Jun. 15th, 2012

Random winter picspam

(That doesn't mean snow. We don't get snow. I don't even know what snow is anymore. In my mind, snow is warm and fuzzy and tastes like vanilla now.)

I was doing laundry today, which involved the obligatory shivering and bitching about the cold whilst hanging stuff on the clothes line, and how winter sucks and how I'm going to ban it, etc. etc.

Then on my way back I discovered that my otherwise stark & hibernating rosebush has randomly decided to grow a single winter rose. And suddenly winter was magical.

These are a few of my favourite things )

Nov. 10th, 2010

Update on a Wednesday

(...as opposed to those other exciting and highly relevant six days of the week, I know. One of these days I will magically find a wee booklet called "1001 Exciting and Interest-Generating IJ Titles" and my life will be that much closer to perfection.)

Anyway, Stuff:

1. Was sick as a dog for a few days, alternating between a) lying on couch hallucinating in fever dreams, b) lying on couch reading The Descent, which is one of the most amusingly badly written books ever (hahahah, in Googling it, I discovered that there's a vaguely similar movie from 2005 that - though trashy - looks so much better), and c) lying on the couch watching season 6 of LOST (not finished yet, but moderately enjoying it, in spite of my unending fervent loathing of Jack "OMG WON'T SOMEONE JUST SHOOT HIM DEAD ALREADY" Shephard). Finally feeling better today, yay! God, I have no patience for sickness.

2. I got my copy of DU&ICH with our interview in it today, wheeee! IT LOOKS AWESOME.

3. My HoFest beta rocks my socks off. I have a few things left to fix, but then I will be DONE DONE DONE.

4. I had sushi for lunch. YUM.

5. Who the hell gave Christmas permission to happen in SIX FUCKING WEEKS? Arrrrgh.

6. I was doing the Yearly Fanfic Meme and had actually finished it but fucking Semagic somehow failed to save it, despite my very careful and deliberate saving. Not. Impressed. I'll redo it some time I'm sure, just, gaaaah.

7. Show, what Show? :p

Mar. 26th, 2009

Inspiration is a buzzing buzzfly!

Allow me a moment to bounce.

I am excited! I've got vague-but-workable-with outlines for the next THREE chapters of In This Home On Ice (including titles - that never happens to me!), and I am majorly psyched about them. Now I just need to find the time to sodding well write them. Why does one have to have a day job, whyyyyy?

And dude, this thing is going to be so massive. IT IS SCARY. BUT COOL. Aiiiiiiiiiii.

Mar. 8th, 2009

Such is my social life these days:

I'm about to head off for a pair of three-year-olds' birthday party. And the scary thing is, I probably have more in common with the three-year-olds than anybody else who's going to be there. Teehee.

(Also, it's only mid-afternoon and I'm slightly squiffy on rum and cranberry juice. WHY'S THE RUM GONE? And is it socially acceptable to appear at birthday parties of the underaged in a mild state of intoxication? If the underaged are so severely underaged that they won't notice anyway, unless you steal all their new toys, which... might happen, actually?)

In other news: Whoa. I think I finished chapter 3 of In This Home On Ice. It's 9000 words and NOTHING HAPPENS, LOL. I am verbose, and Deniz is disgusted with me for making him be introspective. DEAL, SLUT.

I'll, uh, post when I've done a massive clean-up and plied [info]alsha with sexual favours to beta it. It pays off to date a professional editor who lives with you and CANNOT GET AWAY!

I hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend! *snuggles the lovely f-list* I know I owe some of you emails, people! I haz not forgot! I iz just... uh... easily distracted. Aiiiii.

Mar. 3rd, 2009

Wheeee! This is my random happy post.

Happy things!

- With a wee bit of luck, I have a minimum amount of work today! YES.

- This means I have time to write, wooo! I just need to get myself into an angsty frame of mind, because right now I'm feeling excessively silly and bouncing off the walls. Do not need Deniz suddenly breaking out into giggles and saying, "Look, this is stupid, I am so totally into you and never stopped, can we just get to loads of make-up sex and snogging already?" OOC, YES!

- I just spent a ridiculous amount of time piling and arranging my hair and stuffing the majority of it under a cap and making a cunning fake!bangs arrangement that makes it look like my hair is short and cutely fluffy, and it works! Not that I want short hair for real again, it's too much maintenance, but it's nice to look different sometimes (even if all you're going to do is sit at your computer and the only people who'll see you are the crickets, which, I'm not entirely sure crickets count as people, but whatever)

- EKP is made of nutty fun and I love my girls! I shall rub their noses until there's nothing left and then we'll all have big funny blank spaces in the middle of our faces. It'll be a trendsetter, I tell ya!

- I am downloading Merlin and snickering at the Mysterious Intro of Epic!Drama Voiceover. And I'm really looking forward to watching it now.

- It's officially autumn, holy fuck, when did that happen?? Still hot, though, so all's well.

- [info]alsha and I are going to Auckland to see Counting Crows in concert in less than THREE WEEKS! Aiiiiiii!

- Francisco Medina apparently won the sexiest soap star of the year award! Ok, this is not so much happy as 1) he's only sexy when he's evil and Snape-like, not all kind-hearted and redeemy like these days, and 2) I do not approve of mainstream getting their grubby little hands on my precious greasy!Max! C'mon, look at him! He's kinda chunky and his suits don't fit right, his nose is HUGE, you could drown a puppy in his pores, his lips look like dried-up liver and he hasn't washed his hair since he joined AWZ, ever! How do people think this man is sexy?? Whyyyy? Why can't he stay our greasy, dirty little sexy ugly secret? I feel cheated.


- I get to talk to [info]startoucher and [info]adlectorem on videochat tomorrow, YAY!!!

- I am disproportionately amused by the "Oh Honey No" tag on GoFugYourself. It's just so dear and appropriate and exactly what I want to say when I see the majority of those... garments.

- Roman Wild needs to be AWZ's main character, not that this is news or anything. In a similar vein, Dennis Grabosch needs to be hugged an insane amount. By me.


- Oh look, my cat brought me another cricket. The love, I feel it radiating from little angry vibrating siren wings! *rescues*

Jan. 1st, 2009

I'm in the fuuuuuuture!

Holy crap, I wrote over 2000 words today, and after my second all-nighter in a row! And apparently they even didn't entirely suck! \o/ Self, I approve.

Also, it's 2009. When the fuck did that happen? And where's my instantaneous transportation module? I am way more amused at the fact that it's currently a year later here than elsewhere in the world than I probably should be. Blame the sleeplessness! (speaking of which, why's it 2 am again?? How do these things happen?)

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