Dec. 3rd, 2008

Sleep! Summer! Subbing! Squeeeee!

Whoa! I slept! Like, in a bed for 10 hours instead of on the couch for 1! It's been a batshit insane weekend with work and subbing and whatnot, I barely had time to breathe. So it was nice to sleep for a change. Lately I've been treating sleep as an inconvenience that eats my time and that I can ignore at will, not entirely unlike a bratty child demanding attention at inopportune moments. I think I'd forgotten that sleep is actually something you need to do occasionally if you want to, uhm, survive. lol.

The car gets a CD player today! We kinda realised it doesn't have one (d'oh), so it needs to have one installed. No biggie, and we'd have got it anyway because it is the perfect car, but music must be listened to! [info]alsha is very amused that 1) I love a car and that 2) said car is by turns named Dennis or Sparkles, but what can you do, it just fits so well *g*

Summer is here! In full force! After a very rainy (and unseasonably cold) spring, it's finally gloriously warm and sunny and I can't wait for a day when I can temporarily suspend my vampiric existence and go to the beach, or hiking. And [info]slk230 is coming to see us this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to! I can't believe it's been a year already since we last saw him.

Eskimo Kiss Project is going so well! After first agreeing on a schedule of one clip a week, we've just been cranking them out lately! [info]lilithilien and [info]sdk are both complete stars for all the time and effort they're investing in this and we are having so much fun that surely it should be illegal. Many a conversation we have about scene cuts or subtitle bars or translations or video quality just starts and ends with random shouts of "NIPPLES!", which is both unavoidable and utterly fabulous on many, many levels.

Aaaand we have another couple of milestone clips up, woohoooo! I have watched these two about a million times during the making of them, and everytime I see them anywhere, I can't help hitting play again, heheh:

[info]feruche, if you haven't seen 303 or 304, go to the Playlist, but I'm embedding 306/307 here, because... *loves*)

(lol @ the taglines)

Now all I need is some time to write and I'll be happy. Doesn't look to be happening today, but surely the 10 hours I slept can cover the week, right?

Nov. 15th, 2008

We haz sparkly wheels!

X-posted from lj, more or less. *bounce*

It may not have escaped some of you that the lovely [info]alsha and I have made a certain habit out of making big, important decisions on the spot and entirely foregoing the whole responsible weighing and considering and researching process when it comes to making said decisions.

In that spirit and the general vein of, "So! We're in love", "So! We're getting hitched", "So! We got cats", "So! We're moving to New Zealand" and "So! We bought a house", I now present to you:

So! We bought a car.

We'd been looking for a lengthy and ponderous period of, uh, maybe two weeks. That is, Alsha was looking while I offered helpful commentary such as "That's not a nice colour" and "We should go back to horses." We love the biking but for stuff like grocery shopping and getting far afield, it's not the most convenient method of transport around these parts (hills!), and since we finally had a bit of cash to spare, we figured we should probably get us some wheels. So Alsha did some research and then this week we idly looked at a few places, where we got smarmed at and drooled over so much by icky car dealers that I felt all sticky and used afterwards, and test-drove exactly one car, which turned out to be crap. We determined to do some more research, look at a lot more places, talk to a lot more people, and maybe take someone a little more knowledgeable along next time.

Then today we basically ignored all that and did the same thing we'd done earlier in the week (I believe the phrase "just looking" may have even been used, which should have set off giant alarm bells, because "just looking" is how I ended up with two cats, a new apartment, and eventually a house). Only we walked into this one place, talked to this one (non-smarmy and really nice) dealer who pointed us towards the one car that fit our needs, took said car for a test drive, essentially went, "We love this baby", drove back and bought it. I mean, why the hell do things the sensible way when you can be irresponsible and flighty about it? That's what I thought.

The car is a total darling. It's a Mazda Demio, little but quite spacious and more than adequate for our needs, fairly new, excellent condition, low mileage, a really sweet ride, and utterly cute. The best thing? It is the very colour of this IJ layout!. A soft, silvery, sparkly light blue. That's right, people. It is a Sparkle Dennis Car! My glee at this knows no bounds. It was basically love at first sight for all of us. Alsha is over the moon about all the technical things about which I have no clue. In conclusion, it was totally irresponsible, silly and meant to be, and did I mention it's a Sparkle Dennis Car?? It's already being referred to as a poofter.

Huh, now I guess I'll have to learn how to drive it. Uh oh.
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