Fic or Die: Prompts

As you may have noticed, it is time to Fic or Die.

This is the place to share prompts and hopefully inspire your fellow participants! Prompting is open to anyone, even if you won't actually be writing for Fic or Die.

It's very simple:

1. Please post your prompts in the comments to this post.

2. Ideally, prompts should be short and sweet, combining a spark of an idea with the maximum amount of creativity - please try to avoid excessive detail. Example:

Good prompt:
Derek (Teen Wolf) and Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), dungeon.

Bad prompt:
Derek from Teen Wolf and Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are trapped in a dungeon together when the full moon hits and they are both in heat and have to work out alpha dynamics and they fight and bite each other a lot and it turns out Oz is MORE alpha than Derek and he knots him and totally makes him his bitch and Derek actually totally gets off on it but he's conflicted about what that means about his identity as an alpha and also this should result in MPREG.

[like, if you have thought about this premise in this much detail, it should not be a prompt, because you should write it yourself, ok?]

3. Since this is a multi-fandom challenge, please try to stick with prompts for fandoms that your fellow participants may be familiar with.
I mean, you are totally free to post a prompt for anything, but be aware that if no one but you has watched That Obscure Show, your prompt isn't very likely to be picked up *sighs and hides all Robin of Sherwood prompts*

4. If you are filling one of these prompts, please indicate this in the Author's Notes when you post your fic.
Something short and sweet like "Filling [info]aldiara's "Derek/Oz" prompt" will do nicely. Multiple authors may fill the same prompt - there are no limits on various takes on a prompt.

5. If an author picks up a prompt you have provided, please take the time to read their fic and comment on it.

6. There is no limit on how many prompts you can post.
...she says, after posting approximately 17.

Prompts ahoy!



Hannah (Please Like Me) and Cosima* (Orphan Black), awkward kiss.

*May be another female character from any other show if you haven't watched Orphan Black, but I want Hannah!

Daryl/Carol (The Walking Dead), angry confrontation (would love it ending in snogging, but anything goes!)
GAH! I got a thing in mind but it's too spoilery to discuss it!
I really don't care about spoilers with The Walking Dead! (also by the time posting finishes, I will be further along anyway). WRITE IT! :D
Ilithyia and Seppia (Spartacus), punishment

Cookie (Empire) runs a ludus (Spartacus).
There's no way I can write this but whoever does will have my undying love!!!!

When First We Met

pairings options:

Lucretia/Batiatus (Spartacus)

Cookie/Lucious (Empire)

Josh/Arnold (Please Like Me)

Finnick/Annie (Hunger Games)

Michonne/Andrea (The Walking Dead)

Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter)

Mini/Franky (Skins)
Hmm. I need to rediscover me some Michonne/Andrea. IDK if I have a whole fic but I can do a drabble or like a short thing under 250 words
Songfic prompt!

Marc/Kay (Free Fall)

I still love you
I still want you
I still need you
After all

~William Fitzsimmons
Hmmm... okay I have an idea. Let's see what my ideas look like on paper. :D

Arnold (Please Like Me) joins the revolution! (Les Miserables OR Hunger Games). (Would love Arnold/Enjolras for Les Mis or Arnold & Katniss talking about their messed-up brains for HG, but anything goes!)

Derek/Stiles, abandonment issues.

(This is a super-long shot of the kind I've warned about above, I'm aware, BUT:)

Christina Parsons (Flambards)/Edith Crawley (Downton Abbey), bicycles and haylofts

Kieren/Simon (In the Flesh): Let's Try And Remember How This Ought to Feel

Amy (In the Flesh) and either Jim (28 Days Later) or Rick (The Walking Dead) or Any Character From Any Zombie Premise: You're Not The Kind of Girl I Thought You Were


Firefly, post-Serenity:

Jayne/River, Zoe/Simon or Zoe/Inara: rebound; hurt/comfort and/or Reaver issues

Willow/Giles or Willow/Oz or Willow/Any Character Including Original, OR Willow Alone, post-BtVS finale & post-Kennedy; musings on sexual identity

Troy/Britta, first kiss


Troy/Britta, zombie apocalypse


Abed & Troy/Britta, Inspector Spacetime 'verse, Troy as Constable Reggie, having to choose between Britta & Abed as Inspector
Hmmm... I need to get my notebook out!

A Glimpse Down the Years (fandom nostalgia/canon repair/That Thing did not happen)

I challenge you to rediscover the spark for:

Deniz/Roman (Alles was zählt)

Lars/Jenny (Alles was zählt)

Reid/Luke (Days of Our Lives)

Urgh - I have a teeny, tiny Deniz/Roman In The Flesh post Rising plot bunny bouncing about in the back of my head.
omg, I love that idea so much. Dooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!
Ragnar (Vikings) discusses goat farming with Agron and Nasir (Spartacus).
Bwahahaahah YES THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. *grabbity*
Hamilton prompts:

Alexander/Anjelica (Hamilton) with Eliza's blessing


Alexander/Lafayette (Hamilton), the night before the battle of Yorktown


Philip survives the duel and goes back to the defrock the ladies
This is probably already in the works, but if not...


Bonus points for Gannicus appearance!

(won't be writing but WILL be stalking!)
NOTED. (ajsdflkdjsaklf - BRILLIANT)
Mags (Hunger Games), her life after she won the Hunger Games.
Oh god, I love this so much I may have to try it! *adds to bursting folder*
The Bletchley Circle

Lucy/Millie - roommates - maybe a hint of past Susan/Millie (or all out threesome dynamics is FINE I SAY!)

Jean's SPY LIBRARIAN CONSORTIUM. Or Jean being amazing in any way. Especially in a secret lesbian society kind of way (that's a thing right?)

Jean and Millie - running the world.

Millie/Alice - tights, lipstick and typewriters.
Jeeeeaan - yes!!
Please Like Me prompts:




Clare/Tom - early friendship

Clare/Tom - breaking up again

Geoffrey - art (painting Josh?)

Arnold - pushing limits

Hannah - accidental/experimental friendships
Holy crap, these are all perfect. I need Tom/bread in my life. (I also need PLM icons but mine are maxed out and I cannot face the thought of yet another overhaul!)
TURN: Washington's Spies

Washington/Ben/Caleb - caring for the General

Washington/Ben/Caleb - discipline and disciples

(Someone write me this threesome pleeeeeeeeease) (You can even put Hamilton in the background if you need to).
Good Wife prompts:

Drabbles for the following perhaps?

Patti Nyholm coming up against Andrew Wiley - parenting differences

Elsbeth Tascioni - working her magic on Alicia/Finn? Or just her and Alicia working late?

Wendy Scott-Carr - the other side to the story

Nancy Crozier - getting under Alicia's skin and Kalinda putting her in her place later. Oh yes please Kalinda putting her in her place. - hot.

Geneva Pine - when the work day is over

Judge Abernathy - is a doll. Occupying Wall Street.

Dana Lodge and Lana Delaney - life after Kalinda.

Kalinda/Alicia - of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

Alicia and her mum Veronica - formative experiences

Will/Diane - scotch, gallows humour, reflection

ASOIAF prompts


IDK if anyone here is as into ASOIAF as I am or would be interested in the more obscure characters/events, but I do have some prompts. I guess if no one want to tackle them I'd have to figure out a way to do them myself:

-Brynden Rivers (a.k.a Bloodraven a.k.a The three-eyed crow): anything about his background from any stage of his life. Magical or non-magical. Extra brownie points if it's got messy feelings re his family.

-A star-crossed lovers story featuring Blackwoods vs Brackens.

-Any Targaryen story pre-Robert's rebellion

-Anything about Maekar or his kids. The messier the better.

-Gerris Drinkwater/Quentyn Martell.

-Something about the Defiance of Duskendale, preferably Tywin's POV

-Hot Pie saves the day. Preferably humor, but other contexts welcome.

-Songfic from any Bastille song about anything in the ASOIAF verse.

-Anything about a book char meeting their show counterpart and being grossed out.

Re: ASOIAF prompts

"Anything about a book char meeting their show counterpart and being grossed out." - trololol this is awesome.

Re: ASOIAF prompts

Write it!!

TWD prompts

-Daryl Dixon/Caesar Martinez bonding and/or sexyteimz

-Caesar Martinez pre-Woodbury

-Rosita/Sasha late season 5 hurt/comfort

-Rick/Michonne. Any time/setting over seasons 4, 5, and 6 welcome but extra brownie points for Alexandria.

-Eugene has to be in charge of less skilled/brave ppl

-TWD/FTWD crossover with a boat

-Carol and Morgan parallels. Life and philosophy. Pre-apocalypse+ apocalyptic influences.
Miscellaneous Prompts

Merlin/Arthur - This is workplace harassment!

X-Men, post First Class - Raven as Charles with Erik (all the pain).

Any human/supernatural character. The human needs to check there's no way MPreg could happen.
Heeeeh, that last one has Stiles in research mode all over it. (And Lil has been rewatching Merlin, so some targeted badgering may need to happen!)

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