Mar. 31st, 2012

My brain goes strange places.

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Would being on your period the week you have to fight in the Hunger Games...

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suck beyond belief but be manageable
4 (50.0%)

probably get you killed
1 (12.5%)

give you a competitive edge
2 (25.0%)

make no difference
0 (0.0%)

other (please comment)
1 (12.5%)

Additionally, how do you think they handle that? Would they suppress it with medication? (presumably only works if the tribute is super-regular and let her prep/med team know she was due to start in advance). Or basically be like "fuck you for being female"? Do you think any tribute ever use it to her advantage? (Never underestimate just how much you can probably gross a guy out with this topic). DISCUSS.

Dec. 14th, 2010

Happy Birthday [info]wildepet!!

Happy Birthday dearest Pet! Have a fantastic day full of sparkle and love. AND CAKE!

And some more fic, sorry it's depressing and rubbish :CCC One of these days I will harness the powers of fic mood and actually produce awesome crack on command!

Title: Around the World In An Unspecified Number of Days
: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: Alles Was Zählt (with a smidgeon of Supernatural crossover); Marian, Etienne cameo; *Jenny/Lars* [highlight for spoilery pairing]
Word Count: 2640
Rating: G
Summary: Marian searches the world for Jenny, but one would be mistaken to regard this as a romantic quest.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to RTL, who labour under the misconception that Marian Öztürk is anything but a moron.
Author's Notes: Happy birthday Pet! (I'm sorry, I tried to write Axel, I really did. It didn't work. BUT YOU WERE JUST DYING FOR SOME HUMILIATED MARIAN, YES? [Hint: The correct answer is YES.]) Thanks to [info]alsha for betaing!

Around the World In An Unspecified Number of Days )

May. 10th, 2009

Procrastination: I rule at it.

Today I set out to write and finish my flippin' chapter 5 because it's been a bloody month or two. So I sat down, opened my doc, stared morosely at the screen. About three hours later - i.e. after I'd sorted through some old photos, done PR work on EKP, painted my nails black, changed outfits five times, had lunch, read my f-list, commented on my f-list, had more lunch, did a second coat on my nails, watched [info]lilithilien's There's a chance I'll start to wonder and [info]sdk's Das Eis lügt nicht about a dozen times for inspiration and had finished half a bottle of wine - I finally started writing. About eight hours after that, I finally finished a first draft and I don't care if it's shite, at least it's ruddy well done. Man. This thing has been like pulling teeth.

To reward myself and also because I was too lazy to cook, I dragged [info]alsha out for dinner at the pub and we'd just started playing a round of Scrabble when this random guy popped up and asked if he could play too. Neither of us was too keen but he just sort of invited himself in and started blabbing. Uhm, weird, but whatever, we can play Scrabble. Then he stuck around when our food came, though, and it was kinda awkward so eventually Alsha politely told him to bugger off - thank god, cause I'm too nice and would've probably just sat there all evening and endured the awkward, lol. It's the kind of thing where I smack myself after and go, "dude, it would SO have been okay to tell him right away to bugger off", but it's just odd when someone just casually inserts themselves into your private space as if there's NO QUESTION IN THE WORLD that they might not be welcome. Also, you never know, sometimes you meet really interesting people that way and end up having a grand old time but with this one it became obvious pretty quickly that that would not be the case. (And no, he wasn't hitting on either of us, either, he just sort of flopped down and pretended we were all best buds).

Now I am TIRED because apparently certain people have infected me with the sleep bug. BORING. But I still gotta fix up this chapter, otherwise I'll just shove it in some folder and not look at it for the next five months and I want to be DONE WITH IT, dammit.

Nov. 26th, 2008

Alien cat

There is an alien in the neighbourhood. It's pretending to be a cat, but it's not very good at it.

Seriously, it may well be the strangest creature I have ever met face to face. The first time was a couple days ago when [info]alsha pointed out there was a new cat in the neighbourhood and it was sitting on our deck. I went out to have a look, and... well, I don't know what it is, but it's no cat.

It looked like someone had been trying to make a cat but got all the little details wrong. It's gorgeously grey and fluffy and looks full-grown but it's very, very small for a cat, and the proportions seem just a little off - all elongated and slinky and weirdly fluid. And it moves wrong, too, belly very close to the ground like a weasel. Pointy ears, check. Kinda lynx-like, if lynxes were tiny and weasely.

The weirdest thing, though, are its eyes. It has green pupils, and they shimmer. I'm not talking about the iris. Its pupils, the part that very definitely ought to be black, are green and reflective and glittery, like that dark green shimmer on the wings of an insect, somewhat jewel-like, very glowy. It was normal, bright daylight when its pupils should have been black and contracted (our cats were sitting nearby, as point of reference), but these were the weirdest fucking eyes I have ever seen. And it was moving its head in very strange ways and seemed not to see normally. It wouldn't react or seem to see me when I was standing still, but it immediately snapped to attention when I moved and did its slinky slinky backing-off motion. Seriously, I can't describe it very well, but nothing about it moved or looked like a cat beyond the first glimpse.

We both saw it again today - same deal, daylight, shimmery green pupils, slinky alien-type motions. It's completely gorgeous, in an eldritch sort of way, but I've never seen anything like it. Now granted, one of the neighbours probably just got a strange strange cat with some sort of eye defect and possibly other health issues, and that's all, but wow. I feel like I've met some entirely new type of creature.
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