[info]amo_amas_amat wrote
on January 1st, 2018 at 11:06 pm

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's just so glorious to see these altogether Aldi. What a stunning achievement. I have just been scrolling up and down, wallowing in all the memories of the books that your pictures evoke.

King Shrewd's Jester:: I love how bright the eyes stand out, despite being so pale the liveliness of him in this period truly stands out. I adore the tights and the whole outfit.

Oh my gosh the Toymaker wig is divine! I love the extra warmth there is in the hair colour and skin tone. This is kind of my happy place, thinking of them at this stage, despite the hardship at the time, little did we know!

I did love your previous Amber (hence, icon) but I love her here too. All the patchwork and flashes of detail work so well for her, knowing the care that she would take I think. And the leather waistcoat of androgyny WORKS goddammit. :D

Lord Golden, STOP! Hahaha flashy flash flash with a hint of devastating heartbreak. NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

Why is the blind beggar my favourite? I have no idea but you do capture the devastation of the fool being brought to this so well. Particularly seeing this cosplay straight after the lushness of Lord Golden and Amber and the Toymaker. OMG my tears. The hint of gold in the head bandage is making me weep so much. ARGH ALDI!!! Also your desolate stance in the full body view, KUDOS ON THE ACTING, it looks like it truly hearts to stand. ARRRRRHH. (Based on this I am relieved you didn't attempt Brown Man because I have no idea if I would have survived it!)

HELL YES DRAGON TOUCHED. I LOVE THIS. All the Elderling touches are so wonderful, it's so great to end on this colourful sundrenched high but you've still caught the sort of sad, subdued edge to it that covers this part of the story so well. I have to say the belt is a great touch here with it's scale-like effect.

All in all this is such a phenomenal achievement and a beautiful tribute to an all-time great character. I've loved the opportunity to discover more about the character and your interpretation of so many of the aspects of the Fool through this post.

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