Fic or Die 2015: A Master List

This year's Fic or Die challenge is now officially closed, and it has been a roaring success!

Thank you all so much for indulging me and playing along, embracing the pressure and fulfilling the demands of the fic-hungry goats. Some of you finished years-old stuff, some of you wrote brand-new things, some of you did both. Your administrators are most satisfied indeed!

We had 23 submissions from 17 fandoms, with a total wordcount of approximately ~34,000 words.


So give yourselves a big pat on the back, because you have all been phenomenal! A big thank you also to those who did not pledge to write, but contributed prompts, beta services, or general cheerleading.

Without further ado, here's the master list of contributions:

The Lorelei by [info]aldiara - The Hunger Games; Mags, PG, 700 words
Summary: Through the years, Mags tries to figure out who she is, apart from who the Capitol has made her.

Seven Times Nasir and Agron Failed at Goat Farming, and Seven Times They Didn't by [info]aldiara - Spartacus; Agron/Nasir; R, 1400 words
Summary: As it turns out, goats are hard work and entirely too fond of violent home invasion.

Dawn on the Sand by [info]amo_amas_amat - Spartacus; Barca/Auctus; NC-17, 2050 words
Summary: Auctus's view of Barca's first week as a gladiator.

Monday by [info]spaghettitoes - Stargate Atlantis; McShep, PG, 1100 words
Summary: Given all the time Sheppard spends with McKay and the things they’ve gone through together, Beckett’s death has a secondary impact on Sheppard.

End of the Road by [info]spaghettitoes - House; House/Wilson; PG, 1200 words
Summary: I’d love for House and Wilson to be on the road forever but it couldn’t happen.

the perception that divides you from him (is a lie) by [info]aldiara - Please Like Me; Geoffrey, Gen, 1000 words
Summary: This is how Geoffrey draws Josh, and how he wishes that would go.

I'm Not Helpless by [info]ktbob - HAMILTON; Alexander/Angelica, PG, 1300 words
Summary: She loves him. He loves her. And I love them both.

All That's In the Flesh by [info]spaghettitoes - Alles was zählt/In the Flesh; DeRo, implied DeRoMarc; PG, 900 words
Summary: You thought CCS was the real story? Come-on, you know better than that. As if death could stop Roman Wild.

Fire Burning Against the Cold by [info]amo_amas_amat - A Song of Ice and Fire; Brynden Rivers and Maester Aemon; Gen, 1300 words
Summary: Brynden and Aemon journey to the Wall.

Because the World Was Flawed, Not Me by [info]aldiara - Spartacus; Ilithyia, PG-13, 9300 words
Summary: Ilithyia lives. The world she’s known does not.

Love, Want, Need by [info]antiteb - Freier Fall (Free Fall); Marc/Kay; PG, 300 words
Summary: Marc and his life after Kay left.

Cerebella ex Terminus by [info]notoriouslyuniq - The Walking Dead; Gareth and others from Terminus; PG-13, 100 words
Summary: AU where the group never go to Terminus and the Termites get their comeuppance in a different way.

Aftermath for Monsters by [info]alsha - Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Willow/Giles; Gen, 1400 words
Summary: Four years after the finale, Willow and Giles meet for dinner and talk about relationships.

Nostalgie by [info]omarandjohnny - London Spy; Alex, Danny, Her; G, 250 words
Summary: Bacon makes Alex homesick. Thanks a lot, bacon.

Christmas in Heaven – or Hell by [info]winterlover - Alles was zählt; Annette, Roman; Mature, 160 words
Summary: Annette and Roman, and Christmas at the flatshare.

Oh, Tom! by [info]winterlover - Alles was zählt; Tom; Adult, 250 words
Summary: Tom, you’re doing it wrong.

Not So Silent Youth – Not!fic by [info]winterlover - Bandom, Panic! at the Disco: Brendon/Spencer, Ryan, Gabe; Mature, 1350 words
Summary: not!fic, hooker-AU, college-AU, etc.

In Three by [info]omarandjohnny - In the Flesh; Kieren/Simon, Ren/Rick, Simon/OC; Teen+, 290 words
Summary: Inspired by [info]aldiara's prompt, Let's Try And Remember How This Ought to Feel. A nod to my previous fic, Stretch Out and Wait, is included in this piece.

From an Antique Land - Preface by [info]giorgiakerr - Upstairs/Downstairs; Blanche/Portia; G, 250 words
Summary: Blanche had first set eyes upon Portia Alresford many years before she had made her acquaintance, many years, indeed, before she was Lady Alresford.

The Epilogue That Life Forgot by [info]lilithilien - Harry Potter; Harry/Draco; Gen, 6540 words
Summary: Harry is bothered by the Epilogue.

Goat Trading with Benefits by [info]aldiara - Spartacus/Vikings; Agron/Nasir/Ragnar; Mature, 300 words
Summary: Ragnar comes to buy goats from Agron and Nasir, and stays for a little more.

The Limit of Sacrifice by [info]lilithilien - Harry Potter; Lucius Malfoy and co.; Gen, 2200 words
Summary: There was more to the prophecy than Dumbledore knew.

The Huntress by [info]amyriadfthings - Vikings; Lagertha/Ragnar/Athelstan; Gen, 500 words
Summary: Lagertha knows what Ragnar likes (and what she likes, as well).

As a final note, I KNOW YOU HAVE MORE. I could bully you all year, but I will leave it at telling you that I loved what you guys wrote for this, and I hope it will inspire you to keep going and maybe finish this piece or that and share. Don't be a fic hoarder! (Also if one of the prompts inspired you but you couldn't make time for this challenge, there's nothing stopping you from still filling it anyway!)


(Goats added by the lovely [info]lilithilien - yeah yeah, if you want to see Nasir instead, go on Tumblr! THIS WAS MY MOMENT IN THE SUN OF THIS SMILE.)



Wow! Well done everyone for getting all of those words out of your heads and onto the internets. And well done you for keeping on top of all of this while enjoying convention times as well!
Congrats to everyone taking part and thank you, Aldi, for pressuring organizing the challenge.
I love all your goatish banners.
Also, yay to the last pic!!
OMG YOU GUYS I'M SO IMPRESSED WITH YOU ALLLLL <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

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