Jun. 24th, 2012

In which I whine unattractively about yet another cancelled awesome show that I discovered too late

Bear with me while I take five to rant about the poor endorsement choices of the entertainment industry. Hey, entertainment industry? WHAT, WHAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES.

I just finished watching The Middleman. All measly 12 episodes of it. I tried to savour it, I tried to stretch it out, I kept telling myself I had to be prepared for the inevitable cruel, cancellation-based, far too premature ending.

You guys, I WAS NOT PREPARED. Why do I live in a world where Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Bridezillas are A Thing while shows like this get cancelled?? Can I go live in the parallel universe where Firefly is in its 12th season, The Middleman is just about to start season 5, any show with a Mary Sue heroine never even makes it to pre-production, and crime procedurals are the fringe genre with a mere handful of options? Please? I don't care if it's an otherwise post-apocalyptic and evil-adjacent parallel universe, as long as it Makes Good Art.

Seriously, what the fuck. This show is so good. It's funny, it's cracky, it's occasionally endearing and earnest, it makes fun of itself, it's full of geeky charm. It's smart and choc-a-bloc with goofball dialogue and witty pop culture references. It's like Firefly's crackier, artschool-attending, smartass little sister. I know I should be happy there ARE the 12 eps at least, but IT'S NOT ENOUGH AND I WANT MORE.


Ok, I'm better now. Well, not really. I guess I'll just go watch that live reading the cast did of the unproduced 13th ep at Comic Con (go cast! you rock!), then start buying comics and fume a lot about why I have to watch live readings of unproduced episodes and buy comics instead of watching the Big Damn Show On DVD.

Thanks for the rec, [info]lilithilien. I'll be whining at you a lot next time I see you. PREPARE.

Mar. 24th, 2009

Concerts, movies, fannish exploits & the rest

This weekend, I did stuff, for a change!

Auckland-bound )

It was the first time either of us had actually spent any time in Auckland (previously we'd just whizzed through), and it was nice to taste a bit of big city life again. We explored a bit of the downtown and gorged on massive amounts of shopping, which was bloody good fun. Then had lunch in a lovely park, and in the early afternoon went to check in and get ready for the concert.

Counting Crows and The Who )

After the concert, Alsha and I made it back into town after some bus-related issues (the free public transport thing back wasn't nearly as well organised as getting there, so there was lots of milling about in giant crowds and stupid bus drivers giving wrong instructions) and pretty much just fell into bed, we were that tired.

On Sunday, we slept in, had a huge breakfast and went to the zoo in the afternoon. Moar )

Our flight back was on Monday afternoon, so we had some time to kill, though not loads of money, so we went and saw a movie. Our options were either Slumdog Millionaire or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We were slightly more interested in the subject matter of the latter and also knew that Asa Butterfield, the little boy who played Mordred in Merlin, was in it, so we ended up going with that.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (dear British/American movie industries, why are you so hell-bent on appropriating the Nazi stuff? You're lovely, but you fail at being German! )

After the movie, we went to collect our bags and went to catch the plane home. Arrived last night to needy cats and piles of work that I'll somehow have to vanquish this week. DO NOT WANT. Let's have some fandom pimping instead!

[info]graspthethorn is doing the 2009 SEXY awards over on [info]seifen_slash! Go forth and nominate, I command you! AWZ stuff especially... I doubt Verbotene Liebe needs any help, hehehe. SUPPORT OUR TINY FANDOM! Go and nominate fics or art you liked! It won't take a minute :D


I hope to surface a few times this week to do EKP stuff (Christmas and New Year's episodes coming up soon!) and maybe watch the show, though recaps will probably have to be shorter this week.

In other telly-related news, I've recently started watching Torchwood season 2, and holy wow, it is good! I gotta admit, I wasn't too floored by season 1 - I liked it but it seemed a bit random and didn't really capture me enough to make me want to have more! now!, but I'm definitely getting that vibe with season 2 so far. Awesome plots! Great side characters! JAMES MARSTERS! Massive amounts of boykissing! Ianto ruling with the witty one-liners! It is beautiful. And further saturating my happy little slasher heart. Really, the amount of slash I HAVEN'T had to make up this year is mind-boggling. The canon boylove, it overwhelms me!

Aaaaand I also really enjoyed the latest episode of Dollhouse! I hope they keep going like that, because that was noticeably better than the previous ones. I approve!

Now if only I could bend the space-time continuum enough to have time for all my fannish exploits, writing (In This Home On Ice will have to be put on, well, ice... for the rest of the week at least), work, eating, trimming my hedge & mowing my lawn (hahahahaha) AND the occasional sleep! But it will all work out somehow as usual, I'm sure. I DON'T KNOW HOW. IT IS A MYSTERY.

*poodles off to see what atrociousness AWZ has been up to in the latest eps*

Jan. 28th, 2009

The Idiocy of DeVa, or Let's Flog That Dead Horse Some More, Shall We

I'd do an RL update, but frankly nothing much is happening. I'm drowning in work, poking at fic, doing EKP stuff, and giggling with [info]alsha over Shoebox Project when we have time. Where is my slashers' fund that will allow me to give up this time-sucking job, where, where? :p

Anyway, in lieu of exciting RL happenings, I ramble/rant/rehash. With encouragement:

Me: Hmmm. Options.
Alsha: Yeah?
Me: a) Work, b) Cue more episodes that will make me angry, c) Write angry, purging rant about DeVa idiocy, d) Work on fic.
Alsha: c)
Me: Yeah? Toodles.

Dead horse is not sufficiently flogged to ribbons yet )

I'm thinking I need to sit down sometime soon and do a full rewatch of the glory days episodes or I shall become altogether too grumpy.

In the meantime, though, this picture and its tantalising recentness never fails to make me happy:

Dec. 30th, 2008

Well, fuck this.

Where I was enraged and appalled on principle and in a general sense about the Prop-8-related goings-on in the States before, I have now joined the ranks of those who are infuriated on a personal level. The bloke who runs the Gays of Daytime blog and started the message board posted this today.

My first reaction was to be sad - I don't know this guy well and I've only been following his blog for a few months, and my contact with him doesn't go beyond a few emails about what's going on with the DeRo subtitles (that he has been wonderful about supporting and pimping), but in those few months, his blog and the board have become a staple in my life. So at first I was just sad and sympathetic, because it sucks and I'll miss his snark and it's a crap situation. Then it really hit home WHY it's such a crap situation, and that we've been hearing about this and ranting about it and signing petitions and whatnot for a while now, but this is the first time that I've seen it in action, personally affecting someone I know and respect.

And that is SHIT, people. That is an incredible, reeking, steaming pile of shit right there. We're two days away from 2009. 2009! And people are having to emigrate from the United States of America, a country that once was the place people fled to in order to be able to live as who they are and not be persecuted for being different.

Now this guy, who from what I know of him is a fabulous person and who's been enriching the lives of people all over the world, has to leave his chosen place of residence, and his boyfriend has to uproot his entire life to be with him, and there are no words to express properly just how much that sucks. Not even eight years ago my girlfriend and I were considering the United States as one of our options for a place to live - for a while there, it even topped the list. Now, if we'd gone there, we'd be stuck in the same pile of shit. (Sorry for all the excrement-based cussing, but anger doesn't usually leave me much room for sophistication).

I can deal with the fact that we don't have flying cars yet, or instantaneous transportation, or an end to disease or whatever. I can deal with the fact that we're not perfect and that we're still learning about a lot of things, but good grief, this is basic stuff. How come we keep flunking such no-brainers as Tolerance 101 and Don't Fear Diversity?

America, I am so freaking disappointed in you. You can do better.

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