Jan. 1st, 2009

My Alles Was Zählt Fic - Master List

In This Home On Ice (click for all chapters and awards)
Emergency canon repair: Deniz is a rentboy and Roman is most displeased. (Picks up after ep 565, AU from there.) Deniz/Roman, Roman/OC, Deniz/OC, other pairings, multi-chapter WIP, NC-17.
Chapter One: Face-Off (co-authored by [info]lilithilien, 10,000 words, NC-17)
Interlude 1: Deniz (2800 words, PG)
Chapter Two: The Rittberger Connection (co-authored by [info]lilithilien, 7000 words, G)
Interlude 2: Roman (1600 words, G)
Chapter Three: Dump and Chase (9000 words, PG)
Chapter Four: Silver Thaw, part 1 and part 2 (11,000 words, NC-17)
Chapter Five: Flooding the Ice, part 1 and part 2 (12,500 words, R)
Chapter Six: Checking Time, part 1 and part 2 (11,700 words, PG)
Interlude 3: Roman (2300 words, PG)
Chapter Seven: Penalty Box, part 1 and part 2 (11,300 words, PG)
Chapter Eight: Change on the Fly (2500 words, G)

Different (English version)
Deniz and Roman's first time. Basically fills in the blanks between episodes 306 and 307. Deniz/Roman, 8000 words, NC-17.

Anders (German version)
Deniz and Roman's first time, German version. Deniz/Roman, 7500 words, NC-17.

No Proper Mark of Sin
Marian waits up for Deniz. Just a little companion piece to episode 307. Marian, Deniz, 555 words, G.

"I know you aren’t good for me." (Red Couch Encounter ep 527). Deniz/Roman, 200 words, G.

Laid Bare
Deniz can't find his shirt. (Ep 314-ish). Deniz/Roman, 500 words, G.

Majorca = hot. Deniz = maudlin. Late-night drunken phone calls to your ex = never a good idea. (Set post ep 530.) Deniz/Roman, 4700 words, NC-17

By Nature A Pragmatic Girl
Vanessa watches Roman and Deniz kiss goodbye. (Ep 336). Vanessa POV, Deniz/Roman, 666 words, G.

By Circumstance A Fighter
Roman watches Vanessa and Deniz kiss. (Ep 382). Roman POV, Deniz/Vanessa, 777 words, G.

By Happenstance A Villain
Deniz watches Roman and Vanessa. (Ep 463). Deniz POV, Deniz/Roman/Vanessa, 888 words, G.

Fairy Dust
Peter Pan Night at Homolulu’s! Glitter, fairies, pirates and Buttery Nipples. Also, sex. And more glitter. Set somewhere between eps 310 and 330. Deniz/Roman, 8100 words, NC-17.

The Magpie Song
Ten glimpses of Roman Wild. 1000 words in 10 drabbles, rated G through NC-17. Sandman and Lucifer crossovers.

Deniz remembers summers in İzmir when he was little. 130 words, G.

Deniz fails at verbal communication. Deniz/Roman, 400 words, PG.

Something of an Obsession
Well, it's nipple porn. And crackfic. Consider yourselves warned. Deniz/Roman, 900 words, R.

Less Shallow Than Daylight
Deniz is a hard man to wake. [insert your own dirty joke here]. Deniz/Roman, 1300 words, NC-17.

“Then at some point this guy from my clique wanted to know what it might be like to kiss a boy.” (pre-canon) Deniz/Other, 480 words, PG.

The Other Son
"A child she can approve of is a child she can love, and she doesn’t think it unreasonable that love, like any other thing in the world, should be earned." Deniz character study through his mother's eyes. 1060 words, G.

The Thing About the Girl
"Let's not talk about it anymore." Deniz/Vanessa, 360 words, G.

Try Something Different
Jenny and Roman have an idea. Lars is terrified, or possibly intrigued. At any rate, he's speechless. (Ep 609). Jenny/Lars/Roman, 970 words, PG.

A Crucial Ingredient
Without Jenny, it’s too easy for Roman and Lars to remember that they don’t really like each other, that they have next to nothing in common. Lars/Roman (post-Jenny/Lars/Roman), 2100 words, PG-13.

Swish, Swish
Sometimes your demons come back to haunt you. Roman/Bulle (yes, this is crack), 460 words, PG.

Thank God for Tall Dark Bastards
“The first time Jenny tries to steal his gay, Roman’s already in a vulnerable state.” Roman, Jenny, 500 words, PG.

Stuff About Things
Marian doesn't want to know, okay? Except maybe he does. A little. BUT NOT. Marian, Deniz (established Deniz/Roman), 1500 words, PG-13.

Deniz is totally straight, and totally over Roman, except when he's fantasising about him, of course. Deniz/Roman, 1400 words, NC-17. Mild dub-con fantasy.

It’s not like Marc wants to notice Roman or is actively keeping tabs. It’s just kind of impossible not to notice him. Marc, Deniz/Roman, 1700 words, G.

Vanessa likes hair. Vanessa/Nina, 100 words, PG-13.

Puppies for Breakfast
Combine puppy eyes with hip bones, add generous helping of Fluff. Resistance is futile. Deniz/Roman/Marc, 600 words, PG.

Six Days
Nina visits Vanessa in Boston to find out if the torrid online affair they've been having (like you do) is the real deal. Vanessa/Nina, 600 words, PG-13.

Push to Shove
It's hard to respectfully stalk people in peace when angry Turks get in the way all the time. Commentfic, Marian/Marc-ish, 800 words, PG-13.

According to Plan
Marc knew he would never win Roman's heart as himself. After all, he was the past and Deniz was the future and he was not hot and Deniz was SO CUTE and the PERFECT BOYFRIEND. This had been confirmed by focus groups. So there was only one thing to do, really. Marc, commentfic, 290 words, G, cracky character death.

"Deniz knows that they're good at this and getting better, but somehow that doesn't make it easier. Not even a little, not even at all." Deniz/Roman/Marc (Deniz POV), 1600 words, R. (1st in the Share-Dare-Care threesome arc).

"Having divined that there is more to Deniz Öztürk than meets the eye, Marc sets out to discover what." Deniz/Roman/Marc (Marc POV, DeMarc-centric), 3700 words, R. (2nd in the Share-Dare-Care threesome arc).

"Roman may be a good enough liar to convince Deniz and Marc that he doesn't notice their silent, impossible struggle, but even he's not good enough to persuade himself he doesn't care." Deniz/Roman/Marc (Roman POV), 3200 words, NC-17. (3rd & last in the Share-Dare-Care threesome arc).

The marks we leave and how we leave them differ. A quick study in love bites.
Deniz/Roman/Marc, three drabbles (300 words), R.

Organic Fishcakes For Dinner
Far from Essen’s daily dramarama, Celine discovers the joys of a simpler life. Celine/Bernd-the-gentle-mobster, 500 words, PG-13 (YES, CRACK, DUH).

"Deniz wants to do everything at once." Deniz/Roman, 2600 words, NC-17 (coat room scene from ep 1001).

The Team We're Not
"All I want is to hurt her, to give back a fraction of the pain she's given me." Isabelle/Katja, 1100 words, PG (alternate ending to ep 1060).

Flimsy Premise: An Audio Track
Transcript based on an audio-only track recorded by the security system at Steinkamp Sports & Wellness one night, after the cameras had regrettably been sabotaged under mysterious circumstances. Essen's police force is still investigating. Deniz/Roman, 1200 words, PG. Mostly dialogue, birthday fic, silliness, crack.

Around the World In An Unspecified Number of Days
Marian searches the world for Jenny, but one would be mistaken to regard this as a romantic quest. Marian, Etienne cameo, brief SPN crossover, Lars/Jenny. 2600 words, G.

Tell by Touch
Roman doesn't mind playing games, but he does mind being teamed up on. DeRoMarc, 1500 words, NC-17, PWP, nipple porn.

Exhibit April
There are things he'll remember and things that he won't. A quick glimpse at Roman's 20th birthday and the days preceding it. Roman/Marc 1.0, Jenny, 1400 words, PG.

Slayer – Love Hurts (And Then The Mop Goes Into The Dragon)
Being an account of what transpired at the Öztürk/Wild household and elsewhere after certain events inconveniently recalling the recent past. A story involving ice musicals, skating games, bitchy skaters, clueless computer nerds, stage drama, porn, dragons, horses, untimely revelations, need for closure, questionable likelihood of attaining closure, and Many Many Issues.
Deniz/Roman, Marc, Isabelle, Tom, others; 44,000 words, canon repair, NC-17.

Nicht mein Typ (German) / Not My Type (English)
A quick list of all the reasons why Tom Reichenbach is really not Marc's type and why he'll end this strange little intermezzo next weekend. Definitely. Probably. Well, maybe. Hm. By-product of Slayer. Tom/Marc, 2400 words, mature.

Rock 'n' Roll Dreams Come True
When Deniz inadvertently finds Two Tickets To That Thing He Loves instead of his favourite cock ring, he and Roman embark on a grim adventure of ear-raping agony that eventually leads to a chance encounter with DESTINY. Deniz/Roman, Mars, SURPRISE, 3500 words, PG-13, crack.

Power of Three
Three sisters, and one man on a tireless hunt for the one that is his match in every greasy, gross, and graceless way. Lena/Max, Annette/Max, Katja/Max, 300 words, NC-17.

My contributions to Drabble Day 2011 (27 drabbles):
Breaking Point
The Way He Is
Game Over
Top Story
A Difference of Temper
Earth Mother
Promises (triple drabble)
I Clipped Your Wings, That's All
Misty Morning
And Now For Something Completely Boring
Breathe In
Less Than Ideal Business Practice
Doll House Godzilla Rage
Once Upon A... Ah, Fuck It
Beginning (triple drabble)
Feelings You Can Feel

The Moves of Jennifer Steinkamp
This is the story of the second time Roman fell in love, which means, naturally, that this is a story all about Jennifer Charlotte Annabelle Steinkamp. Roman, Jenny, Lars, pre-canon, 13,000 words, PG.

Fire & Ice - Prologue (Ice)
Marc and Tom have baggage. Enough to fill a whole suite. Marc/Tom, 3000 words, PG. Part of the Slayer 'verse. Multi-chapter, WIP.
Chapter 1: Don't Be A Douche, And Other Helpful Advice
A party is planned, and Ingo fails at life. Marc/Tom, Deniz/Roman, others. 5300 words, PG.
Chapter 2: Essen, Again
"Essen meant failure, the past, hostile ground. Essen meant all of the risks and none of the payoff." 7200 words, PG.
Chapter 3: Maybe For Real
A question is answered, and Lena meddles, but nobody minds. 7300 words, NC-17.

Practice Makes Better
Roman has control issues. Deniz doesn't mind. Deniz/Roman, 2700 words, NC-17.

Clock Without Hours
Marc used to be good at time, before That Thing happened. Marc, Deniz, 2600 words, Gen.

As Dire Chance And Fateful Cockup Would Have It
Roman makes it home in time for Christmas. Canine abduction, verbal abuse and terrible tree choices ensue. DeRo, LeFlo, 4500 words, Gen.

Maximilian Santiago de Castillo's Seven Rules for Homosexual Conduct
It's not gay sex at all, you see. It's business negotiations. Max/Roman, 1500 words, NC-17.


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