Jan. 1st, 2020

Generic stickypost on friending and fic and whatnot.

OH HAI, welcome to my little corner of the sparkly IJ world. I'm fairly easy about friending, though if I don't know you, it would be nice to drop me a line to say hello and why you're here, and to let me know if you're a perv or something. Which would in all probability be fine, to be honest. I have no standards.

I use this journal to ramble about fannish things and occasionally post personal updates. All of the latter are friends-locked, so if you're mostly here for my fic, all of that can be found at my AO3 account (comments are ♥).

Aug. 19th, 2015

BBTP! *pokes around* Anyone?

Anyone doing anything for... *drumroll*

I am trying to, but I've forgotten how to 1) write 2) smut. Not helpful! (not to mention my Spartacus obsession, though satisfactorily rapid and all-consuming, is about 5 years too late to feel properly involved in fandom, so now I feel like that awkward person who is super-late to the potluck with, like, a casserole, when everyone is having fancy desserts, lol).

Anyway, if anyone's inclined to poke at things, let's commiserate/encourage/enable/ drown our writing-related woes in booze together! \o/

(i got a new computer since i last used IJ. HOW DOES ANYTHING EVEN WORK.)

Jul. 1st, 2013

Obsessions, Rambling, A Poll, Fic and Sundry

Insert the usual flailing about how IJ is too neglected etc., yadda blah blah introcakes.

Stuff I've been up to lately mostly involves telly and reading and then some more reading, and also a whole lot of hating on the concept of winter. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT SHIT. I want to be warm again, please! And yeah, I know, winters where I live are ridiculously mild, but that doesn't really help when all the houses are built like we're in the tropics and everyone around just shrugs and goes, "Eh, put on an extra jumper, you'll be golden." I DO NOT WISH TO BE GOLDEN IN AN EXTRA JUMPER. I WISH TO BE GOLDEN IN A TANK TOP WITH THE HEAT ON HIGH WITHOUT MY POWER BILL LEAPING BY 5000%.

Ahem. Yeah. Winter Is Not Hot.


Show-that-was marathon )

Talk about fandom behaviours, and also a poll )

Writing and fic round-up )

Jul. 28th, 2011

Mini-hiatus, and CTG rocks my world

Hi, I'm not dead! (I think.) I kind of failed at the Internet thing since coming back from Germany, for various reasons - I had some RL stuff to sort out (won't bore you with the details; in essence: I need to find a pot of gold already, because I am SO over being poor), plus it's winter here and cooooooold so I've been doing my damnedest to turn into a human hedgehog, i.e. hibernate and pretend the world doesn't exist if you just curl up and squeeze your eyes shut, plus I was feeling generally maudlin and would not have been good company anyway. I know, I owe people emails/comments/tweets/other electronic signs of life. I plan to be more sociable any day now!

Also, for those of you who've been inquiring, noooooo, the fic's not dead, it just got caught up in the hiatus as well. More to come soon!

I don't really know if I'll do a trip report about Cologne, since as per usual the Not Authorised To Disclose That Information clause applies all over the place. So I will just stick to two things:

1) Ania Niedieck is one of the most adorable people I have ever met; and
2) WE MET COITAL THEFT GUY! That is probably the thing I am most excited about for the entire two weeks I spent in Cologne, lol! He and his boyfriend (who is also adorbs) joined us over coffee on one of our last days there and DUDE. He is SO NICE. And fun and smart and lovely and holy fuck, gorgeous. I love him to bits. *fangirls madly*

I don't really know how to end this so have a picture of Dr. Oliver taking drugs.


Oct. 31st, 2010

Cheerfully going bonkers as usual

I am so way overdue an update and as usual I fail at structure, so I'm going to nab [info]giorgiakerr's basic number format, kk? EVERYONE LOVES NUMBERS.

1. My mini-hiatus thing is over. It was spurred by a completely mad burst of creativity that had me doing nothing but, uh, well, creative stuff for a good two weeks and I couldn't be arsed to have a social life even online. Obsessive Aldi is obsessive. Anyway, I've finished a mural, I've cranked out a short piece of writing, and most importantly, in a bizarre development utterly at odds with all things to do with me and time management, I've finished my HoHoHo Fest assignment early. I KNOW. On the more normal side of things, it needs massive amounts of editing, and since I loathe editing with the fiery power of a thousand suns, I'll probably still find myself the night before the deadline going "OH SHIT OH SHIT I HAVE NOT FIXED ANYTHING AND NOW THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME OH SHIT", so all will be as usual, I expect. BUT YES, YES, IT IS STRANGE AND UNSETTLING, I DO NOT GET THINGS DONE ON TIME, WTF. But I am just the tiniest bit chuffed about it. And I hope my giftee (??? is that the proper term for person receiving gift?) will like it. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

2. Summer is here YAYAYAYYAY. I walked all the way to town today (it's about 40 minutes along the bike path, which is an elevated lovely hike through the hills with lots of trees and meadows and yes, sheep) listening to music in the sun and then lazed around on the green near the cathedral and it was glorious. I LOVE SUMMER.

3. One of the rose bushes that I planted about two years ago in the mad and over-optimistic notion that I might actually, you know, take care of them and that I then promptly left to wither and die, has suddenly decided to burst into bloom. The other one would usually come out with maybe... one tiny wee rose a year and I'd be all "o_O LOOK LOOK IT'S A FLOWER! AM MADLY TALENTED NURTURING EARTH MOTHER!" and this one literally hasn't done anything since I planted it other than sit there looking bare and sullen. Over the past months, it's randomly started growing like mad until it reached a freakish height, and right now it's ALL OVER roses as big as both of my hands together. They are dark red velvety and stunningly gorgeous and stunningly fragrant and I'd take a picture if the only camera we currently owned wasn't the one that Alsha's parents sent her for her birthday except then it took three months to arrive and by the time it *did* arrive she was in England so now I think it'd be tacky to play with her present before she gets back and can play with it herself, so there's no picture, just take my word for it, MY ROSES ARE GORGEOUS AND THIS IS EXCITING, OKAY. (wow, that was a tangenty sentence.)

4. Speaking of [info]alsha, yes, she is still gone and appears to be having a whale of a time (bizarre expression, surely). I miiiiiiiiiss her <333333

5. I need to watch my tendency to stick "<333333333333333333"s onto absolutely everything I say, lest it lose its significance, don'tcha know.

6. I am currently only sliiiightly inebriated but plan to be more so later, as I have pretty much been living on a diet of cider and strawberries. Wheeeeeeeee!

7. Was worried about having no work for a while, but I think/hope it's getting back to normal? I think I may have mentioned a time or fifty how vexing the flip-flop between "ARGH DYING UNDER MOUNTAINS OF WORK, CANNOT COPE" and "ARGH, WILL NEVER EVER GET WORK AGAIN AS LONG AS LIVE & PETS WILL STARVE & HOUSE WILL NEED TO BE SOLD & WILL NEED TO LIVE UNDER BRIDGE EXCEPT CANNOT ACTUALLY REMEMBER WHERE NEAREST BRIDGE IS" states of freelance employment is. Why does one not get paid for managing very hard task of, IDK, existing? Bah.

8. Birthday was fabulous explosion of love, including the sparkliest of greetings from Cologne (some of them complete with horrible fake Austrian accents, lololol <333333333333333333333). *squishes marvellous friends*

9. Still in cranky state of disenchantment with Show; on the upside, though, fiercely in love with fabulous canon-fixing fandom *cuddles it*


11. I have a sick craving for watching the Dawson's Creek finale *cackles madly* SHUP, IT TOTALLY MAKES ME CRY.


13. I thiiiiiiink I am caught up with everything I meant to get caught up on IJ and neeeaaarly there on LJ. If there is something that will crumple and die unless it is validated by a comment from me, please yell at me and point me at it!

14. *squishes f-list*

Apr. 28th, 2010

Dovegrey whiskey - but good once fried

OH HAI, uhm, sleep? What? No, I haven't gone totally bonkers (yet). Nutty subject line is how I read one of [info]alsha's corrections to the epically crap chapter she was betaing for me. NICE HANDWRITING THERE, MEINE HOLDE! SO HELPFUL!*

Aaaanyway. Just dropping by to do one of my usual bimonthly HELLO I'M NOT DEAD posts. I'm so behind on comments to the point where I'm afraid I have to declare an amnesty on all the one I haven't replied to yet and keeping up again from now on, because OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE POSTY.

Off to finally work on my noms for the 2010 SEXYS, YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY! Seriously, this has been my shining, dazzling, enticing reward waiting for me all week *hugs fandom tight and snogs it to the ground*

*OMG IT SO IS, THO. *dissolves in wibbly gratitude*

Jan. 16th, 2010

Why my fandom is the sparkliest ever in the world

Jun. 23rd, 2009

Oh hai, still here

Tonight I wrote. Ok, just 500 words, but it sure as shit is more than I've written in well over a month, so we'll count that a victory. And it's all due to [info]sdk and her cracky powers of inspiration *loves*

In other news? No so much news! I live. I don't post, but I read the f-list, surely that counts? lol.

My job needs to go away. But still give me loads of money. While I'm not working. That can work, right? Also, I need house elves. And a timeturner thingie, because even without sleeping, I don't have enough hours in my day and fail massively at the simplest things, like, replying to my fucking emails already. Why is there no optional internet mindmeld yet? I could just quickly log on inside my brain and tell someone "OH HAI, I AM NOT DEAD, AND I THINK OF YOU ALL THE TIME, REALLY. HERE, HAVE THE THOUGHT PROCESS LOG TO PROVE IT." C'mon, science. Enable my lazy, for sheesh.

EKP insanity still progressing nicely and at insane pace. Yes, you may blame German soaps for my infrequency and my absence of brain. Really. Go ahead. They won't mind. WHEEEEEEE!


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