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May. 17th, 2019

In Other Lands fancasty thing

Just dumping this here for archiving reasons. Shush, never mind my very basic Gimp skills, lol.

Picspam )

Dec. 31st, 2017

Cosplay 2017 round-up post no. 3 - Shades of a Fool

If I had to pick one favourite fictional character, it would always be Robin Hobb’s Fool. As Assassin’s Fate came out this year, wrapping up a 16-book fantasy epic of unsurpassed scope, originality and skill (not to mention an intentensely emotional journey), I decided it was the perfect time to pick some of his personas to cosplay, eventually settling on 6.

As with Malta, this involves spoilers if you haven’t read the books.

I have never been wise. )

And that’s pretty much it. I was going on very personal visuals, so obviously this will not coincide with everyone's ideas, and there’s only so far I can go in terms of gender fluidity. But it was an amazing challenge and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Cosplay 2017 round-up post no. 1 - Disney/Pixar ladies (some undead)

My participation in [info]omarandjohnny's "Every Saturday Is Halloween" tradition exploded a bit this year, as I wanted to do way more characters than October has Saturdays! So it all bled over into November/December a bit. I also had no time to document apart from Twitter posts, so I wanted to do a couple of round-ups here to have them all in one place.

Here there be picspam )

That’s it for the Disney characters! There’ll be another round-up post shortly for my Fool/Amber series.

Nov. 2nd, 2016

Halloween/Cosplay Wrap-Up Post

Just a quick one because I wanted all my costumes from this month in one post, especially the Clone Club. I promise it's the last!

How many of us ARE there?? )

Oct. 30th, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 8

Whoa, that rather exploded this year! I had SO much fun with the Clone Club, and to end it on a high note, here's my second-favourite clone, Cosima Niehaus! The lovely [info]alshaworld indulged me once again and played Delphine with me:

Enchanté, motherfuckers. )

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 7

It's finally time for my favourite adorably homicidal crazy-haired Clone Club member: Helena.

"You remember me, don't you?"
-"Yes, Pupok. It's been a long time."

Hello sestras. )

Oct. 23rd, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 6

Due to technial difficulties (read: delayed wig delivery), the Clone Club is taking a break this week. Instead, a quick tribute to This year's Fandom Love: Welcome to Night Vale!

"Wednesday has been cancelled due to a scheduling error."

Do Not Enter The Dog Park )

Oct. 17th, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Bonus Entry (No. 5)

Aaaaaaannnnnd because I was momentarily bored of clones (sorry, Clone Club! I do love you!), now for something completely different...

One of my favourite crazy space chicks of all time, River Song!

"Hello, sweetie."

Spoilers! )

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 4

(I'm losing count already, lol.)

This week, running as trustee for a school board committee near you...

Alison Hendrix!

Holy fishsticks! )

Oct. 9th, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Bonus Entry (No. 3)

Because I have too many clones and not enough Saturdays, I spent a couple hours in the insanely overcontoured skin of...

...Krystal Goderitch!

She and Sarah are probably on opposite ends of the extremity scale in terms of how personally familiar I am with their respective looks, so here, for contrast:

"OK, are you, like, blind? 'Cuz this girl looks nothing like me."

Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger. )

Oct. 8th, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 2

Onwards with the Clone Club! I was feeling lazy today and decided to do Sarah Manning because out of the whole bunch, she's probably closest to my own look, so I figured that was easy - slap on some smoky eye and a bit of grunge and there you go.

Well, no. This took WAY longer than Rachel for some reason, lol. And it still doesn't look like much of an actual costume, so I'm looking forward to having the rest of the clones for context.

Still, it was fun, and I really loved the outfit(s)!

Come on, get your shit together, you silly tit. )

Oct. 1st, 2016

Every Saturday Is Halloween 2016: Entry No. 1

Okay, so I'm sure I could do an update on why I've been so AWOL all year, but it would be boring and depressing, so I'll save that for some other time.

Instead: OH LOOK IT'S OCTOBER LOL HOW DID THAT HAPPEN OMG. My fabulous mate [info]omarandjohnny and (at least) moi are continuing last year's funfest of Every Saturday Is Halloween, so there'll be cosplay from me every weekend in October (probably a couple extras too, because I have too many ideas to fit into five Saturdays).

This year, I am doing a selection from Orphan Black's Clone Club, which has already led to some interesting situations, such as:
"Oh hello random person, I would like to purchase this lab coat you are selling, because, like, crazy science. How much is shipping?"
"Not sure, I'll look it up. Also hey, this may need a good wash bc I can't seem to get the smell of formaldehyde and cadavers out of it, ahahahahah med student ahahahahah."

Anyway. I'm starting off with Rachel Duncan, plus/minus an eye.

Controlling evolution is the ultimate power )

When I first started considering Rachel, I was only thinking hair and "oh yay, I can do gross stuff with the eye." The hair worked out ok although any more than 10 mins of having my real hair squished under that wig gave me a headache. Luckily I had a single whacky contact lens leftover from last year to use for the artificial eye, BUT it turns out I don't own a single outfit that Rachel might conceivably wear (pencil skirts, wot), so I raided Alsha's closet for some usable stuff (not that the outfit even shows up in most pics, lol). Sadly, the half litre or so of fake blood I had leftover from last year has decided it would be fun to turn mostly orange and corn-syrupy. What's up with that?? I think I used up more on one blood-dribbling hand than I did on an entirely bloodsoaked Carrie last year. But it's all worth it because this was really fun - I rarely feel like I can pull off blonde, but I felt right at home in this. (That should probably worry me, but eh.)


Apr. 25th, 2014

Vikings flail re: "The Choice"

So I meant to do a proper OMG YOU GUYS I'M INTO VIKINGS NOW post complete with picspam and articulate rec talk for those who aren't watching it yet, but turns out I'm too impatient and just want to flail about S02E09, so let's keep the intro brief, shall we?

I'm into Vikings now! I know some of you have been into it way longer than me - lol, you guys should've shoved this at me much harder! I also know some of you are not into it yet. To you I say, GET ON THAT, STAT. It is lovely and gritty and beautifully shot and has awesome characters and doesn't do that annoying "let's be super-anachronistic and pretend that's cool" thing that every historical show's been doing since at least Merlin.

It also has plenty to offer to active fandom.

Here's what convinced me:

1. This is Ragnar Lothbrok:

He is a Viking, doing Vikingy things. He's smirky and reckless and funny and okay, more than a little psycho at times. And sometimes he's a douche. But you root for him anyway. Because it's impossible not to.

2. This is Lagertha, his wife:

She is a shieldmaiden (hence gets to participate in all the badass Viking stuff in her own right and takes shit from no one) and is basically made of awesomesauce. If the entire show was shit, I'd still watch just for her. Girl is FIERCE.

3. This is Athelstan:

You may also know him as Grantaire from Les Miserables. Athelstan is a priest whom Ragnar takes prisoner on one of his raids and brings back home. He has an awesome character arc full of religious conflict and oodles of UST with Ragnar (Robin Hobb readers, there are lots of shades of Wintrow/Kennit here!). Which brings me to:

4. My shiny OT3:

It's fairly rare that a show offers up a convincing premise for a good threesome, so naturally I'm all over that! Sadly fandom seems to either not know how to actually do proper threesomes (all the fic I've seen so far was "Lagertha basically watches the boys get off and fiddles with herself a bit" which... no) and/or be mostly into the boys alone. Which is a compelling ship, absolutely! I just want my girl in there too *pouts*

5. Many awesome other characters, including Cato-from-Hunger-Games as Bjorn, Ragnar's son:

Perfect casting is perfect!

6. There's also Siggy, the Earl's morally ambiguous wife with the awesome eye make-up. I mostly ship her with meeeeeeeeeeeee.


I am aware that this mostly looks like "hey, watch for the pretty" but it is actually a pretty damn awesome show, trust me. I marathoned both seasons in 2 days because I couldn't stop. It is pretty grim at times (because duh, Vikings!) but never gratuitous, which I greatly appreciate after some of the crap that's been going on lately on other shows, like, OH I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONES, POSSIBLY GAME OF THRONES A LITTLE BIT YOU ASSHOLE CLUELESS DIRECTORS/WRITERS WHO DON'T SEEM TO KNOW WHAT RAPE IS. Ahem.

Anyway! Intro over! Let's flail about season two ep nine, ok???


cut for spoilers )

Yeah so basically, it's nice to be into a show so much that you feel you could live there. And fix canon. Maybe. If you weren't so lazy. IDK how long this obsession is going to last but right now I'm just enjoying the hell out of it! :D

Dec. 21st, 2012

Just a bit of LotR fandom nostalgia...

All this Hobbit madness has inspired a massive dose of renewed LotR love in me - I won't say how many hours I spent yesterday just wading through some of the old classics, cast interviews, spoofs, memes and easter eggs, and general fond remembrance *shifty eyes* It was thoroughly enjoyable, though, so I thought I'd share a random selection.

Do You Remember:

1) The Fellowship of the Pants - origin of the famous "Gondor has no pants! Gondor needs no pants!" line that can be adapted to absolutely any fandom or situation;

2) The Very Secret Diaries, which may be the only thing of actual interest Cassandra Claire ever wrote;

3) They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard! (warning: you will be singing this ALL FUCKING DAY);

4) Dom's prank interview with Elijah! (oh Lijah - your porpoise laugh is still adorbs);

5) Ahahahahah, My hed iz pastede on yay (bless you, Fandom Wank);

6) Billy & Dom & lots of penis jokes;

7) Everyone snarking on Orlando's broken rib;

8) Billy's account of how Viggo snogged him;

9) The best behind-the-scenes love story: Viggo and the horses (I still cry at that story of him buying the horse for Jane);

10) BAGENDERS!!! Still possibly my favourite bit of LotR fanfic 'verse - kind of the LotR version of The Shoebox Project <333;

11) No wonder everyone was so much into RPS. I mean, who could blame them? It was everywhere. Like a big shiny orgy;

12) Barrel-riding! (Poor Daisy Wenham and his $200 horse. And Miranda!); and

13) That spoof with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar!

There's tons more, of course, this really is just a random sampler. I totes need another rewatch of the trilogy (when I'm not huddling in a makeshift Arctic tent in a public park, lol!)

I also went on an extended hunt for the portraits that Viggo took of some of the LotR cast back when they were shooting. And... it proved nearly fucking impossible to find the damn things. I remembered loving them back when I first saw them, and I also remembered that for some reason they weren't widely circulated even back then, possibly because Viggo is so insanely talented at everything that some of his accomplishments don't get all the attention they deserve.

Instead of one handy link, I had to chase the portraits down all across the internet (curse Tumblr and its consistent lack of source links or credit!), so I wanted to gather them all in one place - for myself to paw at, mostly, but also to share with anyone interested! I still think I'm missing a few but these were absolutely all I could find.

here there be pretties )

Dec. 14th, 2012

My week of Hobbit madness

Aaaaaah. I KNOW, I KNOW, LATE LATE LATE. It kind of sucks that I didn't get the chance to write this all up a couple weeks ago when it was completely fresh in my mind, but between visitors and work and crazy commuting, there just hasn't been any time.

Anyway, better late than never! I'd decided a while ago that even if there was no way I could shag, bribe, threaten or otherwise cheat my way into receiving an invite to the world premiere of The Hobbit on November 28 (really, and here I thought I was famous *snort*), nor, alternatively, pay for one (tickets went for $2000 each, apparently - youch), I was still going to be in Wellington that week, come hell or high water, and soak in as much Hobbitsphere as I possibly could.

The timing worked out well since the lovely [info]alsha and I had tickets to see Avenue Q in Palmerston North that week anyway, so I just extended my stay to make sure I'd be in Welly on premiere day.

A note on picspam: Some of the photos are a little too wide for my IJ layout but this post has already taken way longer than it should and I am not resizing the damn things now, lol. If you want to see the pics properly, look at them while on the "leave a comment" screen!

Pre-premiere excitement )

Hobbit Fair, public screenings, LotR love, with a smidge of hypothermia plot )

Red carpet stalkage! (here there be picspam) )

And I think that's pretty much it! I have more pics but they're all variations on the ones I've posted here. It was a fabulous day, the atmosphere was great, everyone was lovely beyond belief, and I'm pleased as pie that we got to go, that we got such a good spot, and that everything worked out so beautifully. The city went all out for the entire week and being able to be a part of it just about made me explode with fangirly joy. Now all that's left to do is ACTUALLY WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE, which we're doing this Sunday (in 3D, because 3D means Richard Armitage will reach out of the screen and snog me, Y/Y? /science). I CAN'T WAIT.

And if you've made it through this massive post, you deserve a cookie, or at least some Lembas bread:


And Richard Armitage singing, because reasons.

Sep. 7th, 2012

Spring is here!!


Hence, have some random spring snapshots:

Wheeeeeeeeee! )

Sep. 3rd, 2012

Breed Me (IDEK what this is. Sterek mpreg songcrack, apparently).

I blame [info]amyriadfthings and [info]amo_amas_amat for enabling this :p

So uhm. It all started with mocking the millions of badvids out there using Breathe Me. And then there was the reading of fic and encountering of lots of equally bad knotting fic in which "pups" was used as a synonym for "come" and people apparently thought someone moaning "Breed me!" in the middle of sex was hot (hint: it's really, really not). Then there was a brainmush of "Breathe Me should really be Breed Me, lololol," and... well... that was that.


...yeah. I'm just going to quietly drown myself now, kthxbai.

Aug. 18th, 2012

That icon meme

Nabbed from [info]lilithilien, because I've got so many new icons I've already forgotten half of them and need every opportunity to memorise them, lol.

I am not even concise in icons )

Wow, that took a while.

Jul. 3rd, 2012

Fancast/pimping: The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

So far, 2012 has been an excellent year for new fandom discoveries. Between Revenge and The Middleman and Teen Wolf, I already don't even know which way to swoon first, and that's not even taking into account all the great books.

So here's another book rec, because I am seriously bursting with love and I need to share: The Demon's Lexicon is a young-adult urban fantasy trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan, whom some of you may remember from her Harry Potter fanfic days and the epic win of "Underwater Light", and whom the rest of you need to start reading, like, NOW.

The trilogy consists of three books: The Demon's Lexicon, The Demon's Covenant and The Demon's Surrender. I read the first one years ago when it came out and wasn't that impressed; then I reread it this year and fell violently in love. Go figure.

I suck at plot summaries, so here's what the blurb for the first book has to say about the premise:

"Sixteen-year-old Nick knows that demons are real. Magicians call up demons in exchange for their power. The demons can appear in any shape, show you marvels, promise you anything - until you invite them in and receive their mark.

What happens next?
First you get possessed.
Then you die.

Nick's been on the run his whole life, ever since his mother stole a charm from the most feared magician of them all, and the only person he trusts is his brother Alan. Alan's just been marked by a demon. Only Nick can save him, but to do so he must face the magicians - and kill them. The hunt is on, and Nick's going to discover things he never dreamed were out there."

So yeah. There's lots of drama and darkness and violence and running from things and running after things. Lots of saving each other's lives, and also risking each other's lives. And of course there has to be time for snarky one-liners while doing either. And for hitting on people. Or rejecting people. Or becoming friends with people you really, really didn't plan on being friends with.

On my personal scale of awesomeness, which measures everything in this particular genre against Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I should find a name for that - the Buffy Meter?), this gets about 90%. The writing is smart and fun. There's snarky dialogue and a clever sense of humour ("My life was going to flash before my eyes, but it decided to hide behind my eyes and quake with terror instead."). There's heartbreak. There are clever twists and the pacing is great. When Nick and Alan are forced to team up with another marked boy and his sister - who is as determined to save her brother as Nick is to save his - the obligatory teenage love tangles ensue, but there are no cliché turns here. This story does one of my favourite things really well: reversal of stereotype. The women are smart and strong and nobody is annoyingly perfect - on the contrary, everyone is fucked up in the most delicious ways, lol. There's a strong focus on unconventional friendships and family ties, especially sibling relationships, complete with twisted loyalties and betrayal and agonies of all sort. It is fabulous.

Above all, it has well-crafted, compelling characters. That are insanely shippy. I love every single one of them so much that I can't even pick a favourite, so instead, I've done a fancast and am just going to throw all of them at you. With the proviso that if/when you read the books, you are grudgingly allowed to imagine them completely differently ;) And if you're very keen on not being exposed to someone else's physical idea of characters, don't click on the cut or don't read on.

Thus endeth the rec.

(Basically this was my excuse to collect a bunch of pretty pictures of pretty people and flail embarrassingly about beloved characters at the same time. Everyone wins, especially me.)

((Also this is spoiler-free. I am not giving away any major plot points.))

Character fancast picspam! )

Jun. 15th, 2012

Random winter picspam

(That doesn't mean snow. We don't get snow. I don't even know what snow is anymore. In my mind, snow is warm and fuzzy and tastes like vanilla now.)

I was doing laundry today, which involved the obligatory shivering and bitching about the cold whilst hanging stuff on the clothes line, and how winter sucks and how I'm going to ban it, etc. etc.

Then on my way back I discovered that my otherwise stark & hibernating rosebush has randomly decided to grow a single winter rose. And suddenly winter was magical.

These are a few of my favourite things )

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