Nov. 22nd, 2012

This is never, never going to work

How bad would it be if I gave up the fight against the ivy? I mean. Yes, it kills everything else, but. It's green. It's pretty. (Ish). It clearly likes it here, and it's clearly never, never going away. NEVER. [info]alsha, can't we just become those creepy ladies in the ivy-wreathed mansion?


See? Pretty. Creepy, but pretty.

Plan totes has merit, I think.



Jul. 31st, 2012

Icons, icons, icons (Robin Hobb, Elisabeth, Lucifer, and assorted others)

The lovely [info]spaghettitoes has organised this icon challenge for all the shiny new fandoms flying around the Igloo. I picked Robin Hobb because apparently I love to make my life difficult, lol.

Christine, I TRIED to match your categories but there were some that just really don't work for this fandom (and also my brain fails at this specific organisation thing), so this was more of a "make icons first, approximate categories later, skip the rest" approach, I'm afraid. But I made you priest icons and went cosplaying for you, so you can't tut at me ;)

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously since Robin Hobb's works are not exactly picture books, I had to find material elsewhere. I have two primary sources: 1) cover artist John Howe's paintings; 2) a selection of fantastic fanart from DeviantArt that their creators have given me their generous permission to use. If you take any of these icons, PLEASE credit these artists for their work. The relevant info plus links to DeviantArt galleries (with lots of more gorgeous stuff) is beneath the respective icon panels. I think crediting John Howe is probably optional since he already has ALL the fame and money ;) (here is his portfolio, though) but please do credit the fanart creators where indicated.

Robin Hobb's books (Farseers, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man and Rain Wilds Chronicles trilogies, plus a couple of Windsingers ones)
Elisabeth the musical
Elisabeth the historical figure
And some miscellaneous things.

Okay! Categories!

We'll all ignore the fact that I am legitimately terrible at iconing, okay? Awesome. )

/omg insanitycakes.

Oct. 30th, 2010

Random tidbit of oversharing

I just poured coffee all over my cleavage *facepalms* Not because I got jolted or anything. Just, y'know, sitting still, drinking coffee. Because I apparently can't judge the volume-of-beverage/size-of-mouth ratio accurately, like, WHAT. THE. FUCK. SELF. :p

(yes, it is vital that y'all have this information.)

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