Generic stickypost on friending and fic and whatnot.

OH HAI, welcome to my little corner of the sparkly IJ world. I'm fairly easy about friending, though if I don't know you, it would be nice to drop me a line to say hello and why you're here, and to let me know if you're a perv or something. Which would in all probability be fine, to be honest. I have no standards.

I use this journal to ramble about fannish things and occasionally post personal updates. All of the latter are friends-locked, so if you're mostly here for my fic, all of that can be found at my AO3 account (comments are ♥).


I'm not a perv or something...I'm a perv AND something!!! HEHEHE :) But I'm the fun kinda perv not the stalker kinda perv. Fun perv is good, right?
You are my favourite kind of perv, bébé *nuzzles you*
psst...I sort of made an IJ account because I enjoy reading your fangirl-type squeeing and it just seemed easier this way. :) Can I be your friend?
But of course, ma chere! *friends back* <333


hi there, umm I just wanted to say ..Hi
and that I'm a big fan of your writing , I enjoy your fics so much . I've read them all like 15 times or so but I plan on going through them again so I can comment on them nicely ;) . I didn't have an Ij account. I'm amazed by how talented all the fans are , I enjoy seeing their stuff on no7_awz. you are my fav fandom ever :D
so umm ya Hi, just wanted you to know that I'm not a stalker or something lol, now I sound like one !!
and I'm Nora btw :)

Re: hi

Hi Nora! I recognise you from the letter you sent for our Why DeRo Matters campaign - thanks again so much for that! It's great to see you over here, too. IJ is a fun place and the community over here is lovely. Hope to see you around more and thanks for the lovely compliment on my fics! :)

Hi and thank you for the fish

I love your journal in general, and your fanfic in particular (and I fear I'm ill-adviced to write this with an Iphon that only knows German -it'll take me until 2020 until I'll have finished this). Great, beautifully sparkly. I've learned - argh stopp changing my words - alot. Now I finally want to get involved, too. And now I 'm actually thinking about writing another letter bc I feel inspired enough. Hm. I still don' t know of this a good thing. And I might start writing fanfic myself. Gasp. Anyway, thanks for being gorgeous. from Berlin with love

Re: Hi and thank you for the fish

Hello again! It's so wonderful to run into you all over the place :D Thank you so much for all the very flattering comments about my fic, and you should absolutely get into writing some yourself - I would love to see what you come up with.

And it probably goes without saying but I would also absolutely LOVE another letter from you, and . I enjoyed the way you expressed yourself so much in your first one. Alas, it's kind of too late to get involved in any sense of changing the direction that Show is currently going, but it's never too late to be involved in the fandom. (Hope you don't mind me stalking you on Twitter, btw ;))

Thanks and big hugs!

Re: Hi and thank you for the fish

(er, ignore my aborted "and" there. I'd blame an iPhone if I had one but actually I was just scattter-brained.)

Re: Hi and thank you for the fish

Thank you so much. Dito, to the flattering. You do know that you - and all the other girls here, too - make everyone else around you sparkle, too, don't you?
Well, my ohone is a sorry excuse - in more than one way - for my rather (*cough*) innovative English ;-)
No, I don't mind being stalked by interesting people; neither here nor on Twitter. I sometimes try to do it and be it myself.
As far as writing fic is concerned, I'll desperately need betaing - language- and contentwise - always have. So, I'll do the letter first, than the fic (this sentence does sound weird in German, though ;-)).
Feeling slightly stalkeresque but just wanted to stop by and say hi and how much I miss your writing. I completely understand that you are crazy busy with your current writing project, but wanted to let you know how much I was enjoying your other work in progress! I am also the sparkliness of EKP as a whole, it seems a little duller here on the web without you guys :S Good luck with your book and thanks for sharing your other amazing writings (not sure if that s belongs or not :S)
You're not being stalkerish at all, no worries (or if you are, then it's not the kind I mind! ;)) It wasn't so much the current writing project as travel and other RL stuff that has interfered with fic-writing lately - but rest assured that there'll be more to come soon. Actually thanks for the little nudge because quite often that helps me get back down to business! And thanks for the kind words about EKP. I often miss it too, schizophrenic as that may sound.
Hi me again - still mildly stalking ;) Actually am wandering around here trying to figure this place out and was trying to ask if I could be a friend in various unsucessful efforts :S
Failing miserably at this entire IJ thing so far!
I have been enjoying the final encore of EKP and would love to be able to keep up with any and all of your writing!
I am a well behaved Eskimo applicant who while lacking the creative writing gene, am an enthusiastic appreciator!

Oh and I am 22Alvin - different names everywhere coming back to haunt me :S
Hey sweetie - lol, thanks for letting me know who you are, I can never keep multiple usernames straight. Friending you right away!

fanfic craving

Hello Aldiara,
I dare send you this message cause I long for a great awz fanfic,& I've always enjoyed yours so much !! I keep re-reading some all the time.
But I'm afraid I'll never see the next chapter of 'On this home on ice'....Please prove me wrong !!
Also, I'm always frustrated when watching ep. 339/340 ; I'd like to see what would have happened if Vanessa had decided to change in the ladies' locker room - cracky deadly virus plot. I do believe you're the one who could master this. If you ever have the time & envy....
Thanks for all your works !! Keep it up ?


just saying hello

Hi, Aldiara. This is Tad Williams, and I just stumbled across your (very nice) post on my work. I'd love to say thank you properly, so if you ever get the urge, drop me an email:

If you're worrying this is some weirdo -- well, actually, it is, but it's the weirdo who wrote those books you were talking about -- you can always make a more indirect contact through my website message board at I've gathered you don't do Facebook.

Best wishes,


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