BBTP! *pokes around* Anyone?

Anyone doing anything for... *drumroll*

I am trying to, but I've forgotten how to 1) write 2) smut. Not helpful! (not to mention my Spartacus obsession, though satisfactorily rapid and all-consuming, is about 5 years too late to feel properly involved in fandom, so now I feel like that awkward person who is super-late to the potluck with, like, a casserole, when everyone is having fancy desserts, lol).

Anyway, if anyone's inclined to poke at things, let's commiserate/encourage/enable/ drown our writing-related woes in booze together! \o/

(i got a new computer since i last used IJ. HOW DOES ANYTHING EVEN WORK.)


I need some Spartacus icons

How porny do they have to be?
For someone who talks about genitals all the time in her daily life, I really have a hard time writing about them! (or making them sexy when I do write about them!)

Re: I need some Spartacus icons

Hmmm I have no idea what the definition of porn is, but hey, anything can be super-sexy, I don't think you need to define it by mention of genitals. In my book as long as you don't call it a member or a weeping cock, you're good to go! :p

Re: I need some Spartacus icons

(Also dude, your icon just gave me unholy plotgasms about Jenny/Ilithyia, lol)

Re: I need some Spartacus icons

I definitely won't have time to participate this year which is the saddest side-effect of writing a thesis ever, but I'm here for moral support in spirit because I'm too bust to actually be here.
Oh lol honey, I'm hoping you meant, "too busty to be here". :P It's a beautiful mental image.

And booooo no Giorgia fic.
Hahahaha I totally read it as busty as well! :D

Awwww, to bad about no time, but I understand completely. Why don't we have a time-turner for these things?? *cuddles*
lololol that is the real reason there are so few women in STEM, didn't you know? We can't get out little arms far enough around our giant busts to touch the keyboard. #toobustyforthis
Oh man, I uploaded Sparty icons such a long time ago but never had any cause to use them! *is thrilled*

GIVE ME YOUR SPARTY SMUT, ALDI, I NEEDS IT. And I'd take casserole from you over desserts from almost anyone else!

And I will try to follow your example and smut again but even if I fail at that I will probably have some kind of fic to show for it, right? OF COURSE RIGHT. :D
ZOMG Lucretia/Ilithyia icon! LOVE.

Yes, yes, there will be fic and I will fangirl it madly whether it's smutty or not! *grabby hands*

Full disclosure, I'm working on six different things at once because I KNEW at least 50% of whatever I write will just end up being angsty warbling about the nature of slavery and the unattainability of crushes and the unfairness of life, the universe and everything, so I figured this way at least I have a chance that 2 or 3 of them will have actual porn, lol. TACTICS, I HAZ THEM.
YES! Excellent tactics, I admire them most ardently (soz, Austenian-inflection there).

I'm writing Lucretia rn and I think I might just be going all out her POV on slavery and trust readers to know that's not my viewpoint. Maybe I will go heavy in the disclaimer. But mostly it will be Lucretia/Ilithyia so maybe I will avoid most of that problem anyway.
Ooooh, man, I cannot wait! Lucretia is deffo one of the most fucked-up perspectives on slavery. Bring it on! :D

And unf, Lucretia/Ilithyia. They do things to my feels. Twisted, lovely, horrible things.

I also wanted to tackle some Spartacus/Ilithyia because I love their fucked-up dynamics, but no plot bunnies have hopped my way yet. Maybe best stick with the 6 things for now. Y/Y? :p

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