Aug. 9th, 2009

Winter, What Winter?, Telly-Watching, & the Latest from Cracky Sparkly Obsession Land

*pokes in head, does perfunctory cleaning, feeds the starved dustbunnies*

I biked to town today! I thought it might just about kill me, but actually it was really fun, and I did not even crumble before the Hill of Hell (living in a town that's all built on hills is very pretty until you have to manouevre them on a bike). We'll see if my thighs will turn to knotted wood overnight, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This winter has been insanely mild. Like... it's laughable to even call it winter. We don't get snow, but last year it was pretty cold and we had that killer storm that sent like 500 trees flying through the air and smashing into things. This year has mostly been sunny and slightly cool, lol. It's hardly ever rained. It hasn't stormed. The temperature's rarely even dropped to zero. And now it's not even mid-August but it's been so warm and spring-like that I was hot in my long-sleeved shirt (no jacket) today. Crazyskates! Not that I'm complaining. Grandma asks if we don't miss the snow everytime we talk, and I can still respond with an emphatic "NO!", lol.

Otherwise, not much new is going on. I'm still busy bending the time/space continuum, getting by on 10 hours of sleep a week, and being a busy little bee on EKP and the awesomesauce that is AWZ lately. The lovely [info]alsha and I are watching One Tree Hill, which I am notable unimpressed with so far, and she's recently got me hooked on Sugar Rush, which is just all sorts of adorable and hilarious, with just the right amount of snark. Plus, lots of lovely girlslash! What's not to love?

Being so wrapped up in my cracky German soap and watching lots of British shows lately has really kind of put me off mainstream American shows, I think, lol. We started watching One Tree Hill because we both quite like cheesy teenage shows to veg with (witness my terrible cheerful love for Dawson's Creek) but ugh... everything so far has been so ham-fisted and anvil-dropping and eyerollingly moralising and glossy and wooden. Pls to be giving me some characters that are actual people instead of walking stereotypes. And some good writing would help, too.

Anyway, life's pretty good. Could do with less job and more money, a clone or seven, and more hours in my day, as usual, but in general, can't complain.

Bunch of fandom stuff behind cut to spare the non-obsessed )

And now... I have ice cream, gummis and, uhm, work. Rats. Why must one work, why, why? I wish to spend all my time doing shiny things! *pouty*

As ever, I do read the f-list even if I don't post much lately. Love you all! Hope you're having great weekends! *smooches*

Mar. 7th, 2009

Recap: Ep 630 - OMG, Roman and Jenny completely rock the ice!!

Okay, I've slept two hours last night which is getting to be a wee bit on the meagre side, and my client just threw a massive job due next week at me which naturally means that my writing muse is going to bounce up and down like a hyperactive child on its third Red Bull going, "Let's play let's play LET'S PLAY!!" when I most need to do work, and also, autumn seems to have happened while I wasn't looking, which is NOT ON because I still had beach plans, so I'm a little cranky right now. Which means that any vague plans I might have had of giving Stella a break today are OFF. Ergo, let me start off by saying how much I loathe the fact that RTL's official tagline for this episode is "Stella comes clean about her feelings for Lars". Oh no you didn't, you enormously irritating tossers. The only acceptable tagline for this episode is "Jenny and Roman have their big performance", okay?? The nerve.

Skating! Skating! Skating!! Jenny and Roman being awesome! Lars being awesome! And a DeRo hug! )

... Okay, remember my list of complaints up there about the no sleep and the job and autumn? Somehow in the time it took me to watch and recap this episode, I became very bouncy and awake, my client put the dreaded project on hold, and the sun came out so it looks to be a gorgeous summer day. JENNY AND ROMAN SKATING CAUSES MIRACLES TO HAPPEN.

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