Jan. 1st, 2011


However, it doesn't consist of anything else either because I've just spent an estimated 5 hours catching up on comments and the Very Meaningful Updatey Update I meant to write is clearly not going to be happening.

Instead, consider this a placeholder and a vague promise that I will attempt to be less of a slacker in my IJ/LJ habits and, y'know, keep people in the loop about My Very Exciting Life. (I KNOW. START HOLDING YOUR BREATH NOW.)

In lieu of actual news, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you very fine people! And because it's not like this vid has been posted in a million places yet, let's have it again: Proof that the past two years were made of magic, that Ulrike Röseberg is made of complete win, and that Dennis Grabosch rocks too hard for words:

*smooches all around*

Sep. 9th, 2010

I would just like to say...

...and believe me, it is the ONLY thing I'm going to say on this matter (and I'm not going to bother putting it behind a cut either):

I'm immensely saddened at the complete and utter fail pointed out to me this morning, both regarding YouTube channels that have since been deleted, and posts on the Gays of Daytime message board, a place I once enjoyed frequenting but have not set a foot on in more than half a year, due to the direction it has taken since.

I'm saddened that an entire group of people is apparently incapable of believing us when we said that EKP were taking a temporary break, that the timing for this was ideal since the plots we follow will be severely backburnered for a while. I'm saddened that that group of people seems incapable of appreciating that we've done everything in our power to time this vacation ideally, to stop at a point that was a perfect intermediate happy ending, to promise that we would be back in time for plots to pick back up again and that we would cover episodes retroactively.

I'm saddened that not even a WEEK into said vacation (the first in nearly two years, the very first time that we have not supplied subtitled AWZ clips daily), people apparently felt the need to shoulder in and try to take over, without so much as a by your leave. Honestly, I'm not sure how Lil and I would have reacted had we been approached about it - as we've stated time and again, the show has entered a period of non-central DeRo plots, so chances are we would have shrugged and said "go for it", if people who simply couldn't wait to have subs supplied for Roman eating Fluff and Deniz playing beach volleyball for Oliver & Celine's goodbye party couldn't handle just simply watching that on the RTLnow site.

The point is, we weren't approached about it, so the question is moot.

I'm saddened that people who dare to stick up for us on the above-mentioned platforms, people who have expressed themselves in rational and sensible ways, are suffering the consequences in the form of random suspensions and abuse from people who clearly haven't spent two seconds to think about the truths spoken by the commenters they just shut down.

I'm saddened that because Lil and I dare to feel upset (and worse, voice our disappointment) over others trying to take over a mere week after we have announced a vacation (do I need to repeat, a VACATION, not an end or a permanent hiatus), we are bitched out and vilified and threatened.

I'm saddened that because of a handful of individuals' petty notions of entitlement, EKP is in fact ONCE AGAIN facing severe threats of being shut down.

However, I can't even say that I'm as devastated about facing that threat right now as I once was. There's a part of me that wants to respond with equal pettiness to the small-minded fail of said individuals. There's a part of me that's almost hoping that RTL will have enough, once and for all, of idiot fan factions having idiot wank wars and being unbelievably stupid enough to contact the network over it. I wouldn't blame them one bit. There's a part of me that's almost hoping RTL will shut us down, so said small-minded individuals will see where that gets them. Because we *will* find a way to still share clips with the people we love, the people who have supported us from the get-go, the people who have made this project fun and amazing and sparkly and fabulous every single day. But the losers who are happy enough to reap the fruits of our labour while bitching us out behind our backs and taking every opportunity they can to make things shitty for us - well, uhm, no, we won't be supplying THEM with free entertainment, should that come to pass. Have fun scrambling by on sub-quality vids and sub-quality translations until you get shut down yourselves, and maybe THEN you'll have a moment to spare to think about fandom etiquette and common decency.

I am saddened, above all else, that most of the people who'll get to see this are people it doesn't even concern. My apologies, friends-list. But this is my personal journal, the one place where I feel any need to voice my opinion.

So. I'm determined, come hell or high water, to stay away from all things wank and otherwise unsparkly for the duration of this holiday. Lil and I took off time to recuperate, to recharge our batteries, to deal with the massive piles of RL stuff that we've been putting off and off and off over the past months. I do not intend to spend my time off on wank raised over the fact that we dared to take time off. That's kind of counter-productive. If petty idiots who don't have two braincells to rub together feel the need to endanger this entire fandom by dragging RTL into it and getting every AWZ-related fandom project shut down (and believe me, that prospect is NOT far off), including ours, so be it. I'm not going to live in fear, and I'm not going to curb my opinions or personality for worry of pissing off small-minded entitlement twits. Lil, Shelly and I have run EKP for two years; we've had responses that we never dared dream of, made friendships that we never imagined, shared tears and laughter and silliness with people too lovely to be real, all on the basis of this storyline on this show we love. Some ignorant stranger who doesn't understand the first thing about that can get this channel shut down, sure, but they can't undo or stop the things that have grown out of it.

And that's that. I'm off. If I come back to a deleted channel and a fandom howling in agony, I'll deal with that when I'm good and sodding well ready for it. Until then, fuck you, wank, and BIG HUGS to you, sparkle. Each of you know who you are.

Sep. 3rd, 2010

Free time? OMG what's that??

Exciting times. We're taking an EKP break. I'm not sure I know how to do that! EKP rambling )

LotR rambling (with picspam to prove Sean Bean and Timo Hübsch are long-lost brothers) )

Fingersmith rambling (with trailerspam) )

And of course, hair talk! )

Right. Off to explore the [info]bbtp_challenge masterlist some more, scowl at my work, and oil my very rusty original-material writing skills.

*squishes the lovely f-list*

Jul. 31st, 2010

7000? Whut?

I've mostly been swamped in work and channel stuff lately and the sheer enormity of friendslist stuff I've missed terrifies me, so I think I need to declare an amnesty and hope y'all will forgive me for the general absence of comments in recent times. *grovels*

In other news, I'm finally caught up on Being Human, about which I don't have much to say other than "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!", "OMG SOMEONE RIP THAT CHICK'S THROAT OUT ALREADY", "religion sucks" and "Mitchell needs to be beneath me in the literal sense." Good stuff!

Also, it's the weekend and I am NOT WORKING. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Also, this just happened: )

CRAZYSKATES, PEOPLE. I swear we were just headed for 1000. I also had no idea it would ever be possible to love something as much as a silly little YouTube channel *cuddles it tightly*

That is all, really. Off for more scotch and relaxation! (OMG, I've had this hugely annoying crick in my neck for three days that is really painful and won't go away, and yesterday Alsha got me this neck cushion thing that smells of lavender and that you can heat up in the microwave and it feels like a hot, loving anaconda around my neck and is pretty much the BEST THING EVER! /random). I hope you're all having awesome weekends toooooo! *snogs*

Apr. 16th, 2010




*does excited puppy impersonation*

[info]lilithilien and I found a spare 2.7 seconds in our day that wasn't being properly leveraged so we decided to do something with it and set up an AWZ comm to have a hot illicit affair with its counterpart [info]no7_awz. While the latter is focused on fanworks, we wanted to have a place for AWZ meta, ep discussions, random crack, vidding tutorials and, y'know, whatevs.


And check out our cracky friending meme and rub noses.

Apr. 4th, 2010

GOOL-y Goodies: Aldi's Verbose Trip Report of Doom (With Extra Sap, Yuck)

So, that wee event thing that's been eating mine and [info]lilithilien's lives for the past months... happened. Without major catastrophe. Which still confuses my pessimistic little heart no end: "What? Things went shiny? People were happy? Had a good time? No one got throttled, abducted, lost, or otherwise abused? REALLY?"

Really. Minor hiccoughs aside, the weekend was ****ING AWESOME (yeah, sorry, NHLB-ers. I stalked your sekrit chatroom and witnessed the happening of your sekrit in-jokes ;)), unforgettable, ecstatic, blurry with fabulousity.

I've been nabbing photos from everyone left, right, and centre since I got back, since I didn't bring my own camera, so I think it'd be rather pointless to repost other people's pics, lol. (Well, maybe one. Or two. That I really really liked.) I shall focus on rambling instead. BECAUSE I CAN RAMBLE, Y/Y!

Bring snacks. And water. And possibly a potty. Here there be babbling. )

(Now I'm home and believe it or not, I STILL have leftover condoms and lube. And I really am the last person to need them. *makes water balloons*)

Aug. 13th, 2009


Aug. 9th, 2009

Winter, What Winter?, Telly-Watching, & the Latest from Cracky Sparkly Obsession Land

*pokes in head, does perfunctory cleaning, feeds the starved dustbunnies*

I biked to town today! I thought it might just about kill me, but actually it was really fun, and I did not even crumble before the Hill of Hell (living in a town that's all built on hills is very pretty until you have to manouevre them on a bike). We'll see if my thighs will turn to knotted wood overnight, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This winter has been insanely mild. Like... it's laughable to even call it winter. We don't get snow, but last year it was pretty cold and we had that killer storm that sent like 500 trees flying through the air and smashing into things. This year has mostly been sunny and slightly cool, lol. It's hardly ever rained. It hasn't stormed. The temperature's rarely even dropped to zero. And now it's not even mid-August but it's been so warm and spring-like that I was hot in my long-sleeved shirt (no jacket) today. Crazyskates! Not that I'm complaining. Grandma asks if we don't miss the snow everytime we talk, and I can still respond with an emphatic "NO!", lol.

Otherwise, not much new is going on. I'm still busy bending the time/space continuum, getting by on 10 hours of sleep a week, and being a busy little bee on EKP and the awesomesauce that is AWZ lately. The lovely [info]alsha and I are watching One Tree Hill, which I am notable unimpressed with so far, and she's recently got me hooked on Sugar Rush, which is just all sorts of adorable and hilarious, with just the right amount of snark. Plus, lots of lovely girlslash! What's not to love?

Being so wrapped up in my cracky German soap and watching lots of British shows lately has really kind of put me off mainstream American shows, I think, lol. We started watching One Tree Hill because we both quite like cheesy teenage shows to veg with (witness my terrible cheerful love for Dawson's Creek) but ugh... everything so far has been so ham-fisted and anvil-dropping and eyerollingly moralising and glossy and wooden. Pls to be giving me some characters that are actual people instead of walking stereotypes. And some good writing would help, too.

Anyway, life's pretty good. Could do with less job and more money, a clone or seven, and more hours in my day, as usual, but in general, can't complain.

Bunch of fandom stuff behind cut to spare the non-obsessed )

And now... I have ice cream, gummis and, uhm, work. Rats. Why must one work, why, why? I wish to spend all my time doing shiny things! *pouty*

As ever, I do read the f-list even if I don't post much lately. Love you all! Hope you're having great weekends! *smooches*

May. 6th, 2009

My obsession, let me show you it.

I seriously need to get organised about Dreamwidth. The thing is, it does take time to actually sit down and organise stuff and time and organisational skills are things that forever elude me. Srsly, I need a personal assistant to organise my life. Or maybe a house elf. Yes. That'd do.

Mainly, I just want everyone to be in one place, lol. I'm already having trouble juggling two journals and scrambling after my fifteen hundred online bases to cover on a regular basis. *grabs people and things of interest and squishes them into same virtual space*

This week, I have been working on my fic! I've hated pretty much every word I've done on it, but hey, words were produced. I think I realised about three quarters of the way through that I have too much boggy detail and that this probably didn't need to be its own chapter, but dammit, I have 10,000 words, I have sweated several bucketfuls of blood to get them, and I am not tossing them, so hah.

It doesn't help when instead of sucking and inspiring me to fix it (as usual), my show is actually being awesome right now. [info]lilithilien and [info]sdk have been busy little beavers subbing recent episodes at Eskimo Kiss Project to have something to counter-balance the suckage of the older ones (DeVa era, joy), and lo and behold, some of the recent ones have been more than watchable. They have actually been good. Like, really really good. This boggles my mind:

Spazzing flail )

Apr. 19th, 2009


Wow, what is this place? It looks vaguely familiar. It has like, icons and stuff! Curious. *pokes*

Well, I am caught up with my f-list. Kinda. Maybe. My inbox is a different matter entirely. EMAILS? WHAT ARE THOSE? And if work ever remembers that I exist, I'm in trouble, lol. WHERE IS MY RICH AUNT WHO WANTS TO BEQUEATHE HER SUBSTANTIAL FORTUNE TO ME, WHERE, WHERE?

It's getting into autumn here, but like last year it's mostly warm and the leaves are just starting to turn and be all gorgeous. Some hiking definitely needs to happen this autumn, preferably when the lovely [info]feruche comes to visit in less than a month! Squeeeeeeeee! I CAN'T WAIT. Last weekend [info]alsha and i went on a wee roadtrip to have a picnic/frisbee-playing/reading afternoon out in the hills. It was unfortunately cut short by interfering gnats, but fun anyway! I keep taking it for granted what an awesome place I live in.

Then last night we went out and discovered a super-cute pub that we definitely need to frequent more. Their berry cider was out of this world, and we played pink scrabble. Much fun was had!

I was reminded the other day that HBP is coming out soon. Dude. That movie has slipped so far to the back of my mind. I mean, I'm still gonna go see it, but I'm not anywhere near as excited as I would have been back in November. I maintain that moving it back that far was an epically stupid decision.

In fandom news, MY LIFE IS MADNESS.

*puts behind cut to spare poor f-list that has had it up to here with hearing about German soaps* )

That's it for now, I think. Apologies for being sporadic and/or one-track-minded. One of these years I'll talk about something else, I'm sure. SURE OF IT.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! *smooches f-list*

Apr. 12th, 2009

The Longest Day

Oh wow, this week was utter, blissful madness. The lovely [info]sdk and I essentially ignored the rest of the world and went to live in Eskimo Kiss Land around the clock. We basically stayed up four days in a row (slept two hours out of each, hahahaa), CAPSLOCKED at each other 24/7 and uploaded a stupendously huge shitload of vids. We've got less than 30 left to go on the old timeline now and then we can join it all up and zoom ahead on the new one! It was so much fun I can't even begin to tell you.

In fact, our week was pretty much this:

Yes. That's exactly what it was like. Gay sparkly insane fantasy land = home. Muahahahaha.

Among other things, we got up one vid that I'm particularly proud of, because it showcases the awesomeness of Ulrike Röseberg and André Dietz (contains spoilers for current eps):

(the screenshot & caption happen to be pretty damn perfect too!)

Sometimes I am just floored about the massive amounts of fun everyone on that set seems to have. I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of sucky days too, but you can see that they mostly get on swimmingly and have such a great rapport, and it really adds extra depth to the show. Granted, I don't find the show currently terribly interesting, but they so completely lucked out with their cast. I'll even watch shite plots just to see some of these people act. I love my very messy fandom.

Shelly and I also worked on a bunch of other awesome things and went completely crazy. And I'm not talking normal people crazy. I'm talking utterly batshit insane. Small children would have been whisked to safety, so I guess it's a good thing there weren't any around. It was glorious.

Also, because we have so much time on our hands (and because I very rudely stole all the subtitling), Shelly randomly went and learned video editing, AHAHAHAHAH. YES. Like, in a day. HER MAD SKILLZ TERRIFY AND DELIGHT ME.

And so, within a day, she's made this glorious thing:

It's a belated birthday present for Lil and a companion vid to her beautiful ficlet Wahr, which is still my favourite Roman character study ever and so gorgeous it hurts. And Shelly's vid captures that mood so beautifully... plus, SO MUCH PRETTY SKATING, OMG! (I found some of it, wheeee!)

So yes, that was my week, lol. Things have been NUTS and I am so out of the loop on everything else. I just continue to be amazed at how well the three of us work together and how hugely rewarding and fun this project is. It's fabulous to see people get invested, and we get a bunch of lovely appreciative comments and messages (in addition to a whole tonne of YT's usual ilk of "HAI THERE, I HAVE NO BRAIN", lol) that are a joy to read, and we treasure that...but the thing is that we're doing it first and foremost because we enjoy it so damn much. I love that to a truly silly degree.

I've slept normal hours this weekend, and my body does not like it. It's all confused and groggy and wants to go back to its nice pattern of 2-4 hours. One of these days I will eliminate the necessity of sleep entirely, I swear it!

I also haven't had time to watch the show this week, so I just raced through the four newest eps today. They were largely boring and there's no way I'm doing in-depth recaps, but I'll probably throw up a quick summary or something. And I need to work on my fic, OMG.

Mar. 24th, 2009

Concerts, movies, fannish exploits & the rest

This weekend, I did stuff, for a change!

Auckland-bound )

It was the first time either of us had actually spent any time in Auckland (previously we'd just whizzed through), and it was nice to taste a bit of big city life again. We explored a bit of the downtown and gorged on massive amounts of shopping, which was bloody good fun. Then had lunch in a lovely park, and in the early afternoon went to check in and get ready for the concert.

Counting Crows and The Who )

After the concert, Alsha and I made it back into town after some bus-related issues (the free public transport thing back wasn't nearly as well organised as getting there, so there was lots of milling about in giant crowds and stupid bus drivers giving wrong instructions) and pretty much just fell into bed, we were that tired.

On Sunday, we slept in, had a huge breakfast and went to the zoo in the afternoon. Moar )

Our flight back was on Monday afternoon, so we had some time to kill, though not loads of money, so we went and saw a movie. Our options were either Slumdog Millionaire or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We were slightly more interested in the subject matter of the latter and also knew that Asa Butterfield, the little boy who played Mordred in Merlin, was in it, so we ended up going with that.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (dear British/American movie industries, why are you so hell-bent on appropriating the Nazi stuff? You're lovely, but you fail at being German! )

After the movie, we went to collect our bags and went to catch the plane home. Arrived last night to needy cats and piles of work that I'll somehow have to vanquish this week. DO NOT WANT. Let's have some fandom pimping instead!

[info]graspthethorn is doing the 2009 SEXY awards over on [info]seifen_slash! Go forth and nominate, I command you! AWZ stuff especially... I doubt Verbotene Liebe needs any help, hehehe. SUPPORT OUR TINY FANDOM! Go and nominate fics or art you liked! It won't take a minute :D


I hope to surface a few times this week to do EKP stuff (Christmas and New Year's episodes coming up soon!) and maybe watch the show, though recaps will probably have to be shorter this week.

In other telly-related news, I've recently started watching Torchwood season 2, and holy wow, it is good! I gotta admit, I wasn't too floored by season 1 - I liked it but it seemed a bit random and didn't really capture me enough to make me want to have more! now!, but I'm definitely getting that vibe with season 2 so far. Awesome plots! Great side characters! JAMES MARSTERS! Massive amounts of boykissing! Ianto ruling with the witty one-liners! It is beautiful. And further saturating my happy little slasher heart. Really, the amount of slash I HAVEN'T had to make up this year is mind-boggling. The canon boylove, it overwhelms me!

Aaaaand I also really enjoyed the latest episode of Dollhouse! I hope they keep going like that, because that was noticeably better than the previous ones. I approve!

Now if only I could bend the space-time continuum enough to have time for all my fannish exploits, writing (In This Home On Ice will have to be put on, well, ice... for the rest of the week at least), work, eating, trimming my hedge & mowing my lawn (hahahahaha) AND the occasional sleep! But it will all work out somehow as usual, I'm sure. I DON'T KNOW HOW. IT IS A MYSTERY.

*poodles off to see what atrociousness AWZ has been up to in the latest eps*

Mar. 16th, 2009

AWZ - Musical Dream Episode of Cracktasticness

This just went up on Eskimo Kiss Project:

Episode 328 - look, I made the singy bits rhyme! )

I love my cracky fandom *pets it*

ETA: (although the spoilers that just went up are boggling my little head to pieces. WTH?)

Jan. 28th, 2009

The Idiocy of DeVa, or Let's Flog That Dead Horse Some More, Shall We

I'd do an RL update, but frankly nothing much is happening. I'm drowning in work, poking at fic, doing EKP stuff, and giggling with [info]alsha over Shoebox Project when we have time. Where is my slashers' fund that will allow me to give up this time-sucking job, where, where? :p

Anyway, in lieu of exciting RL happenings, I ramble/rant/rehash. With encouragement:

Me: Hmmm. Options.
Alsha: Yeah?
Me: a) Work, b) Cue more episodes that will make me angry, c) Write angry, purging rant about DeVa idiocy, d) Work on fic.
Alsha: c)
Me: Yeah? Toodles.

Dead horse is not sufficiently flogged to ribbons yet )

I'm thinking I need to sit down sometime soon and do a full rewatch of the glory days episodes or I shall become altogether too grumpy.

In the meantime, though, this picture and its tantalising recentness never fails to make me happy:

Dec. 16th, 2008

You know you're addicted to your gay German soap skating fandom when...

...despite mountains of work and things to do and organise, your computer screen is populated by the following items:

- 1 MSW file consisting of subtitles
- 1 MSW file consisting of notes for clipping cues
- 1 MSW file consisting of fic
- 1 WMP window playing a clip for subbing
- 1 WMP window playing a scene you've seen a million times
- 1 download window d/l-ing another clip
- 1 browser tab on your YouTube channel
- 1 browser tab on the EKP channel
- 1 browser tab on the show-related message board
- 1 browser tab on the show spoiler site
- 1 browser tab on your inbox, which is populated entirely by show-related items
- 1 browser tab on a glossary of figure skating terminology
- 1 chat application with a partner in crime
- 1 desktop background of a bunny with carrots
- 1 LJ application where you cheerfully announce this patheticness to the world



[info]lilithilien made a shiny!!

Vidspam: Eskimo kiss without accoutrements, awwww )

Dec. 15th, 2008

An itty bitty RL update, and a whole lot of fandom ramble

(X-posted from LJ)

It's summer! When the hell did that happen? [info]alsha took me to a barbecue with all her ambulance people the other night, which was lots of fun and everyone was very nice (well, except for the one girl I already knew was a bitch, who stared at me from her little table of bitchdom and then whispered to her friend and made her stare at me too and got very embarrassed when I stared right back, lol). Lots of yummy food and lovely conversation with lots of the requisite Kiwi snark. Ok, so we got rained on, but it was fun anyway!

Before that, we had [info]slk230 stay with us for a few days, and it was great to have him here again. We went driving in the rain and watched him hop around between rocks and sheep taking pictures; we went to the beach in the sun and watched him taunt seagulls and take pictures; we went shopping and found that there's a curious dearth of bandanas in Nelson; we went to feed eels, which was entirely mad, as they seemed determined to come hopping out of the water and eat our toes; we went to a vineyard run by Austrians (eek); we had lunch in a little enchanted fairy tale garden; we went to the top of the hill and took pictures of all the houses Davvi wants to buy (heheh); we hung out lots petting cats and having good conversations. It was fun!

Now it's only a few weeks until our next visitors get here, eeeeee! Can't wait to see you, [info]twilightdweller and [info]flyingburrito1!! Fair warning: I will be squeeing about my show a lot, lol.

Speaking of (you knew we'd get here sooner or later ;)), here I go pimping.

Eskimo Kiss Project, fanfic, fandom love (with vidspam!), and my frighteningly stupid sense of optimism )

I have not kept a normal sleeping schedule in about three months now. Oddly enough, it is working amazingly well. I've pulled more all-nighters than I did in my student years, and there are weeks when I sleep a total of ten hours. It's weird, but it works!

Unfortunately, I still have to squeeze in silly things like work, which I utterly disapprove of. We need a Fandom Fund that will just let us focus on pretties 24/7. Why isn't anyone onto that yet!

That's it for now, I'm sure I've forgotten a million things. Apologies to those who are utterly sick of listening to be ramble about my fandom *ducks*


I pimped us on LJ again, which I feel silly double-posting to here, because my entire f-list consists of people who already know these things, heheh!

ETA: Ok, I double-posted after all. But go look at LJ anyway and watch my f-list get sucked in *evil grin*

Dec. 10th, 2008

Eskimo Kiss Project

We are zooooming, people. Zoooooooooooming. *twirls*

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