Apr. 10th, 2012

My goal for April:

Eventually have a day or weekend when I can do this and no more:


Sep. 9th, 2010

I would just like to say...

...and believe me, it is the ONLY thing I'm going to say on this matter (and I'm not going to bother putting it behind a cut either):

I'm immensely saddened at the complete and utter fail pointed out to me this morning, both regarding YouTube channels that have since been deleted, and posts on the Gays of Daytime message board, a place I once enjoyed frequenting but have not set a foot on in more than half a year, due to the direction it has taken since.

I'm saddened that an entire group of people is apparently incapable of believing us when we said that EKP were taking a temporary break, that the timing for this was ideal since the plots we follow will be severely backburnered for a while. I'm saddened that that group of people seems incapable of appreciating that we've done everything in our power to time this vacation ideally, to stop at a point that was a perfect intermediate happy ending, to promise that we would be back in time for plots to pick back up again and that we would cover episodes retroactively.

I'm saddened that not even a WEEK into said vacation (the first in nearly two years, the very first time that we have not supplied subtitled AWZ clips daily), people apparently felt the need to shoulder in and try to take over, without so much as a by your leave. Honestly, I'm not sure how Lil and I would have reacted had we been approached about it - as we've stated time and again, the show has entered a period of non-central DeRo plots, so chances are we would have shrugged and said "go for it", if people who simply couldn't wait to have subs supplied for Roman eating Fluff and Deniz playing beach volleyball for Oliver & Celine's goodbye party couldn't handle just simply watching that on the RTLnow site.

The point is, we weren't approached about it, so the question is moot.

I'm saddened that people who dare to stick up for us on the above-mentioned platforms, people who have expressed themselves in rational and sensible ways, are suffering the consequences in the form of random suspensions and abuse from people who clearly haven't spent two seconds to think about the truths spoken by the commenters they just shut down.

I'm saddened that because Lil and I dare to feel upset (and worse, voice our disappointment) over others trying to take over a mere week after we have announced a vacation (do I need to repeat, a VACATION, not an end or a permanent hiatus), we are bitched out and vilified and threatened.

I'm saddened that because of a handful of individuals' petty notions of entitlement, EKP is in fact ONCE AGAIN facing severe threats of being shut down.

However, I can't even say that I'm as devastated about facing that threat right now as I once was. There's a part of me that wants to respond with equal pettiness to the small-minded fail of said individuals. There's a part of me that's almost hoping that RTL will have enough, once and for all, of idiot fan factions having idiot wank wars and being unbelievably stupid enough to contact the network over it. I wouldn't blame them one bit. There's a part of me that's almost hoping RTL will shut us down, so said small-minded individuals will see where that gets them. Because we *will* find a way to still share clips with the people we love, the people who have supported us from the get-go, the people who have made this project fun and amazing and sparkly and fabulous every single day. But the losers who are happy enough to reap the fruits of our labour while bitching us out behind our backs and taking every opportunity they can to make things shitty for us - well, uhm, no, we won't be supplying THEM with free entertainment, should that come to pass. Have fun scrambling by on sub-quality vids and sub-quality translations until you get shut down yourselves, and maybe THEN you'll have a moment to spare to think about fandom etiquette and common decency.

I am saddened, above all else, that most of the people who'll get to see this are people it doesn't even concern. My apologies, friends-list. But this is my personal journal, the one place where I feel any need to voice my opinion.

So. I'm determined, come hell or high water, to stay away from all things wank and otherwise unsparkly for the duration of this holiday. Lil and I took off time to recuperate, to recharge our batteries, to deal with the massive piles of RL stuff that we've been putting off and off and off over the past months. I do not intend to spend my time off on wank raised over the fact that we dared to take time off. That's kind of counter-productive. If petty idiots who don't have two braincells to rub together feel the need to endanger this entire fandom by dragging RTL into it and getting every AWZ-related fandom project shut down (and believe me, that prospect is NOT far off), including ours, so be it. I'm not going to live in fear, and I'm not going to curb my opinions or personality for worry of pissing off small-minded entitlement twits. Lil, Shelly and I have run EKP for two years; we've had responses that we never dared dream of, made friendships that we never imagined, shared tears and laughter and silliness with people too lovely to be real, all on the basis of this storyline on this show we love. Some ignorant stranger who doesn't understand the first thing about that can get this channel shut down, sure, but they can't undo or stop the things that have grown out of it.

And that's that. I'm off. If I come back to a deleted channel and a fandom howling in agony, I'll deal with that when I'm good and sodding well ready for it. Until then, fuck you, wank, and BIG HUGS to you, sparkle. Each of you know who you are.

Feb. 25th, 2010


I.... don't actually have time for a post, lol. THE TAG WILL HAVE TO DO.


Sep. 1st, 2009


Gaaaaah. I really wish idiots on YouTube stopped posting stuff before it has even aired or while it's still airing. Oh yeah, that's really gonna please the network! Go ahead and hurt their ratings actively just because you NEED TO BE THE FIRST TO HAVE IT UP ON YT OMG. Do these people not have two brain cells to rub together? It's called NOT BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU, YOU UTTER DIMWITS.


May. 10th, 2009

Procrastination: I rule at it.

Today I set out to write and finish my flippin' chapter 5 because it's been a bloody month or two. So I sat down, opened my doc, stared morosely at the screen. About three hours later - i.e. after I'd sorted through some old photos, done PR work on EKP, painted my nails black, changed outfits five times, had lunch, read my f-list, commented on my f-list, had more lunch, did a second coat on my nails, watched [info]lilithilien's There's a chance I'll start to wonder and [info]sdk's Das Eis lügt nicht about a dozen times for inspiration and had finished half a bottle of wine - I finally started writing. About eight hours after that, I finally finished a first draft and I don't care if it's shite, at least it's ruddy well done. Man. This thing has been like pulling teeth.

To reward myself and also because I was too lazy to cook, I dragged [info]alsha out for dinner at the pub and we'd just started playing a round of Scrabble when this random guy popped up and asked if he could play too. Neither of us was too keen but he just sort of invited himself in and started blabbing. Uhm, weird, but whatever, we can play Scrabble. Then he stuck around when our food came, though, and it was kinda awkward so eventually Alsha politely told him to bugger off - thank god, cause I'm too nice and would've probably just sat there all evening and endured the awkward, lol. It's the kind of thing where I smack myself after and go, "dude, it would SO have been okay to tell him right away to bugger off", but it's just odd when someone just casually inserts themselves into your private space as if there's NO QUESTION IN THE WORLD that they might not be welcome. Also, you never know, sometimes you meet really interesting people that way and end up having a grand old time but with this one it became obvious pretty quickly that that would not be the case. (And no, he wasn't hitting on either of us, either, he just sort of flopped down and pretended we were all best buds).

Now I am TIRED because apparently certain people have infected me with the sleep bug. BORING. But I still gotta fix up this chapter, otherwise I'll just shove it in some folder and not look at it for the next five months and I want to be DONE WITH IT, dammit.

Mar. 15th, 2009

Well, DUH!

I just managed to delete In This Home On Ice from NoLimits and had to repost the whole thing. RAISE A TOAST TO MY IDIOCY!

The new chapter was apparently too long and cut off mid-text, so I was going to delete it and chop it into two parts, but failed to notice that it was the delete button for the whole story, not the chapter. Durr. WELL DONE, SELF! *headdesks*

And of course the pretty reviews are gone with it, too, plus I didn't really need to spend the better part of an hour reposting and wrestling with the formatting. Argh, time for a drink.

Mar. 4th, 2009

Angeschissen, Süße.

Mmkay. Done 1400-ish words on my fic and smacked Deniz a bunch, with Vanessa's kind help. It'll have to do. Even though I'm not anywhere near my actual plot yet. *headdesks* Still, Deniz always needs smacking, so that's progress, surely?

Also had a lovely videochat with [info]startoucher and [info]adlectorem (including their adorable fluffy bunny), subtitled stuff, rolled my eyes a bunch at the average level of intelligence on YouTube, faffed about loads on the internet and otherwise wasted time.

Now for this work business. How is it 8 pm and I still have a full day's work ahead of me, how, how?? Augh.

Jan. 20th, 2009

Random observation of the day

Clearly the notion "There are no stupid questions" was conceived in a more innocent age of intellectual generosity and general brain-having. Long, long before the advent of the YouTube commenting feature.

*headdesks, repeatedly*

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