Dec. 10th, 2012

No idea where that came from

lol, so I had a dream about Show-that-was and I wanted to write it down - I don't think anyone but [info]winterlover gives a damn anymore so I was going to tweet it at her but I can't be arsed to split it up into tweetable portions.

So Seth from Misfits was on AWZ playing the new bartender at No.7:


He was a dark and crooked dude with lots of shady ulterior motives for being there. One of them was someone was paying him to seduce and/or get close to Deniz, because reasons. Meanwhile, Deniz's friends (well, yeah, it was a dream, so he had friends :p) were pushing him to go out with Seth because he was still all broken and angry and depressed and hadn't been dating in ages (again, DREAM) and they were worried about him and thought it was time he got back out there.

So Deniz really didn't want to but Seth kept pursuing him and his friends kept pushing him so eventually he agreed to one date, which was at No.7 of all places (of course) but they ended up staying long after everyone else had left and had this really intense exchange over drinks that turned into a messy twisty angry fling thing, and then afterwards Deniz stumbled out of the bar and ran off into the dark and then later he told Seth it'd been a mistake and he wasn't interested in anything right now, and Seth was all annoyed and confused because fuck, he actually liked Deniz, but fuck, ulterior motive, stay focused, and yeah. It was twisted and lovely and fucked up and much as I appreciate all that, I'm not sure I needed a reminder, lol.

But man, those two were hot together. #shallow

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