Dec. 30th, 2008

Well, fuck this.

Where I was enraged and appalled on principle and in a general sense about the Prop-8-related goings-on in the States before, I have now joined the ranks of those who are infuriated on a personal level. The bloke who runs the Gays of Daytime blog and started the message board posted this today.

My first reaction was to be sad - I don't know this guy well and I've only been following his blog for a few months, and my contact with him doesn't go beyond a few emails about what's going on with the DeRo subtitles (that he has been wonderful about supporting and pimping), but in those few months, his blog and the board have become a staple in my life. So at first I was just sad and sympathetic, because it sucks and I'll miss his snark and it's a crap situation. Then it really hit home WHY it's such a crap situation, and that we've been hearing about this and ranting about it and signing petitions and whatnot for a while now, but this is the first time that I've seen it in action, personally affecting someone I know and respect.

And that is SHIT, people. That is an incredible, reeking, steaming pile of shit right there. We're two days away from 2009. 2009! And people are having to emigrate from the United States of America, a country that once was the place people fled to in order to be able to live as who they are and not be persecuted for being different.

Now this guy, who from what I know of him is a fabulous person and who's been enriching the lives of people all over the world, has to leave his chosen place of residence, and his boyfriend has to uproot his entire life to be with him, and there are no words to express properly just how much that sucks. Not even eight years ago my girlfriend and I were considering the United States as one of our options for a place to live - for a while there, it even topped the list. Now, if we'd gone there, we'd be stuck in the same pile of shit. (Sorry for all the excrement-based cussing, but anger doesn't usually leave me much room for sophistication).

I can deal with the fact that we don't have flying cars yet, or instantaneous transportation, or an end to disease or whatever. I can deal with the fact that we're not perfect and that we're still learning about a lot of things, but good grief, this is basic stuff. How come we keep flunking such no-brainers as Tolerance 101 and Don't Fear Diversity?

America, I am so freaking disappointed in you. You can do better.

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