Spartacus Rewatch Thoughts & Feels: Vengeance (episodes 6-10)

Onwards with the random! I'm not sure I can remember exactly which bits go in which episode, so I'll just go by characters and storylines again.

The slaves learn to fight:
I think I already went into all my Chadara thoughts in the last post, so I'll leave it at that, except for this: Srsly, Mira, you couldn't have just run her down instead of shooting? She was about ten bloody steps away! Gah.
Mad love for Lucius teaching people to shoot a bow and arrows, and EXTRA mad love for how all the women train as well and no one raises an eyebrow at it. And then of course Oenomaus recovers and takes over training and it is divine. (God, how is Peter Mensah so beautiful? It is seriously distracting).

Crixus and Naevia:
These two are one of my favourite things this season. I love that they actually deal with the PTSD aspect of her recent past (no magical healing cock, YAY!), and how awesome and supportive Crixus is about it. What I love the most, though, is that there's never even any whiff of that shitty "Someone put their hands on MY woman, raaaaaaa!" reaction that male characters often have in these plots - nope, he is 100% focused on HER and on what SHE needs and how he can help. It's so lovely and heart-breaking, and then HELL YES when she decides to learn how to fight and he is utterly delighted with her progress! To the point where he won't step in to protect her from Ashur even when things look very bad indeed, because she told him SHE wants to do it and he's respecting her wishes. MY EMOTIONS.

Oenomaus and Gannicus:
They break me in this. *sobs quietly* I do love Gannicus lurking among the rebels and dissing their cause, though, lol. And I also love that he keeps trying with Oenomaus despite being rebuffed. IDK, it's a difficult balance to keep between not giving up on your friend and being selfishly pushy, and I think he did well, under the circumstances. His constant woobie puppy eyes, though, I cannot! It was such a relief when Oenomaus finally came round.

Agron and Nasir:
Soz, I can't type, my eyes are blinded by all the SMILES. They are ridiculously lovely. And their giggly stuttering failure at coming up with a good excuse for what they were "just" doing when Mira interrupts their wallslam make-out session is one of my favourite things <333 In general it's also just really nice to see Agron a bit calmer (not CALM, calmER, compared to his previous state, lol) and happier. The way they just light up around each other is the loveliest thing.

Agron and Crixus:
SO MUCH AMUSE. I adore them grumping at each other, idek why. It is a sickness. It's also nice to often see Naevia and Nasir casually hanging out together in the background. I imagine they do a lot of fond eye-rolling over their respective hot-headed moron boyfriends. Also much love for the scene where Agron ambles over to Crixus to sorta-kinda apologise for lying about Naevia and admit he gets the whole being in love thing now. It doesn't go well of course because CRIXUS AND AGRON, but it's delightful anyway. And their eventual make-up/insult exchange after the mock fight? GOLD.

Spartacus and Mira:
YOU GUYS, WHY YOU DO THIS! :CCCCCCC Their break-up kills me, it's so low-key and inevitable by that point, and that whole acknowledgement of how he HAS given her all he's got left but it's just not enough... it's so real and devastating. And she handles it so classily, under the circumstances. Ugh, I need to go hunt down some distracting Saxa/Mira fic immediately.

Speaking of Saxa...

Germans! Speaking "German"!
Trololol, I still need the subtitles to figure out what the fuck they're saying. I do love that they've officially owned the fact that the German is terrible. Honestly though, was a pronunciation coach THAT unaffordable?
Much love for that plot otherwise, though. Lugo! Asshole Nemetes! SAXA MY QUEEN YOU SHOULD RULE THE REPUBLIC. Hahaha, she is always so dang happy when she's killing things. <333333333

Lucretia and Ilithyia:
MY EPICALLY FUCKED-UP GIRLS, WHYYYYYY. *sobs* I mean, it was epic and dark and twisted and all, but but but. I maintain they should've kept Ilithyia around for longer. It's so twisty that whenever one of them is sincerely invested in their friendship again, the other one is in her most extreme I Will Fuck Your Life Up mode. Y'know, for maximum pain. Ladies, can't you just synch??

Spartacus and Ilithyia:
Shipping it! Shipping it so hard! (Not that that's difficult, I ship Ilithyia with heaps of people, including me.) I love the sideplot with her as a rebel hostage - I wish it'd lasted longer. It had so much more conflict potential (and ok, I enjoy seeing her dishevelled and roughing it an unholy amount).

Glaber and Ilithyia/Glaber and Seppia:
Man, Glaber is one cold motherfucker. Seppia is a total brat but I feel horrible for her in that scenario - she thinks she's playing with the grown-ups but she's really so naive and out of her depth. (Also there are some incredibly gorgeous shots involving her and light and water. The camera just seems to love her.)
And when Ilithyia gets back and they shag while rolling in Seppia's blood? HELLO YOU TWO YOU ARE FUCKED UP. But carry on. Yes.

Ashur and his gang of psychotic thugs:
UGH. Not going to go into his rapey funtiems with Lucretia because it enrages/grosses me out too much. His cronies though... so when the Egyptian first came out of the well, I thought for a second it was Christopher Lambert, and I still think they bear more than a passing resemblance. Unfortunately that means that ever after I was disappointed in the Egyptian because as a villain, he lacks profile, and I'm sad they didn't score an actual Highlander, lol.
When Glaber offers to buy the thugs out towards the end, I was endlessly amused at how genuinely betrayed Ashur feels that anyone would ever betray HIM. NOT THE MIGHTY ASHUR! BETRAYAL IS HIS PRIVILEGE! *gasp*
Oh yeah, and the end? Go right ahead if you want your last words to be taunts to the woman you raped. Good fucking riddance.

That's where you just gotta love history, because "climbing down a volcano on some strung-together vines to take the enemy by surprise" SO seems like a thing they should've made up for TV. Nope, history! Oh Sparty, your actual life <3 Those scenes were so well-shot, too, I could FEEL the wind and the cold and the hunger up there. Grim.

As finales go, apart from the Lucretia/Ilithyia showdown, and Mira's death, and Oenomaus' death... argh, okay, DESPITE these totally harrowing things, it was easily the weakest of the seasons, but... I was kind of okay with that. There's still plenty of emotional devastation coming.

Random trivia tidbits:
1. Hmph, it looks like Starz is coming down hard on YT vids containing their footage lately, which is a shame. So that interview with Katrina Law, Original Nagron Shipper, in which she talks about the scene where Mira interrupts the snogging boys, but she just kind of stood there watching for ages and let them make out for a minute longer than planned, resulting in genuine embarrassed giggles on camera... that appears to be gone now. Why such haters, copyright enforcers?

2. Someone claimed at some point that Ellen Hollman speaks German? I hate to disabuse them of the notion, but she really really doesn't.

3. Nasir wearing Agron's cloak will never get old <3

4. The vines! "Didn't he just say we used all the vines? So what about all those vines still lying around over there?" -"Bah, those were inferior vines."

5. Saxa snogging Mira after the fight was unplanned. Mira's bemused embarrassed ducked head immediately after is 100% Katrina.


-In Mira's defense she did TRY to injure her instead of killing her, but she still sucked at archery at that point
-Can I mention again how awesome your Oenomaus training fic was?
-I love Crixus and Naevia so much in this season. I remember a few yrs ago I was discussing with Lil how awful it was when fathers/rothers/husbands/boyfriends of rape victims get all sore about THEIR HONOR and I think back then I mentioned Crixus as a good example of the right kind of outrage where he's mad about Naevia getting hurt not because she's his property but because she as a human got hurt and he loves her and therefore doesn't want her to get hurt.
-Oenomais/Gannicus were my beautiful OTP this season but GAH! The fucking Egyptian! Why exist to be laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!
-ZOMG I had REACTIONS to the shagging while covered in Seppia's blood thing and they made me DOUBT my own virtue because that shit was SEXY AS HELL and made my ship Illythia/Glaber like never before!!
I know, I don't blame her for her shooting accuracy, but honestly, she didn't have to shoot at all! Chadara was just across the courtyard and Mira was in way better shape than her - she could have easily just run her down and tackled her.

Can I mention again how awesome your Oenomaus training fic was?
Awwww, all you like! I've written a shit-ton of Sparty fic consider how recent the obsession is, but that one is definitely the one I'm most pleased with.

Crixus' reactions are gold, and I LOVE their subversion of that gross "MY WOMAN MY HONOUR" trope. I love how it carries in every tiny thing he does, too, how he's so keen on not over-stepping and on letting her call the shots. When he got carried away snogging her and then immediately backed off and apologised, I think my heart grew two sizes.

About the Egyptian, these days I'm just pissed off that no one ever checks to make sure he stays down or puts an arrow somewhere it counts. That dude is like a cockroach. (I do think it was probably very difficult at this point to come up with new/original thug-type characters. Tbh, Theokoles was pretty impossible to top!)

Oenomaus/Gannicus! *sobs*

LOL, I'm with you on the blood thing. I was really never keen on bloodplay before Sparty, but uhm. They WORK it.

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