GOOL-y Goodies: Aldi's Verbose Trip Report of Doom (With Extra Sap, Yuck)

So, that wee event thing that's been eating mine and [info]lilithilien's lives for the past months... happened. Without major catastrophe. Which still confuses my pessimistic little heart no end: "What? Things went shiny? People were happy? Had a good time? No one got throttled, abducted, lost, or otherwise abused? REALLY?"

Really. Minor hiccoughs aside, the weekend was ****ING AWESOME (yeah, sorry, NHLB-ers. I stalked your sekrit chatroom and witnessed the happening of your sekrit in-jokes ;)), unforgettable, ecstatic, blurry with fabulousity.

I've been nabbing photos from everyone left, right, and centre since I got back, since I didn't bring my own camera, so I think it'd be rather pointless to repost other people's pics, lol. (Well, maybe one. Or two. That I really really liked.) I shall focus on rambling instead. BECAUSE I CAN RAMBLE, Y/Y!


Thursday was Travel/Arrival/Cautiously Sniffing Each Other Day. I rode a bus from Boston to NYC, taking advantage of the free on-board wireless and ruthlessly wrestling a major attack of the nerves into compliance. "WHAT AM I DOING? WHY AM I DOING THIS? WHO HAD THIS STUPID IDEA? I AM SO NOT READY. OMFG, WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING SPEECH THING. I WILL FREEZE. IT WILL BE HORRIBLE. OMG REAL PEOPLE. GIMME A COMPUTER SCREEN TO HIDE BEHIND PLS. CAN I JUST SUBTITLE MYSELF SO I WON'T HAVE TO ACTUALLY USE, Y'KNOW, SPEECH?"

Tried to soothe nerves by watching some Show, which didn't work (although it did get some intrigued looks from the people sitting near me, lol). Spent rest of ride trying to convince self that I am cool, suave, confident, and totally non-shy person. Self jeeringly laughed in my face. Proceeded to bash self over the head with a piece of wood, stuff self into the boot, tie self to a chair and intimidate self with chainsaw noises until self gave in and agreed to everything. Hooray!

Eventually pulled into Penn Station and proceeded to Lost & Found, the meeting point I'd agreed on with my beloved brainthird [info]lilithilien. Proudly located Lost & Found place and positioned myself to wait for brainthird fresh from Canada. Had not quite copped on to the fact that Penn Station might, in fact, have more than one Lost & Found (marvellous idea! If I found someone's purse, I would totally be sadistic and open it up to divvy contents into three equal piles to deposit at three different Lost & Founds, just to drive them insane!). Thankfully, Lil had had the foresight to wheedle the info booth lady into compassion with some sob story about the dumb sheepfarmer newly arrived from NZ and had me paged. Trundled over to cuddle Lil and then we decided to dive headfirst into the glorious NYC buzz and walk the few blocks to our hotel.

(Btw, I bloody love NYC. In small, concentrated doses, that is - if I had to live there, I'd go berserk. But for up to a week, I always fall madly in lust with this city. And this weekend, it completely defied all the stereotypes attached to it, as if it knew it didn't stand a chance against the sparkle: People on the street smiled at us. Strangers were helpful. Cabbies were friendly. Madness reigned supreme.)

Got to hotel, briefly talked to Purl, the loveliest of lovelies, on the phone (she was getting cupcakes and t-shirts and literal mountains of condoms donated to us, had been organising the airport transport for the actors, and is otherwise made of 150% AWESOMESAUCE), then met the indescribably fabulous Shirley and the other organisers. Then Lil and I went off to Madame X to check out the place and our set-up for the video projections the next evening. Got there after some, erm, fully intentional meandering (New York streets occasionally shift in sneaky manner not compliant with maps, although it's not nearly as dodgy as Köln where the random spontaneous rearrangement of city parts is concerned.... what? No, of course we didn't get "lost." What a perfectly absurd notion.)

Madame X surpassed our expectations... it was fabulous, red, velvety, couchy and beautifully bordello-like, with an inner courtyard and a gorgeous glass atrium on the second floor. We were shown around the place and squeefully declared it perfect. It also seemed fairly sizable when inspected unpopulated. Hah!

Gleefully bounced off towards the Swift Bar, to rub noses (figuratively - we didn't progress to the physical nose-rubbing stage until Sunday, I think) with the lovely bunch of Eskimos waiting there. I promptly ran into the dilemma of people giving me real names and me helplessly going "YouTube handle? Spazzy nicknames with numbers in them? Please?" Real names are confusing.

Anyway. Had a great time meeting people and secretly marvelling at their actual, physical existence ("Hm, where's the thumbs-up button?"). Attendees included the fabulous [info]bonobochick, [info]antiteb (her of the hardcore "PAH, I can study for my Very Important Exam on Monday while on the plane flying back, right?" approach... sorry if we bugged you about the bloody exam all weekend, love), our darling Demonmutt, the adorable [info]amilee123 and her unbearably cute pixie sister Shanna, the lovely Sarah aka meepison, the one and only INGA aka [info]amyriadfthings *noserubs madly*, other lovelies such as Keith and his boyfriend Russel (was it Russell? I hope it was Russell), Emily and Ana and I'm just sure I'm misspelling names and forgetting people but like I said, extremely confused by the mixing of names! The fabulous Solomom even dropped in briefly to say hi on her way to the VL shindig she had organised. It was completely wonderful to meet everyone and I was glad we'd set up a pre-GOOL meeting to get to put some faces to names and have a chat. Unfortunately the chatting was more of a theoretical undertaking, as the place was very noisy, which made in-depth conversation a challenge; also, everyone was fairly travel-knackered. Still, a good time was had, and Lil and I ate fries with the works. Wheeeeeee.

Eventually we walked back to the hotel while practising our skit and realising, with not-so-mild flutterings of panic, that we sucked abysmally at it. Lines? How do actors remember lines? How? How? "Nooooo. You have to ask me if I'm scared. I can only say "Terrified" if you ask me if I'm scared first. DON'T IMPROVISE OMG CANNOT COPE." Got through it several times before we reached the hotel but realised further rehearsal was definitely requ'd. Oscillated madly between "Dude, we suck" and "Dude, we'll rock this thing." *facepalm*

Don't remember anything else that happened Thursday night so I'll assume we actually slept. Maybe. YOU HAVE NO PROOF.


Friday! Friday was awesome! We missed breakfast (Ben would have sadfaced at us) but pottered downstairs in time to meet [info]wildepet, [info]spaghettitoes, [info]amyriadfthings and eventually [info]redcouchaddict. I knew from the get-go that I somehow had to find a suitcase big enough to fit all of them and smuggle them through NZ Biosecurity because argh, they are all just so damn lovely. I have no words. I wish I had a picture of Pet & Fab's first hug (Pet is taaaaall and Fab is teeeeensy), it was the most adorable thing ever. Much cuddling was had all around, then we deposited the girls' luggage in our room (it was too early for check-in), giggled a bunch like twelve was our combined age, and eventually hit the streets in search of coffee. Which should not be hard to come by in NYC on a Friday morning, but finding a place we could all fit and sit and chat was more of a challenge. Eventually ended up at a nice little café, had them inject coffee directly into our veins and giggled and pawed and stared at each other a lot. Pet was dragging an RTL-bestowed camera around all weekend for video diaries and did a fantastic job of it. (GIEF FOOTAGE!)

Went back to the hotel eventually to finish off stuffing gift bags for the actors ("More condoms!") and get the sparkle sisters checked in. Lil then had to dash off for her very important collecting-actors-from-airport duties while the girls and I hung around for a while acting silly and then I poodled off too to get changed and head for Madame X to test the showreels and GOOL video award nominations on the big screen before registration started. Met the rest of the organisers there, including the fabulous Babs, who is seventeen kinds of awesome and rocked the silent auction so hard. Registration started and people began to pour in. There was much hooting and hullabaloo as Jo and Thore arrived. They cuddled Nanna on stage, which was sweet, then introduced the other actors (Felix and our guys had not arrived yet). I played the showreels for each of them, running into some minor technical snafu when the batteries on the remote decided right then was a great time to lie down and die. THANKS, TECHNOLOGY! Jo graciously bantered away the minutes while I frantically commandeered new batteries from elsewhere and it only ended up in a switch of Felix and Jo & Thore's reels, so not a total catastrophe, thank god. The Christian & Oliver reel got a massively enthusiastic reception, which I was prepared for... what I was not prepared for was that the reactions to AWZ's ep 772 actually surpassed them. Massive awwwwwing and audible wibbling was already going on for Längst Verloren, but when the first strains of Unzertrennlich started playing and Igor and Dennis showed up RIGHT THAT SECOND, there was no end to the ovations. It was bloody amazing.

Video reeling duties done for the moment, I floated off the stage to mingle, or rather, squish through crowds and accost people. Caught up on cuddles and kisses with the boys and the lovely Jovan, finally met Brent in person, also met many many people I hadn't met the night before, and new drinks kept appearing in my hand. I have absolutely no idea how that happened :p Then it was time for the GOOL Video Awards and Lil and I did our thing. Neither of us fucked up our lines, fell off the tiny stage, or smeared lipstick all over each other's faces, so we'll count it a success, lol. Not that I particularly cared by that point, I was already comfortably riding on a wave of awesome. The presentations went great and I think my personal highlight of the night has to be cuddling with Lil, Dennis and Igor as we watched The Best We Ever Had together. The only thing that could have made it even better would have been to have [info]sdk there in person. (Despite all my sincere sadfacing at later points during the event, that was the only time when I actually thought for a moment I might cry.)

The rest of the night is something of a blur, as I might've been a bit squiffy by that point (celebratory drinks of relief for not completely fucking up the skit thing, lol). Shall have to rely on the complete gentlemanliness of Dennis and Brent and trust that they will never tell anyone (INCLUDING ME, PLS) any stupid things I said or did while riding back to the hotel with them in a cab. Ahem.


Saturday! Saturday we ate breakfast! Yes, this merits a mention. Breakfast is NOT something we usually do in the Igloo, lol. We consumed actual breakfast-type food at a breakfast table in the glittery breakfasty company of Jovan and our sparkly girls, AND INGA GAVE US HER PAPER PLATES. OMG. The love, it knows no bounds. (I am currently hunting for a good place for mine, although I have mad aspirations of mounting it on some kind of spring and poking it whenever I need it to nod at me).

Eventually we went to pick up the cupcakes Purl had organised for the actors, then headed over to the historic awesomeness of the Stonewall Inn, getting momentarily side-tracked by a pretty street market with lots of shiny things. I got a thumb ring and TWO pairs of tacky pink earrings, and it only occurred to me later to wonder whether the fact that they're BOTH the colour of the Mädchen background means I have been irreparably brainwashed by SS2010. Oh well. We arrived to admire the place, finish up the set-up, and just have time for some smokes and chatting with the guys and the hordes. (It was a gorgeous, crisp spring day, and at some point I found myself wrapped in half of Igor's coat while he was still occupying the other half and I was fiddling with my stupid phone trying to get it to call Germany, and I heard myself saying "Oh, I'm not cold" before realising that SELF, ARE YOU STUPID?? and quickly adding, "but feel free to keep doing that", lol).

The Q&A panels were scheduled to run from 12:30 through 6:00ish, and I have mixed feelings about them, pretty much for the same reasons that Lil already mentioned in her own trip report. We put a lot of thought and effort into the topics and the planning of these, and they were designed for lots of audience interaction, to give all the fans who'd come all this way to see their favourite actors a chance to get to ask some of the things they'd always wanted to know about these storylines and the creative processes behind their conception. So I wasn't particularly pleased to see them turn into lots of talk about the American QAF (now if it had been the UK original, it might've been a different matter...) and veer about as far from the topic within two minutes as it was possible to be. Other fail included Hal Sparks' "funny" quips at the expense of Igor's English (classy!) and rude people talking through the panels in the back, despite being asked to keep it down so people could hear.

But people seemed to enjoy the panels anyway, which I'm glad about, and some interesting points did get mentioned. I rather enjoyed the different perspectives on how the various actors approached working with their characters, especially Igor's points about the importance of getting along with your co-star and the actor/character dynamics (he was very consternated by Felix's assertions that he views himself as completely separate from his character and they had a little back-and-forth during which Igor actually said something along the lines of "You can't tell me you bring NOTHING of yourself to the role.").

I was happy though that the following panels hosted by Dennis, Lil, and Gregory Michaels (who was lovely and gracious in agreeing to help out with the hosting) managed to get in some of that audience interaction so people got their chance to ask questions. I particularly enjoyed the panel with Dennis and Tom Chroust, which was fascinating start to finish. I often spend so much time correcting tiresome assertions like "Tom Chroust saved AWZ" or "Tom Chroust is solely responsible for DeRo 2.0" or "All must kneel and worship the Chroust" that I sometimes forget that Tom is actually a pretty awesome bloke, until I meet him again in person. I do like the guy a lot, he's smart and sharp and knows how to do his job; I just get so impatient with the blind worshipping hype. I gotta say I was tickled pink to hear him tell the story (on stage) of how he wasn't actually even at the studio when the decision to get DeRo back together was made, and how he pretty much came back and went "Huh? We're doing what? Is that even going to work?", lol. Loved Dennis for telling the story of how he'd called Igor at 2am to read him YouTube comments on 751, and how thrilled they both were that the folks at EKP got that it was more than just sex, and that they saw what they'd tried to put into it. Also loved their explanations of how much influence the actors have into the storylines and how open the whole team is about creative input. It struck me anew what a unique, organic approach to their work the AWZ team seems to have when it comes to the development of character motivation and storylines, and it makes me so damn proud, because yes, I believe the difference shows.

Igor was off to sort out his money woes by this point (what money woes? C'mon Igor, all you had to do was stand on a corner with a hat and take your shirt off a lot) and Dennis was shattered so we and Brent dragged him back to the hotel to get some rest. Only he spent half an hour with us first giving us incredible presents, which... I have no words. Our lives are surreal, bonkers and otherwise nuts. I wouldn't trade for anything.

We eventually made it upstairs to glitz ourselves up for the party. There was a goodly bit of time in between the end of the panels and the start of the party but bugger me if I have any clue what we did. Floated around the ceiling seven dozen times, probably. Or more likely, hung out at Shelly's incredible No Horde Left Behind party, which literally made me jealous I couldn't be in two places at once all weekend, because it looked like SO. Much. Damn. Fun! I gotta say again how bloody impressed I was by everything she and Kate whipped up. Instead of everyone being isolated and depressed and mopey all weekend, they built this amazing place for everyone to be together, talk, marathon storylines and have fun with creative and thoughtful activities. It made me feel fuzzy and warm everytime I looked at it, and that much closer to all of them *squishes*

The Stonewall party was lots of fun for everyone too, from what I hear. We were certainly having a blast... the Eskimos ROCKED the place! There was so much dancing and awesomeness going on... there were glowsticks, condoms everywhere, [info]geekchick1013 wore the most fantastic soapfairy costume complete with wings and penguin-patterned gloves, and [info]antiteb was wowing everyone with her sassy dancing skillz of win. I finally met the lovely [info]merkyderry and her sister (one of my big regrets of the weekend is that in all the organising madness, I didn't get to spend as much time just chatting with people as I would have liked, and I definitely feel like I missed out on Merry time *clings*), and one of my personal highlights for the night has to be Purl tearing herself away from her evil work for long enough to come and meet Lil and me. She is the most adorable thing on the planet and I'm still pouting that I didn't get to pack her and take her home. I'm also devastated that she had to leave before she could meet Dennis and Igor :( A giant Dennis/Igor/Purl/Lil/Aldi sammich definitely has to go on the MUST HAPPEN list for the next shindig!)

So yeah. Much dancing and bouncing and hugging and rolling in sparkle (and condoms... we'd put them everywhere in a desperate attempts to get rid of them) was had. With many many smoke breaks in between. I have to say that bizarrely, despite having these awesome venues like Madame X and the Stonewall Inn, my fondest memories of the weekend take place on some cold sidewalk or other, surrounded by a giant bubble of snark, love, and cigarette smoke that no cold or rain could penetrate. The venues were GREAT and I loved them to bits, but in the end they seemed surprisingly interchangeable. Give me a dark alley, Lil, Dennis and Igor, a pack of smokes and the eskimo hordes. THAT IS ALL I NEED. (And no one threw stones, I'm glad to say.)

Lil and I had planned to crash after the party but somehow (as usual) I ended up staying up until 5 am, spending some time with the NHLB peeps and goggling at the continued awesomesauce of the online event, and then mute-Skyping with [info]alsha (had to show off the gorgeous pressies from Dennis and [info]ktbob!)


Sunday was brunch day at Mustang Harry's. We poodled over there with the actors but Lil and I quickly got sidetracked by a search and rescue (er, or more like Search and Find Contact Info, Dammit) mission for our missing littlest Eskimo *steals handy moniker* so we soon found ourselves back at the hotel scouring the intarwebz for a way to reach her. Turned out all was okay, and we breathed a gigantic sigh of relief before heading back for Brunch, Take 2. Had a short period of relaxation while Lil got free therapy from Brent (at least he made her believe it was free, I'm sure the bill will arrive any day) and I found myself sitting on Igor's lap while he ate breakfast around me. Then poor Lil got abducted by Grundy camera whizz Sascha to treck back to the hotel AGAIN and upload footage to my computer while we waited for the boys to be done with various interviews and signings and picture posing. (A side note: I don't get the obsession with autographs, especially in a setting like this. If you have your favourite actors in a smallish group for a whole weekend, wouldn't you rather spend that time, y'know, talking to them rather than make them sign things? Do not comprehend.)

Eventually we managed to drag the guys outside for another much needed smoke break and the presentation of the fabulous memory books that the lovely [info]amilee123 had put together, with pictures and blurbs about all of the Eskimos attending GOOL. The guys loved them, and the entire sidewalk congregation momentarily turned into a big embarrassing sopfest. It was AWESOME. (I'm so sad that Lil missed it, though :() We also had a last-minute attendee show up: None other than our lovely Visitor-who-has-numbers-in-his-YT-name-that-I-have-forgotten-sorry. I was so happy to see him there! Felix also hung out with us for most of the day (as he had for large portions of the Stonewall party) and it was great to see him get some attention. There were lots of cuddles, noserubs and silly pictures taken, then, including my other favourite of the weekend:

(I can't help but see subtitles when I look at this picture. They go something like this:

Aldi: "Oh, this is a lovely spot for our touristy shot of New York with its famous... uhm... construction scaffolding! Don't you think, darling?"
Igor: "Yeah, whatevs. Let's do the thing."
Aldi & Igor: *pose fakely*
Dennis: "Ooooh, lookit the shinies. TOURISHTSH."
Lil: "Ahahahahahahaha AWESHOME. LESHH GO GROPE 'EM."
Dennis & Lil: *lurch*
Igor: "Uh. Some drunken chavs just totally hogged our touristy scaffold shot. And I think the dude just grabbed my butt."
Aldi: "Awkward."
Lil: "Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah KISS ME AGAIN."
Igor: "Maybe they'll go away if we just pretend we can't see them."
Aldi: "Awesome plan."
Igor: "I think the woman groped me this time."
Aldi: "Just smile, Schatz. Smile for your life."
Dennis: "OH LOOK, A CAMERA.")

Ahem. Anyway. Stress levels rose again after the group cuddling, as the boys were hogged by autograph-craving multitudes again, and we were apparently supposed to get them to their scheduled shoot for Show at Times Square within the hour. Lil temporarily reached the end of even her formidable powers when nothing was going the way it was supposed to, and went back to the hotel for some much-needed (and well-deserved) downtime. I eventually managed to set off back towards the hotel with Dennis, Igor and Brent in tow (not sure how, as my powers of organisation are traditionally made of FAIL) and while they went to get ready for the shoot, I had a cuddlefest with Lil. We'd managed to get the word around to most of the Eskimos that they were wanted at the shoot (though I'm very sorry to hear that apparently word did not reach everyone), so around 3 pm we met with them at Times Square, where we spent a lot of time huddling and giggling in the cold while Igor did his thing (being an awfully good sport about having to hop about and pose in very thin Male Function wear in the freezing cold) and passers-by stopped to ask who the pretty boy in front of the cameras was. (We had fun just saying "Igor Dolgatschew" in the most DUH, DON'T YOU RECOGNISE HIM? tone we could manage, lol.) At one point there was also a scary invasion of about twenty-five squealing Zoé-type schoolgirls from Luxembourg who I was seriously afraid would eat Igor alive.

Oh! And we also got a phone call from our wonderful [info]ktbob in Hawaii! She got passed around to everyone and I was so happy to at least get to hear her voice.

Done with Times Square, we then trundled on to Central Park, where Igor did some camera-captured jogging in a tiny sleeveless shirt (brrrrrrr COLD) while the Eskimos huddled on park benches under blankets like a flock of very cute homeless prostitutes, making Jovan crack up at the sight of us and putting our cold Arctic heritage to shame (can we help it if the Igloo is heated?). Eventually the shoot wrapped up and a gigantic goodbye woobfest began, with lots and lots of hugs and tears. All we were missing was a sobby Turkish song. Found myself in an extended cuddle session with Brent, wailing and pining, "Waaah! So sad to say goodbye! See you later at the hotel, then!", lol. Extended noserubs also took place, many final pictures were snapped, and eventually we all went our more or less separate ways.

Lil and I at least still got the sparkle sisters to ourselves for another night, but the spirit of woobie had definitely overtaken the mood. We said our goodbyes to them the next day, as well as to Dennis, Igor, Felix, Tom and Brent. Goodbyes are made of suck and should be illegal, btw. NY was turning into a stroppy cow by then to match the mood, as it was icy cold and pissing down. Travel home was tedious and accompanied by airline fail and sickness, and I fervently wanted the weekend's sparkle back.

And what a weekend it was. Man! Despite just having spent hours trying to capture my impressions, the only word that really fits is "indescribable." The moments of organising frustration and unscheduled drama were completely submerged in the general awesomeness of it all. I'm so fucking proud to be a part of this fandom, I really have no words for it. I'm so proud of Dennis and Igor and how completely fantastic they were - how much they helped with promoting this thing, with enticing the Eskimos to come, with hosting panels, debating the panel topics in a thoughtful and witty way and giving us cuddles when they were most needed, and with the incredible openness and love they showed to all the people who had come to meet them. And I'm so proud of our Eskimos, too - of the great questions they asked during the panels, the care they put into their bits for the memory books, the fact that no one ever had to be reminded to respect the actors' space or not to be creepy, and how incredibly fun, sparkly, smart, amazing and supportive they were all weekend.... and all the time online. This is so much more than your run-of-the-mill bunch of squealing fangirls/boys. This is a warm, unique, crazy and 100% fabulous community, and I love that we're all equally a part of it, fans, actors, PR guru, writers... it's a big ole bubble of love. Crazy, bitchy, obsessive, peculiar love, but love it all is. And I adore it to bits.

(Now I'm home and believe it or not, I STILL have leftover condoms and lube. And I really am the last person to need them. *makes water balloons*)


This is absolutely the best trip report ever in the history of ever!!!!! I am so happy that you were able to make it to NYC, despite the nasty airlines and stupid timezones and the current state of impoverishment we're all suffering from now. I honestly could not imagine this weekend without you! Love you so very much!!!
*squishes you silly* I love you toooooo!!! It was such an awesome time and it would never have happened if you hadn't stepped in to save the whole thing. You've been completely amazing!! *snogs*
AWWWWW loved it! I love reading these 'cause it actually lets me kind of live the weekend on a loop, which I've been trying to do since I got back...

The photo caption is made of WIN!

My only real regret this weekend is that I didn't get more time with you and Lil and the rest of the Eskimos. Next time I promise not to be as shy (yeah, I know it's hard to believe I'm shy with the whole Soap Fairy thing) and jump right in the middle of the Horde pile.

*squishes you*
Awwwww darling! You were made of so much win, from the fabulous nametags to the costume to the overall bubbliness... and for what it's worth, you didn't come across as that shy at all *cuddles* But yes, next time we'll do this whole thing under much more relaxed circumstances so we can actually sit and chat for however damn long we please!
YAY! I thought this weekend was really successful and fun, but it would be great to have more time for chatting and mingling amongst the Eskimos (or at least I'll plan better so I can be involved more).

Also? You are too sweet *blush*

*crawls in your lap snuggles in*
OMG. I wanna travel back in time and to this weekend!!! LOVE your report!
"and antiteb was wowing everyone with her sassy dancing skillz of win." ... *facepalm*
After all of these pictures and reports, no one will ever believe me that I AM shy! You people are the reason why I had such a good time and was brave enough to talk.
*hugs and lot of love*
Yeeees, time travel needs to happen just about NOW!

hahahaha, I AM SHY TOO. I'm glad the weekend brought the sparkly giggles and chattiness out of all of us! *hugs you lots*
Darling! *squishes* Oh this is lovely. I keep reading your trip report over and over again and sighing happily. I think I'll keep this and Lil's trip report and the cutest noserub picture ever open in all my tabs so I can keep the happy close.
*nuzzles* Oh Shelly! You will SO be there for the next of these things! And it will be even shinier, oh yes! We need to love on you in person, not just on your vid!

(hahahahaahah that noserub picture is FATALLY cute, OMG)
lovely, simply lovely! i hadn't planned on writing a wrap-up report but you guys' awesome reports have totally inspired me!

oh, and, sorry for going missing sunday. i feel terrible that i added to your already enormous amount of things to think about that morning. and i am so thankful that you guys cared enough to even notice that i wasn't there! the eskimos are definitely the best! is there any other fandom that would do that for its littlest member? i don't think so.

*goes to ponder my own report*
*is surprised that thong and/or drunken-ness have not been mentioned in any reports yet*
Yes, yes, you must do your own! *greedy* And put all your thong and/or drunkenness anecdotes into it! ;) (I wouldn't presume to talk about that... didn't know if you were willing to share, although you've been so fabulously "OH WELL, FUN TIMES" about it all weekend *g*)

Also, WHAT THONG? WHAT DRUNKENNESS? We all were the epitome of class and sophistication all weekend, right? RIGHT?

And no need to apologise, sweetie! We were just worried after what you'd told us Saturday night, and we wanted to make sure you were okay. So relieved that you were!


OH MY GOD! I AM FILLED WITH SO MUCH ESKIMO LOVE AND SQUEE RIGHT NOW! I love you guys! I'm so sad I couldn't be in NYC, and everyone else who couldn't be there, either, because the Hordes are all so awesome that they totally deserve it!! But these reports and the amount of effort everyone put in to making the weekend SO FRICKIN' SPARKLY is just awesome! (And thanks for taking the time out to come chat with us over at NHLB, Aldi! It was great to chat, and it made the event and all over in NYC less distant and surreal).

Sounds like everyone had an awesome time, and I'm so happy that such awesome people were out there being all ambassadorial for the Hordes.

*momentarily ditches Easter family-bonding to watch GOOL Video Awards playlist*

Thanks so much for the report, Aldi!


Re: Squee

Giorgia!! You have an IJ!! When did this happen!! *friends* (Yaaaaay, I'm so glad you're joining the madness! :D)

I was so sorry you couldn't be there either, babes - I would have loved to have you there. Next time we do this, it will definitely be in a country that does not have ridiculous age restrictions on drinking/bar access. (Also, I believe it's time to start lobbying for a southern hemisphere-based shindig at some point in the future. I know Igor will be game ;))

*cuddles and squishes* I'm so glad you guys had the fab online party to keep up spirits and have loads of fun together. Wish I could've spent more time, but even I needed sleep occasionally (madness, I know!!)


Re: Squee

*cuddles back*

Haha, Shelly was pimping IJ out over on the NHLB chat. *friends* Southern Hemisphere would be AWESOME! Hehe, even if NZ has like, THE most insanely insane Customs of all time. (I think half the glitter'd get taken from us at the airport :P )

And yes, 21? Whose idea was that?! *throws stones*

Online party was fun! Yes, I had to keep nicking off at peak-hour on Chat because of time-zoning issues, and, you know, school (totally should have stayed online. Who needs class when you've got SPARKLES?! But I wore my EKP t-shirt and squeed and bounced and giggled *all* day. My friends and teachers were like, "WTF, Giorgia?! Stop that!" Hehe.)

*starts mentally planning GOOL 2011*
Oh wow! That was wordy. And awesome. So wordy and awesome in fact, that I'll give up on commenting on single aspects and just say that I'm so very happy that you guys all had such an amazing time. And that I'm very grateful for everyone's detailed trip reports and that I'll never get tired of reading those.
May 2011 be even better.
2011 will SO be even better. Because we will ALL be there! I am starting to refuse listening to any excuses from anyone right about NOW.

*hugs and bounces*
Just had to laugh that you've been left with the condoms and lube :P Dare I ask how much you carted nack to NZ with you?

I wouldn't want a bubble of love that wasn't crazy, bitch, obsessive and peculair.

And yes 2011 - plenty of saving/planning time! No excuses allowed!!!



Oh Aldilicious My Love

YOU are the most loveliest of lovelies.

I'm still simultaneously weeping from the joy of squeezing y'all and from the misery of missing my beloved DennIgor.

As soon as I can figure out how to get my EKP NoseRubber 2010 Transporter back up and running, I'm heading to the NZ Igloo Annex (with a quick snuggle stop in the Great Pacific North of my continent to spread my sparkles all over Miss Lil).

I'm saving up every Shekel I can get my hands on so I can be ready for the call when the glowing ice skate silhouette appears in the sky beckoning the hordes to gather once again.

Glad you made it back to your nest you sparkly butterfly
Yours In Glittery Bosoms

Re: Oh Aldilicious My Love

*cuddles you silly* When the said glowing ice skate silhouette next appears in the sky, YOU WILL BE THERE, even if I have to steal a horse and a sexy cowgirl outfit and abduct you!

I'm so sad you missed them but selfishly happy that Lil and I got to meet you, at least. Love you so much!!

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