/N: This originally started out as a BBTP attempt last year. I'm sure in a couple of months when I scramble to knock something out during the final 30 mins of BBTP, I'll curse myself for not holding it back 'til then, lol (it barely qualifies anyhow; as usual, my muse is a prudish cow).
~ Someone Else's Now ~

Whoa, that somehow got long and I don't have a smooth wrap-up handy. Here, have some bouncy Marc instead:



Lol. :) It's supposed to be summer here (Canada) too, and I still need a sweater in the am whilst sitting outside to have my coffee. I don't know about heater bills in July, but I know they're some confused as fcuk birds out here, who are wondering why they fcuk they migrated here over from Fla.


Wanted to answer your poll, but still not tech savy and can't figure out how to just press the frickin buttons so:
Question 1)I tend to go all in or not at all, and that can be pretty exhausting, so usually not more than one fandom at a time, but you know... that could change. I refuse to be confined to one button :)
2)I discuss/shout at and over , points I find salient, or things that are just way cool about what's going on in the lives of my favorite characters. (I loved Brian & Justin in the US version of QAF)I'm not by any stretch an artist , so no drawings or fan-fic by me. Ps I refuse to feel inadequate because of my artistic failings, because my passion for my characters is in fact...yes it is... my form of artistic expression. :)
3) Earl Grey ???? Pshaw!!!!! I don't have time for gentle drinks. I need drinks with a kick...Eine Tasse Kaffee all the way:)
Hope you are well. Have a sweater-frei, tank-top, golden day. :)


Sorry I got excited. But omg is that too adorable, I can't.

I'm impressed you marathoned the whole thing! I haven't been able to go back for some reason. Like, I have these really fond memories of the whole thing and am afraid I will ruin them if I actually rewatch? IDK.

But speaking of, randomly I got a message on youtube asking me if EKP were coming back to sub Deniz' new gay storyline? IS IT APRIL FOOL'S AGAIN. Y'all can't get me twice. :P

Bouncy Marc requires excitement. IT IS MANDATORY!

Yeah, I get the fond memories thing. I think it's important to trust your instincts with stuff with that - you can always still change your mind and/or decide you do want to go back at some future point, but if you watched it when you weren't ready and it did fuck up the memories, there's no way to undo it and that would suck. And not everything needs to be revisited, sometimes it's cool just to have done something once and that's that. (Oh oh oh, though! We did totes watch The Best We Ever Had sometime in the middle of DeRo 2.0 and I would just like you to know that it is still A THING OF PERFECTION.)

lol, no April Fool's, there is a gay s/l with a closeted football player coming up. I have a genuine amount of zero interest, though - the entire show is so fundamentally different/crap that it's not like it will magically be awesome again just because of teh gay. I think some of the Deutschskimos are watching/planning to watch, though, so they could probably tell you more.
I have a genuine amount of zero interest, though - the entire show is so fundamentally different/crap that it's not like it will magically be awesome again just because of teh gay.

Yeah, that's how I feel about it. It's going to take more than that to suck me back in! Now if they brought back our Jenny and had...Oh, a Jenny/Annette storyline? Then I might be tempted. LOL
Oh, a Jenny/Annette storyline? Then I might be tempted.

They'd have to bring Annette back for that, too, she, erm, died last summer *ducks* (Jenny 4.0 ran her over, that's as close as Current Crap Show got to Jenny/Annette, lolol)

Okay, I'm sorry. Annette was magically transported to Russia when she got run over the car (because of...things! IDK Soap Opera magic!) and now she's currently hanging with Jenny 2.0 after faking her death. That is what you meant to tell me, right? Lalalalalalalalalala.
Hahah. Yes, dear. *cuddles*

(It's ok, really. Anything that actually aired post-DeRo 3.0 doesn't count as canon.)
I feel I should be thoroughly entitled and complain that you didn't have an option for people who know nothing about tea :P

I also feel crappy I'm not going to read your fics but I have closed that door and am in complete denial. My (unpublished but written) head cannon is that they all died in the zombie apocalypse. Sorry, I had to grieve and move on. So have all the kudos and pluses and stars and thumbs up cos your fic is awesome as a baseline *mwah*

(my policy obviously doesn't expand to icons wherein I have no desire to expand into newness - change is bad *grumbles*)
Hahahah, sorry, it was really late and I kinda ran out of brain for the poll *blames the zombies*

*pets* Yes, that is totes fine and you do NOT need to feel crappy about it! I've done the same with fic written by people whose writing I enjoy but in fandoms I have no interest in.

(icon overhauls are too much work anyway! there should be a Swap All For Mystery Awesome selection)
Yay, you wrote again!! Have read "Nobody's Side" - see my comment on AO3, will save "Family Ties" for when I have more stable feelings than tonight. And the last one will be my first "Maurice" fanfic to read #later.

Sorry about the winter. I thought we had it here, but today it actually was warm and made me want to wear short sleeves.
Tonight though I was freezing again and would have loved a cup of hot tea.

Apropos tea: *goes to click on poll*
Loved your comment! *cuddles* And I'm enjoying the poll a lot.

It's totes warm here today. Climate is fucked, man.
I can't believe you were able to watch all of it! I haven't even seen the funeral bits. It was too painful and stabby for me and I had to just stop and never turn it on again (Sorry, but I have to skip your fics too. Is the Maurice one only for book readers or does it make sense for the ppl who've only watched the movie?)
You ever thought about adding insulation to the house? I think there must be DIY vids or smthg on YT. Even if you pay someone, I think it'd be cheaper than heating bills on the long run.
As for fandoms, I usually only have 1 or 2 that I contribute to (those my contribution is mostly discussion and meta. Very little graphics too) but I can follow more than a dozen at the same time on a purely consumerist level.
The funeral bits suck and need to be burninated. You didn't miss anything.

Maurice-the-movie is very close to the book, so although the fic is primarily book-based, it works for both. I do have a sneaky suspicion it might trigger your germophobia though ;) so consider yourself warned.

We've added under-floor and door/window insulation and it has helped some. Wall insulation is somewhere on the long long list of necessary renovations but it might be a while.

Heeeh, I'm happy someone picked the fandom orgy option. It's cool to see how differently people approach it! I have a decidedly one-track mind so people who juggle a number of fandoms are fascinating to me.
it's rimming isn't it?

No, but it features a harbour alley as a sex location. #notverysanitary
oh honey you must not know how many whore!Draco fics I've read
I don't, but for some reason it got stuck in my brain how you specified at some point that you can't deal with sexytimes in a toilet, lol - to me grimy alley would top nice clean toilet in terms of what's dirtier, but if it's not an issue, so much the better ;)
I think you have me confused with someone else.
Tho tbh, I don't think I'D go for sexyteimz in a bathroom cuz eww germs but I watch/read lots of stuff with that trope.
I read your and Lil's novel (loved it btw) and that had (almost) sexyteimz in a toilet.
Pretty sure it was you. It was sign-ups/preferences for Hofest.

LOL, oh god, that toilet scene was the bane of my existence.
Hmmm. Maybe I was going through smthg specific at the time.
And yeah, that book was awesome. It's a damn shame you couldn't go through with it because of *cough* reasons. It's really rare that you find a child character in a grown-up novel who isn't annoying
Thanks, it's great to hear you enjoyed it! And glad that the kid POV worked for you, it was one of the things we fretted about a lot at the time (children, how do their brains work!)
(mhmmm, I could go for a whore!Draco fic about now *craves*)
Your post couldn't have come more timely. As you know I had an eskivisitor on my couch recently (Mel). While she was here we took a trip to Paris and after checking into our room and flicking through the channels of our TV while taking a short rest to get ready for city strolling, we got stalked by classic pre-DeRo–Show (Jenny's pregnancy, faking the mother's pass et all plot), in French of course. Oh lol, the voices! Well short rest turned into longer one, and the decision was made to watch DeRo 1.0. once we got home.
And we did, from 230 to 300, which might be a sort of unimpressive marathon compared to yours, but it was glorious fun and whetted my appetite for more. We giggled at abduction plot and awkward flatshares and Eisenhüttenstadt – how often can you mention a town's name in five minutes -, and I remember Mel's 'oh Aldi' when the subtitles read 'blah blah, matchmaking schemes, blah blah'. Lol!
We threw famous catchphrases into the air, and oohed and awwed along when the boys' story finally unfolded.. Ace!

And that answers the question about fandoms. I like/love/ enjoy lots of stuff, and I love having the Eskimos to discuss it with, but I have no intention whatsoever of getting involved with new people in their respective fandoms. And not only because I'm seriously too old for this shit by now. AWZ/EKP was the first fandom that I got totally immersed in, and it was such an unexpected and out-of- the- world experience for me, mostly because of the people who were in it and the things they created. I don't think that anything could ever come close to that. And that's fine by me.
There will aways be fictional Essen. And by that I mean only the fictional Essen of the past – SO NOT GROSS. Today's fictional Essen tastes and smells like three times reheated old fish to me, and I have no need at all for that.

And of course I will read all three stories. I've always been a fan of Aldiwriting, so no question about that. Although I'm slightly scared of reading the Randy story, blushingly remembering my own attempt of filling a certain cabbie character with life. I'm sure after reading your take on it, I'll be ready to shamefully hide under a multicoloured knitted blanket for the rest of summer.

On second thoughts though, it's bloody damn hot here at the moment, so maybe I should rather proudly face up to my past sins and send said blanket over to a shivering NZ girl. In cold days you can never go wrong with wrapping yourself up in something that's cozy and colourful and reeks of good memories. <33333

ALL YOUR BLANKETS ARE BELONG TO MEEEEEE. A blanketfort sounds good about now!

Oh lol, AWZ dubbed in French would make me bleed from the ears, I think. Don't they even have crappy elevator music instead of all the songs? Yeurgh. I'm glad you had fun with your mini-marathon, though! Sounds like a lovely time.

These days it's a bit like with my first fandom love (Harry Potter) for me, you know, where canon's over and that's fine but the fandom still lives and carries on. (The only difference being scale, lol - gazillions of HP fans vs. a very small handful of AWZ ones). And I'm glad I got to that point but I definitely needed the long distance period in between.
*gets lost in Marc's lip biting, smile crinkling, amazingness*

Well hello there pollster!

I chose the options closest to me I think. I actually found it tough! I don't know if I've been around long enough to know for sure. AWZ was like nothing else I've seen out there - I guess that's why it was so attractive. I think sometimes I resent all other fandoms for not being as shiny for me as that one. I would love to have that again someday but I guess it has to come organically, and when you least expect it, like all great loves. What it's left me with, aka YOU GAIZ, is more beautiful than anything I could have asked for from it though.

Otherwise, I feel like a bit of a floater fandom wise. I like to give things a chance, but I definitely identify with the burning through things sensation.

I was stuck on Gen Kill for a bit, but even that has passed now really. I've mined it for all I could get out of it but with a fixed, limited canon, at a certain point it just stops being able to give back.

Also I'm reading so much new stuff - SF and Fantasy and comics that its been really satisfying to give time to those things.

I miss the creativity that comes with being active in fandom though. I'm working on kickstarting that at the moment though - and I'm so happy to see you feeling like delving back into some things. Can't wait to read the fics! And very much in awe of your decision to go poking about in the WIP folder. Mine isn't too big I don't think but I feel like there are some things that if I poke at them they might explode in my face. Ew. Bad imagery.

*goes back to watching Marc. I love him.*
*paws all over North & South icon* Guh.

It is kinda hard to define, isn't it. I mean, in terms of long-term emotional investment, I'd probably say Harry Potter and AWZ were about equal for me (maybe throw Firefly in there too), but I never felt the need to create and contribute as strongly with those. I think the DIY fandom aspect was a huge factor with AWZ for me.

Oooh, I'm happy you're kickstarting your muse! I need to paw my way through your entire AO3 portfolio one of these days, I have been so remiss. (Especially since there's Bomb Girls fic OMG YAY).

if I poke at them they might explode in my face. Ew. Bad imagery.

Hahah, that's ok, I already got there with the image of you feeling like a floater. My brain, idek.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarc <3
There is so much going on in this post YOU WROTE A MAURICE FIC that I'm not sure where to start, but I'll try to start EVERYWHERE. Good plan? Good plan.

(Also, is there anywhere that all of the vids are still in existence? I never got a chance to d/l them because I was traveling/didn't have a computer for a year. Also I've been meaning to rewatch the Dark Years. They are perfection. /pathetic begging)

I'm with you being between fandoms/reading a lot. I've been watching a lot of stuff, but nothing's really taken me and thrown me into creativity in a while. Challenge accepted.
I've been watching a lot of stuff, but nothing's really taken me and thrown me into creativity in a while. Challenge accepted.

Ooooh, I love a challenge! *eagerly lies in wait for Giorgiafic* Yeah, it's hard, especially when active fandom stuff is so much FUN and I truly miss it.

I will email you about the vids. Or we could just meet on a shady park bench and pass stuff inexpertly wrapped in newspaper IN A REALLY OBVIOUS FASHION, sound good? Awesome. #crackdealereskimos

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