Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 8

Whoa, that rather exploded this year! I had SO much fun with the Clone Club, and to end it on a high note, here's my second-favourite clone, Cosima Niehaus! The lovely [info]alshaworld indulged me once again and played Delphine with me:

"Someone geek out with me about this!"

"Welcome to the trip, man."

I love Cosima's look and her outfit was no problem, because she wears about 90% of the same things I do, lol. I don't usually do artsy or massive eyeliner, though so...

Here's me mid-eyeliner, quietly going insane.

It was all worth it, though, because voila:

Crazy eyeliner science!

Never taking it off now!

The hair took a while, too - I actually used to wear this style occasionally when I was a kid and my mother was feeling braid-y, and again later in my 20s, but I'd not done it for years, so it was bloody difficult. I'll leave them in for a few days, so it'll be amusing when I take them out and have a crimp-afro-frizz-plosion on my head!

Cosplay photostrips are my new favourite thing.

I'll do a Clone Club wrap-up post sometime soon and I still want to do something unrelated for actual Halloween, but for now a big THANK YOU to [info]omarandjohnny for starting this and coming up with awesome shit every week and cheering me on in my madness. Best. Tradition. Ever!! <333333333


Thank YOU BOTH for joining in, it's made these past two Octobers all the more special!!!!

::massive huggles::
This is *literally* the only way to do Halloween properly! :D *squishes*

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