Vikings flail re: "The Choice"

So I meant to do a proper OMG YOU GUYS I'M INTO VIKINGS NOW post complete with picspam and articulate rec talk for those who aren't watching it yet, but turns out I'm too impatient and just want to flail about S02E09, so let's keep the intro brief, shall we?

I'm into Vikings now! I know some of you have been into it way longer than me - lol, you guys should've shoved this at me much harder! I also know some of you are not into it yet. To you I say, GET ON THAT, STAT. It is lovely and gritty and beautifully shot and has awesome characters and doesn't do that annoying "let's be super-anachronistic and pretend that's cool" thing that every historical show's been doing since at least Merlin.

It also has plenty to offer to active fandom.

Here's what convinced me:

1. This is Ragnar Lothbrok:

He is a Viking, doing Vikingy things. He's smirky and reckless and funny and okay, more than a little psycho at times. And sometimes he's a douche. But you root for him anyway. Because it's impossible not to.

2. This is Lagertha, his wife:

She is a shieldmaiden (hence gets to participate in all the badass Viking stuff in her own right and takes shit from no one) and is basically made of awesomesauce. If the entire show was shit, I'd still watch just for her. Girl is FIERCE.

3. This is Athelstan:

You may also know him as Grantaire from Les Miserables. Athelstan is a priest whom Ragnar takes prisoner on one of his raids and brings back home. He has an awesome character arc full of religious conflict and oodles of UST with Ragnar (Robin Hobb readers, there are lots of shades of Wintrow/Kennit here!). Which brings me to:

4. My shiny OT3:

It's fairly rare that a show offers up a convincing premise for a good threesome, so naturally I'm all over that! Sadly fandom seems to either not know how to actually do proper threesomes (all the fic I've seen so far was "Lagertha basically watches the boys get off and fiddles with herself a bit" which... no) and/or be mostly into the boys alone. Which is a compelling ship, absolutely! I just want my girl in there too *pouts*

5. Many awesome other characters, including Cato-from-Hunger-Games as Bjorn, Ragnar's son:

Perfect casting is perfect!

6. There's also Siggy, the Earl's morally ambiguous wife with the awesome eye make-up. I mostly ship her with meeeeeeeeeeeee.


I am aware that this mostly looks like "hey, watch for the pretty" but it is actually a pretty damn awesome show, trust me. I marathoned both seasons in 2 days because I couldn't stop. It is pretty grim at times (because duh, Vikings!) but never gratuitous, which I greatly appreciate after some of the crap that's been going on lately on other shows, like, OH I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONES, POSSIBLY GAME OF THRONES A LITTLE BIT YOU ASSHOLE CLUELESS DIRECTORS/WRITERS WHO DON'T SEEM TO KNOW WHAT RAPE IS. Ahem.

Anyway! Intro over! Let's flail about season two ep nine, ok???


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You guys!!! I've been kind of disappointed in the middle bit of season 2 because let's face it, some of that crap came out of nowhere (Floki WTF?) or was boring (anything to do with Aslaug and her babies, ever) or disturbing (Ragnar! look at your life, look at your choices! if your bf and/or your wife was with you, you wouldn't be such a pouty brat or nearly so much into torture!).

But tonight was just lovely. Can we just all acknowledge that these things happened???

1. Possessive Ecbert being possessive. Linus Roache is so damn good at being benevolently sinister! I just want to drag Athelstan away from him whenever they're in the same scene, but I'm also hypnotised by him. He's so compelling.

2. LOLOLOL @ Floki being all "Nice clothes, Athelstan!" and "I like your hair, Athelstan!" and Horik all, "You've been rimming Ecbert, haven't you, Athelstan." Oh show.


4. Also, all the eye-fucking with the "have your engagement ring back, BB" moment:

5. That moment when Athelstan acknowledged that he basically believes in both religions now. That was so lovely. I generally don't want to be spoonfed but tbh there were times throughout Athelstan's arc where I wasn't entirely sure if he was faking religious affiliation with either god(s) to save his own skin and/or where he was actually standing right now, and apparently people in fic love to just dismiss that entirely or have him go full pagan with no regrets, neither of which works for me. So I thought it was a really nice touch to have him acknowledge that he's not sure how to believe in one or the other and doesn't want to choose. And Ragnar's comment about hoping their gods can be friends one day was lovely too; brought it round nicely to a similar moment in season one when he said their gods didn't sound that different. Basically I like Athelstan continuing to struggle with his faith(s) and I don't like it when either is dismissed.

6. Also, despite how shivery gorgeous Ragnar's steely-eyed-yet-subtly-pleading "I want you to come with us" performance was, can we all agree on how Athelstan wasn't actually persuaded to come back to Vikingland until Ragnar CLUTCHED AT HIS THIGH AND WOULDN'T LET GO?


Yeah, you KNOW you can't resist!

7. I was actually sure that wouldn't go anywhere until Ecbert found the abandoned cross. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ...although, can Athelstan please get a token of some sort every time he switches outfits/affiliations? lol.


9. I am ignoring Aslaug, but "you guys are my family"? NGL, I melted. Such a good moment.

Yeah so basically, it's nice to be into a show so much that you feel you could live there. And fix canon. Maybe. If you weren't so lazy. IDK how long this obsession is going to last but right now I'm just enjoying the hell out of it! :D


Had to read even though I haven't seen last ep yet. It's taped, and I was looking forward to it, but OMG THIGH CLUTCHING?!!!! Jksdlafauifpaewlkfjdsifuokladsjiuafdsk!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I NEED this in my life right now!!!

I have been generally disappointed with S2 so far, Floki's rebellion seems to have come completely out of the blue (apart from his jealousy that Athelstan is Ragnar's BFF) and there's far too much Arschloch. Also, Athelstan hasn't been huddling outside Ragnar and Lagertha's bedroom this season, listening to his sexytiemz and wishing they'd invite him again. You know he'd have a different answer this time.

But "The Choice" sounds like so much will be fixed. SQUEEE!

I totally agree, Athelstan's uncertainty about his beliefs and loyalties has been completely entrancing this season. One of my favourite moments this season was when they were on the raid and he was surrounded by books. I loved how he just couldn't resist the pull of the inks.

And generally, I just think the whole show is more sparkly when Athelstan and Lagertha are in the scene, watching Ragnar with their "you're lovely but you're such a moron" looks, and Siggy is stalking around plotting mischief.

And sometimes he's a douche. But you root for him anyway. Because it's impossible not to.

Yes, yes, so much! He reminds me of a little kid so much of the time. I love how he's always carrying around baby goats. Melts my hard little heart.

I'm so glad you did this post. *paws the shiny* It's a sparkly thing I can think about as I sit in the probate court this morning!!!

hahaha, I'm sorry I spoilered you but the thigh-clutch/eyefuck moment is a thing of beauty.

And generally, I just think the whole show is more sparkly when Athelstan and Lagertha are in the scene, watching Ragnar with their "you're lovely but you're such a moron" looks, and Siggy is stalking around plotting mischief.

THIS. Let's hope season 3 will bring more Lagertha and Athelstan and Ragnar in the same scenes and hopefully another threesome invitation, lol.

And a whole lot less Aslaug. She has her moments but generally she just bores me to bits. I will happily take more Kwenthrith perving over mercenaries, though!

(OMG is it srsly season finale next week? Then what will I do???)
*desperately scrolls past spoilers* I WILL WATCH I PROMISE. YOU'VE ALL CONVINCED ME (okay, so you and Diana both mentioned vaguely once that it should be watched, but IT DIDN'T TAKE A LOT TO CONVINCE ME, OBVS).

Convincing threesome setup. Do want. Apparently Supernatural wasn't supposed to be set up for a threesome between the angel and the brothers? Could have fooled me!

They're so having threesomes all the time.
YAY. I approve of your easily-convincedness, lol! I generally put shows in the "to-watch" pile, then don't get to them for ages, then when it's actually good I swat myself and go, WHY DID YOU NOT WATCH THIS SOONER.

There need to be more actual canon threesomes, especially when the lines between subtext and text are so very, very, very blurred.
Haha, I love your squee-posts, even if it's about a show I haven't watched yet. But I have read fic. ;-)

Hmm, if I knew how to search my AO3 history I could link you to a threesome-fic I read. Sometime earlier. This year. Or last. It might have been good. Maybe not but I could have had a look.
Unfortunately I can't find it anymore. Boo, AO3 - why can't I sort my history??

This show looks interesting, to say the least.
*puts it on list*
OMG you have a Wiki icon!! Hahahaha total win :D

It's ok, I've read a bunch of threesome fics and have another bunch lined up. There's bound to be some decent ones in the bunch. (I don't want to have to write the one I want to read, that totally defeats the purpose, haha).
EEEEEEEEEEEEE! This ep was brill!
The hugging Aldi! And the rings! And the thigh grope! And the "you're my family"! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
And I'm 200% done with Floki. Like srsly. He should take the fucking gods and shove them up his ass. If he can pry king Horrickble's dick out for long enough that is. Fucking cocks!
And I'm usually meh about all scenes of Princess Arschlock, but the scene with Porunn was really nice. I love the all-girls-want-to-be-like-Lagertha thing, but it was also kinda neat of Arschloch to free her. I know she only did it to make Bjorn like her, but that's ok by me.
And how awesome was Lagertha just standin' there, eatin' her apple, drinkin' her wine and shippin' Bjorn and Porunn. I generally like all things Lagertha so... But srsly she's the most awesome character to ever awesome awesomely awesomeness awesome...
And I'm really liking gropey princess Kwenthrith. So nice to see a princess who's more than a whiny broodmare with self-important hallucinations. And I love how she always get King Ecbert's eyes to pop! He's gonna need her now that Athelstan's chosen his other bf
Lagertha was gold. I love how she immediately owns any scene she's in, even peripherally. I did like Aslaugh freeing Porunn, but I can't quite warm to Porunn herself. It's an actress thing, not a character thing - she just doesn't feel very authentic to me. I'm always aware that she's about one "aaaand scene!" away from putting on her skinny jeans and asking someone for a decaf latte.

But I like Kwenthrith too. (In fact, I want to see some alone time with her and Lagertha, mrow). How has she not commandeered Ecbert's bath for orgies yet??

Floki is rapidly going off the deep end for no good reason whatsoever. Someone needs to rescue Helga :(
LOL, I just found these pic recaps "here's a dress for you, Dobby"
hahahahaha, perfect!

(I need to throw out some Teen Wolf icons and get me some Vikings ones!)
I need to make some Vikings icons while I feel inspired, though I'd prob just end up making all Lagertha icons
IJ? How to do?

WHEEE You watch Vikings!!!

I'm so happy that Athelstan is back with his friends and family. It's going to be interesting how Floki and Rollo will deal with him being back.
I don't understand what happened to Floki. Yes, he's jealous of Athelstan and he wants Ragnar for himself but where did the hatred for Ragnar come from?
Princess Archloch just wants to be the wife of a great man. Whatever a great man is. She's the daughter of someone, the wife of someone, the mother of someone. She seems to define herself through the persons around her and not what she does herself.
I love Lagertha and that the Northwomen can be whatever they want. Warriors or housewifes, doesn't matter. Just make yourself useful.

THIGHCLUTCH!!! They are both so happy to be together again. Remember last week when Ragnar got Athelstan's bracelet? Ragnar looked at it as if it was the best thing he's ever seen. His son? Who cares! Let's look at the shiny bracelet. :D

Athelstan's struggle with both religions is so believable and I'm glad that it is a topic in the show.
She's the daughter of someone, the wife of someone, the mother of someone. She seems to define herself through the persons around her and not what she does herself.

This is so true. It would be neat if it was actually an arc towards her own self-empowerment but I don't see much happening there.

The Floki thing feels like they just rolled a dice to decide who was next going to turn on Ragnar. It's neither part of the character as shown so far nor does it make much sense given that he's been there and witnessed what happens to allies who turn on Ragnar!

Hahaha, yes, I remember the bracelet moment. It is SUCH a love token!

Now 'scuse me, I need to go loop the thighclutch again...


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