May. 17th, 2012

Shameless pimping: Revenge

Yeah, yeah, I know. SO MUCH TO WATCH ALREADY. I don't care, you guys - I still need to introduce you to my new show!crush. I think it's time my friends knew about us. I mean, it's not like we're *dating* or anything. This isn't the kind of show for a steady relationship. It's the kind of show that you watch and mock and tease and make out with a few drunken times, and then before you know it, you're having FEELINGS and you know you're fucked. Because you know the FEELINGS will be used against you. You know you're losing ground. You know you should turn back, that you're already in too deep. But you can't stop.

So I don't know what exactly it is we're doing, and I know whatever it is might end up destroying me, but I know I don't want to stop.

Friendslist, please meet my beautiful, fucked-up, funny, soapy, gritty, issues-ridden crush...


Schemes and plots and all the feelings )

So, yeah. I REGRET NOTHING. The show is currently nearing its season 1 finale (episode 22 airs next week), and it's been tight and engaging and suspenseful throughout, with plenty of humour and emotion to keep it real. And unlike certain other shows I could name *coughcough RINGER coughcough*, there is plenty of life left in this premise - I could easily watch another 3 seasons of this, and I am so glad that there's going to be more.

Apr. 4th, 2010

GOOL-y Goodies: Aldi's Verbose Trip Report of Doom (With Extra Sap, Yuck)

So, that wee event thing that's been eating mine and [info]lilithilien's lives for the past months... happened. Without major catastrophe. Which still confuses my pessimistic little heart no end: "What? Things went shiny? People were happy? Had a good time? No one got throttled, abducted, lost, or otherwise abused? REALLY?"

Really. Minor hiccoughs aside, the weekend was ****ING AWESOME (yeah, sorry, NHLB-ers. I stalked your sekrit chatroom and witnessed the happening of your sekrit in-jokes ;)), unforgettable, ecstatic, blurry with fabulousity.

I've been nabbing photos from everyone left, right, and centre since I got back, since I didn't bring my own camera, so I think it'd be rather pointless to repost other people's pics, lol. (Well, maybe one. Or two. That I really really liked.) I shall focus on rambling instead. BECAUSE I CAN RAMBLE, Y/Y!

Bring snacks. And water. And possibly a potty. Here there be babbling. )

(Now I'm home and believe it or not, I STILL have leftover condoms and lube. And I really am the last person to need them. *makes water balloons*)

Jan. 16th, 2010

Why my fandom is the sparkliest ever in the world

Feb. 26th, 2009

Happy (early) birthday [info]lilithilien! Here, have some glitter.


Wheeeee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL!!! I’m posting this a day early because a) it’s your birthday over here already, so no reason not to start celebrating, b) you’ll need porn to distract you from family visits and other suckiness, c) I am impatient and d) uhm, you told me to when I made my stealthy inquiries *nods*

I know I am totally cheating with this bday fic because I’ve owed you DeRo club!fic for like two months and you deserve clubfic and some new fantastic bday shiny, but I failed and this fic was being a coy whore for YEARS and it turned out quite long in the end so I’m hoping that can be my saving grace *g*

*smooches and twirls you* I love you, you fabulously insane, wonderful woman! I hope you’ll have a marvellous day tomorrow! :D

Title: Fairy Dust
Authors: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Deniz/Roman
Word Count: 8100 words (it was supposed to be 2000 before Deniz started flailing and making demands and I said “SHUT UP IT’S NOT EVEN YOUR POV” and he said “I DON’T CARE DO WHAT I SAY” and I said “SIGH OKAY OKAY” :p Characters who are demanding little bitches pick me to write them because I’m a pushover and they know it. )
Rating: NC-17 (graphic sex and language)
Summary: Peter Pan Night at Homolulu’s! Glitter, fairies, pirates and Buttery Nipples. Also, sex. And more glitter. (“Because”, as the lovely birthday girl stated whilst fangirling over Velvet Goldmine, “there’s just not enough glitter!”)
Disclaimer: Every single thing in here is STOLEN. Hurrah! You want details? I have details! Let’s start with the obvious: I don’t own AWZ or these characters, because if I did, every episode would be full of porn. I don’t own anything to do with Peter Pan, and the whole thing with the glitter was totally nabbed from photographic evidence of that night Dennis, Igor and André spent at Studio 54 and got glitter sprayed all over them and looked so hot it should be illegal. And I *think* that apart from the weird pattern, I stole Homolulu’s back rooms from some scene in Velvet Goldmine that Lil commented on when we were watching it and she exclaimed, “That’s how the back rooms at Homolulu’s look”, and I nodded to myself and went, “Check!”
A/N: A huge THANK YOU to the wonderful [info]sdk who not only did a fantastic beta job on this but also suffered my flailing and spazzing over it at every time of the day, providing hugs, virtual booze and soothing variations on “No no, you don’t suck!!” whenever I needed them. YOU ROCK, BABE! And another big thanks to my personal grammar guru [info]alsha for wrestling with my monster sentences and excessive gerund use. (“I do believe in commas! I do! I do!”)
Ho hum, what else? What, like I didn’t just ramble enough? I can totally ramble more! This fic came about because I was determined to write something fun and happy and (hopefully) sexy and 100% angst-free for a change. Well, this is me and this is DeRo, so I may not have managed entirely angst-free, but I did my best! I’m not really a fan of fluff in general but there’s not enough funny in this fandom, which is just wrong, because they can be SO funny, even though the evil show didn’t give us nearly enough of their happy days! Very bad editing choice. Uhm, anything else? Oh yeah, work of fiction and all that. In RL, don’t ditch the condom, kay? BAD IDEA. Roman will scold you.

Shutting up now before my A/N get longer than the fic :p


Fairy Dust )


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