[info]aldiara wrote
on July 18th, 2010 at 10:40 am

That meme thing (OMG WEEKEND YAY!)

Oh, this looked like fun, so wth. Nicked from[info]omarandjohnny and, you know, everyone else.

Last cigarette: Hahaha, this is pathetic. About a month ago? Igor gave me one of his packs on the last day of GOOL, it was still nearly full and it's still nearly full now, lol. I SWEAR I AM NOT KEEPING IT IN SOME WEIRD AND STALKERISH SHRINE-BUILDING WAY. I only smoke about a few times a year when the occasion's right, and the occasion in NY was very right, but since then, not so much. The one a month ago was when I was sad and missing my German people.

Last kiss: This morning. Although I'm not entirely sure why she went into defensive airplane-about-to-crash-into-me position when I went for it. (Actually I am sure but that would lead us into Very Strange Tales I make up in which my girlfriend is the Andes and I am a plane that just crashed into her and now she has a tiny Uruguayan rugby team stuck on her shoulder eating each other and trying to get across the peak/her head, and... there really is such a thing as over-sharing, isn't there.)

Last good cry: Eh, I cry all the time. I used to cry, like, NEVER, until I was 20 or so, then a dam opened up and ever since I've cried at the drop of a hat. It's very annoying. So, uhm, last Show-related cry, yesterday. Last RL-related one... dunno. Apparently I only cry about fictional stuff.

Last movie seen: In the cinema, How To Train Your Dragon (adorbs!) On DVD, High Fidelity, which through some freak strike of fate I've never yet managed not to fall asleep over. And it's not that it bores me, I love the film to bits, but somehow every single time I've watched it I've been dead-tired and couldn't keep my eyes open.

Last book read: Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. OMG SUCH A PILE OF SHITE.

Last cuss word uttered: *points up* Shite? Or probably fuck, IRL. I cuss a lot.

Last beverage drank: Water this morning. In more interesting beverages, I made mulled wine last night and it turned out fab.

Last food consumed: Gummi bears. I mentioned to [info]alsha yesterday that Flo offered to bring gummis and she sighed and said something like "He's me, isn't he" because I'm in the Igloo 24/7 and she brings me food and [info]lilithilien calls her the food fairy because I randomly yell things like "ALSHA BROUGHT FRIES!!!" in chat. But, uhm, yeah, so ALSHA BROUGHT GUMMI BEARS! Except now I'm out so... *sits and waits for more to appear*

Last phone call: I have chronic telephobia so I avoid phones wherever I can. I have honestly no clue what my last call was. Probably my mother, after she broke her arm and whinged at me lots via email about what a horrid daughter I am to never call and she was TYPING THOSE EMAILS WITH HER BROKEN ARM but fine if that was the way I wanted it...

Last TV show watched: AWZ. Specifically 970. You guys, it has no boys whatsoever and it's the sparkliest thing ever in the world! Fucking Christof, I don't even.

Last shoes worn: Uhm, barefoot right now, and I usually am. I did wear my red ankleboots sometime... yesterday? The day before?

Last CD played: Had some stuff on last night for mulled wine shindig. Lots of Crooked Fingers, I think?

Last item bought: A bunch of awesome sweaters last week, after I realised I have absolutely no wearable winter clothes anymore.

Last download: I am not authorised to disclose that information.

Last annoyance: Bunch of channel wank. OMG people, just be sparkly or don't comment. How hard??

Last disappointment: Same as above.

Last thing handwritten: A couple of goodbye cards to Silvia and Norman, I think. My hand doesn't know how handwriting works anymore.

Last word(s) spoken: "You're lucky you're cute" to the neighbours' tiny impostor cat who thinks she lives with us, after she ate all the cat food.

Last sleep: I realise this entirely wrecks my reputation but I slept from 10pm last night to 9am this morning, lol. In my defence, I was catching up on about 2 weeks of 2-hour cat naps here and there.

Last weird encounter: Hm, not sure? Probably this teenager at a party a couple weeks ago who kept giving me weird looks and beaming at me and following me around the room. Couldn't suss out if he was hitting on me (srsly, he was like 15, I could have been his mum, lol) or if it was the "oooh, girl-on-girl" thing.

Last time wanting to die: Seriously, when I was 13.

Last time in love: Currently.

Current clothes: A fuzzy bathrobe and aforementioned kitten trying to impersonate a scarf.

Current mood: Boggled at not dying under deadlines and things.

Current music: Birds chirping.

Current taste: Lingering gummi bears.

Current hair: Waist length and growing, and madly wavy.

Current thing I should be doing: Cleaning up the kitchen, do some work.

Current worry: Eh, it's too nice a day for worry *represses*

Current happiness: Shiny fandom, awesome creative people, OMG I CAN ALMOST HAVE A REAL WEEKEND.

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