Drabble Day sparkle! Also, silly fic featuring Barca the inappropriate spear-fighting instructor.

Drabble Day happened, and it was absolutely fabulous! So many shiny delicious drabbles and so much rocking mutual support. I'm still coming down from my high (and my sleeplessness, but who needs sleep, really).

The masterlist of prompts/drabbles is here. Some of us including me have crossposted ours to AO3 - I'm not sure I'll do an IJ round-up tho, because drabbles take about 3 times longer to post than to write and 27 is a lot of them, lol.

Also, new fic! Just a silly idea I've been working on. I wanted it to be more cracky but Barca was resisting. Spoilsport.

Title: Remove Head From Ass (And Other Useful Advice)
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Spartacus; Barca/Pietros, Nasir/Agron
Word Count: 3400
Rating: PG-13 for canonical cussing
Warnings: Sexual harassment in the workplace, Barca style.
Summary: In which spear-fighting lessons are imparted, asses are groped, punches are thrown, and Nasir and Pietros do a lot of eye-rolling.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Spartacus. Clearly I’ve made the wrong life choices.
A/N: This came about because I was curious about when exactly Nasir switched from sword to spear. Who better to teach him than my favourite wanky porridge-pissing kickass Hoplomachus? (SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, THEY NEVER DIED, OBVIOUSLY.) Unbeta'd, so please forgive and/or point out any glaring mistakes.

Fic is here at AO3

Oh god, and now I'm back to work. DNW DNW this shit is cramping my style.


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