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Nov. 2nd, 2016

Halloween/Cosplay Wrap-Up Post

Just a quick one because I wanted all my costumes from this month in one post, especially the Clone Club. I promise it's the last!

How many of us ARE there?? )

Dec. 30th, 2015

Fandom Meme 2015

I'm working on my end-of-year meme, but tbh, the fannish stuff is always more fun, so:

Here there be squee! )

Dec. 6th, 2015

Supanova Report

So last weekend I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, after Dan Feuerriegel listed himself as a last-minute guest. Ergo, technically, all I need known about the weekend is that this happened:

(I'm not looking straight at the camera because he was holding my phone and I was staring at his hands. He has ridiculously beautiful hands. They are distracting, ok?? Also ridiculous: his shoulders. LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE A MILE WIDE.)

Con successful, report closed!

However, a lot of cool shit happened and I do want to get some of the details down because otherwise they'll fade far too quickly. So without further ado, rambly details under the cut!

Cosplay and actors and writers, oh my. )

Oct. 20th, 2015

Angsty gladiators ate my life.

I'm trying to make a semi-conscious effort to not just post every random thing that happens exclusively on Twitter. It's so addictive and easy and I do truly love it (well, caveat: the way I use Twitter is basically just like a private chat room, lol), but it's in the nature of the beast that things slide very quickly way down your feed and out of your mind. One of the things I've always loved (and lately missed) about the IJ/LJ experience is how easy it is to take a stroll down memory lane and cheer yourself up with some sparkly old thing when you're having a shit day. Well, provided you keep decently organised tags, which I really, really don't, lol. But I am trying to revive it a bit and get back into the habit of semi-regular posting. (It helps when you upload approximately seven gazillion new icons so you actually want to post just so you can use them.)

Right, so, I'm still stuck way hard on Spartacus. Poking at fic, bemusedly wading through Tumblr, meta-spazzing at [info]alsha and anyone else who will listen. It's pretty damn awesome. I've missed the days of only sleeping 4 hours a night because you're too busy tearing your hair out over some scene that won't come right or spending a ridiculous amount of time on researching crucifixion injuries (I have to say, Vikings really dropped the ball on this one, with Athelstan's unceremonious full recovery, lol).

Anyway, just taking a break to trawl more cast tribute vids. Unlike show-based fanvids, with these, I don't really give two shits about quality, I'm perfectly happy just ogling the unfairly gorgeous shiny people. (And vaguely regretting that Liam got to do humour on the show so rarely, because he is so freaking funny!)

Also? Lining up the We won't break, we won't die, it's just a moment of change" part of these lyrics with Andy footage is FUCKING EVIL. Arrrgh :CCCC

Oct. 18th, 2015

Shiny Spartacus fanvids *paws*

I'll put this out there first: I'm annoyingly picky about fanvids. I don't like talking heads. I don't like random kiss compilations with no actual story, set to a slow-mo ballad that has nothing to do with a character or pairing. I don't like heaps of text in fancy fonts or heaps of dialogue sprinkled throughout a vid. Basically I'm predestined to not like about 95% of all the fanvids ever. For this, I blame the people who have introduced me to fanvidding - all of whom were people with very high standards of vidding, who knew their shit, not just in terms of tech, but also in terms of what looks and sounds good, how pacing works, what engages the viewer emotionally, what puts a new spin on a storyline or pairing. CURSE YOU FOR MAKING ME PICKY, VIDDING FRIENDS. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :p

So, ever since I fell head over heels with Spartacus, I've been wading through fanvids when I have time, with somewhat predictable results. There are a LOT of kissing and fight scene compilations out there, lol. There are a lot of talking heads and slow-mo ballads. Shockingly, there are a LOT of variations on "This Is War." (Not really judging here, actually - liking kissing and fight scene compilations is fine and I like This Is War as a song. I'm also too lazy to learn vidding but I know from watching others do it that it's an incredible amount of work. So, y'know, people should make what vids they want to make, obviously).

Anyway, I wanted to share a few Spartacus vids that I genuinely loved, and ramble about why. Let's go!

1. Time of Our Lives - Spartacus tribute by Zurik 23M

Time of Our Lives

This is my favourite Spartacus tribute vid ever. I love the song choice. I love how it spans all the seasons; how it gives equal focus to Andy's and Liam's Spartacus; how its main focus is on friendship and loss (ALL THOSE FUCKING ARM CLASPS! Y U NO HUG, GUYS!). I think it perfectly captures what the show is about, and it's incredibly moving. After I finished with the show the first time, I looped this an embarrassing amount of times.

2. "This love that I've found, I detest" - Spartacus/Ilithyia by ItsTheWonderfulAmy

This Love That I've Found, I Detest

I ship the crap out of these two and their glorious hatred, ngl. In general I think this show is pretty much perfect but there are a few things I wish it had had more time for, and one of those things is Ilithyia. I think she had more story left to tell. I liked Laeta and eventually got on board with her and Sparty's thing in s3, but not-so-secretly I always wished Ilithyia had lived and they'd delved more deeply into this fucked-up relationship and she and Spartacus could have had.

Enter this vid, which I think is just perfect. Firstly: Mumford & Sons! Can't really ever go wrong with that. Secondly: the editing is fantastic. I love how it actually tells a story that's different from what we see on-screen, rather than just compiling scenes we've seen. This creates new context, new emotions, and new character nuances, especially for Ilithyia. That's exactly the kind of vidding that I admire hugely: the kind that takes existing footage and creates something new out of it. Also, the colour filters are beautiful.

3. "I'm ready for you now" - Agron/Nasir by Mary_Bell

I'm Ready For You Now

OK, so this has dialogue lines at the very beginning, not to mention Nasir's name spelled wrong, lol. However, apart from that, I love it. I think the two big things that sell it are the pacing and the song choice. The cuts are fast and dynamic, which works great for this pairing (their lives are fast-paced, and their decisions - both rational and emotional - often spur-of-the-moment). There's a lovely balance of their beginnings and their later moments (yay for a smidge of Castus!!), and I think the song works really well, especially for Agron. He's such an utter scrambled mess after losing Duro, he's the kind of guy who just really needs to be somebody's everything (whether that somebody is a brother or a lover), and the whole "don't want to fight alone" thing is just him to a T. And I think the part about "Bring me out / Come and find me in the dark now" also resonates really well with what Nasir does for him. Basically, FEELS, is what I'm saying here.

4. Random cast appreciation vid because reasons.

Cast Tribute

Aaaand this is where I throw editing/vidding preferences out the window and just bask in how sparkly and lovely this cast is and how I adore them all madly :D

(PS: Does anyone know how embedding YT vids on IJ works these days?? YT has disabled the old embed code, and the iframe one still doesn't seem to work on IJ. Annoy! ETA: Solved! This handy tool will convert it.)

Oct. 3rd, 2015

Fannish Saturday

My lovely three-week holiday is drawing to a close. Brb, crying forever :CCCCCCCCCCC My clients, naturally, have cottoned on that I am back and are trying to give me work for the weekend. A WORLD OF NO.

BUT next week is far, far away *bends time* and I have so many fannish things to do today!

1. Joining the fabulous [info]omarandjohnny in a game of Every Saturday Is Halloween, so it's cosplay time! I *think* I'll start off with Amy from In the Flesh, but I already have so many ideas that some of these Saturdays may need to become Wednesdays or Sundays, lol. We'll see how much stamina I actually have.

2. 12-ish hours until Drabble Day starts! Words cannot express how excited I am. Holy fuck tho, I have no coffee in the house, this needs to change pronto! (Last time we did it, I napped for a few hours at some point but felt utterly shattered after, so I'll try to just stay up this time.)

3. Fic to write! I need to get my arse in gear and finish my cracky plotbunny about Barca teaching Nasir how to use a spear (and being a leering asshole about it, natch *cuddles his wanky self*). I *was* having heaps of fun with it until I got sidetracked by the threesome fic that would not end and I'm totally in the mood for something light and funny after that, so LET'S DO THIS.


Aug. 19th, 2015

BBTP! *pokes around* Anyone?

Anyone doing anything for... *drumroll*

I am trying to, but I've forgotten how to 1) write 2) smut. Not helpful! (not to mention my Spartacus obsession, though satisfactorily rapid and all-consuming, is about 5 years too late to feel properly involved in fandom, so now I feel like that awkward person who is super-late to the potluck with, like, a casserole, when everyone is having fancy desserts, lol).

Anyway, if anyone's inclined to poke at things, let's commiserate/encourage/enable/ drown our writing-related woes in booze together! \o/

(i got a new computer since i last used IJ. HOW DOES ANYTHING EVEN WORK.)

Nov. 23rd, 2013

Catching Fire! (spoilers, srsly)

*dusts off poor neglected always-down IJ which DAMMIT once again has outdated icons now arrrrrrgh*

SO! [info]alsha and [info]antiteb and I went to see Catching Fire tonight (that was AFTER going to the Weta Cave and randomly running into George R.R. Martin there, lololol wot are our lives) and I need to babble somewhere and this will do nicely! (This will mostly be incoherent rambling and capslock flail, natch).

When running into George R.R. Martin is NOT the most exciting event of your day, it's gotta be a pretty good movie! SPOILERS. )

Argh, there are so many more things and so many little things and so many feelings. I need to go again and see it roughly another seven times at least to pick up on everything and at least decide what my favourite bits were! But yeah, so I loved it and I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM ONCE AGAIN SUPPOSED TO WAIT. WHAT IS THAT. I JUST WAITED A YEAR AND A HALF. OMG GIEF MOCKINGJAY NOW.

Jan. 3rd, 2013

My year on IJ (for 2012)

Until such time as I have something new and entertaining to post about, have yet another meme!

Instructions: Take the first sentence you posted from every month and add the first photo you posted that same month.

For science )

The theme this year was definitely mad fandom-hopping, many obsessions and the usual amount of procrastination!

Dec. 14th, 2012

My week of Hobbit madness

Aaaaaah. I KNOW, I KNOW, LATE LATE LATE. It kind of sucks that I didn't get the chance to write this all up a couple weeks ago when it was completely fresh in my mind, but between visitors and work and crazy commuting, there just hasn't been any time.

Anyway, better late than never! I'd decided a while ago that even if there was no way I could shag, bribe, threaten or otherwise cheat my way into receiving an invite to the world premiere of The Hobbit on November 28 (really, and here I thought I was famous *snort*), nor, alternatively, pay for one (tickets went for $2000 each, apparently - youch), I was still going to be in Wellington that week, come hell or high water, and soak in as much Hobbitsphere as I possibly could.

The timing worked out well since the lovely [info]alsha and I had tickets to see Avenue Q in Palmerston North that week anyway, so I just extended my stay to make sure I'd be in Welly on premiere day.

A note on picspam: Some of the photos are a little too wide for my IJ layout but this post has already taken way longer than it should and I am not resizing the damn things now, lol. If you want to see the pics properly, look at them while on the "leave a comment" screen!

Pre-premiere excitement )

Hobbit Fair, public screenings, LotR love, with a smidge of hypothermia plot )

Red carpet stalkage! (here there be picspam) )

And I think that's pretty much it! I have more pics but they're all variations on the ones I've posted here. It was a fabulous day, the atmosphere was great, everyone was lovely beyond belief, and I'm pleased as pie that we got to go, that we got such a good spot, and that everything worked out so beautifully. The city went all out for the entire week and being able to be a part of it just about made me explode with fangirly joy. Now all that's left to do is ACTUALLY WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE, which we're doing this Sunday (in 3D, because 3D means Richard Armitage will reach out of the screen and snog me, Y/Y? /science). I CAN'T WAIT.

And if you've made it through this massive post, you deserve a cookie, or at least some Lembas bread:


And Richard Armitage singing, because reasons.

Oct. 10th, 2012

Classic Doctor Who - A Thing That I May Want To Say Things About (unless I get distra- ooh, shiny

I may have mentioned that I recently got into Doctor Who. In a big way. I hopped on the bandwagon. I got hooked. I saw the light. I got on board.

The thing about me is once I am on board, it's very very difficult to get me off board again - even if you tie me to the mast and flog me or keep me chained in the hold and keelhaul me and then toss me to the sharks, I will just kind of stupidly doggy-paddle after you for a long long time, clinging to the barnacles, and maybe, maybe I will eventually give up once you've sunk or burned (hi AWZ, looking at you, kid)... is this nautical metaphor getting kind of out of hand? It is, isn't it. Anyway, you get the point. I obsess. I cling, I geek, I haunt, beleaguer, follow, search out and absorb, etc. I learn to write in Elvish, swear in fake Chinese, dress up, read up, follow up and all the other verb-ups.

So, Doctor Who! Why obsess about three when I could potentially be obsessing about eleven of them? :p


Twenty-six olden-day seasons, you say, BBC? Yeah, say no more. I am already all over it.

So after a lot of hunting around and trying to wrap my mind around the way the classic serials work and marvelling at the fact that entire serials are entirely missing because the BBC wiped them and then later realised that maybe they shouldn't have because they are now vanished, lost, poof, gone from the world (seriously, how mindboggling and weirdly appropriate is that?), and also wishing I had a Vince Tyler to guide me, I've been watching some of the First Doctor (wow, talk about old school), some of the Seventh (psychedelic 80s cheesefest ahoy!) and that abominable movie of the Eighth (oy vey, the badness, it burns), and... I figured I want to document this marathon somehow because I know I'll forget all sorts of things if I don't, and I'll regret it.

I wasn't sure how to go about format and I still don't really know - I was and am particularly interested in gender roles throughout the entirety of the show but I don't really want to write actual academic-type essays, so... IDK. I'll probably just do casual posts by season (or decade or Doctor, haven't decided yet), with random observations and special sections on areas of particular interest to me, like female characters' portrayal and slash factor (lol, so much of that already).

So, uh, spam is coming? Soz except not really because wheeeee I like my shiny obsession :D

Sep. 2nd, 2012

Stuff Wot I Did On My Hols (Part 1) - The Doctor And I

So I recently took time off from work. I realise normal people do this all the time, but I don't. Or if I do, it's for necessary reasons, like being sick or urgently having to go somewhere or attend something, etc. etc.

This was not that kind of Taking Off Time From Work. This was for purely selfish reasons, just so I could go to Wellington lots and sleep in and bum around and read books and watch telly for three weeks. You guys, it was glorious. I never wanted it to end. (Why are there no rich patrons anymore? Why will no one pay me to sit on my arse all day and drink wine while I watch ALL the shows? Honestly, careers are so overrated.)

I did mean to do updates about what I got up to, but I think I'm gonna split it into parts because I have trouble with conciseness. Hence, Part 1: telly!

Near the top on my agenda was catching up with Doctor Who before the new series started. And I did, oh did I ever. )

I'll be running out of hyperbole-adjacent adjectives anytime now, so I'll say no more other than I AM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO CATCH UP. And now, of course, having to wait for new eps to air will be torture. But oh so delish.



Jul. 31st, 2012

Icons, icons, icons (Robin Hobb, Elisabeth, Lucifer, and assorted others)

The lovely [info]spaghettitoes has organised this icon challenge for all the shiny new fandoms flying around the Igloo. I picked Robin Hobb because apparently I love to make my life difficult, lol.

Christine, I TRIED to match your categories but there were some that just really don't work for this fandom (and also my brain fails at this specific organisation thing), so this was more of a "make icons first, approximate categories later, skip the rest" approach, I'm afraid. But I made you priest icons and went cosplaying for you, so you can't tut at me ;)

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously since Robin Hobb's works are not exactly picture books, I had to find material elsewhere. I have two primary sources: 1) cover artist John Howe's paintings; 2) a selection of fantastic fanart from DeviantArt that their creators have given me their generous permission to use. If you take any of these icons, PLEASE credit these artists for their work. The relevant info plus links to DeviantArt galleries (with lots of more gorgeous stuff) is beneath the respective icon panels. I think crediting John Howe is probably optional since he already has ALL the fame and money ;) (here is his portfolio, though) but please do credit the fanart creators where indicated.

Robin Hobb's books (Farseers, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man and Rain Wilds Chronicles trilogies, plus a couple of Windsingers ones)
Elisabeth the musical
Elisabeth the historical figure
And some miscellaneous things.

Okay! Categories!

We'll all ignore the fact that I am legitimately terrible at iconing, okay? Awesome. )

/omg insanitycakes.

Jul. 28th, 2012

Musicals, Musicals, Musicals

Certain people who I shall not name have been bombarding me with a staccato of Elisabeth clips lately, and I'm currently in the process of subtitling another one of my all-time favourite German musicals, so it's no surprise that the world of musicals has been on my mind in general.

So in my ongoing quest to reclaim meme-ing from tumblr, have a 30 Days of Musicals meme:

In love with musical - Songs, performers, productions, costumes, and roughly 70,000 YouTube clips )

Jul. 3rd, 2012

Fancast/pimping: The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

So far, 2012 has been an excellent year for new fandom discoveries. Between Revenge and The Middleman and Teen Wolf, I already don't even know which way to swoon first, and that's not even taking into account all the great books.

So here's another book rec, because I am seriously bursting with love and I need to share: The Demon's Lexicon is a young-adult urban fantasy trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan, whom some of you may remember from her Harry Potter fanfic days and the epic win of "Underwater Light", and whom the rest of you need to start reading, like, NOW.

The trilogy consists of three books: The Demon's Lexicon, The Demon's Covenant and The Demon's Surrender. I read the first one years ago when it came out and wasn't that impressed; then I reread it this year and fell violently in love. Go figure.

I suck at plot summaries, so here's what the blurb for the first book has to say about the premise:

"Sixteen-year-old Nick knows that demons are real. Magicians call up demons in exchange for their power. The demons can appear in any shape, show you marvels, promise you anything - until you invite them in and receive their mark.

What happens next?
First you get possessed.
Then you die.

Nick's been on the run his whole life, ever since his mother stole a charm from the most feared magician of them all, and the only person he trusts is his brother Alan. Alan's just been marked by a demon. Only Nick can save him, but to do so he must face the magicians - and kill them. The hunt is on, and Nick's going to discover things he never dreamed were out there."

So yeah. There's lots of drama and darkness and violence and running from things and running after things. Lots of saving each other's lives, and also risking each other's lives. And of course there has to be time for snarky one-liners while doing either. And for hitting on people. Or rejecting people. Or becoming friends with people you really, really didn't plan on being friends with.

On my personal scale of awesomeness, which measures everything in this particular genre against Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I should find a name for that - the Buffy Meter?), this gets about 90%. The writing is smart and fun. There's snarky dialogue and a clever sense of humour ("My life was going to flash before my eyes, but it decided to hide behind my eyes and quake with terror instead."). There's heartbreak. There are clever twists and the pacing is great. When Nick and Alan are forced to team up with another marked boy and his sister - who is as determined to save her brother as Nick is to save his - the obligatory teenage love tangles ensue, but there are no cliché turns here. This story does one of my favourite things really well: reversal of stereotype. The women are smart and strong and nobody is annoyingly perfect - on the contrary, everyone is fucked up in the most delicious ways, lol. There's a strong focus on unconventional friendships and family ties, especially sibling relationships, complete with twisted loyalties and betrayal and agonies of all sort. It is fabulous.

Above all, it has well-crafted, compelling characters. That are insanely shippy. I love every single one of them so much that I can't even pick a favourite, so instead, I've done a fancast and am just going to throw all of them at you. With the proviso that if/when you read the books, you are grudgingly allowed to imagine them completely differently ;) And if you're very keen on not being exposed to someone else's physical idea of characters, don't click on the cut or don't read on.

Thus endeth the rec.

(Basically this was my excuse to collect a bunch of pretty pictures of pretty people and flail embarrassingly about beloved characters at the same time. Everyone wins, especially me.)

((Also this is spoiler-free. I am not giving away any major plot points.))

Character fancast picspam! )

May. 30th, 2012

Fancasting & long-winded book rec: Memory, Sorrow and Thorn

The other week, while I was running and desperately needed something to occupy my brain (something that wasn't "oh god oh god, I am going to die" or "a pox on all those bloody liars who claim this gets easier or fun"), I thought of Tad Williams and wondered what he is up to these days.

Specifically I wondered if he ever feels cheated when he sees stuff like A Game of Thrones and those terrible Terry Goodkind books scored telly adaptations in the wake of the Lord of the Rings-inspired fantasy craze, and his own work didn't. He's probably way too cool for such tacky thoughts but I'm not, so I'm more than happy to munch some sour grapes on his behalf ;)

Who the hell is Tad Williams and why should you care? Tad Williams is one of my long-standing favourite fantasy authors and an all around Very Cool Dude.


He's written some excellent "traditional" high fantasy (those quotation marks are there because he's great at putting a fresh spin on traditional things), as well as Otherland, a fantastic series about virtual realities, and War of the Flowers, a steam-punky novel about a fairie realm that's moved on into the industrial age and beyond.

His fortes are character depth and world-building; whether the setting is medieval fantasy, gothy/urban/retro folktale or highly sophisticated virtual reality, his characters are always layered and their development throughout their stories is real and engaging. He's fantastic at putting you in his characters' shoes, and especially accomplished at doing it with diverse cultures. Whether it's the ageless hauteur of an elf society, the tribal memories of the Bushmen or an Inuit-based people, or a consciousness embedded solely in artificial intelligence, he puts you in their heads and hearts; he does away with the concept of "other". It's a remarkable talent that not many writers have; off the top of my head, the only other two who I think do the same as well or better are Neil Gaiman and Robin Hobb.

Tad was also one of the first authors to fully embrace online fandom and the possibilities it opened up for telling stories in new media. Long before the rise of Facebook and its ilk, he was interacting with fans on now-ancient message boards, kept them updated on his current projects, personally answered emails and encouraged active fan participation. His Shadowmarch novels began as an online interactive project where he would post new chapters of the first novel as he was writing it, while encouraging and using fanart for the project, constantly engaging with fans as the story evolved, and being an active part of building the community surrounding it. The project was subscription-based, and unfortunately it eventually petered out (due to lack of funding, if I recall correctly), and the Shadowmarch novels were later published the traditional way; but I'm a sucker for artists who try to do something new with every new project they take on, and I admire Tad hugely in this regard.

Which is why I can't help feeling a little sad/miffy at seeing the current hullabaloo over the Game of Thrones adaptation and the ensuing renewed attention for the books. Not because I think A Song of Ice and Fire isn't interesting - it's good, solid entertainment, or at least it was before George R.R. Martin got so bogged down in detail - and I am genuinely pleased that one of my favourite genres is getting mainstream attention. I don't think GoT was the best choice for a TV series, however; not while there were better-quality options around.

And that's where I think Tad Williams, among others, got robbed. His Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series (The Dragonbone Chair, Stone of Farewell and To Green Angel Tower), written a number of years before A Song of Ice and Fire, has all the elements that presumably landed GoT its TV deal - medieval setting, large-scale supremacy conflicts between a multitude of royal houses, battles and politics and magic and dragons and wolves, sinister religious/mystical happenings including an extended summer/winter conflict, a vast diversity of settings and cultures, an intriguing set of characters and relationships, and even (oh-so-importantly) a throne made out of unconventional material (dragon bone here instead of swords, lol).

Let's look at pretty covers: )

In addition to those things, the books have excellent pacing and momentum (something that especially the later books of GRRM's series lack), greater depth, humour and poignancy and some fantastic friendship stories, and OH LOOK AT THAT, THEY'RE ACTUALLY FINISHED. What they don't have is massive amounts of sexploitation and gratuitous porn (there are sexytimes, but Tad generally fades to black).

So yeah. I'd love to be able to not compare and not feel a little annoyed, but the parallels are just too there to ignore. I love that the Lord of the Rings movies opened up fantasy as a genre to screen adaptations that appeal to a wide audience, but I do wish the projects that were filmed in their wake had been chosen for more than what essentially boils down to "oh look, there's battles and kings and DUDE, ALL THE TITS! SIGNED!"

That... was a much longer intro than I had planned. Actually, during that half-hour run I was mostly daydreaming about who I would love to see cast if MS&T ever did get adapted to the screen, because I love those books and I think they're eminently filmable. So I, like a proper nerd, ended up fan-casting a bunch of the characters and wanted to put it somewhere I could remember, and then somewhere along the way I apparently got wrapped up in a Tad Williams pimp campaign instead.

It happens.

Anyway, here is the actual purpose of this post:

Fan-casting MS&T (dopey kitchen boys, tomboyish princesses, evil priests and tortured noblemen, oh my) )

There's a whole host of other characters that I didn't get to or didn't have anyone in mind for (the other Sithi, all the Norns, Ineluki, Deornoth, Isorn, Vorzheva's father, Camaris, Strangyeard, etc etc) but there's no way I can do all of them. I had fun matching up faces in my head, though. Procrastination: ACHIEVED!

May. 17th, 2012

Shameless pimping: Revenge

Yeah, yeah, I know. SO MUCH TO WATCH ALREADY. I don't care, you guys - I still need to introduce you to my new show!crush. I think it's time my friends knew about us. I mean, it's not like we're *dating* or anything. This isn't the kind of show for a steady relationship. It's the kind of show that you watch and mock and tease and make out with a few drunken times, and then before you know it, you're having FEELINGS and you know you're fucked. Because you know the FEELINGS will be used against you. You know you're losing ground. You know you should turn back, that you're already in too deep. But you can't stop.

So I don't know what exactly it is we're doing, and I know whatever it is might end up destroying me, but I know I don't want to stop.

Friendslist, please meet my beautiful, fucked-up, funny, soapy, gritty, issues-ridden crush...


Schemes and plots and all the feelings )

So, yeah. I REGRET NOTHING. The show is currently nearing its season 1 finale (episode 22 airs next week), and it's been tight and engaging and suspenseful throughout, with plenty of humour and emotion to keep it real. And unlike certain other shows I could name *coughcough RINGER coughcough*, there is plenty of life left in this premise - I could easily watch another 3 seasons of this, and I am so glad that there's going to be more.

May. 2nd, 2012

30 Days of Hunger Games

LA LA LA. So I did consider doing 30 Days of Angel just to complete the trifecta of primary Whedon shows (Dollhouse, what Dollhouse?), but then I took one look at the questions and realised it would be a waste of time because I disliked that show so much I'd just be pissing off everyone who did like it, lol (Example: Day 26 - something that you wish had never happened: THIS ENTIRE FREAKING SUCKY SHOW. Day 27 - something that you wish had happened: A SHOW FEATURING CORDELIA, DOYLE, FAITH AND OZ INSTEAD.)

So instead I'm going with something I did enjoy:

Here's some advice: Stay alive. )

Apr. 29th, 2012

30 Days of Firefly (or possibly 30 Days of the Tam Siblings Appreciation Society)

First of all, yes, I am on a "30 Days of [Insert Show]" spree, lol. Second of all, I was saddened to see that this was only on Tumblr and Facebook (when did those become the primary fandom interaction spaces? :CCC) and decided that needed to be remedied immediately. Third of all, I tweaked some of the questions because they were stupid. Fourth of all, let's go!

Dear diary: Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever. )

Apr. 21st, 2012

30 Days (or, you know, one) of Buffy

There has been so much Buffy marathoning in the Igloo lately that I'm all choked up with vicarious nostalgia/love. I've been watching random eps here and there when inspired by tweets, and man, I still adore this show to a ridiculous degree. Hence, Buffy memeage! Except I'm not going to bother with doing one a day, that is too organised and commitment-adjacent :p

That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo! )

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