Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Bonus Entry (No. 3)

Because I have too many clones and not enough Saturdays, I spent a couple hours in the insanely overcontoured skin of...

...Krystal Goderitch!

She and Sarah are probably on opposite ends of the extremity scale in terms of how personally familiar I am with their respective looks, so here, for contrast:

"OK, are you, like, blind? 'Cuz this girl looks nothing like me."

"Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger, and secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a 7 on a good day..."

"...and I've been told I'm a 10."

This was nuts but entertaining! I can be quite girly, but this is honestly the most make-up I have ever worn in my entire life. o_O I scraped off about 2 inches after and STILL ended up with way more than my normal daily amount. And eyeliner is the devil :p Basically, if I ever wore that in public (I WOULDN'T), I'd feel like an evil clown Barbie, lol.


This is amazing! I want to date your Sarah and I feel overwhelmed already just being in the presence of photos of your Krystal. Incredible cosplay skillz, dude!
LOL, well, I can definitely be persuaded to wear more punk/grunge things ;)
These are fantastic, your facial expressions are cracking me up. Also? Evil Clown Barbie is a brill idea. ::files away for next year:: XD
Hahahah yes, this look would definitely be improved by an axe, a clown nose and copious quantities of blood!!

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