Mar. 14th, 2011

Fanart, crack, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL: Stella's Moving Topstory

Happy VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [info]lilithilien! Or, you know, random mid-March BECAUSE-YOU-ARE-AWESOME present ;)

Title: The Very Awesome, Serious And Dramatic, Not At All Ridiculous REAL Topstory of 2010!!!!!!
Artist: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Stella, Lars, Roman, Deniz, Oliver
Medium: Comic
Rating: PG for upsetting depictions of roadkill
Warnings: Stella. Exclamation mark abuse. Artfail (but who cares about Oliver, right?) DRAMATIC comic EMPHASIS!!!!
Disclaimer: These characters belong to RTL.
Artist's notes: Inspired by's hilariously simplistic summary of Stella's wheelchair ordeal. I meant to colour it, I did. But GIMP fail and laziness prevailed. Just think of it as a comic noir :p

My IJ layout doesn't like the sizing, so here, have a direct cracklink!

Jan. 5th, 2011

The Best and Worst of AWZ 2010

So I haven't posted on GoDT in yonks and honestly I have no desire to. But I did always enjoy the yearly round-ups of the best and worst storylines, so I've rudely appropriated the template for personal use *whistles*

Lots of bitching ahead, and some fangirling too )

Dec. 29th, 2009

The Stella Coretti Character Debacle on Alles was zählt – What Went Wrong?

[Russell Hammond voice] "To begin with? Everything". [/Russell Hammond voice]

I know there are worthier things to spend my time on. Trust me, I KNOW. I have a list a mile long of worthier things to do. But this has been simmering for weeks and I can no longer hold it in. My final, ultimate, semi-composed, very personal WTF WERE THEY THINKING WITH THIS CHARACTER rant. My last purge, hopefully leading to closure. After this, I WILL LET GO, I SWEAR. Indulge me. (Or, y'know, ignore. Either works).

I'm aware that I come across as an ultimate Stella-hater but for the sake of a semblance of objectivity - I didn't start out that way, and I did try my damnedest to give the character a chance to grow on me. If anything ended up growing on me, it was an itchy rash of Stella-allergy, but I just want to say that I DID TRY, DAMMIT.

Also, there are other characters on television series that I have actually loathed more than Stella Coretti (and in books too, of course, but I'll limit this to similar media). Characters like Bette Porter on The L Word, Jack Shephard on LOST, and Dawson Leery on Dawson's Creek. Bette and her sanctimonious judgemental entitlement bitchery made me feel so violent that I never made it past season 2 of that show (I feared for my tv screen - I was really close to smashing it every time she came on). Jack is the reason I can't watch more than one season of LOST in one go even though I otherwise love the show. Dawson Leery was my prime example for justifying post-birth abortion. Yes, even sixteen years post-birth :p

Stella never actively turned me off watching the show, although she did greatly hamper my enjoyment of it, and she's never induced me to cravings of violence, but dude... those plus points aren't even good enought to count as "damning with faint praise," I'm afraid.

The one thing all these characters have in common with each other, and with Stella, is that they were obviously, pushily and EVER SO CLUMSILY written to be sympathetic characters. Characters designed to be liked, identified with, sided with. Characters with a genuine moral high ground, the best of intentions, and very little room for shades of grey.

Characters, in other words, that annoy the crap out of me. If these people are supposed to be the good guys, please sign me up for Team Big Bad.

But let's go back to Stella, and to the beginning. (You don't want to? LET ME GRAB YOUR HAND AND DRAG YOU SCREAMING AND KICKING BACK TO THE BEGINNING. I DON'T WANNA GO ALONE.)

The Rise and Fail of the Character of Stella Coretti, as experienced by this very biased EKP brainthird (Beware, Here There Be tl;dr) )

The scary thing? I COULD STILL GO ON :p (But I won't, YES YES OKAY, YOU CAN SIGH WITH RELIEF NOW. And have the world's hugest cookie if you actually made it through all that, lol).

One thing I am very glad for is that for a long time now, Show has not attempted to push Stella as THE main character anymore. These days, she's on the sidelines if not entirely in the background, and that has been such a marked improvement. Honestly, if she'd been introduced as a side character and been allowed time to grow rather than being forced into the spotlight from the get-go, she might've gone much better places, but it's pointless to speculate on that.

I just hope that AWZ won't tread the same old tired paths with Katja Bergmann - I'm already a little uneasy about all the repetitive storylines they are giving her, which smack waaaay too much of early Diana and early Stella. Please, please, please, Show, if you have learned from past mistakes - don't fuck up another character's potential. I will be very stroppy if you do. There might be tears.

Apr. 29th, 2009


DUDE. I may not have time for recaps, but I need to bitch. There's only so much venting I can let out in YouTube comments, and also, they have that pesky character limit.

Specifically, I need to bitch about this:

Hai Jenny and your idiotic screenshot. I'm telling you, YouTube hates us. Even if it's a clip with gorgeous DeRo scenes, the screenshots it picks will invariable feature 1) someone's face frozen in a retarded expression 2) Mike or 3) NINA (it is all over Nina. If there's a 10-minute clip that features 2 seconds of Nina, you can be sure there will be a Nina screenshot).

But that's not what I'm here to bitch about. I'm not even here to bitch about Deniz being the biggest tool in the scarily enormous AWZ toolbox (hello boy-who-used-to-be-sensitive/conflicted/occasionally sweet, I miss you!) or about how Roman is clearly still not impervious to him no matter how much he might want to be (seriously, Roman, just smack him one in his pretty, sneering mouth. It'll make you feel so much better!) I am NOT EVEN HERE to bitch about Vanessa and what a completely pathetic shadow of her former character she is these days or how she is still given the crappiest, crappiest love interests ever in the world. No no. I am SERENE AND CALM about these things, oh yes.

The thing I'm here to bitch about is Stella/Lars.

Dear Show,

OMG. WTF? I know I didn't exactly have grand expectations of your set-up for this pairing being believable and engaging. And it won't be a secret to anyone reading this journal that I've loathed Stella and the way she was forced into this show pretty much from the get-go. And yes, I happen to think Lars and Jenny are awesome together and make an intriguing pairing exactly because they are both so messed up. So yeah, I am about as biased as it gets and there was admittedly little chance that I would give Stella/Lars much of a real chance to impress me. However. When I set my standard for the development of that relationship low, I was unaware that the development stage WAS GOING TO BE SKIPPED ENTIRELY. What the bleeding hell happened there?

Let's look back. Stella appears on the show and runs into Lars. Lars lends a hand with her daft broken scooter and then disappears. Lars is indifferent to Stella. Later, Lars comes back and engages in a relationship with Jenny. They are passionate yet cautious with their real feelings; tentative, fraught, complicated, yet strangely adorable, and very genuine. Then we have a scene in which Stella runs into Lars and the audio track is overwhelmed with frantic heartbeat sounds, which apparently mean STELLA LOVES LARS NOW. Whatever. Then Stella daydreams a bunch of crap about Lars fondling her. Lars looks disinterested EVEN IN HER OWN DREAMS. Meanwhile in the waking world, Lars is too busy having awesome sex with Jenny and touching Roman a lot more than seems necessary to notice that Stella is PERKY, REFRESHING, GUILELESS-YET-WITTY, LOVABLE, WISE BEYOND HER YEARS and generally 150% MADE OF STICKY-SWEET FAIRY FLOSS. There's some clashing of intentions when Stella offers Lars beer and then overcompensates her apologising; then she attempts to tell him she knows all about his sekrit pain, Lars is pissed off and tells her to shove it, then she goes back to the circus and Lars brings her back, not because he cares but because Jenny asked him to. Then Stella smooches him. Lars goes WTF and tells her to can it. Stella cans it. Stella continues to have heart palpitations around Lars. Lars is oblivious, and also indifferent. Lars is very good at being indifferent. Lars is also layered enough that you can tell when he's being stand-offish to protect the vulnerable core of his brooding heart, and when he's being INDIFFERENT BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY PARTICULAR FEELINGS ABOUT YOU. Lars is also very good at not talking pretty, and at telling people just what exactly he thinks.

Taking all these things into account, when one second Lars is saying "I'm with Jenny" and "Get the hell over it" and the next second he is standing there with his lips hovering a hair's breadth from Stella's, the only logical conclusions I can draw are: 1) Stella's just had a shot of vodka and the alcohol fumes are beckoning him irresistibly 2) Stella's holding a couple of voodoo dolls with her and Lars's hair glued to them behind her back and is at present making them smooch or 3) Show, once again your relationship build-up is RIDICULOUS BEYOND BELIEF.

Look, I don't like this pairing to start with because I think it's lame and predictable and devoid of interest; because it's an exact, play-by-play rehash of Jenny/Julian/Diana and I am already allergic to Stella being sold as the new Diana; because once again, it's breaking up a truly intriguing pairing with intense chemistry for one that is bland as oatmeal (see DeRo vs. DeVa, although sadly I think DeVa even had more chemistry than Stella/Lars);

But all that said, and I know it is a LOT said - how the fuck am I even to give this pairing, little as I like the mere idea, the tiniest chance if I, as a viewer, am given absolutely no genuine, believable set-up whatsoever? Am I really supposed to just swallow this crappy serving of insta!love? From zero to smoochies? I don't freaking think so. I didn't buy it for DeVa, and I'm not buying it now. Give me something to work with, for crying out loud. Something other than THOU MUST LOVE STELLA, FOR SHE ART LOVELY. I know you have these weird ideas about your OTPs being so awesome and self-evident that they don't need any explaining or struggle, but boy, are you ever wrong. CONSISTENCY. SHOW-DON'T-TELL. BELIEVABLE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. LOOK UP THESE CONCEPTS, I BESEECH YOU. I KNOW YOU ARE JUST A FREAKING SOAP AND YOU PROBABLY DON'T GIVE A TOSS. BUT DAMMIT, YOU MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAINST MY WILL SO I'M EXPECTING YOU TO BE BETTER THAN THIS. WORK OUT YOUR ISSUES OR I AM GOING TO BE SO VERY CRANKY WITH YOU AND WE WON'T HAVE SEX AGAIN EVER. BELIEVE THIS.

Very little damn love,


Apr. 3rd, 2009

Recap: Episode 649 - Stella Knows All. Bow to the Power of Stella! Or else.

Previously on AWZ, Vanessa turned into the Stepford Daughter.

And Mike was an idiot. AND STELLA WAS WISE. )

[Lil: MRA-NE but might need cause of shout-out line]

Mar. 12th, 2009

Recap: Episode 633 - Bleck, Stella and her Bracelet of Woe, AGAIN

Previouslys: Jenny tried to strangle Stella (oh that she had succeeded), Lena is PREGNANT DID YOU KNOW? Simone and Juli are fighting over some bank.

Some chick can't ever get enough. I'd point and laugh but... look at me.

Lars touches Roman all over. That's the only scene anyone needs to see. )

For a by-and-large boring ep, this recap was way too long. *puts leash on self*

Mar. 5th, 2009

Recap: Ep 628 - mhmm, hot Lars/Jenny sex and Deniz in his gay sparkly outfit

In which I get embarrassingly invested in Jenny and Roman winning this damn competition already )

Ok, back to work now, holy fuck. Distracting soap is distracting.

Recap: Ep 627 - outfit crack and OT3 cuteness

You know, it's sad, but these days I'm always surprised when an episode isn't completely lame. This actually had some good stuff, mostly to do with Jenny, Lars, and Roman. And greedy little bugger that I am, that promptly makes me weep thinking how good this show could be if it was just about the three of them right now, lol.

Stella wears a green sheep and is a bitch. Lars and Jenny are cute, and actually pretty damn affecting. Roman is too awesome for this world. )

Mar. 3rd, 2009

AWZ recaps: Ep 626 and previouslys

Well, I haven't had much time to watch my soap lately, although I did race through last week's eps over the weekend before evil RTL started charging for them. They were all boring boring boring, except for 625 which not only had the occasional reference that ROMAN AND DENIZ USED TO BE AN ITEM OMG!! We are no longer pretending this never happened?? Surely that must be Sir Chroust mounting his white steed and charging to the rescue!

...right, that sentence started somewhere up there... not only that, BUT we also got an actual DeRo CONVERSATION, in the LOCKER ROOMS and Roman was getting NAKED during said conversation and TOSSED HIS UNDERPANTS AT DENIZ! Yes. I'd do a proper recap, but the conversation itself was kinda boring, and also, the scene is already all over the fandom so I'd feel kind of redundant rehashing it once again, but YAY! Boys interacting! Somewhat believably! Deniz still being a giant inconsistent tool, but Roman being cute, AND ALSO NAKED. This counts as win. I do so hope someone who knows what they're doing is behind this.

So the current status quo seems to be the boys are on speaking terms, semi-friendly and ROMAN GETS NAKED IN FRONT OF DENIZ. I am sorry. My brain keeps going on a loop on the NAKED PART. Otherwise, Roman is puzzlingly unconcerned with the moronic plot device of Deniz and Stella joining the skating team, partially because he knows they aren't really competition for Jenny and him, partially because he seems generously inclined towards Deniz these days, even stooping to give him a lecture about how being a figure skater is hard work and he understands Deniz wants to be successful but darling, it's never going to work. (WORD.)

Anyway, today I watched 626, and it was BORING. Lena is back to holding her HAND AT THE LEVEL OF HER BACK, hugely overacting her pregnancy, and also, just how long the hell has she been pregnant, in terms of canon?? Surely it can't be more than three months, yet now we're talking of her going into labour early, and the bump is getting massive? Wasn't it already decidedly into the scarves and hats season when she discovered she was pregnant? And it's still decidedly within that same season now? Surely she shouldn't whelp before August or so, yet everyone keeps acting as if she's going to pop tomorrow. Also, the baby is a boy, and there is a laughable lack of evidence of those THIRD DEGREE BURNS she had, you know, five episodes or so ago. She is just dandy, folks. Third degree burns do not faze teh Lena! *facepalms*

In other news, Darth Constantin is in a coma and hath bequeathed his Bank of Evil to Juli. It's, like, a major plotpoint, and it's madly riveting, if by riveting you mean "waste of time", and I do.

Igor still looks 26 and still manfully attempts to channel his inner teenager, except he fails more and more from ep to ep. Please, writers, PLEASE. Let him grow up. I am begging you on my knees. My knees would beg on their knees if they had knees. PLEASE. It is so painful to watch him frolic and flop and flail. HE IS NO LONGER EVEN REMOTELY EIGHTEEN. THIS IS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS. I hate that they've turned him into comic relief and/or massive overacting dork for no particular reason.

Let's turn to saner pastures. Jenny is currently running her parents' business because her dad is in China and her mum has the chickenpox. Yes, the chickenpox. Obviously, Tatjana Clasing ran over some writer's cat this week. So Jenny doesn't have a lot of time to train, and Roman is getting antsy, and Jenny's be-chickenpoxed mum keeps bugging her on the phone that they need to expand the pair-skating team to make their huge training expenses worthwhile, and because Jenny doesn't want any actual competition, she starts pimping Deniz/Stella because they're losers. There was a scene with Jenny and Roman talking about this at length, and I don't remember a single thing they actually said because Silvia and Dennis were being way too pretty. They both have quite stunning eyes, especially when leaning close together and bitching about the competition. Oh my. Yes, my recaps are endlessly useful!

Oh btw, That Blonde Person went back to the circus, but my joy is short-lived, seeing as Jenny sends Lars of all people after her to get her back on the team, and OMG there is so much contrived babbling about how Figure-Skating Is Stella's Big Dream and Destiny and Her Heart's Dearest Wish that excuse me, I have to make a dash for the toilet RIGHT NOW, it is so heavy-handed and dumb. Stella insists that she's happy with the circus and doesn't want to come back, and I BEG YOU, LARS, TAKE HER WORD FOR IT! Just go away and snog Jenny, or Roman, or both! The damnable thing is, Lars is really awesome in this ep and I'm liking him more and more. Ack! He is mean yet dryly self-deprecating and grins wryly at the most inopportune moments, and he is way too insightful about other people considering what a mess he is himself. I have turned into a Lars fangirl. SHAME.

A propos of nothing: I miss Diana.

Feb. 15th, 2009

Recap: Episode 615 - Skating Pretty

Oops, looks like I spoke too soon in my last recap: Annette didn't manage to persuade Simone to be lenient with the loan payments after all. Simone's all, "No way," and Annette's all, "Bitch, HELP ME!" and Simone's all, "IN YOUR DREAMS" and then Annette starts yelling about how Simone's only doing this to screw her over so she won't have the means to support a child and will lose all chances of being to adopt Lena's baby, and that's pretty much that. Nice negotiating, Annette! Simone chucks her out, where she runs into Ingo, who's conveniently overheard the whole thing and begs her to let him help her. Annette, ice-cold: "I can get by just fine without a guy who cheats on me with random psycho whores", and while she's got a point about the cheating... OUCH, Annette. Didn't you just realise with Roman that you should give people another chance? Besides, she totally can't get by, because she's currently waaaay up shit creek without a paddle. Pride's a little hard to afford just now, Nettchen.

Meanwhile at the factory of The Working Class Is Scum, Children: Max is working for this freight-hauling company (using his hair to grease spare gears) but he hasn't told Celine about it, instead pretending to work in an office for a consulting firm. As we know from countless thousand TV-based scenarios, that's always a smart idea and will never in a million years come out at just the wrong moment to bite him in the arse. No way. Anyway, the foreman and his co-workers treat him like crap for no particular reason, apparently just because everyone knows that the working class are crude and mean-spirited and just a half-step up from apes. Nice stereotyping there, Show.

Celine, happily ensconced in Max's hotel room (how is he still paying for his hotel room if he has no bank accounts and no ready cash?), is surprised by the early arrival of her bratchild Zoe, who has apparently swapped her braces for seven kilos of make-up but has forgotten to get surgery on her vocal chords so her voice is still the most grating, squeaky, horrid sound imagineable. Also, Zoe is the most annoying child in the world evah, just so we're clear on that. Uhm, she came home early because Max and Celine are getting married in two days apparently. That came about fast. Can't blame them, though - considering how fast marriages crumble on this show, not to mention the disaster-proneness of the weddings, no wonder they want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Oh god, this is all too boring to do in detail, so let's sum up: Max sneaks around, is treated shittily by the foreman, has to take an extra shift and misses the pre-nuptials talk he and Celine were supposed to have with the priest; also, Axel tattles on him to Celine & mentions that Max is definitely NOT working for the company he said he was. Celine makes a "hmmm" face. Next!

My reason for hating Stella today: her hair is stupid, and she's wearing shorts over tights and something that looks for all the world like a DENIM BRA over her psychedelic shirt. I kid you not. DENIM BRA = OUTERWEAR WTF. Anyway, so Lars runs into her and tells her that he found her and Deniz's skating the other night "interesting". SNORFLE. Now, we all know that "interesting" means "hilariously bad", but of course Stella doesn't catch his drift. Instead, she puppy-wags after him and beams, "You really mean you thought we were good?" Uhm, NO, blondie, he said INTERESTING, remember? Unfortunately, Lars doesn't correct her and even asks if she's planning to pursue it, thereby planting the stupid "ooooh, Deniz and I could be pair-skating champions" notion in Stella's bleach-blonde brain. BAD MOVE, LARS. But I didn't mind this scene that much because Jenny and Roman were training in the background, so it was easy to focus on them instead. HI THERE JENNY, LOOKING GOOD IN BLUE! Roman, pleeeaase get a new shirt, or just train without one, kay? Actually the latter option is JUST FINE.

A bit later on, Stella is sitting around with a garishly decorated cocktail daydreaming, when along comes Simone, eyes nearly bugging out of her head, and starts bitching, "What's this, little miss? Aren't you supposed to be WORKING?" and "Jenny and Roman's performance is today and if anything goes wrong because you've been slacking your arse off over here, you're OUT" etc. etc. Oh Simone, how I love you and your ice-cold business brain. So Simone leaves, Stella makes a face, like yeah, how dare she remind you to do your JOB, right, Stella? I mean, everyone KNOWS you're supposed to be the STAR of this show. (Just in case I don't mention it enough, she IRRITATES me.) Nina has observed the whole thing and waves Stella over and they have a little girl bonding over Stella confessing that Lars thought her skating was good (for the last time, twit, INTERESTING was the word he used), and Nina gets all starry-eyed: "So does that mean he's in love with you now?" LOL, Nina. You'd think you live in a soap or something. Stella demurs, although that's totally what she's secretly thinking. Ugh.

The people from the skating association arrive. Lars, Jenny and Roman shake hands all around. Jenny and Roman are clearly nervous. Awwww. Don't worry, kids! You'll be fab! I know it, because the spoilers told me so, but also because I have utter faith in you! *cuddles them*

Fry stand woes! Annette forgot to cancel her sausage order, meaning she and Keule end up with ten boxes of sausages and no place to sell them. Oops. Keule is defeatist, but Annette gets her activist boots on and sets up a makeshift grill station in front of the fry stand to sell sausages and collect donations for repairs. Keule secretly calls Ingo to help with the grill. Ingo promptly sees his chance to launch a patented Ingo Zadek Will Fix It campaign that was really really confusing and I don't really know what he was going to achieve, but it involves Marian, Deniz, Oliver and Juli in workman's coveralls with lots of tools sneaking about in non-funny slapstick fashion, so I assume they were going to fix the fry stand or something? Basically, then everything goes wrong, because the authorities apparently frown on public selling of sausages outside of your burnt-out fry stand, so they have to pay a fine and lose all the money they'd made, and while Keule confesses this to Annette at the WG, Ingo and his be-coveralled crew of useless helpers come storming in with booze ready to celebrate. Annette is utterly unamused, and I can't say I blame her because the whole thing was just kinda useless and unfortunate. So she yells at Ingo in front of everyone, starts throwing sausages at them and chucks them out. FAIL. Btw, Igor looked about 26 in these scenes, oh wait, that's because he is. It's getting really really ridiculous that they're still selling him as an 18-year-old. And what's with the stupid slapstick moves! Once again, he was hopping around and making daft faces like a monkey. Can someone give this actor something useful to do, please?! I want real Deniz back! You know, the one who had the occasional sweet/charming moment even though you wanted to slap him around a lot? That guy? Please?

Ice rink! Pair-skating! Finally! I gotta say, I was pretty psyched for this. Jenny and Roman look really pretty in their matching red and black, although I'm not sure why Roman had to wear his grey woolen cap, other than to hide his double's non-matching hair, I guess. The performance goes swimmingly, and the camera-work was good as usual, very smooth cuts between the doubles' pretty skating and Dennis & Silvia's pretty close-ups. Mhmmmm. Lars is watching with his eyes glued to them (YAY!) and the only thing I'm bitter about is that we had to interrupt the pretty show with stupid shots of Stella looking.... I have no idea what, actually. Her droopy mouth makes it really hard to tell what expression she's trying to convey. Point is, I did not need her diluting The Jenny/Roman Show. Aaaaanyway, Jenny and Roman do fantastically well and end on that scorching move they practised in the ballet room, with the clasped hands and the intense look and Jenny melting onto his shoulder. Mhmmmm. The skating association peeps are impressed, everyone applauds, and Jenny runs off the ice and into Lars's arms. He's really pleased and beaming at her (yes, Lars!) and she's all out of breath and happy and they kiss and it's adorable and- GAAAH, TAKE STELLA OUT OF THE SHOT PLEASE! Annoying! Also, I hope Roman got a hug and a kiss later too, OKAY, LARS?!

I was going to chew Annette out for not being at the performance after just having patched things up with Roman, but admittedly she had a good reason for not being there, what with everything crashing down on her head at the exact same time. Still, I damn well hope she's going to be a little more supportive of him from now on and not go right back to taking him for granted, cause that would piss me off.

Recap: Ep 614

Ok, let's try to remember what happened.

Max: Is in trouble. Has no money. Can't get a job. Ends up accepting crappy hard labour job, i.e. going back to his Argentine poverty roots, oh woe is him. Lena's being transported to the specialist clinic, thanks to Simone paying the bills.

Jenny/Lars/Roman/Ingo/Olga/Annette/Stella/Deniz (no, this is not some fantastic big orgy pairing, just the plot that more or less connects everyone else):

Jenny and Roman are practising a lift move in the ballet room. It's not working right, so Lars wants to call it a day, but Jenny and Roman insist that they have to get this right or they can forget about the Big Important Pair-Skating Performance That's, Like, Next Week. Lars eventually gives in and tells them to hit the pool (ooooh, yes, swimwear!) for a while and then they can practise again. Jenny beams, "Thank you!" Roman smirks. "Thanks from me too, Schatz" and throws Lars a kiss. This scene will never stop making me giddy.

Next: Roman and Jenny in the pool, he's lifting her above his head. It actually looked like Dennis and Silvia were doing this themselves, and it looked pretty impressive! Lars comes storming out and berates them for practising in the pool, cause they're supposed to relaaaax. I love it when Lars takes charge. Also, Dennis in swimming trunks, THANK YOU. Meanwhile, Stella's sitting by the pool with her little clipboard, all "Wheeeee, I am Lars Berger's Very Important Assistant", oh, eye-roll. Lars demands to know why she hasn't organised the half-dozen things she was supposed to do. Stella: "I thought someone should supervise Roman and Jenny's moves", no, SERIOUSLY. Ahahaha. Yes, Stella, the professional skaters desperately need your supervision! Lars agrees with me: "You do your job and let me worry about the creative stuff, kay? Scram." I never get tired of watching Stella's face fall.

So then there's a brief scene where Stella wanders around with some camera guys (?) in tow and runs into Deniz and whines a bunch about having to do her job. Yes Stella, your life is so tough. I think Deniz offers to help or something, but I forgot what exactly was happening there. This show would lose nothing and in fact gain a lot if they just cut the Deniz/Stella storyline.

Somewhere in there, Roman is hanging out at the bar when along comes Ingo, Olga in tow. He orders water for himself and for Olga. Awwww, man. Roman wants to know if he and Annette are still fighting about Lena's baby - yes, that's how out of the loop he is :( Ingo tells him about the cheating with Nicole and having been kicked out. Roman is shocked. He offers Ingo a place to sleep, "and to keep the rumours to a minimum, you won't even have to share my bed, you can have the couch." Heeh. Ingo is grateful, and generally sad and diminished. Roman snuggles him. Again I saw, awww man.

Meanwhile, Annette = alone in giant flat. In a fit of desperation, she starts to get rid of all Ingo-related things and even stuffs baby Holger (= tiny cutting off Olga) into a dark drawer! Noooooo, Annette! Don't kill Holger :( Whilst cleaning up, she discovers a bunch of torn-up letters in the rubbish bin and finds out that Nicole intercepted and ripped up her mail. One of them's a letter from her insurance provider - the premium's been raised and she was supposed to pay more, but because she didn't get the letter, she didn't, and now she's no longer covered for fire damage. Yes, after her fry stand just burned out. Sucks to be Annette right now.

Later on, Annette is sitting on the floor in the very literal shambles of her life, surrounded by torn-up letters and disposed-of Ingo pictures, when Roman comes in, in search of Ingo's toothbrush and necessities. He awkwardly tells her that Ingo's at his place should she need him but is clearly hesitant to just leave her there all alone and hurting. Annette doesn't say anything while he wanders around, just follows him with looks of obvious longing, and okay, she does look kinda devastating. He's about to leave but stops at the door to look back, and she chokes out, "Roman..." and he pretty much drops everything and rushes to hug her. Oh Roman, you are too decent by half. (Aside: They were both wearing the same shade of purple for this scene. I found that unaccountably cute.)

Meanwhile, Deniz and Stella are larking about on the ice. Igor makes a terrible figure skater, btw. LOL. They used a double even for some of the more basic stuff, and I'm pretty sure they partially used the confusing lighting for this scene to hide that the double is blond, or at least a lot more fair-haired than Igor. Teehee. In general, Deniz just gallops across the ice like a foal with singed hooves. It's pretty hilarious to watch but NOT professional pair-skating material. Oh well. Naturally, Lars happens to wander by and grin like a moron when he sees them skate. Whatever.

Back at the WG, Annette has fallen asleep on Roman's leg while he's putting ripped-up bits of letters back together on the floor. Seriously, Hase is too good for this world. She wakes up, apologises for falling asleep on him and marvels at his puzzle-matching abilities. Annette rambles on about how all this was probably her just desserts for trying to make it look like Max raped Lena. Roman consoles that she wanted the child that badly and thought it was her last chance, then segues into how he thought coming on the ice show tour with Jenny was HIS last chance and how scared he was about his future. Annette admits that it didn't help that she's so stubborn and that she should have accepted his apology when Diana did (no shit, Sherlock!); she doesn't really know why she didn't, she was just so angry and disappointed and thought she'd lost her best friend. She grabs his hand fiercely: "I missed you." They hug again; Roman rests his chin on her shoulder. "Now we just need old Zadek back and everything will be alright again." Annette tenses. "I can't do that."

Aside: Okay, I was and kinda still am really really pissed at Annette about the way she first completely ignored Roman's need of comfort after the championships, and then dropped him like a hot potato over the Jenny/Diana thing. And I do think there should have been more acknowledgement of the fact that she was a shitty friend to him long before his little sidetrip to the dark side. But I am glad that she realised she handled it wrong, and this was a pretty moving scene. Even if she didn't grovel as much as I think she should've, I'm really glad they made up, because Roman and Annette not talking is almost as bad as Ingo and Annette breaking up. Too much sadness. (Plus, did I mention the matching sweaters? And Roman looked particularly yummy in this scene).

Later on, Annette manages to convince Simone to defer her loan repayments so she can put some money into refitting the fry stand and start getting back on her feet. I'm sure there's other stuff that happened, but that's all I remember.

Feb. 7th, 2009

Recap: Ep 610

Okay, when I enjoy Deniz/Nina more than Stella/ANYBODY... that's a new level of scary.

How many times? He is. NOT. Into you! Twat. )

Feb. 6th, 2009

Recap: ep 609

HOLY CRAP, Jenny/Lars/Roman! I am actually glad there wasn't more than one scene with them, because my screen would have COMBUSTED. It is so weird to see anyone with chemistry on this show these days! I'm not sure I can handle it!

In which Stella breaks up with Deniz, Deniz somewhat mind-bogglingly reacts in a non-caricature fashion, and Jenny/Lars/Roman kill me with chemistry )

Feb. 5th, 2009

Recap: eps 607-608, a.k.a. Welcome to the "We Hate Stella" club

Craptastic episodes. No Jenny, hardly any Roman or Lars => no interest. Instead, lots of contrived back and forth about Ingo's cheating and some stupendously, hair-tearingly idiotic Deniz/Stella... and since that's apparently not quite enough to make the viewers weep, let's throw in some Juli/Oliver/Vanessa for good measure. Oh, show.

Brave enough for the messy details? )

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