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Mar. 25th, 2012

Hunger Games, Spazzy Thoughts



Ok, so I missed the midnight viewing because The Capitol wouldn't let me in, i.e. Wellington Airport thought it was necessary to close down for a ridic little bit of fog. I was crushed, CRUSHED. On the upside, when I flew in the next morning, [info]alshaworld and I had an awesome breakfast and then went to see the 11am show, which was nearly empty for some reason. It was really weird (but then it was a school day and still opening day so maybe not many people knew it was on that early, but still, WEIRD). We were pretty pleased to have the theatre to ourselves though :D

And it was so awesome that we decided to go again the next day, again at 11am, when suddenly there were terrifying hordes of squealing teenage girls. I was determined that if they were going to be making ANY noise during the film, I'd make them fight to the death, but to their credit, they contained the porpoise noises to before and after.

Okay, and now for some fangirly rambling! )

I... can't even think of anything else to nitpick about. So. Much. Love! I definitely need a reread, and also to see this film again approximately fifteen times. And also for all the actors and the director and crew to cancel all their other commitments and to work on catching Fire and Mockingjay right the fuck NOW, because those waiting periods are going to be some serious torture. *grabby hands*

I'm still kind of intimidated about venturing into the fandom - I think I'll need to employ a toe-dipping approach ;) But I'm also looking forward to all the awesome creativity that awaits. \o/

May. 17th, 2011





Jan. 16th, 2011

(Very late) shaggable people meme!

Nabbed from just about everyone else, done for [info]graspthethorn because I can't resist when she commands me to be shallow.

- List 10 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
- Put them IN ORDER of your lust for them (10 to 1, 1 is the hottest).
- Supply photos for said people.

[Errrr, just so you know, I have a tendency to like weird-looking bits about otherwise attractive people, which is why this will probably contain a lot of spazzing along the lines of "OMFG LOOK AT HIS FUGLY JAWLINE ISN'T IT SO HOT", lol. Unless it's the boobs. Then it's pretty much just "BOOBS!"]

I haz a theme. It's called redheads with freckles. )

Jan. 5th, 2011

The Best and Worst of AWZ 2010

So I haven't posted on GoDT in yonks and honestly I have no desire to. But I did always enjoy the yearly round-ups of the best and worst storylines, so I've rudely appropriated the template for personal use *whistles*

Lots of bitching ahead, and some fangirling too )

Jan. 1st, 2011


However, it doesn't consist of anything else either because I've just spent an estimated 5 hours catching up on comments and the Very Meaningful Updatey Update I meant to write is clearly not going to be happening.

Instead, consider this a placeholder and a vague promise that I will attempt to be less of a slacker in my IJ/LJ habits and, y'know, keep people in the loop about My Very Exciting Life. (I KNOW. START HOLDING YOUR BREATH NOW.)

In lieu of actual news, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you very fine people! And because it's not like this vid has been posted in a million places yet, let's have it again: Proof that the past two years were made of magic, that Ulrike Röseberg is made of complete win, and that Dennis Grabosch rocks too hard for words:

*smooches all around*

Sep. 20th, 2010

Girlcrush of the week: Joyce Ilg, A.K.A. Obscure AWZ Character Appreciation Post (with picspam)

(Aside: You know what is fucking annoying? The fact that when you finally get round to tossing out half your old icons and replacing them with new ones, all the old posts on which you used the old icons revert to your default icon, no matter how perfectly suited those icons were to those posts. Come ON, InsaneJournal peeps! Surely there should be some snazzy solution for that by now. Not impressed.)

Why am I here? What am I doing? Oh, right. Hey peeps. Meet my girlcrush of the week:


This is Joyce Ilg. Joyce Ilg is a young German actress who played Sophie Brenner on AWZ.


Who the fuck is Sophie Brenner, you ask? (picspam-heavy) )

Sep. 3rd, 2010

Free time? OMG what's that??

Exciting times. We're taking an EKP break. I'm not sure I know how to do that! EKP rambling )

LotR rambling (with picspam to prove Sean Bean and Timo Hübsch are long-lost brothers) )

Fingersmith rambling (with trailerspam) )

And of course, hair talk! )

Right. Off to explore the [info]bbtp_challenge masterlist some more, scowl at my work, and oil my very rusty original-material writing skills.

*squishes the lovely f-list*

May. 23rd, 2010

Random gropage

*has calmed down somewhat*

Well. DeRo 3.0 is nothing if not educational about people's willingness to think outside the box and kiss their little narrow-minded stereotypes goodbye. I wouldn't exactly say it's the enjoyable kind of educational, and I have a feeling I will need to seriously stock up on booze for the next few months and go hunting the the zen-y place that surely exists somewhere in my mind, but it's definitely interesting.

But! Done with that, moving on. Good lord, friendlist! The one night a week I decide to actually sleep, IJ promptly explodes into a flurry of comments and posts and I end up spending hours scrambling to catch up, lololol. THIS IS WHY SLEEP DOES NOT WORK!

Also, argh. I've been watching Skins. It was supposed to distract me from the agonisingly fabulous and fabulously agonising goings-on on Show, but it just ended up taking the (very few) unbroken corners of my heart and crushing them into ground-up sawdust. Holy fuck though, it is brilliant! I'm totally addicted. Which is kind of bad because I don't have time or resources for another addiction, but I'm embracing.

Also, Hannay Murray is totally my new girlcrush (as [info]alsha fondly stated, I always fall for the crazy ones). Which makes me feel kind of dirty and cougar-like but that's not stopping me from perving all over her:


Seriously, though. That show is shockingly well-written, unpredictable, funny, heart-rending and just all around awesome. I am in love.

All sorts of awesometastic fandom things have been happening lately - most notably of all, thanks to the fabulous [info]sdk and her lovely banner-making assistant [info]graspthethorn, the 2010 SEXYS have been announced and I won a truly tacky amount of awards that I'm currently pawing with Cruella DeVil-like glee. (I also made the mistake of tracking the topic, with the result that my inbox has been choking on a cracktastic flood of comments all weekend, lol *loves fandom*)

Okay, now that I'm finally caught up on IJ and YT (more or less, omg I need more hours in my hours), I am going to huddle in my freezing part of the Igloo (dammit, I hate winter) with my hot cider and attempt some actual SRS BIZNIZ writing, despite the untimely fanfic muses babbling at me, lol.

F-LIST ILU! <333333333333333333333333

Oct. 13th, 2009

Look, I'm dating a smart chick

I hassled, harried, harangued and harassed the lovely [info]alsha until she posted her musings on International Coming Out Day someplace that was not f-locked, because I want to pimp the awesomeness of it, and her.

Because, WORD.

Aug. 13th, 2009


Aug. 9th, 2009

Winter, What Winter?, Telly-Watching, & the Latest from Cracky Sparkly Obsession Land

*pokes in head, does perfunctory cleaning, feeds the starved dustbunnies*

I biked to town today! I thought it might just about kill me, but actually it was really fun, and I did not even crumble before the Hill of Hell (living in a town that's all built on hills is very pretty until you have to manouevre them on a bike). We'll see if my thighs will turn to knotted wood overnight, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This winter has been insanely mild. Like... it's laughable to even call it winter. We don't get snow, but last year it was pretty cold and we had that killer storm that sent like 500 trees flying through the air and smashing into things. This year has mostly been sunny and slightly cool, lol. It's hardly ever rained. It hasn't stormed. The temperature's rarely even dropped to zero. And now it's not even mid-August but it's been so warm and spring-like that I was hot in my long-sleeved shirt (no jacket) today. Crazyskates! Not that I'm complaining. Grandma asks if we don't miss the snow everytime we talk, and I can still respond with an emphatic "NO!", lol.

Otherwise, not much new is going on. I'm still busy bending the time/space continuum, getting by on 10 hours of sleep a week, and being a busy little bee on EKP and the awesomesauce that is AWZ lately. The lovely [info]alsha and I are watching One Tree Hill, which I am notable unimpressed with so far, and she's recently got me hooked on Sugar Rush, which is just all sorts of adorable and hilarious, with just the right amount of snark. Plus, lots of lovely girlslash! What's not to love?

Being so wrapped up in my cracky German soap and watching lots of British shows lately has really kind of put me off mainstream American shows, I think, lol. We started watching One Tree Hill because we both quite like cheesy teenage shows to veg with (witness my terrible cheerful love for Dawson's Creek) but ugh... everything so far has been so ham-fisted and anvil-dropping and eyerollingly moralising and glossy and wooden. Pls to be giving me some characters that are actual people instead of walking stereotypes. And some good writing would help, too.

Anyway, life's pretty good. Could do with less job and more money, a clone or seven, and more hours in my day, as usual, but in general, can't complain.

Bunch of fandom stuff behind cut to spare the non-obsessed )

And now... I have ice cream, gummis and, uhm, work. Rats. Why must one work, why, why? I wish to spend all my time doing shiny things! *pouty*

As ever, I do read the f-list even if I don't post much lately. Love you all! Hope you're having great weekends! *smooches*

Apr. 2nd, 2009

This is how I feel right now:

[info]graspthethorn, I'll send you votes tomorrow. I CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO HANDLE SOMETHING LIKE A SIMPLE EMAIL RIGHT NOW.

*zonks out*

Mar. 24th, 2009

Concerts, movies, fannish exploits & the rest

This weekend, I did stuff, for a change!

Auckland-bound )

It was the first time either of us had actually spent any time in Auckland (previously we'd just whizzed through), and it was nice to taste a bit of big city life again. We explored a bit of the downtown and gorged on massive amounts of shopping, which was bloody good fun. Then had lunch in a lovely park, and in the early afternoon went to check in and get ready for the concert.

Counting Crows and The Who )

After the concert, Alsha and I made it back into town after some bus-related issues (the free public transport thing back wasn't nearly as well organised as getting there, so there was lots of milling about in giant crowds and stupid bus drivers giving wrong instructions) and pretty much just fell into bed, we were that tired.

On Sunday, we slept in, had a huge breakfast and went to the zoo in the afternoon. Moar )

Our flight back was on Monday afternoon, so we had some time to kill, though not loads of money, so we went and saw a movie. Our options were either Slumdog Millionaire or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We were slightly more interested in the subject matter of the latter and also knew that Asa Butterfield, the little boy who played Mordred in Merlin, was in it, so we ended up going with that.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (dear British/American movie industries, why are you so hell-bent on appropriating the Nazi stuff? You're lovely, but you fail at being German! )

After the movie, we went to collect our bags and went to catch the plane home. Arrived last night to needy cats and piles of work that I'll somehow have to vanquish this week. DO NOT WANT. Let's have some fandom pimping instead!

[info]graspthethorn is doing the 2009 SEXY awards over on [info]seifen_slash! Go forth and nominate, I command you! AWZ stuff especially... I doubt Verbotene Liebe needs any help, hehehe. SUPPORT OUR TINY FANDOM! Go and nominate fics or art you liked! It won't take a minute :D


I hope to surface a few times this week to do EKP stuff (Christmas and New Year's episodes coming up soon!) and maybe watch the show, though recaps will probably have to be shorter this week.

In other telly-related news, I've recently started watching Torchwood season 2, and holy wow, it is good! I gotta admit, I wasn't too floored by season 1 - I liked it but it seemed a bit random and didn't really capture me enough to make me want to have more! now!, but I'm definitely getting that vibe with season 2 so far. Awesome plots! Great side characters! JAMES MARSTERS! Massive amounts of boykissing! Ianto ruling with the witty one-liners! It is beautiful. And further saturating my happy little slasher heart. Really, the amount of slash I HAVEN'T had to make up this year is mind-boggling. The canon boylove, it overwhelms me!

Aaaaand I also really enjoyed the latest episode of Dollhouse! I hope they keep going like that, because that was noticeably better than the previous ones. I approve!

Now if only I could bend the space-time continuum enough to have time for all my fannish exploits, writing (In This Home On Ice will have to be put on, well, ice... for the rest of the week at least), work, eating, trimming my hedge & mowing my lawn (hahahahaha) AND the occasional sleep! But it will all work out somehow as usual, I'm sure. I DON'T KNOW HOW. IT IS A MYSTERY.

*poodles off to see what atrociousness AWZ has been up to in the latest eps*

Mar. 7th, 2009

Happy skating day!

The lovely [info]lilithilien, as she is prone to do, just made my entire week. Possibly my month. Not only did she grab Roman and Jenny's fantastically gorgeous skating scene from today's episode, but she went and wrote fic about it!! and it is beautiful beyond belief.

For those who care, the ficlet is spoilery (but you should read it anyway because your life will be the poorer if you don't!), the vid is not - it's just gorgeous skating. Watch, watch!

And now I've got a HUGE boost of inspiration for chapter 3 of my angst-ridden WIP, YAY!

Recap: Ep 630 - OMG, Roman and Jenny completely rock the ice!!

Okay, I've slept two hours last night which is getting to be a wee bit on the meagre side, and my client just threw a massive job due next week at me which naturally means that my writing muse is going to bounce up and down like a hyperactive child on its third Red Bull going, "Let's play let's play LET'S PLAY!!" when I most need to do work, and also, autumn seems to have happened while I wasn't looking, which is NOT ON because I still had beach plans, so I'm a little cranky right now. Which means that any vague plans I might have had of giving Stella a break today are OFF. Ergo, let me start off by saying how much I loathe the fact that RTL's official tagline for this episode is "Stella comes clean about her feelings for Lars". Oh no you didn't, you enormously irritating tossers. The only acceptable tagline for this episode is "Jenny and Roman have their big performance", okay?? The nerve.

Skating! Skating! Skating!! Jenny and Roman being awesome! Lars being awesome! And a DeRo hug! )

... Okay, remember my list of complaints up there about the no sleep and the job and autumn? Somehow in the time it took me to watch and recap this episode, I became very bouncy and awake, my client put the dreaded project on hold, and the sun came out so it looks to be a gorgeous summer day. JENNY AND ROMAN SKATING CAUSES MIRACLES TO HAPPEN.

Feb. 13th, 2009

Ep 614

I'll... do a coherent recap later. For now all I have room for in my brain is that Roman called Lars "Schatz" and made a kissy mouth at him.


(Oh, and that icon *points* is canon again, kinda. They made up. Okay, I bought it. I'm not made of stone, alright??)

Feb. 12th, 2009

Fic: Try Something Different (Jenny/Lars/Roman, PG-ish)

I deviated from the OTP. Call the media! O_O

Title: Try Something Different
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Jenny/Lars/Roman
Word Count: 965 words
Rating: PG (ish).
Summary: Jenny and Roman have an idea. Lars is terrified, or possibly intrigued. At any rate, he's speechless.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, although I really covet that purple wrap thing.
A/N: I don't know if this qualifies as crack. I was certainly having lots of crack-like fun with it because this is my new and shiny OT3 and it has so much crack potential! The earlier scene referred to is the one in this clip from episode 609. GO WATCH THE CHEMISTRY, I COMMAND YOU! This is unbeta'd, btw, so let me know if you spot anything off.

Try Something Different (Really, Lars, Do!) )

Recap: Ep 613 - Dr Axel Schwarz, I love you today.

D'you know, if it wasn't for Stella (and okay, Juli and Oliver and possibly Celine), this would actually be a decent show right now.

Annette/Lena/Ingo/Max plot )

Lars/Jenny/Roman/Axel/Nina plot )

Feb. 6th, 2009

Recap: ep 609

HOLY CRAP, Jenny/Lars/Roman! I am actually glad there wasn't more than one scene with them, because my screen would have COMBUSTED. It is so weird to see anyone with chemistry on this show these days! I'm not sure I can handle it!

In which Stella breaks up with Deniz, Deniz somewhat mind-bogglingly reacts in a non-caricature fashion, and Jenny/Lars/Roman kill me with chemistry )

Dec. 16th, 2008

You know you're addicted to your gay German soap skating fandom when...

...despite mountains of work and things to do and organise, your computer screen is populated by the following items:

- 1 MSW file consisting of subtitles
- 1 MSW file consisting of notes for clipping cues
- 1 MSW file consisting of fic
- 1 WMP window playing a clip for subbing
- 1 WMP window playing a scene you've seen a million times
- 1 download window d/l-ing another clip
- 1 browser tab on your YouTube channel
- 1 browser tab on the EKP channel
- 1 browser tab on the show-related message board
- 1 browser tab on the show spoiler site
- 1 browser tab on your inbox, which is populated entirely by show-related items
- 1 browser tab on a glossary of figure skating terminology
- 1 chat application with a partner in crime
- 1 desktop background of a bunny with carrots
- 1 LJ application where you cheerfully announce this patheticness to the world


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