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*pokes in head, does perfunctory cleaning, feeds the starved dustbunnies*

I biked to town today! I thought it might just about kill me, but actually it was really fun, and I did not even crumble before the Hill of Hell (living in a town that's all built on hills is very pretty until you have to manouevre them on a bike). We'll see if my thighs will turn to knotted wood overnight, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This winter has been insanely mild. Like... it's laughable to even call it winter. We don't get snow, but last year it was pretty cold and we had that killer storm that sent like 500 trees flying through the air and smashing into things. This year has mostly been sunny and slightly cool, lol. It's hardly ever rained. It hasn't stormed. The temperature's rarely even dropped to zero. And now it's not even mid-August but it's been so warm and spring-like that I was hot in my long-sleeved shirt (no jacket) today. Crazyskates! Not that I'm complaining. Grandma asks if we don't miss the snow everytime we talk, and I can still respond with an emphatic "NO!", lol.

Otherwise, not much new is going on. I'm still busy bending the time/space continuum, getting by on 10 hours of sleep a week, and being a busy little bee on EKP and the awesomesauce that is AWZ lately. The lovely [info]alsha and I are watching One Tree Hill, which I am notable unimpressed with so far, and she's recently got me hooked on Sugar Rush, which is just all sorts of adorable and hilarious, with just the right amount of snark. Plus, lots of lovely girlslash! What's not to love?

Being so wrapped up in my cracky German soap and watching lots of British shows lately has really kind of put me off mainstream American shows, I think, lol. We started watching One Tree Hill because we both quite like cheesy teenage shows to veg with (witness my terrible cheerful love for Dawson's Creek) but ugh... everything so far has been so ham-fisted and anvil-dropping and eyerollingly moralising and glossy and wooden. Pls to be giving me some characters that are actual people instead of walking stereotypes. And some good writing would help, too.

Anyway, life's pretty good. Could do with less job and more money, a clone or seven, and more hours in my day, as usual, but in general, can't complain.

My show has gone jaw-droppingly insane. IN A GOOD WAY.

I joined this fandom during dark times. It wasn't smack in the middle of DeVa or anything (when I came along, they were in the middle of Julian Lives), but it was almost worse, because it had pretty much reached a point where even rage had passed, and everyone seemed just caught in this state of mild revulsion and disappointed resignation. There was no hope for this pairing anymore. Most of even its stoutest defenders had given up and accepted that it was just not going to happen anymore. Well, I'm a sucker for impossible causes, so naturally this was the PERFECT TIME to get not only involved, but obsessed, lol. Obsessed with these two characters who were not even given shared screentime anymore, let alone shared storylines. Who had been written apart so absolutely, so rigorously that one of them had apparently exclusively gone back to being into women, and once even stated emphatically that he wasn't gay. Not only was the pairing dead, but pretty much all the plots sucked, pretty much all the time. For months. Hope was stupid. Hope was hopeless. It was all so fucked up that it was kind of awesome, hahahahaah. If nothing else, it was an endless inspiration for canon repair fanfic while my lovely insane co-obsessees [info]sdk and [info]lilithilien and I subbed old storylines and glugged gallons of liquor to get through DeVa.

Right now? THIS SHOW IS SO FUCKING AWESOME I CAN'T BREATHE. Seriously. Within the span of less than two months, these things have happened:

1. After being sidelined, backburnered, and/or ignored for months, Roman is getting attention. Big attention. Spot-light, central stage, fabulous attention. A sex life. Great storylines, great dialogue, great opportunities for DG to show that yes, he IS the best actor on this fucking show, thank you very much.

2. After a year and a half of puzzling motivations, out-of-character behaviour, and utter lack of consistent development, Deniz Öztürk is finally getting slowly built, consistent, believable character development. Part of me is still scared to believe that months and months of secret Deniz-cuddling, desperate attempts to make sense of the un-make-sense-able-of and an entirely unreasonable love for this fragmented character are finally paying off. The Deniz who's been slowly emerging over the past 60 episodes or so (and that's the other fabulous thing: this is not an instant character redemption patch. This has been crafted slowly, carefully, and for the most part credibly) is not a different person from the conflicted boy we first met. He's still adorkable, loyal, quick-tempered, attention-hungry, occasionally cruel, sweet and fatally charming, but OMG he's actually matured. BELIEVABLY. He's let go of a dead-end, pointless crush. He's learned to be generous and understanding about the mistakes of others. He's supportive, at ease with himself, dedicated to his career (*snickers* "career"... sorry... heheheh) and, above all, still drawn to Roman like a moth to the flame, whether he realises that at this point or not. It all makes sense. I can, like... approve of Show's Deniz characterisation. Colour me slack-jawed.

3. Right now, hope is neither stupid nor hopeless. By the way, I love the German equivalent of "Hope springs eternal." It's "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt," meaning "Hope dies last." I love that this is essentially a terribly cynical statement on the most non-cynical of concepts. It doesn't have the English connotation of "eternal," it doesn't state that hope will be around forever. In fact, it fairly bluntly states that even hope will die, it'll just be the last thing to go. And because all things die eventually, it's totally inevitable, but at the same time everything's still around right now, so might as well be stupid and hope while we can. I LOVE IT.
/end random linguistic/philosophical tangent.


Apart from the general incredible awesomeness of that, it also makes me think in all sorts of dimensions that are probably way too big for the motivations of a daily soap. It makes me think changes in the world of professional sports. It makes me think revolutionise figure skating. It makes me think campaigns for same-sex skating pairs to be admitted to general competitions. Yeah, sure, it's just a soap, and I doubt they have ambitions like that, but... you know, this is daily entertainment for loads of people. Thousands will see this. Some might be affected. Some might start to go "hmmmm." Change often starts with weird things. This wouldn't be the weirdest. Anyway, it makes me pretty fucking damn proud.

5. Apart from m/m pair-skating awesomesauce, we also get this:

And that really shouldn't require an explanation. SHOW, ILU!!!!

6. On a personal note, with all this fabulousity just starting up, the Eskimo Kiss Project is pretty much exploding lately. We're still working on two storylines, the drudgery of the Dark Years plots and the current exciting stuff. It makes for a weird contrast. We're also picking up interest left right and centre; people are subscribing faster than we can count, comments and messages pile up so fast we can barely keep up, and our clips are covered weekly on It's nuts. The good kind, mostly, although we could really do with a staff of minions, a super-technology HQ, and steady pay. Just saying.

7. According to the spoilers, the awesome is here to stay for quite a while *happy happy joy dance*

I'm not entirely convinced that they won't muck this up, in the long run. The devil with this show is that when they're on, they're cracky-sparkly-fairy-flossy-GOLD, and when they're off, they're made of shitey-sucky-awful-shrivelled-BOLLOCKS. Unfortunately, they're also irresistible, so what can you do.

So come on, Show, and bring it. You'll probably break my heart again, but I'm along for the ride. To whatever end.

And now... I have ice cream, gummis and, uhm, work. Rats. Why must one work, why, why? I wish to spend all my time doing shiny things! *pouty*

As ever, I do read the f-list even if I don't post much lately. Love you all! Hope you're having great weekends! *smooches*



::draws hearts all over this post::

Regarding AWZ, the most I can ever get out is !!!!SPLUTTERFLAILDIE!!!, so I'm not even going to try saying anything else. It just amazes me that the show that hooked me on gay sl's within soap operas has come full circle. For me, it was a door to a whole new harem of boys, and for that they have my slobbering, world-sized gratitude :D

In semi-related news, I think one of my soap fandom OTPS is going to force me to watch One Tree Hill. Brett Claywell (Kyle from One Life to Live) plays some sort of role on OTH, and up until recently I would've rather sawed off my own head with a dull butter knife than watch that show (though I am TOTALLY with you on the Dawson's Creek love), but oh. Mr. Claywell had to go and be all wibble-chinned and full of big gay awesome on OLTL. So now I have to.

Once again, my harem dictates my every entertainment choice. Such is fandom.



*pounces and gropes most inappropriately*

OMG Johnny. !!!!SPLUTTERFLAILDIE!!! is about the most succinct summary of the current AWZ awesome, hahahahaha. It's pretty much my default state of mind lately!

So far, Brett's part in OTH is pretty small, but I'm just halfway through season 1 or so... that mythical period where show still has the potential to somehow find its feet and hopefully magically become fab, lol.
The devil with this show is that when they're on, they're cracky-sparkly-fairy-flossy-GOLD, and when they're off, they're made of shitey-sucky-awful-shrivelled-BOLLOCKS. Unfortunately, they're also irresistible, so what can you do.

You know, I think that's the best description of this show's extremes that I've ever read. That needs to be on our website!

And in other news... a pair of legs is watching! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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