May. 20th, 2011

huh, creepy.

At the back of my garden is a little creek with a tiny bridge over it and an old latched gate leading to the little hillside patch of utter wilderness between the houses on top of the hill and ours. I go back there to read or climb trees sometimes and the cats like to stalk invisible things. It's pretty and very very overgrown.

This morning [info]lilithilien confusedly asked me if I'd blocked and/or fixed the latch on that gate. I had no idea what she was talking about so went to have a look. Turns out she's right, I cannot open the gate and half of the latch is gone (it's one of those very basic ones where you essentially lift the gate's latch over a little metal blocker to open the gate). Instead of that piece of metal, there's a big old rusty nail sticking out, effectively preventing me from lifting the latch over it and thus blocking the gate.

This nail is a mystery. It's not a nail that has randomly slipped out of the wood somewhere. It's very specifically put in right there to block the gate, but it's not a new or recent addition. It's an old, rusty, weathered nail covered in lichen, and the crack it's in is old and weathered and lichen-covered too. No one really has access to that part of my property unless they came from the other side (i.e. the wild patch that belongs to no one), and if someone had gone to all that effort just to put a nail into my gate, I would be very bemused, but too look at the nail, that someone must've done that, like, 50 years ago.

Only that gate was open and nail-free a few days ago.


I can lift the latch over the nail and open the gate if I pull reeeeeaaally hard and I looked all over the ground for the missing part of the latch but there was nothing. Just a rusty big nasty nail barring my gate. A nail that wasn't there a few days ago yet looks like it's been there for decades.

Clearly the only sensible explanation is that a time traveller has dropped by to block my gate because unspeakable evil lurks in the wild patch, and now I've set it all loose by going back there anyway.

(That patch of wild is also where I left a ring that I found while swimming in a creek a few years ago that I thought was pretty and then promptly had the rottenest bad luck for two weeks until I dumped the thing... yeah, yeah, I know, don't pick strange rings out of strange bodies of water in Middle Earth, I learned my lesson, okay. Anyway, the ring is still there. But it hasn't wreaked any havoc in 3 years and I'm pretty sure it can't wield a time-travelling hammer.)

Mar. 18th, 2011

"Du kannst den Leuten den größten Scheiß verkaufen. Du musst nur selbst daran glauben, dass es funktioniert."
~Roman Wild, 2009

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