Nov. 10th, 2010

Update on a Wednesday

( opposed to those other exciting and highly relevant six days of the week, I know. One of these days I will magically find a wee booklet called "1001 Exciting and Interest-Generating IJ Titles" and my life will be that much closer to perfection.)

Anyway, Stuff:

1. Was sick as a dog for a few days, alternating between a) lying on couch hallucinating in fever dreams, b) lying on couch reading The Descent, which is one of the most amusingly badly written books ever (hahahah, in Googling it, I discovered that there's a vaguely similar movie from 2005 that - though trashy - looks so much better), and c) lying on the couch watching season 6 of LOST (not finished yet, but moderately enjoying it, in spite of my unending fervent loathing of Jack "OMG WON'T SOMEONE JUST SHOOT HIM DEAD ALREADY" Shephard). Finally feeling better today, yay! God, I have no patience for sickness.

2. I got my copy of DU&ICH with our interview in it today, wheeee! IT LOOKS AWESOME.

3. My HoFest beta rocks my socks off. I have a few things left to fix, but then I will be DONE DONE DONE.

4. I had sushi for lunch. YUM.

5. Who the hell gave Christmas permission to happen in SIX FUCKING WEEKS? Arrrrgh.

6. I was doing the Yearly Fanfic Meme and had actually finished it but fucking Semagic somehow failed to save it, despite my very careful and deliberate saving. Not. Impressed. I'll redo it some time I'm sure, just, gaaaah.

7. Show, what Show? :p

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