Generic stickypost on friending and fic and whatnot.

OH HAI, welcome to my little corner of the sparkly IJ world. I'm fairly easy about friending, though if I don't know you, it would be nice to drop me a line to say hello and why you're here, and to let me know if you're a perv or something. Which would in all probability be fine, to be honest. I have no standards.

I use this journal to ramble about fannish things and occasionally post personal updates. All of the latter are friends-locked, so if you're mostly here for my fic, all of that can be found at my AO3 account (comments are ♥).


You're not being stalkerish at all, no worries (or if you are, then it's not the kind I mind! ;)) It wasn't so much the current writing project as travel and other RL stuff that has interfered with fic-writing lately - but rest assured that there'll be more to come soon. Actually thanks for the little nudge because quite often that helps me get back down to business! And thanks for the kind words about EKP. I often miss it too, schizophrenic as that may sound.
Hi me again - still mildly stalking ;) Actually am wandering around here trying to figure this place out and was trying to ask if I could be a friend in various unsucessful efforts :S
Failing miserably at this entire IJ thing so far!
I have been enjoying the final encore of EKP and would love to be able to keep up with any and all of your writing!
I am a well behaved Eskimo applicant who while lacking the creative writing gene, am an enthusiastic appreciator!

Oh and I am 22Alvin - different names everywhere coming back to haunt me :S
Hey sweetie - lol, thanks for letting me know who you are, I can never keep multiple usernames straight. Friending you right away!

February 2018



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