Oct. 9th, 2015

Fic: Love and Honour (Spartacus; Oenomaus; PG)

Title: Love and Honour
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Spartacus; Oenomaus; throwback Oenomaus/Melitta/Gannicus; smidge of Saxa/Oenomaus
Word Count: 3350
Rating: PG
Warnings: I feel silly warning for angst. Hello, it’s Spartacus. (Also contains some linguistic fibbery, as obviously they are neither speaking English nor modern-day German, but I was having fun playing with words.)
Summary: Oenomaus tries to come to terms with his new life among the rebels, with the past, and with kickass warrior women.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Spartacus. Clearly I’ve made the wrong life choices.
A/N: Originally this was inspired by Oenomaus’s dismissive “delicate creatures at the best of times” comment to Crixus about love and women in Empty Hands (ep 204). I wanted to explore what he’d make of the women he encounters in the rebel camp. And then Saxa happened (as she does). A random present for [info]notoriouslyuniq, who happily and relentlessly stalked and cheered my tweetspam as I discovered the sparkly paincake world of Sparty. I thought this might combine some of your favourite things <3

Fic is here at AO3

Oct. 31st, 2010

Cheerfully going bonkers as usual

I am so way overdue an update and as usual I fail at structure, so I'm going to nab [info]giorgiakerr's basic number format, kk? EVERYONE LOVES NUMBERS.

1. My mini-hiatus thing is over. It was spurred by a completely mad burst of creativity that had me doing nothing but, uh, well, creative stuff for a good two weeks and I couldn't be arsed to have a social life even online. Obsessive Aldi is obsessive. Anyway, I've finished a mural, I've cranked out a short piece of writing, and most importantly, in a bizarre development utterly at odds with all things to do with me and time management, I've finished my HoHoHo Fest assignment early. I KNOW. On the more normal side of things, it needs massive amounts of editing, and since I loathe editing with the fiery power of a thousand suns, I'll probably still find myself the night before the deadline going "OH SHIT OH SHIT I HAVE NOT FIXED ANYTHING AND NOW THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME OH SHIT", so all will be as usual, I expect. BUT YES, YES, IT IS STRANGE AND UNSETTLING, I DO NOT GET THINGS DONE ON TIME, WTF. But I am just the tiniest bit chuffed about it. And I hope my giftee (??? is that the proper term for person receiving gift?) will like it. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

2. Summer is here YAYAYAYYAY. I walked all the way to town today (it's about 40 minutes along the bike path, which is an elevated lovely hike through the hills with lots of trees and meadows and yes, sheep) listening to music in the sun and then lazed around on the green near the cathedral and it was glorious. I LOVE SUMMER.

3. One of the rose bushes that I planted about two years ago in the mad and over-optimistic notion that I might actually, you know, take care of them and that I then promptly left to wither and die, has suddenly decided to burst into bloom. The other one would usually come out with maybe... one tiny wee rose a year and I'd be all "o_O LOOK LOOK IT'S A FLOWER! AM MADLY TALENTED NURTURING EARTH MOTHER!" and this one literally hasn't done anything since I planted it other than sit there looking bare and sullen. Over the past months, it's randomly started growing like mad until it reached a freakish height, and right now it's ALL OVER roses as big as both of my hands together. They are dark red velvety and stunningly gorgeous and stunningly fragrant and I'd take a picture if the only camera we currently owned wasn't the one that Alsha's parents sent her for her birthday except then it took three months to arrive and by the time it *did* arrive she was in England so now I think it'd be tacky to play with her present before she gets back and can play with it herself, so there's no picture, just take my word for it, MY ROSES ARE GORGEOUS AND THIS IS EXCITING, OKAY. (wow, that was a tangenty sentence.)

4. Speaking of [info]alsha, yes, she is still gone and appears to be having a whale of a time (bizarre expression, surely). I miiiiiiiiiss her <333333

5. I need to watch my tendency to stick "<333333333333333333"s onto absolutely everything I say, lest it lose its significance, don'tcha know.

6. I am currently only sliiiightly inebriated but plan to be more so later, as I have pretty much been living on a diet of cider and strawberries. Wheeeeeeeee!

7. Was worried about having no work for a while, but I think/hope it's getting back to normal? I think I may have mentioned a time or fifty how vexing the flip-flop between "ARGH DYING UNDER MOUNTAINS OF WORK, CANNOT COPE" and "ARGH, WILL NEVER EVER GET WORK AGAIN AS LONG AS LIVE & PETS WILL STARVE & HOUSE WILL NEED TO BE SOLD & WILL NEED TO LIVE UNDER BRIDGE EXCEPT CANNOT ACTUALLY REMEMBER WHERE NEAREST BRIDGE IS" states of freelance employment is. Why does one not get paid for managing very hard task of, IDK, existing? Bah.

8. Birthday was fabulous explosion of love, including the sparkliest of greetings from Cologne (some of them complete with horrible fake Austrian accents, lololol <333333333333333333333). *squishes marvellous friends*

9. Still in cranky state of disenchantment with Show; on the upside, though, fiercely in love with fabulous canon-fixing fandom *cuddles it*


11. I have a sick craving for watching the Dawson's Creek finale *cackles madly* SHUP, IT TOTALLY MAKES ME CRY.


13. I thiiiiiiink I am caught up with everything I meant to get caught up on IJ and neeeaaarly there on LJ. If there is something that will crumple and die unless it is validated by a comment from me, please yell at me and point me at it!

14. *squishes f-list*

Oct. 13th, 2010

Happy Birthday Amilee!!


Look, it's a heart! And a cake! Simultaneously! And I didn't just pick it because doctors are sick and twisted and entirely too interested in organs (which they are), but because you've got the biggest, most loving, sparkly, warm and generous heart and I love you more than I can say.

I hope you're having a fantastically awesome day and are getting spoiled absolutely rotten!!


May. 23rd, 2010

Random gropage

*has calmed down somewhat*

Well. DeRo 3.0 is nothing if not educational about people's willingness to think outside the box and kiss their little narrow-minded stereotypes goodbye. I wouldn't exactly say it's the enjoyable kind of educational, and I have a feeling I will need to seriously stock up on booze for the next few months and go hunting the the zen-y place that surely exists somewhere in my mind, but it's definitely interesting.

But! Done with that, moving on. Good lord, friendlist! The one night a week I decide to actually sleep, IJ promptly explodes into a flurry of comments and posts and I end up spending hours scrambling to catch up, lololol. THIS IS WHY SLEEP DOES NOT WORK!

Also, argh. I've been watching Skins. It was supposed to distract me from the agonisingly fabulous and fabulously agonising goings-on on Show, but it just ended up taking the (very few) unbroken corners of my heart and crushing them into ground-up sawdust. Holy fuck though, it is brilliant! I'm totally addicted. Which is kind of bad because I don't have time or resources for another addiction, but I'm embracing.

Also, Hannay Murray is totally my new girlcrush (as [info]alsha fondly stated, I always fall for the crazy ones). Which makes me feel kind of dirty and cougar-like but that's not stopping me from perving all over her:


Seriously, though. That show is shockingly well-written, unpredictable, funny, heart-rending and just all around awesome. I am in love.

All sorts of awesometastic fandom things have been happening lately - most notably of all, thanks to the fabulous [info]sdk and her lovely banner-making assistant [info]graspthethorn, the 2010 SEXYS have been announced and I won a truly tacky amount of awards that I'm currently pawing with Cruella DeVil-like glee. (I also made the mistake of tracking the topic, with the result that my inbox has been choking on a cracktastic flood of comments all weekend, lol *loves fandom*)

Okay, now that I'm finally caught up on IJ and YT (more or less, omg I need more hours in my hours), I am going to huddle in my freezing part of the Igloo (dammit, I hate winter) with my hot cider and attempt some actual SRS BIZNIZ writing, despite the untimely fanfic muses babbling at me, lol.

F-LIST ILU! <333333333333333333333333

Apr. 4th, 2010

GOOL-y Goodies: Aldi's Verbose Trip Report of Doom (With Extra Sap, Yuck)

So, that wee event thing that's been eating mine and [info]lilithilien's lives for the past months... happened. Without major catastrophe. Which still confuses my pessimistic little heart no end: "What? Things went shiny? People were happy? Had a good time? No one got throttled, abducted, lost, or otherwise abused? REALLY?"

Really. Minor hiccoughs aside, the weekend was ****ING AWESOME (yeah, sorry, NHLB-ers. I stalked your sekrit chatroom and witnessed the happening of your sekrit in-jokes ;)), unforgettable, ecstatic, blurry with fabulousity.

I've been nabbing photos from everyone left, right, and centre since I got back, since I didn't bring my own camera, so I think it'd be rather pointless to repost other people's pics, lol. (Well, maybe one. Or two. That I really really liked.) I shall focus on rambling instead. BECAUSE I CAN RAMBLE, Y/Y!

Bring snacks. And water. And possibly a potty. Here there be babbling. )

(Now I'm home and believe it or not, I STILL have leftover condoms and lube. And I really am the last person to need them. *makes water balloons*)

Feb. 27th, 2010


*pounces and snogs*

OMG what a crazy year it's been. If a year ago I'd told you about ANY of the stuff that was going to happen, you would've laughed and patted me on the head and been on your merry *G*


Not what I meant, I know. But still. CRAZYSKATES.

I see I'm late to the party and there are already piles of fabulously sparkly gifts (WHICH, OMG LOL!!!!) but I just want to tell you that you are amazing and I love you so much it's nuts. *squishy soppy hugs* You're one of the fabulousest people in my life EVER and I don't even know what I did when all I had was a full brain instead of a third of one. I can't wait to see you again IN A FEW WEEKS OMGYAY!!!!

Due to recent craziness and me having forgotten how to make extra hours appear in my days *sadfaces* it looks like my birthday present is unfortunately going to be a bit late *ducks in shame* However, to whet your appetite a bit, I can tell you that it involves...

cracky pictorial morsels )

For now, have lots and lots of snuggles, snogs, and more cake:

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr. 12th, 2009

The Longest Day

Oh wow, this week was utter, blissful madness. The lovely [info]sdk and I essentially ignored the rest of the world and went to live in Eskimo Kiss Land around the clock. We basically stayed up four days in a row (slept two hours out of each, hahahaa), CAPSLOCKED at each other 24/7 and uploaded a stupendously huge shitload of vids. We've got less than 30 left to go on the old timeline now and then we can join it all up and zoom ahead on the new one! It was so much fun I can't even begin to tell you.

In fact, our week was pretty much this:

Yes. That's exactly what it was like. Gay sparkly insane fantasy land = home. Muahahahaha.

Among other things, we got up one vid that I'm particularly proud of, because it showcases the awesomeness of Ulrike Röseberg and André Dietz (contains spoilers for current eps):

(the screenshot & caption happen to be pretty damn perfect too!)

Sometimes I am just floored about the massive amounts of fun everyone on that set seems to have. I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of sucky days too, but you can see that they mostly get on swimmingly and have such a great rapport, and it really adds extra depth to the show. Granted, I don't find the show currently terribly interesting, but they so completely lucked out with their cast. I'll even watch shite plots just to see some of these people act. I love my very messy fandom.

Shelly and I also worked on a bunch of other awesome things and went completely crazy. And I'm not talking normal people crazy. I'm talking utterly batshit insane. Small children would have been whisked to safety, so I guess it's a good thing there weren't any around. It was glorious.

Also, because we have so much time on our hands (and because I very rudely stole all the subtitling), Shelly randomly went and learned video editing, AHAHAHAHAH. YES. Like, in a day. HER MAD SKILLZ TERRIFY AND DELIGHT ME.

And so, within a day, she's made this glorious thing:

It's a belated birthday present for Lil and a companion vid to her beautiful ficlet Wahr, which is still my favourite Roman character study ever and so gorgeous it hurts. And Shelly's vid captures that mood so beautifully... plus, SO MUCH PRETTY SKATING, OMG! (I found some of it, wheeee!)

So yes, that was my week, lol. Things have been NUTS and I am so out of the loop on everything else. I just continue to be amazed at how well the three of us work together and how hugely rewarding and fun this project is. It's fabulous to see people get invested, and we get a bunch of lovely appreciative comments and messages (in addition to a whole tonne of YT's usual ilk of "HAI THERE, I HAVE NO BRAIN", lol) that are a joy to read, and we treasure that...but the thing is that we're doing it first and foremost because we enjoy it so damn much. I love that to a truly silly degree.

I've slept normal hours this weekend, and my body does not like it. It's all confused and groggy and wants to go back to its nice pattern of 2-4 hours. One of these days I will eliminate the necessity of sleep entirely, I swear it!

I also haven't had time to watch the show this week, so I just raced through the four newest eps today. They were largely boring and there's no way I'm doing in-depth recaps, but I'll probably throw up a quick summary or something. And I need to work on my fic, OMG.

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