Vikings series 2 finale

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Awesome finale was awesome!

Ok, so I'm not 1000% percent convinced every detail of the whole double-deal plot makes a whole lot of sense (like, when did they make the plan? when did they all know everyone was in on it? Siggy and Floki certainly didn't act like allies even when they were alone. Why did Rollo get the misleading shrooms? What am I missing? Surely not ALL of Floki's OOC malcontent this season was for Horick's benefit?), I will swallow it because DAMN it was awesome :D


1. Horik is the dumbest moron ever. I mean, seriously. He couldn't fail this hard if he tried.

2. Who gets to keep the princeling as a slave? *interested*

3. lololol, Horik's wife had Celine's helmet hair <3333333


5. Well, right after Lagertha. How awesome was her little "LE SIGH, obviously those who want to farm can go farm and the rest of us will go raid somewhere else where it will not literally and immediately cause a war with the powerful dude who just agreed to give us land to farm, how is this even a dilemma" speech? They would be so, so lost without her.

6. "We have a child!" Yeah, Floki, I'm sure she hadn't noticed. Poor Helga! Major reparations are in order.

7. So Athelstan and Ragnar just got married, right? I mean, this is canon now, Y/Y?

8. I liked þorunn a lot more today than I usually do. That whole "Well maybe I want to choose something different than literally the first guy who's ever not been a complete douche to me" thing was really nicely done. Also, I feel for her conflict, because

(And yes, I went and looked up how to do a letter Thorn because it was bugging me to spell her name either Porunn or Thorunn, so in case anyone cares, it's Alt + 0254 on the numeric keypad *facepalms*)


I'm sure there's more, I just needed to flail \o/ \o/ \o/



This episode confused me to be honest. What's with the magic mushrooms? How did Rollo get the axe when he was too weak earlier? Did Ragnar order that one guy to kill the children or did the girls do it so that the children don't have to live as slaves?
I don't like former slave girl. It's her face. She reminds me of someone I didn't like and I don't even know who that is.
That poor boy thought he killed someone. Kid needs therapy.
Helga had to live with a total psycho for over a year because Ragnar and Floki had a plan and Floki didn't trust his wife? Poor girl. Helga, take your kid and find a new guy!
I'm sure there's more but I'm still a bit overwhelmed.
Hahaha, I'm so happy you still have that icon. Honestly, that braid is just not a good look on anyone.

The magic mushrooms were there to convincingly fake Torstein's death, I guess (poor Torstein with the lying in (fake?) puke and not breathing, lol - did no one take a closer look?) so Horik would be convinced Floki killed someone and proved he's trustworthy. I still don't know why Rollo got them first, though (apart from audience misdirection, obvs). Was he the guinea pig because Floki wasn't entirely sure how the mushrooms would act? IDGI, it was such a weird scene (also with Floki and Siggy's interaction). The axe-wielding I just put down to Rollo being superhuman, as per usual.

I wasn't sure whether the mushroom-delivering kid was one of Horik's (who would then of course tell his dad what happened, further convincing Horik that Floki works for him). I honestly can't tell, though, because the brats all look the same.

With the dead kids, I got the impression they were supposed to be spared and it was Horik's daughters who killed them - either to save them from slavery or because the girls thought they'd all be killed in a more gruesome way later. It seemed odd that Bjorn would just send them off on their merry way, though. "Oh, you killed your little brothers? Aw, well. You're free to go!"

I have issues with the actress looking anachronistically modern, but I did like her character better this week.
I don't understand half of the names of the Vikings. I thought Torstein's name is Thorsten. Maybe the magic mushrooms were Romeo & Juliette poison? He's just dead for a little while?

I also think that the girls killed their brothers so save them. But does Bjorn know that or does he believe that his father wanted them dead?
...or maybe Rollo's mushrooms were different mushrooms that were like a stimulant so he could fight? IDEK.
And ok, I watched the scene with the kids again, and the dude did tell Lagertha to leave and "I have orders from Ragnar", implying that he killed them and that Bjorn let the girls go because he's nice that way. But yes, it was deffo confusing.
Huh. At first it looked like Lagertha didn't know whether to let the kids live or kill them in her murderous frenzy.

Gahhh why is everybody so psychotic and wants to kill everybody? Except Bjorn who has weird foreplay with the girl and is indestructable.
lol, I'm most bemused at Horik's utter idiocy - yeah, sure, try and wipe out Ragnar's entire family, it's not like you've ever seen that plan go horribly, horribly wrong for anyone el- OH WAIT.

I guess Lagertha looked ill at what she knew was going to happen but also had a whole "I wash my hands of this" thing going. The most confusing thing to me is still how the girls were perched over the dead kids at the end. Is it grief, is it guilt? Caught just after a mercy-kill or just mourning murdered kidlets? I guess I'll wait for the internet to tell me, lol.
But why did they let the girls live? Tell me when you learn more about the dead kids.

King Horik, it's like he's never heard of Jarl Borg's fate.
Ok, one more frame-by-frame viewing of that scene (and after this I'm going back to work, lol) reveals that at least some of the dead kids are actually girls. I saw two dead boys and two-maybe-three dead girls. So maybe all Horik's younger kids got killed and the surviving girls are servants? It's srsly hard to tell, there was such a flock of them around Horik & Brunhilde earlier that I have no clue which were their children and which may have just been attendants. Bad job on the clarity, show.
I think the surviving girls are servants. They seem to be the same three who are dressing Gunnheld and feeding the other kids. And Vikings wiki (is that a definitive source?) says their five children (other than Erlendur) were all killed.
OMG that was such an impressive season finale! I was on the edge of my seat fretting about how it'd all turn out!!

And hahaha I watched until the very end, thinking that Horik making Floki his personal assassin was either the dumbest idea ever or a stroke of genius. Turned out that, as you say, Horik is a moron.

Convoluted plan was convoluted. I'm most surprised about Siggy, because I never thought her loyalties to Ragnar were strong. Or existent, actually. (BTW I loved her when she answered Rollo truthfully about why she cared whether he lived or not. And then left him an axe, because nothing says love like leaving your husband a way to defend himself. How does she rock so very hard?)

Floki I can accept better because his about-face this whole season has been less than believable. But I'm with [info]antiteb, he has some major grovelling to do with Helga!! Surely he didn't have to deceive her, or be such a complete douchebag.

(Now that the secret's out, I wonder if they'll change their daughter's name. Angrboða is quite a mouthful for a kidlet.)

So glad Torstein didn't die! Mainly because Bjorn needs someone to talk to about his crazy girlfriend.

As for the above discussion on the killing of Horik's children, my impression was that Lagertha would have killed them although it'd have been hard for her, and Ragnar arranged to have someone else do it. Because he's sensitive that way. I'd imagine the others were servants; they wouldn't have spared any of the actual children, that way lies a lifetime of vengeance. If they were able to pull off this elaborate plot, surely they'd foresee that. Right?

(And this doesn't bode well for the princeling, I don't think.)

But I was absolutely giddy about the last shot of Ragnar with his Valyrian steel. SEASON THREE NEEDS TO BE HERE NOW.
*bounces madly* Ooooh, you have Vikings icons! I so need to get on that.

Yeah, I'm on board with the servants theory now, but boy, was that ever not terribly clear! And I do wonder about Erlendur, because he was pretty obviously spared which, yeah, seems like a ginormously bad idea in terms of vengeful survivors. I mean, he had to watch them kill Horik and they wiped out all his family, kidlets and all. I thought he was Ragnar's nod to the Lord's Prayer and useless Christian mercy and all that. If they were going to kill him, surely they'd have done it before Horik so he'd die that much more utterly crushed. Guess we'll find out in season 3 (YES YES, WHERE IS IT!)

Hahahah, I like to imagine that Siggy tossed a dice at the last minute. I don't think she did it out of particular loyalty to Ragnar either, but because she chose the winning side and saved betrayal for another day. I sincerely hope she hasn't given up her scheming ways! And yes with the axe! <33333333333333333

I'm really glad about Floki. I still think it doesn't all line up and that they had to make him too OOC for half the season to pull off the twist, but meh, I'll take it. YES, Helga deserves so much grovelling!! Poor girl :(

GUH, that last shot was gorgeous. I guess he's King of the Danes now? Wooooooooooooooo.

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