Oct. 17th, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Bonus Entry (No. 5)

Aaaaaaannnnnd because I was momentarily bored of clones (sorry, Clone Club! I do love you!), now for something completely different...

One of my favourite crazy space chicks of all time, River Song!

"Hello, sweetie."

Spoilers! )

Jul. 5th, 2014

Fic: The Wolf-Reyes Connection (Teen Wolf/Doctor Who crossover)

Another silly one for Fic or Die! (What. I have a lot of unfinished fic :p).

Title: The Wolf-Reyes Connection
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Teen Wolf/Doctor Who; Erica, Boyd, the Eleventh Doctor, the Alpha Pack
Word Count: 2750
Rating: G
Warnings: Silliness and shameless tweaking of astronomical features.
Summary: "Oh, this was just great, Erica thought. She and Boyd were about to get torn apart by these alpha freaks, and here was some kind of mad alien with two hearts. A mad alien with an ancient phone box and a sentient plant."
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: Don't mind me, just sending the cavalry to rescue Erica and Boyd from the clumsy clutches of bad canon :p Because I still love Erica and I'm still bitter at Teen Wolf for totally wasting her potential. Set right after the Teen Wolf season 2 finale (not remotely s3-compatible, obvs); in the Doctor's timeline, not too long after The Angels Take Manhattan. Thanks to [info]alsha for typo-catching!

~~~ Fic is here at AO3 ~~~

Oct. 10th, 2012

Classic Doctor Who - A Thing That I May Want To Say Things About (unless I get distra- ooh, shiny

I may have mentioned that I recently got into Doctor Who. In a big way. I hopped on the bandwagon. I got hooked. I saw the light. I got on board.

The thing about me is once I am on board, it's very very difficult to get me off board again - even if you tie me to the mast and flog me or keep me chained in the hold and keelhaul me and then toss me to the sharks, I will just kind of stupidly doggy-paddle after you for a long long time, clinging to the barnacles, and maybe, maybe I will eventually give up once you've sunk or burned (hi AWZ, looking at you, kid)... is this nautical metaphor getting kind of out of hand? It is, isn't it. Anyway, you get the point. I obsess. I cling, I geek, I haunt, beleaguer, follow, search out and absorb, etc. I learn to write in Elvish, swear in fake Chinese, dress up, read up, follow up and all the other verb-ups.

So, Doctor Who! Why obsess about three when I could potentially be obsessing about eleven of them? :p


Twenty-six olden-day seasons, you say, BBC? Yeah, say no more. I am already all over it.

So after a lot of hunting around and trying to wrap my mind around the way the classic serials work and marvelling at the fact that entire serials are entirely missing because the BBC wiped them and then later realised that maybe they shouldn't have because they are now vanished, lost, poof, gone from the world (seriously, how mindboggling and weirdly appropriate is that?), and also wishing I had a Vince Tyler to guide me, I've been watching some of the First Doctor (wow, talk about old school), some of the Seventh (psychedelic 80s cheesefest ahoy!) and that abominable movie of the Eighth (oy vey, the badness, it burns), and... I figured I want to document this marathon somehow because I know I'll forget all sorts of things if I don't, and I'll regret it.

I wasn't sure how to go about format and I still don't really know - I was and am particularly interested in gender roles throughout the entirety of the show but I don't really want to write actual academic-type essays, so... IDK. I'll probably just do casual posts by season (or decade or Doctor, haven't decided yet), with random observations and special sections on areas of particular interest to me, like female characters' portrayal and slash factor (lol, so much of that already).

So, uh, spam is coming? Soz except not really because wheeeee I like my shiny obsession :D

Sep. 2nd, 2012

Stuff Wot I Did On My Hols (Part 1) - The Doctor And I

So I recently took time off from work. I realise normal people do this all the time, but I don't. Or if I do, it's for necessary reasons, like being sick or urgently having to go somewhere or attend something, etc. etc.

This was not that kind of Taking Off Time From Work. This was for purely selfish reasons, just so I could go to Wellington lots and sleep in and bum around and read books and watch telly for three weeks. You guys, it was glorious. I never wanted it to end. (Why are there no rich patrons anymore? Why will no one pay me to sit on my arse all day and drink wine while I watch ALL the shows? Honestly, careers are so overrated.)

I did mean to do updates about what I got up to, but I think I'm gonna split it into parts because I have trouble with conciseness. Hence, Part 1: telly!

Near the top on my agenda was catching up with Doctor Who before the new series started. And I did, oh did I ever. )

I'll be running out of hyperbole-adjacent adjectives anytime now, so I'll say no more other than I AM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO CATCH UP. And now, of course, having to wait for new eps to air will be torture. But oh so delish.



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