Nov. 14th, 2012

Drabble Day pimp

free glitter text and family website at

(is this font obnoxious and tacky enough? I just can't tell, you guys.)


Come join! Come friend the comm! Come flail! (I'd say "start plotting" but no plotting is required, like, at all. It's effing DRABBLES. They're the fun, dirty and commitment-free one-night stands of fic writing, so you have literally no excuse :p)


Jan. 9th, 2011

Fic: Slayer – Love Hurts (And Then The Mop Goes Into The Dragon) (DeRo, Marc, Isabelle, Tom; NC-17)

The reveals for HoFest went up, so I can finally claim & repost this leviathan fic! On Archive of Our Own, mind, because it's way too long for IJ. FTR, I've done some final tweaking on it because I was looking at it during HoFest and found a few mistakes so this is a slightly cleaned-up version.


Title: Slayer – Love Hurts (And Then The Mop Goes Into The Dragon)
Author: [info]aldiara
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Roman Wild, Deniz Öztürk, Marc Hagendorf, Isabelle Steinkamp, Tom Reichenbach, Vanessa Steinkamp, Florian Wild, Marian Öztürk; Deniz/Roman, *Roman/Marc, Marc/Tom* [highlight for hinted-at other pairings]
Summary: Being an account of what transpired at the Öztürk/Wild household and elsewhere after certain events inconveniently recalling the recent past. A story involving ice musicals, skating games, bitchy skaters, clueless computer nerds, stage drama, porn, dragons, horses, untimely revelations, need for closure, questionable likelihood of attaining closure, and Many Many Issues.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Excessive musical cheesiness. Defilement of sacred kitchen appliances.
Word Count: 44,000
Author's Notes: Originally written as a gift for [info]ktbob (<3333333333) during HoHoHo Fest on [info]no7_awz and posted here. Diverges from canon sometime past episode 1020, although Jenny's disappearance still happened. For the purposes of this fic, Katja never returned from Halle, and the Frank=Franziska reveal took place earlier than in canon. All ludicrous flaws regarding descriptions of skating, localities and ice show production belong to author.
Special thanks: 1) To my wonderful brainthird [info]lilithilien for agreeing to beta this monster and offering some incredibly useful and necessary suggestions. 2) To DG, for the dragon, for the musical plot (modified by me, because every GBWI story needs a totalitarian overlord complex bitch queen), for the title and the inspiration. 3) To [info]alsha, for the cheerleading, for helping with that dratted scene, for a dragon named Yuri. 4) To [info]ktbob, for ranting in the comments of ep915 that the only acceptable answer to the question "What changed?" should have been "I did."


Read "Slayer" here @ AO3

Aaaaaaaand here's the playbill, lovingly designed by the fabulous Lil! *explodes in spontaneous bursts of squeeeeeeeeee and love* )


Sep. 20th, 2010

Girlcrush of the week: Joyce Ilg, A.K.A. Obscure AWZ Character Appreciation Post (with picspam)

(Aside: You know what is fucking annoying? The fact that when you finally get round to tossing out half your old icons and replacing them with new ones, all the old posts on which you used the old icons revert to your default icon, no matter how perfectly suited those icons were to those posts. Come ON, InsaneJournal peeps! Surely there should be some snazzy solution for that by now. Not impressed.)

Why am I here? What am I doing? Oh, right. Hey peeps. Meet my girlcrush of the week:


This is Joyce Ilg. Joyce Ilg is a young German actress who played Sophie Brenner on AWZ.


Who the fuck is Sophie Brenner, you ask? (picspam-heavy) )

Jul. 8th, 2010

Oh YT, you are full of gems

This will probably only make sense if you know that Old Spice commercial. You know, That One. And/or if your mind is very warped.

Oh Merlin and your faded sparkle of yore. Stop trying to make these little forays of charm in my general direction. I know we loved each other madly for a little while, but it's time you faced up to the fact that that's ALL IN THE PAST. You don't deserve my attention anymore. I should be with a pretty show my own age who won't cheat on me by betraying its own subtext. *does a quick Google for shows first airing in 1978* Right, that apparently means Aldi/Original Battlestar Galactica = OTP. The things you learn.

May. 23rd, 2010

Random gropage

*has calmed down somewhat*

Well. DeRo 3.0 is nothing if not educational about people's willingness to think outside the box and kiss their little narrow-minded stereotypes goodbye. I wouldn't exactly say it's the enjoyable kind of educational, and I have a feeling I will need to seriously stock up on booze for the next few months and go hunting the the zen-y place that surely exists somewhere in my mind, but it's definitely interesting.

But! Done with that, moving on. Good lord, friendlist! The one night a week I decide to actually sleep, IJ promptly explodes into a flurry of comments and posts and I end up spending hours scrambling to catch up, lololol. THIS IS WHY SLEEP DOES NOT WORK!

Also, argh. I've been watching Skins. It was supposed to distract me from the agonisingly fabulous and fabulously agonising goings-on on Show, but it just ended up taking the (very few) unbroken corners of my heart and crushing them into ground-up sawdust. Holy fuck though, it is brilliant! I'm totally addicted. Which is kind of bad because I don't have time or resources for another addiction, but I'm embracing.

Also, Hannay Murray is totally my new girlcrush (as [info]alsha fondly stated, I always fall for the crazy ones). Which makes me feel kind of dirty and cougar-like but that's not stopping me from perving all over her:


Seriously, though. That show is shockingly well-written, unpredictable, funny, heart-rending and just all around awesome. I am in love.

All sorts of awesometastic fandom things have been happening lately - most notably of all, thanks to the fabulous [info]sdk and her lovely banner-making assistant [info]graspthethorn, the 2010 SEXYS have been announced and I won a truly tacky amount of awards that I'm currently pawing with Cruella DeVil-like glee. (I also made the mistake of tracking the topic, with the result that my inbox has been choking on a cracktastic flood of comments all weekend, lol *loves fandom*)

Okay, now that I'm finally caught up on IJ and YT (more or less, omg I need more hours in my hours), I am going to huddle in my freezing part of the Igloo (dammit, I hate winter) with my hot cider and attempt some actual SRS BIZNIZ writing, despite the untimely fanfic muses babbling at me, lol.

F-LIST ILU! <333333333333333333333333

May. 22nd, 2010




Apr. 4th, 2010

GOOL-y Goodies: Aldi's Verbose Trip Report of Doom (With Extra Sap, Yuck)

So, that wee event thing that's been eating mine and [info]lilithilien's lives for the past months... happened. Without major catastrophe. Which still confuses my pessimistic little heart no end: "What? Things went shiny? People were happy? Had a good time? No one got throttled, abducted, lost, or otherwise abused? REALLY?"

Really. Minor hiccoughs aside, the weekend was ****ING AWESOME (yeah, sorry, NHLB-ers. I stalked your sekrit chatroom and witnessed the happening of your sekrit in-jokes ;)), unforgettable, ecstatic, blurry with fabulousity.

I've been nabbing photos from everyone left, right, and centre since I got back, since I didn't bring my own camera, so I think it'd be rather pointless to repost other people's pics, lol. (Well, maybe one. Or two. That I really really liked.) I shall focus on rambling instead. BECAUSE I CAN RAMBLE, Y/Y!

Bring snacks. And water. And possibly a potty. Here there be babbling. )

(Now I'm home and believe it or not, I STILL have leftover condoms and lube. And I really am the last person to need them. *makes water balloons*)

Apr. 3rd, 2010

Home and alive, more or less


NEXT TIME WE DO THIS, I WILL BE RICH AND FAMOUS AND FLYING 1ST CLASS, GORRAMMIT! Looooong flights and short flights are fine, but it's having a bunch of long AND short AND those hateful medium ones stuck together with layover hell in between that makes travel from and to NZ a big sockstinky failbucket.

Oh, and when Pacific Blue loses your suitcase. That isn't swell either. (It's okay, it arrived belatedly today and I can go pick it up later but OMG DID NOT NEED THAT!)

*waves tiredly at everyone* Just trying to catch up OMG YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN POSTY! LOL!

*hugs and noserubs everyone*

Feb. 26th, 2009

Happy (early) birthday [info]lilithilien! Here, have some glitter.


Wheeeee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL!!! I’m posting this a day early because a) it’s your birthday over here already, so no reason not to start celebrating, b) you’ll need porn to distract you from family visits and other suckiness, c) I am impatient and d) uhm, you told me to when I made my stealthy inquiries *nods*

I know I am totally cheating with this bday fic because I’ve owed you DeRo club!fic for like two months and you deserve clubfic and some new fantastic bday shiny, but I failed and this fic was being a coy whore for YEARS and it turned out quite long in the end so I’m hoping that can be my saving grace *g*

*smooches and twirls you* I love you, you fabulously insane, wonderful woman! I hope you’ll have a marvellous day tomorrow! :D

Title: Fairy Dust
Authors: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Deniz/Roman
Word Count: 8100 words (it was supposed to be 2000 before Deniz started flailing and making demands and I said “SHUT UP IT’S NOT EVEN YOUR POV” and he said “I DON’T CARE DO WHAT I SAY” and I said “SIGH OKAY OKAY” :p Characters who are demanding little bitches pick me to write them because I’m a pushover and they know it. )
Rating: NC-17 (graphic sex and language)
Summary: Peter Pan Night at Homolulu’s! Glitter, fairies, pirates and Buttery Nipples. Also, sex. And more glitter. (“Because”, as the lovely birthday girl stated whilst fangirling over Velvet Goldmine, “there’s just not enough glitter!”)
Disclaimer: Every single thing in here is STOLEN. Hurrah! You want details? I have details! Let’s start with the obvious: I don’t own AWZ or these characters, because if I did, every episode would be full of porn. I don’t own anything to do with Peter Pan, and the whole thing with the glitter was totally nabbed from photographic evidence of that night Dennis, Igor and André spent at Studio 54 and got glitter sprayed all over them and looked so hot it should be illegal. And I *think* that apart from the weird pattern, I stole Homolulu’s back rooms from some scene in Velvet Goldmine that Lil commented on when we were watching it and she exclaimed, “That’s how the back rooms at Homolulu’s look”, and I nodded to myself and went, “Check!”
A/N: A huge THANK YOU to the wonderful [info]sdk who not only did a fantastic beta job on this but also suffered my flailing and spazzing over it at every time of the day, providing hugs, virtual booze and soothing variations on “No no, you don’t suck!!” whenever I needed them. YOU ROCK, BABE! And another big thanks to my personal grammar guru [info]alsha for wrestling with my monster sentences and excessive gerund use. (“I do believe in commas! I do! I do!”)
Ho hum, what else? What, like I didn’t just ramble enough? I can totally ramble more! This fic came about because I was determined to write something fun and happy and (hopefully) sexy and 100% angst-free for a change. Well, this is me and this is DeRo, so I may not have managed entirely angst-free, but I did my best! I’m not really a fan of fluff in general but there’s not enough funny in this fandom, which is just wrong, because they can be SO funny, even though the evil show didn’t give us nearly enough of their happy days! Very bad editing choice. Uhm, anything else? Oh yeah, work of fiction and all that. In RL, don’t ditch the condom, kay? BAD IDEA. Roman will scold you.

Shutting up now before my A/N get longer than the fic :p


Fairy Dust )


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