[info]aldiara wrote
on January 26th, 2010 at 03:06 pm


[info]sdk tagged me, so clearly it is imperative that I do this right now rather than any of the three dozen productive and/or livelihood-preserving activities I should be engaging in instead :-D

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

*says that she tags whoever wants to do it* :-p

1. I have a weird affinity for making animals appear. No, not out of thin air :p but, like the time I kept needling [info]alsha about wanting to run into a deer smack in the middle of London (Ontario) suburbia, and five minutes later we saw a deer. And the time I was idly thinking about running into a bear while hiking (in totally non-bear country) and next thing I know, HALLO BEAR! It's happened with horses, wildcats, dolphins, foxes, you name it. It's the reason I usually avoid ocean swimming, because I just know that with my luck I'll be attracting sharks just by thinking about them, lol.

2. I have a phone phobia. I hate making phone calls or answering the phone. I'll do it if I have to and I don't usually tell people about it because it's so ridic, but there you go. I'm fine with all other means of communication including videochat, I just feel really nervous and uncertain when I have to talk to someone out loud and I can't see the other person's face.

3. I love to climb stuff. Doesn't matter what - trees, rooftops, people, random poles and fences, anything. I did do rock-climbing for a while and enjoyed it loads but pro climbers are nuts and too obsessed with technical rules. Alsha's very bemused at my continued habit to use her as a climbing implement but she puts up with it with infinite grace and patience ;)

4. I have to tuck my feet in when I'm in bed. My feet must not be exposed or, god forbid, dangle over the edge of the bed. Something might grab them, don'tcha know.

5. When I was about 14, my eyes changed colour over a relatively short period. They used to be a very dark brown and then poof, some day I looked in the mirror and went "hello, since when are you guys hazel? huh."

6. I love brushing my teeth and am freakishly compulsive about it. I love camping and can happily live without modern amenities for weeks but OMG if I can't brush my teeth twice a day, I will get very, very cranky.

7. I am the most disorganised person ever. I constantly have at least seven things that I urgently need to be doing by, like, last MONTH, but I'm incapable of doing things in a sensible and/or organised fashion. Generally I will fret and moan and be terrified of all the obligations piling up and spend loads of time hiding, procrastinating or wringing my hands instead of even attempting to tackle the pile, which is of course all sorts of counter-productive. Then I'll get mad momentary rushes of productivity and get a month's tasks/goals/chores done in a day and THEN I'll marvel at my own idiocy at not doing them sooner or in a more sensible manner, but I'll promptly do the same thing again next time. There's no escape. This approach also applies to how I write, which is why the most apt description of my writing process is still "comes in spurts" :-p

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