Dec. 6th, 2015

Supanova Report

So last weekend I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, after Dan Feuerriegel listed himself as a last-minute guest. Ergo, technically, all I need known about the weekend is that this happened:

(I'm not looking straight at the camera because he was holding my phone and I was staring at his hands. He has ridiculously beautiful hands. They are distracting, ok?? Also ridiculous: his shoulders. LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE A MILE WIDE.)

Con successful, report closed!

However, a lot of cool shit happened and I do want to get some of the details down because otherwise they'll fade far too quickly. So without further ado, rambly details under the cut!

Cosplay and actors and writers, oh my. )

Oct. 7th, 2015

Drabble Day sparkle! Also, silly fic featuring Barca the inappropriate spear-fighting instructor.

Drabble Day happened, and it was absolutely fabulous! So many shiny delicious drabbles and so much rocking mutual support. I'm still coming down from my high (and my sleeplessness, but who needs sleep, really).

The masterlist of prompts/drabbles is here. Some of us including me have crossposted ours to AO3 - I'm not sure I'll do an IJ round-up tho, because drabbles take about 3 times longer to post than to write and 27 is a lot of them, lol.

Also, new fic! Just a silly idea I've been working on. I wanted it to be more cracky but Barca was resisting. Spoilsport.

Title: Remove Head From Ass (And Other Useful Advice)
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Spartacus; Barca/Pietros, Nasir/Agron
Word Count: 3400
Rating: PG-13 for canonical cussing
Warnings: Sexual harassment in the workplace, Barca style.
Summary: In which spear-fighting lessons are imparted, asses are groped, punches are thrown, and Nasir and Pietros do a lot of eye-rolling.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Spartacus. Clearly I’ve made the wrong life choices.
A/N: This came about because I was curious about when exactly Nasir switched from sword to spear. Who better to teach him than my favourite wanky porridge-pissing kickass Hoplomachus? (SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, THEY NEVER DIED, OBVIOUSLY.) Unbeta'd, so please forgive and/or point out any glaring mistakes.

Fic is here at AO3

Oh god, and now I'm back to work. DNW DNW this shit is cramping my style.

Jul. 31st, 2012

Icons, icons, icons (Robin Hobb, Elisabeth, Lucifer, and assorted others)

The lovely [info]spaghettitoes has organised this icon challenge for all the shiny new fandoms flying around the Igloo. I picked Robin Hobb because apparently I love to make my life difficult, lol.

Christine, I TRIED to match your categories but there were some that just really don't work for this fandom (and also my brain fails at this specific organisation thing), so this was more of a "make icons first, approximate categories later, skip the rest" approach, I'm afraid. But I made you priest icons and went cosplaying for you, so you can't tut at me ;)

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously since Robin Hobb's works are not exactly picture books, I had to find material elsewhere. I have two primary sources: 1) cover artist John Howe's paintings; 2) a selection of fantastic fanart from DeviantArt that their creators have given me their generous permission to use. If you take any of these icons, PLEASE credit these artists for their work. The relevant info plus links to DeviantArt galleries (with lots of more gorgeous stuff) is beneath the respective icon panels. I think crediting John Howe is probably optional since he already has ALL the fame and money ;) (here is his portfolio, though) but please do credit the fanart creators where indicated.

Robin Hobb's books (Farseers, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man and Rain Wilds Chronicles trilogies, plus a couple of Windsingers ones)
Elisabeth the musical
Elisabeth the historical figure
And some miscellaneous things.

Okay! Categories!

We'll all ignore the fact that I am legitimately terrible at iconing, okay? Awesome. )

/omg insanitycakes.

Mar. 19th, 2012

Mallory & Irvine: A Historical Mountaineering RPS Post (What? Yes! Oh God.)

I have been meaning to post more but could not really think of what, as I'm on a strictly limited allowance of Crazy Things My Cats Did posts. I have, however, recently rediscovered my love of reading (something I didn't have too much time for the past few years), so I've been devouring books like a Death Eater eating, uhm, death (or possibly treacle).

One of the things I have been reading about is climbing. I used to climb and used to love it but I've kind of grown too old and lazy to do it, and also, mountains are fucking terrifying. I mean, they're entirely awesome in every way but personally I'm done crawling all over them with a big neon-green sign reading "COME AND KILL ME" around my neck, you know?

Instead, I read about other climbers, which is great fun, very educational and very much less lethal.

So without further ado, let me present to you two mountaineering legends of the early 20th century and their Great Clandestine Gay Love Affair (As Totally Fabricated By Me):

I am probably going to hell for this (picspam-heavy) )

Oct. 31st, 2010

Cheerfully going bonkers as usual

I am so way overdue an update and as usual I fail at structure, so I'm going to nab [info]giorgiakerr's basic number format, kk? EVERYONE LOVES NUMBERS.

1. My mini-hiatus thing is over. It was spurred by a completely mad burst of creativity that had me doing nothing but, uh, well, creative stuff for a good two weeks and I couldn't be arsed to have a social life even online. Obsessive Aldi is obsessive. Anyway, I've finished a mural, I've cranked out a short piece of writing, and most importantly, in a bizarre development utterly at odds with all things to do with me and time management, I've finished my HoHoHo Fest assignment early. I KNOW. On the more normal side of things, it needs massive amounts of editing, and since I loathe editing with the fiery power of a thousand suns, I'll probably still find myself the night before the deadline going "OH SHIT OH SHIT I HAVE NOT FIXED ANYTHING AND NOW THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME OH SHIT", so all will be as usual, I expect. BUT YES, YES, IT IS STRANGE AND UNSETTLING, I DO NOT GET THINGS DONE ON TIME, WTF. But I am just the tiniest bit chuffed about it. And I hope my giftee (??? is that the proper term for person receiving gift?) will like it. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

2. Summer is here YAYAYAYYAY. I walked all the way to town today (it's about 40 minutes along the bike path, which is an elevated lovely hike through the hills with lots of trees and meadows and yes, sheep) listening to music in the sun and then lazed around on the green near the cathedral and it was glorious. I LOVE SUMMER.

3. One of the rose bushes that I planted about two years ago in the mad and over-optimistic notion that I might actually, you know, take care of them and that I then promptly left to wither and die, has suddenly decided to burst into bloom. The other one would usually come out with maybe... one tiny wee rose a year and I'd be all "o_O LOOK LOOK IT'S A FLOWER! AM MADLY TALENTED NURTURING EARTH MOTHER!" and this one literally hasn't done anything since I planted it other than sit there looking bare and sullen. Over the past months, it's randomly started growing like mad until it reached a freakish height, and right now it's ALL OVER roses as big as both of my hands together. They are dark red velvety and stunningly gorgeous and stunningly fragrant and I'd take a picture if the only camera we currently owned wasn't the one that Alsha's parents sent her for her birthday except then it took three months to arrive and by the time it *did* arrive she was in England so now I think it'd be tacky to play with her present before she gets back and can play with it herself, so there's no picture, just take my word for it, MY ROSES ARE GORGEOUS AND THIS IS EXCITING, OKAY. (wow, that was a tangenty sentence.)

4. Speaking of [info]alsha, yes, she is still gone and appears to be having a whale of a time (bizarre expression, surely). I miiiiiiiiiss her <333333

5. I need to watch my tendency to stick "<333333333333333333"s onto absolutely everything I say, lest it lose its significance, don'tcha know.

6. I am currently only sliiiightly inebriated but plan to be more so later, as I have pretty much been living on a diet of cider and strawberries. Wheeeeeeeee!

7. Was worried about having no work for a while, but I think/hope it's getting back to normal? I think I may have mentioned a time or fifty how vexing the flip-flop between "ARGH DYING UNDER MOUNTAINS OF WORK, CANNOT COPE" and "ARGH, WILL NEVER EVER GET WORK AGAIN AS LONG AS LIVE & PETS WILL STARVE & HOUSE WILL NEED TO BE SOLD & WILL NEED TO LIVE UNDER BRIDGE EXCEPT CANNOT ACTUALLY REMEMBER WHERE NEAREST BRIDGE IS" states of freelance employment is. Why does one not get paid for managing very hard task of, IDK, existing? Bah.

8. Birthday was fabulous explosion of love, including the sparkliest of greetings from Cologne (some of them complete with horrible fake Austrian accents, lololol <333333333333333333333). *squishes marvellous friends*

9. Still in cranky state of disenchantment with Show; on the upside, though, fiercely in love with fabulous canon-fixing fandom *cuddles it*


11. I have a sick craving for watching the Dawson's Creek finale *cackles madly* SHUP, IT TOTALLY MAKES ME CRY.


13. I thiiiiiiink I am caught up with everything I meant to get caught up on IJ and neeeaaarly there on LJ. If there is something that will crumple and die unless it is validated by a comment from me, please yell at me and point me at it!

14. *squishes f-list*

Sep. 3rd, 2010

Free time? OMG what's that??

Exciting times. We're taking an EKP break. I'm not sure I know how to do that! EKP rambling )

LotR rambling (with picspam to prove Sean Bean and Timo Hübsch are long-lost brothers) )

Fingersmith rambling (with trailerspam) )

And of course, hair talk! )

Right. Off to explore the [info]bbtp_challenge masterlist some more, scowl at my work, and oil my very rusty original-material writing skills.

*squishes the lovely f-list*

Jun. 19th, 2010

Oh hai weekend!

...this time, I will actually pretend you exist.

*crawls out of bed*

*stares glumly at mountains of work*


*crawls back into bed*

Jun. 16th, 2010

Tom McRae/Lovely Evil Show=OTP

Someone needs to confiscate all my Tom McRae albums. I'm overdosing on imaginary woobie musical montages.

*hugs a pillow*

But I’ll keep playing Atlas baby
Though my shoulders ache
And I’ll spin this old world around
Trying to see your face

But still I can’t find you
And I can’t find me
And I don’t know where
I’m supposed to be

Apr. 28th, 2010

Dovegrey whiskey - but good once fried

OH HAI, uhm, sleep? What? No, I haven't gone totally bonkers (yet). Nutty subject line is how I read one of [info]alsha's corrections to the epically crap chapter she was betaing for me. NICE HANDWRITING THERE, MEINE HOLDE! SO HELPFUL!*

Aaaanyway. Just dropping by to do one of my usual bimonthly HELLO I'M NOT DEAD posts. I'm so behind on comments to the point where I'm afraid I have to declare an amnesty on all the one I haven't replied to yet and keeping up again from now on, because OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE POSTY.

Off to finally work on my noms for the 2010 SEXYS, YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY! Seriously, this has been my shining, dazzling, enticing reward waiting for me all week *hugs fandom tight and snogs it to the ground*

*OMG IT SO IS, THO. *dissolves in wibbly gratitude*

Feb. 19th, 2010

Maudlin predictions

Ignore this if you're feeling sparkly-happy about fandom stuff, lol. I have only had 2-hour naps this entire week to keep up with work, it's the wee hours of the morning, I'm crazy with caffeine and dead bored with legalese, and all that combined does not a sparkly-happy Aldi make.

Gloomy contemplations behind cut )


Feb. 11th, 2010

Today's voting grumbles

#1: Veela Boy With Unattractively Hairy Arms: Nope. You still leave me utterly cold. You could be at -25% and I would not be stirred by pity. NICHT MEIN FALL.

#2: The Formerly Impishly Attractive Lars: Dude, don't even. WE BROKE UP. There's nothing but shards left and I can never trust you again. Even to think of those pictures makes me quietely seethe, or worse, want to cry. Go away and never come back. There's no point trying anymore, you faker. It's over. NICHT MEIN FALL.

#3: Hi Crinkle-Faced Smile of Win! It's okay. You don't have to whip your shirt off (though I'll appreciate it), spazz at me about how awesome boxing is (though I'll valiantly attempt to pretend I agree) or show me your bloody knuckles (though I'll be suitably impressed). You had me at "Hallo!" HOT.

#4: The Littlest, Lostest Weasley a.k.a. The Formerly Unfortunate No.4: Hmmm. Have we racked up enough karmic points yet? Does Christine have enough material for fic? Because I kinda feel like you're getting cocky. And like I need to give you a GEHT SO to keep you in your place. Cause next thing we know, you'll be accepting whatever lame trophy they've come up with for the Sexiest Soapstar winner with a grinny smirk and everyone will be looking all shifty and avoiding each other's eyes and later on no one will be able to explain how it happened and Igor will look crushed and make me cry. Ergo: GEHT SO.

#5: Hey Süßer. No, I don't care. Sacrifice yourself on the altar of pink, trashy indignity. It's for a good cause. HOT.

#6: Short Chocolate Truffle Smoky Yumminess: Purr. You know, that photo makes you look surprisingly crappy. But whatevs. HOT.

#7: The Amazing Square-Faced Squintbot: I have a guilty secret to confess. I am giving this dude GEHT SO. Such is the extent of my utter non-caring. I just don't feel strongly enough to give him the same scorn as Mars & Co. If I were any more indifferent, I'd dissolve. In fact, I'm already not remembering who I'm even talking about. GEHT SO and onwards!

#8: Mr. Sex Predator In Your Neighbourhood: No indifference here. If I could vote you into negative numbers, I would. EW. NICHT MEIN FALL.

#9: Greasy Max. HOT. Yes. I don't care what y'all think. Once upon a time, I thought greasy Max was gross. Then I thought he was gross but kind of sinistery-appealy. Then I thought he was gross but kinda yummy. Then I went back to thinking he's just gross. (Mostly Celine's and Lena's fault). He is the most disgusting man that I ever did find attractive. I respect that. HOT.

#10: Saaaaam. Sam Sam Sam. We must talk. WHY IS YOUR WIFE NOT IN THIS POLL? Damn you. For that alone, you will never win. And for the fact that I currently despise your character for a spineless, macho wimp. But still. HOT.

#11: Curse you, Raul Richter. Don't think I am not onto you. Don't think I didn't see you in today's Cenny ep, looking delicious in red and being all noble and loyal, standing up for the Yummiest Double-Choc Cupcake anyone ever had for a friend. Don't think I didn't see you casting glances at me from the corner of your eyes, going "Come on, I'm kind of lovely, aren't I? You may scoff, but you secretly think I'm all sorts of dishevelledly scrumptious." Maybe. Maybe I do, but you're not getting to me. Not you or your windblown princely ash-blond locks. I am firm as a rock in stormy seas, and I shall not waver. NICHT MEIN FALL.

#12: Vampire Lounge Singer: And again I must confess. I've been giving him GEHT SO. Don't judge me - he's no danger, I don't even know him and he's never harmed anyone, other than those casual clubgoers he's eaten in dark corners. Plus I can't get the image of him sprawled all over Lucifer's piano at Lux, dressed in nothing but a little red dress and a ludicrous shiny cape, crooning "You Give Me Fever" out of my head. Yes, I'm a sick woman, so what? GEHT SO, MOVING ON, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

#13: Hello most adorable boy in the world. Apart from being too pretty to live, you are also just all around way too lovely to ever merit less than HOT, and to give you GEHT SO has given me heartburn in the past, so I won't even try right now. Let me just indefinitely put off that inevitable moment when I'm going to have to make a decision. HOT, PLUMPTIOUS.


#15: Hi John. I would rate you something decent, but I am paralysed with not caring very much. Plus, you were an arse to your gay girlfriend and your gay girlfriend's gay girlfriend, and now you're an arse to your sister's gay boyfriend, so, you know... piss off. NICHT MEIN FALL.

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